Fanfic - Max/Liz
"A Present Unseen"
Part 76
by Meagzie
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Summary: It's about two years after A Past Forgotten. Graduation is just around the corner, but so is trouble.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Author's Note: Ok, I know I say this a lot and I talk too much as it is, but FEEDBACK. I need it... it keeps my blood pumping and my fingers typing. Please? Love you guys!
Liz fell to the ground in a heap, grasping for any energy that would fill her body and take her away from the emptiness that consumed her.

“You were right there, Zan,” Khivar bellowed into the room filled with staggering royals. The royals were lost in the muddle of the death of their Queen, and the loyalty lost within the group. Now they were fighting with their future, and still fighting their past.

“But she died. In front of you. You didn’t save her, and she was right there.” Khivar sighed. “The Queen was not supposed to die that morning, but things never go as planned, isn’t that right, Zan?”

Max stared hard at Khivar, hate consuming him with a passion so undeniable that Max was afraid he would hurt someone else in the process. His Liz, his Leandra, both captured against their will and punished for something that had nothing to do with her. He would die before he let Liz’s fate follow Leandra’s. He would die before he let Khivar touch his Liz in a way so intimate, so personal.

He loved her. She loved him. Zan and Leandra should have been forever, but their chance for eternal happiness was so cruelly ripped away that Max and Liz were still paying for it. Liz. Max’s Liz. His precious beauty, with strength to admire and a heart so large only his Queen could handle it.

How could a being be created with such corrupt in his veins that he would risk everything to destroy and conquer? Khivar had stolen everything that was dear to Zan in his life and Max’s life. Max had seen the marks that marred Liz’s precious skin, and the thought of them now was almost too devastating. The thoughts and actions that Khivar was going to implement in his beauty sickened Max, but he swore beforehand to make sure Liz was safe first.

Then Khivar was going to pay.

With the electricity in the air fuming between Khivar and Max, Liz crawled away from the evil vicinity of Khivar. Her attempted escape didn’t evade Khivar’s sight though.

Behind Khivar were eight of his guards, and he motioned to two of them. “Grab the princess, put her in another cell. Make sure she’s prepared, I’ll be along shortly.” They both nodded but as they approached the group, the warriors of the Royal Court and it’s protectors instantly stood strong.

“You’ll have to go through us before you even touch our Liz,” Michael hissed as he gathered himself. He, Max, Adam, Owen, and Ben stood in front, all donning protective faces.

“Oh, I was hoping so,” Khivar replied with delightful amusement. Motioning to his other guards, they challenged the defiant prisoners, energy blasts illuminating the deafening air.

The whole room sizzled with bolts of searing energy, neither side triumphant nor unsuccessful. Years of pain, lives lost, lives gained, trust, betrayal, loyalty. All were lying out right in front of them, staring each element of the royals right in the face. A battlefield between two eternity long enemies. To defeat the other was to prove worthiness of life, yet neither was willing to fail.

Alex grabbed Maria and Liz, pulling them down beneath one of the tables, swallowing the horrible pain that rippled through his stomach at the quick motion. Even worse was that Liz struggled from his arms, silent words streaming from her useless throat. Alex attempted to keep a tight grip on his best friend, but his weakness failed him in the effort.

Through the piercing flares, Max felt the familiar warmth at his back. The one feeling Max could identify without a word of warning, or a glimpse in advance. Liz crept her way to him, molding herself to his back. Just the sheer breath of Liz strengthened Max, and his powers intensified ten-fold through their wondrous connection of love missed and gained.

It also distracted Max.

Max tumbled to the floor from the lightening strike, barely a whisper falling from his lips. In slow motion, Liz watched as his body crumpled, limb-by-limb, to the floor into a heap of painful flesh. Tears brimming in her eyes and falling to her knees herself, Liz desperately cried out in silent agony for help for her precious one, but around her, her loved ones and protectors fought intensely, all slowly decaying next to their leader.

A soft, hand caressed her cheek, and she looked down at her love, a small, weak smile staring up at her. A tear slid off her face and fell onto Max’s, it saltiness exploding against his skin. Liz closed her eyes, placing her hand over Max’s, letting its warmth caress her flesh and soul.

~I love you, Max Evans.~ Liz communicated to Max through her mind, and his eyes shone brightly up at hers. She didn’t need words to prove how Max felt about her. He said it all in the way he touched her, the way he touched her soul like no one ever could. The way he cherished her without a second thought. The way he looked at her in such a way that he could never ever look at someone else like that again. Actions always did speak louder than words.

Secure in the blanket of Max’s love, she didn’t let herself feel the arms of the guard pulling her away. Away from Max, away from her friends, away from the only life she had ever known. As long as she knew Max loved her through life and death, she’d be all right.

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