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"Talk Show Host"
Part 3
by Kes
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Summary: Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria and Alex try to have a normal weekend.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
There is loud knocking on the garage door. Everyone jumps. Cade, Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria and Alex dive to the garage floor. Too scared to breathe, they all hold their breath in anticipation for the worst imaginable.

"Domino's Pizza!" A young male voice is heard saying.

Cade, Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria and Alex all exhale at the same time.

"Domino's Pizza!" The young male voice repeats louder.

"It could be anybody out there. Anyone can knock on a door and say, 'Domino's Pizza.'" Liz glances around at faces for more input.

Michael uses his powers to look through the garage door.

"He's legit, it Domino's Pizza." Michael rolls over on his back, sighs in relief, closes his eyes and crosses his arms like he's in a coffin.

"You are such a drama King, Michael." Isabel mumbles.

"How do you know, Michael? How would you know that Domino's Pizza is outside when you're inside, with us?" Max leaves his mouth open on his last word.

"I looked through the garage door." Michael replies sounding snide.

"Domino's Pizza! Hello! I went to the garage door instead of the front door because I heard cheering and shouting!" The delivery driver sounds annoyed.

"You have the wrong house!" Alex bursts out sitting up from the floor with pleading animated hands.

Max maintains his train of thought, continuing to quiz Michael. "You looked through the garage door?"

"Yep." Michael opens his eyes, puts his arms along his sides and sits up to meet Max's staring eyes.

"That's not all he can do, Max. Michael healed me when I was shot at the mall, in the parking lot." Maria lunges up from her spot on the garage floor, happy dances over to Michael, squats perpendicular to him and plants a quick, soft kiss on his lips. "Thank you, Michael."

"Isn't this the GUA residence!?" The Domino's guy persists.

"No...way." Alex says sounding whispery and breathless. He shakes his head in denial then tries to cover his eyes and mouth at the same time while mumbling about not wanting to hear or see 'the end.'

Cade's eyes widen. "Fasten your seat belts, folks. Here we go again."

"I did not mean to jinx us, but I just knew it was too good to be true. A lost pizza delivery guy? After our day? I don't think so...that would just be too easy." Liz nervously wraps her long black hair around her neck, like a scarf.

Michael looks through the garage door once more and sees the Domino's delivery guy take a gun out of his red Domino's Pizza, Heatwave bag. "This is unreal. I just noticed that it's the Domino's driver that always delivers our pizzas when we order on Saturdays."

"That darling, wiry framed guy with the gap between his two front teeth and the great butt?" Liz questions.

Michael answers. "I've never looked at his butt, but beyond a shadow of a doubt, that's him. We have hooked him up so many times with the super sized tips. 'My [Mr. Domino's Pizza Guy], what a big [gun] you have.' (Michael sounds like Little Red describing the wolf's features.)"

Liz appears ready to start covering her eyes and ears, like Alex, to prepare for 'the end.'

Continuing to look through the garage door, Michael groans. "What I would not give for just one normal weekend...just one." Michael scrambles to his feet, stands in front of Maria, like a human shield and slowly backs up putting more distance between them and the garage door.

"Exactly. I said the same thing, verbatim at the mall parking lot." Max motions for everyone to go into the house while he fails at trying to look through the garage door. He uses his powers to unlock and open the door that connects the inside of the garage to the inside of the Evans' house.

Everyone hustles into the house except Isabel. Max runs back into the garage to retrieve her.

"Come on Isabel, in the house, now." Max sees a startling look of terror on his sister's face. He talks quickly, "What's wrong, Izz? Are you hurt?"

"'What's wrong?' Hello. People who dissolve have been shooting at us, trying to kill us. And now, one of them is at our home, Max. How many more of them are in route? I'm not hurt yet, but I'm banking on at least being maimed or grossly disfigured before the day is over. This is by far, the worst day of my life, Max. Everything is wrong." Isabel threads her long, blond hair into her hands and makes tight fists on top of her head.

Max seizes her shoulders and searches her eyes for a glimmer of strength to build onto. "Izzy, please don't freak out on us, now. Please sis, we really need you to stay strong, I need you to stay strong."

Isabel's eyes gloss over. "Stay strong?" She scrunches her face up and dryly swallows hard. She releases her fists of hair which messily fall to her back and shoulders. A few clumps of tangled hair molded by her fists jut out from the top of her head. Holding her scrunchy facial expression, she puts her hands on her hips, looks at her brother's hands on her shoulders until he cautiously removes them, lifts her chin a little, slits her eyes and leans into his face. "Max, you don't understand...I was only prepared to shop today. NOTHING could have psyched me up for this...nothing."

Max speaks softly, "Isabel, all I had planned today was a double date. (Max with Liz, Michael with Maria) A simple Mc lunch, maybe a movie and then dinner." He looks helplessly at Isabel. Max then drops his chin near his chest, at the same time lowering his gaze to the garage floor and mumbles inaudibly about what he would not give for 'just one normal weekend.'

"My delivery slip says you ordered the death wish special with extra cheese!" The GUA Domino's Pizza delivery guy sounds cheesy, like he's teasing and trying to be funny.

"'Why can't we all just get along?'" Isabel rhetorically asks Max, borrowing Rodney King's famous line.

Max raises his chin and makes eye contact with Isabel, who still has her hands on her hips but now wears the facial expression of an exhausted lost dog. His glossing eyes answer Isabel's question by asking the same question.

From the doorway that leads into the Evans' house, Michael again looks through the garage door. "Better wrap this Brady Bunch episode up quickly, Greg and Marsha....Our uninvited, death wish Domino's delivery guy is about to shoot at the garage door!"

Heeding Michael's words, Isabel snaps out of her temporary mental breakdown. She and Max simultaneously jet into the house entrance doorway and slam the door shut seconds before firing gun shots are heard.

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