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"Why I'm Not Afraid"
Part 1
by zackz_angel
Disclaimer: Roswell and all of the characters belong to UPN, Jason Katimas, and all else who are involved. Dark Angel, and all of the characters, belong to Fox, James Cameron, and whoever else iz involved. (I wish I owned Zack, but, alas, I don’t. Sigh.)
Summary: Liz is an X-5, hiding out in Roswell since the ’09 escape. Her only contact with any of her siblings has been with Kyle, and none of the others know her secret. What happens when the rest of her siblings arrive in Roswell, seeking her help?? Will her secret finally be blown out in the open??
Category: Crossover Stories
Rating: R
Author's Note: (Note: The Roswell gang are all still the same age, ‘cept for Liz and Kyle, they’re 21, the two oldest in line after Zack and Tinga. As are the X-5’s, it’s just set in 2020, rather than 2001.)
Liz stared at herself in the grungy bathroom mirror, in the Crashdown Café where she and her best friend Maria Deluca worked. Only minutes before, she asked Maria to take over for her, as she ran into the bathroom to think. Gazing at herself, she slowly lifted her hair up to reveal a barcode etched into the back of her neck. There it was where it has always been. The damn barcode that had given her a designation, back at Manticore. It was ironic now, to think that for the first nine years of her life, a barcode was her name, and now she had a real one. X5-595, ironic. She found it surprising that the sorry excuse for Tac Officers never mixed up her designation with Zack’s. ‘Zack,’ Liz closed her eyes at the thought of her older brother. She hadn’t seen Zack since the escape 11 years ago. These last 11 years, it had just been her and Kyle, relying on each other, just the way they did before the escape. Even though she hadn’t seen Zack ever since the escape, she could still remember his protective nature, the way he always took the rap for them, whenever any of them got in trouble. She could still hear his voice, somewhere in the back of her mind, lecturing each of them to keep in line, before Lydecker got to them. Liz blinked back tears, she missed her family. Still, her favorite memory was the time they had given each other names. ‘Risika,’ Liz thought of her real name, and remembered Zack’s fleeting smile, after he agreed that the name suited her. Now only Kyle ever called her by her real name, and even then he had to wait until they were alone, and he had to whisper it, not wanting the others to overhear. The Parkers and Jim Valenti had adopted Liz and Kyle when they were ten, shortly after the escape. (Note: I know in the show, Max said he fell in love with Liz when he was eight, but work with me here okay??) The Parkers and Valenti however, had no idea of their children’s genetically enhanced transgenic status, and had given Liz and Kyle new names when they adopted them. Kyle’s name had been Ty, but only Liz ever called him that. "Liz!!" Startled, Liz snapped out of her thoughts. "Liz!!" Maria yelled again. "I need you to get your ass out here chica, we’re swamped!!" "Coming!!" Liz called back. Wiping tears from her eyes, she whispered, "Zack, all of you guys, wherever you are, I miss you, and I’ll find you again, I promise." Liz exited the bathroom, never feeling more alone, than she had at that moment.


Unbeknownst to Liz, a young man around twenty four years of age, with blond hair and bye eyes, was watching the restaurant intently, from outside on his motorcycle. Zack watched the restaurant, his eyes darkening just slightly, as he saw Liz re-enter the dining area. Even from this distance, Zack could see, using his enhanced vision, that Liz had tearstains on her cheeks. As uncomfortable as he was with emotions, Zack still cared about his siblings, and wondered what the hell had broken his little sister down to tears. Through the last 11 years, without making himself be known, Zack had kept a close eye on his sister, and had watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. It was just luck, Zack figured, that kept Lydecker from discovering Risika and Ty’s location. In a sense, Zack was grateful that at least Risika had Ty with her, so that she wouldn’t be alone. Out of all of his siblings, Risika and Zack had been the closet, and he wished that he could let her know that he was there; watching her, protecting her, but it was too dangerous. Manticore had been a prison for them all, but, at least they had had each other. Snapping out of his thoughts, Zack abruptly slid on his helmet, and started the engine. Roaring away on his motorcycle, back to Seattle, where they would regroup on plans to storm Manticore, Zack only had one thought, ‘We‘re all here for you, Risa, all of us. And we need your help, little sister. Let’s go back to where it all began 595’

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