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"Secret Lives"
Part 5
by Jessi Lori
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story. They belong to Joss Whedon, Melinda Metz, and Jason Katims. We're just using them and will return them till the next time we feel like screwing with their lives. :)
Summary: Liz has a secret that could endanger everyone in her life.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Post-Destiny. Not speculative. Jess and I know that what we're writing about would never happen.
Liz flipped through her binder as she leaned against the row of lockers waiting for Alex.

"Hey Liz." Alex said.

She looked up. "It's about time you got here."

Alex looked at her perplexed. "Yeah, why in particular? Didn't realize we were meeting at a certain time!"

"Duh! I wanna know if you found out anything. You know, demon wise."

"Oh that! Well I did find something interesting..." Alex said.

"Yes? Don't keep me in suspense!" Liz exclaimed.

"I think I should tell you and Michael together. Is he coming to school today?"

"Yeah, since we have started working out at lunch, he has been coming everyday. I think his teachers are in shock." Liz smirked

"You're telling me." Michael's voice said as he appeared.

Liz looked at her friend. "Amazing."

Michael looked at her, "What?"

"You'd never know how close you were to dying yesterday by looking at you. I swear I think you, Max, and Isabel should open up a plastic surgery office."

"Something to consider!" Michael smirked.

Liz and Alex laughed. "I'm still mad at you, you know. Even though I really want to hug you because I'm glad you're alright."

"Save it for lunch time Liz." Michael said.

"Afraid the girls'll get jealous?" Liz teased.

"No actually I'm afraid of your ex-boyfriend's sister." Michael nodded to where Isabel was watching them.

"C'mon Alex let's go to homeroom." Liz said. "See ya later Michael."


Maria sighed. Oh this was just perfect. First Liz had disappeared and now it seemed Alex had ditched her as well. She sat down at a table and got her lunch out.

"Mind if I sit here?"

Maria looked up. "Be my guest Isabel."

"Thanks, seems like our group is getting smaller and smaller!" Isabel complained as she sat down.

"You too? Who ditched you this fine day?"

"Neither Alex nor Max are around to be seen!"

"What about Michael?" Their small group had slowly been reforming and Maria couldn't help but wonder about her ex.

"He's missing in action too. Though he IS here today. I saw him this morning talking to Alex and Liz." Isabel said with a frown.

"Is it just me or have Liz and Michael been spending an awful lot of time together?"

"It's not just you. Max and I noticed too. Max was upset for a while, but he seems to have calmed down about it. I think it is because Liz was giving him the silent treatment for his behavior."

"Behavior? Fill me in."

"Max jumped to some pretty large conclusions about WHY Michael and Liz were spending time together. He was way off base, and they both let him know that in no uncertain terms." Isabel explained, "Though come to think of it, I don't think he ever did get an answer as to what they WERE doing together."

"Where do you think they are right now?"


"I'd like some answers myself." Maria said getting up. "You coming?"

"Sure, why not? I am tired of all the secrecy." Isabel agreed.


"Don't you ever scare me like that again." Liz said before she gave Michael another hug and sat down next to Alex.

Michael blushed a little, he was still unused to shows of affection.

"I think that punch is gonna leave a mark Michael." Alex kidded.

"Won't be the first!" Michael said morosely.

"Oh c'mon I don't bruise you that badly. You look a lot better then Riley did when I got through with him."

"Well that's definitely true. But I have been lucky enough not to scare the crap out of you!" Michael laughed.

"I seriously thought Buffy was gonna kill me when she got a look at Riley. But then I calmly explained to her that I didn't know who he was and that he had scared the living daylights out of me and she forgave me."

"You were lucky she did too! I would have hated to see a TRUE fight between the two of you!" Michael shuddered.

"Is she good?" Alex asked, never having seen either Liz or Buffy spar or fight.

"Which one?"


"Buffy's good. She can whale on a vamp for hours. But Liz is good too for someone who's just starting."

"Why thank you, Michael!" Liz said with a smile, handing him the potato chip bag.

"For what?"

All three of them looked up and saw Max at the edge of the opening to underneath the bleachers. "Mind if I join you?"

Liz gave a sigh, nervous to be spending time with him again. She gave a bright smile, "Sure, take a load off."

"Thanks." Max sat on the other side of Alex. "So what were you thanking Michael for?"

"He gave me one of those rare Guerin compliments." Liz said simply.

"I've had a few of those myself." Max said.

"So Liz when do Giles, Buffy, and Riley go back to Sunnydale?" Alex asked.

"Tomorrow. They miss Wesley by a few hours."

"Oh wow!! So they won't be there to do the introductions? How are you going to meet up with him?" Alex asked.

"Wait, who is Wesley?" Max asked. He hadn't had the benefit of introductions and explanations of everyone's positions in Liz's life last night.

"My permanent watcher. Giles is just temporary. He's actually Buffy's watcher. I'm supposed to meet him at the house after school. He won't be getting in till five."

"Your watcher? What's that?" Max asked.

"He trains me to fight. Keeps me up-to-date on demons and such." Liz explained.

"Ah, ok." Max nodded, as if he truly understood the whole situation.

"Lot of scary things that go bump in the night Maxwell. Believe me I know." Michael shuddered.

"Yeah, Michael got a little TOO up close and personal last night. I WARNED you Michael," Liz said.

"I promise to be more careful okay? I was running late and I wasn't paying much attention to my surroundings."

"Ok, I figure you probably learned your lesson." Liz smiled, letting him off the hook.

"Learned his lesson about what?" they heard a voice behind them say.

Michael, Liz, Alex, and Max all froze.

Finally Liz turned around to face Maria and Isabel. "Learned his lesson about ticking off big football players. You should have seen the damage Paul Speedman did to him last night. Truly frightening."

Michael nodded in agreement, "Yes, I, Michael Guerin, vow to steer clear of all over-buffed, egotistical jocks without brains in their heads," he said comically.

"Oh. So what are you guys doing under here?" Isabel asked sitting down next to her brother.

"Just eating our lunch in peace and quiet. There is usually no one in here at this time," Alex said with a smile.

"Sounds good to me." Maria said sitting down as well.

Liz glanced at Michael. She knew if she was gonna train during lunch she was going to have to find a new spot now. She couldn't afford to have Isabel and Maria barging in on a session.

"So what did Mom give you for lunch Max?" Isabel asked.

"Roast beef sandwich and chips, you?"

"Chicken sandwich and pretzels." Isabel said. "Anyone wanna trade pretzels for chips?"

"Sorry Is, Michael just finished my chips."

Michael gave a shrug, "Well, YOU never do!"

Maria gave them a look wondering when they had gotten so comfortable with each other.

"Is, do you like sour cream and onion?" Alex asked.

And so lunch went on, with small talk and no one mentioning the bigger issues at hand.

"Lunch was too close of a call Michael." Liz said as she, Michael, and Alex walked to the house after school. They had managed to lose Max after last period.

"Yeah, I know. I've been trying to think of somewhere else we can go to work out and talk privately, but I haven't come up with anything yet. Either of you?" Michael asked

"What about the gymnastics room? Nobody goes in there during lunch." Alex suggested.

"Hmm, that might work well. If not, we can try the band room, not really meant for working out, but it has an open area in the front," Liz speculated.

"What about the football field?" Michael suggested.

"Too easy to be spotted." Alex said.

"True, well keep thinking. Gotta go to the house and spar one last time with Buffy before they head out."

"I'm gonna work on the computer. Michael you coming?"

"Sure, why not, I got nothing better to do. Maybe I'll spar with the two of them a bit. I am gonna be Liz's only sparring partner soon, need the practice." Michael grinned.

"Actually Giles said something about me being able to beat the hell out of Wesley with his blessing." Liz smirked. "I can't wait to meet this guy."

"So Giles isn't this Wesley's biggest fan, hmm?" Michael mused.

"Don't think so." Liz said as she let them into the house. "Hey guys we're here!"

"Hey Liz!" Buffy greeted running down the stairs. "Ready for our last session?"

"Let's go kick ass. Michael you coming? Michael?" Liz said when he didn't answer. "Hey you with the funny hair."

"Hey! Don't knock the hair Missy!" Michael replied coming out of his trance.

"What are you staring at?" Liz said.

"Isn't that Maxwell's Jeep parked out there?" Michael asked.

"Oh lord. I guess ditching him didn't work." Liz said. "Better go invite him in. Maybe if he watches me and Buffy beat the hell out of each other he'll back off." She headed off towards the Jeep. "Max! I know I can't convince you to go home, so you might as well come in!" She said not so graciously.

"Thanks Liz. So what exactly do you do in there?" Max asked as he hopped out of his jeep.

"Basically Buffy and I spar and Giles looks up info about any demons we might have come across recently." Liz replied, leading him into the garage that was made into a workout room for Buffy and Liz. "Buffy Summers this is Max Evans." Liz said making a formal introduction.

"Nice to meet ya Max. Welcome to our little corner of hell!" Buffy said with a grin.

"Uh hi." Max said before he took a seat on the overstuffed couch next to Michael. He watched Liz and Buffy warm up and then to his shock and amazement his ex-girlfriend and the blonde who shared her calling started beating the hell out of each other. "Michael?"

Michael grinned, amused by his reaction. "Max, I think you look more shocked than I did!!"

"How often do they do this?"

"Daily, unless of course she is beating up on me. Since Buffy is leaving town I will be her only sparring partner." Michael said.

"She beats you up?"

"Max, Liz could probably beat the hell out of the varsity football team. One at a time of course but still."

Liz piped up having overheard the conversation, "I think I could take two at a time. I AM getting better!!" She grinned and dodged Buffy's kick.

"Who's your first choice Liz?"

"Jake Springer." She said without hesitation. "If only to get him back for the time he beat Alex up in eighth grade." She knocked Buffy off her feet and pretended to stake her.

"Woo hoo!!" Michael shouted. "Less than 2 minutes that time Liz!"

"Thank you, thank you." Liz pulled Buffy up. "You okay?"

"Just dandy!" Buffy puffed. "You are definitely getting the hang of it!"

"I am, aren't I? Course I'm still leaving marks on Michael."

"Well now that Max knows, he can get rid of them! No questions to be asked!" Michael said, proud to have come up with something useful for Max to do. "Plus I could do without needing icepacks to go to sleep at night," he said ruefully.

Liz and Buffy giggled. "You know it's a lot easier when your opponent just explodes into dust." Liz said.

"Isn't it?" Buffy agreed.

"Explodes in dust?" Max repeated.

"Vampires. When you stake them through the heart they explode into dust."

"Hence the term dusting them." Buffy said.

"Ah, interesting." Max said, he still hadn't grasped any of this having never seen a vampire yet.

"Oh yeah. Hey is Wesley bringing any of his crew when he comes?" Liz asked as the girls, Michael, and Max headed for the kitchen.

"I really don't know. I guess it depends on how busy they are in LA. If he does, they will only be here temporarily. Cordelia is bound to have a vision that will send them running back to LA before too long."

"What's Cordelia like?"

"Cordelia. She defies description. A walking contradiction. She is flighty, egotistical, shallow and tactless, straightfoward, kind, caring and very helpful in a pinch despite the fact she complains the entire time."

"Sounds a little like Maria. Except for the egotistical part." Liz commented.

"Cordy takes some getting used to, but somehow everyone falls under her spell eventually." Buffy shrugged, she was unable to explain it, but she knew it was true.

"What about Doyle? Have you met him?" Michael asked.

"I met him once, but it was only for a few minutes. Don't remember much about it. The second time I went to LA he was dead. So I haven't really had a chance to get to know him yet." Buffy replied.

"What?" Liz was first.

"He was dead?" Michael said, after nearly choking on his soda.

"Care to clarify?" Max asked.

"Okay, first, let me explain that not all demons are evil. Liz, I've told you about Angel, and yes he is a special case, but there are others who are unassuming and mind their own business." She explained.

"Like that Whistler guy you were telling me about?"

"Yes, sort of like him." Buffy paused to collect her thoughts. "There are also half-demons in the world. Products of demon and human parents. Doyle happens to be one of those. He is half Braechan Demon."

"Giles was telling me about them. Don't they get wicked visions or something?"

"Yes, most of them do. Doyle did for a while, but he passed them on to Cordelia when he died. Unintentionally of course."

"Of course. How did he get undead?"

"The Powers That Be, or the PTB as Cordelia calls them, or the Oracles, or whatever you want to call them. They decided that Doyle hadn't yet finished his work here on earth. So two months to the day of his death, they resurrected him. He just appeared in the middle of Angel's office."

"Cool." Liz nodded.

"Weird." Michael said.

"I don't believe this is your life." Max said.

"Welcome to our world Boys and Girls. We are the lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, few that really no what all is out there. You haven't even gotten into witchcraft yet!" Buffy smiled

"Forget it Michael." Liz said seeing the thoughtful look on Michael's face. "The last thing I need is to want to be married to Spike."

"Spike? Who's Spike?" Max asked not liking the sound of this at all.

"A no longer threatening vampire." Liz said. "Buffy's friend Willow cast some spell to have her will done and to make a long story short Buffy almost married him."

"Is Spike the Billy Idol wanna be I saw that first night?" Michael asked.

"That would be our Spike!" Buffy affirmed

"We kept calling him cute and he got all offended." Liz laughed, then continued, "He wants to be seen as threatening, but he's been fixed."

"Fixed?" Max asked.

"Yeah. This army group that used to capture demons put a chip in his brain and now he can't bite people. He can't even hit."

"But he still comes in handy when a big evil comes around, well if its to his benefit of course, he can still fight demons." Buffy added.

Liz yawned sleepily. "So happy I don't have to work tonight. Buffy you think you could handle patrol? I need sleep."

"Yeah, sure Liz. My last gift to you before we leave. A good night's sleep." She winked at Liz. "Come by tomorrow right after work to see us off, ok?"

"I will, I promise." Liz gave her friend a hug. "Oh hi, bye Riley." She said heading out the door as he was coming in.

"See ya Liz. Hey Michael. Who's this?" he asked, referring to Max. "I don't believe we were introduced last night."

"Max Evans, Riley Finn." Michael said.

"Nice to meet you Riley. Any interesting facts I should know about you?" Max asked, only half jesting. Seemed like there was something odd with all of them.

"I used to be a part of a government operation to capture and study demons." Riley said.

"Ah! The group that 'fixed' the vampire Spike! Okay." Max was slowly piecing all of this together. He figured it would be a while before this seemed even somewhat normal.

"Right. Oh and I'm from Iowa."

"Iowa, okay," Seemed to run of the mill for a special army group, but whatever. He was just going to go with the flow here.

"But the army group operated under UC Sunnydale." Buffy said. "By the way did we mention that's where the Hellmouth is?"

"Hellmouth?" Max and Michael chorused.

"Mouth of hell. You know where all the baddies live?" Buffy said.

"Ah! Gotcha!" Michael nodded knowingly.

"And you live there?" Max asked.

"Prime place to live if you're the Slayer!"

"Liz isn't going to live there is she?"

"Who knows what will happen... but for right now, Liz is fine living right here in Roswell."

"Good." Max breathed a sigh of relief.

"Riley could you go show Michael how to use the crossbow?"

"Sure, c'mon Michael. Let's have some target practice!" Riley said with a grin.

"Okay. I'm telling you though I am getting better." He said as he followed Riley into the garage.

"Yeah sure you are." could be heard faintly.

Buffy looked at Max. "You love her don't you?"

"Completely." Max answered simply. There were no words to describe his feelings for Liz.

"Thought so." Buffy nodded thoughtfully. "You know about a week ago she was mad enough to send professional demon assassins after you. But I can tell that she does love you."

"I wish that was enough" Max responded with a sad, faraway look in his eyes, "but she is determined that we be apart to follow our 'destinies'."

"Yeah she mentioned that. What exactly is your destiny?"

"As you know I'm from another planet. I was sent here with my young bride to study war techniques here to save my own planet."

"Young bride?" Buffy looked confused for a moment. "Tess."

"Tess." Max said. "Liz walked away from me to let me fulfill my destiny. I never felt worse in my life."

"Destiny has a way of doing that to you." Buffy said, thinking back to Angel leaving her.

"But I want her back. I want to be with her. I don't care about anything else."

"Well then, you will just have to keep fighting. Find a loophole. In my experience there usually is one if you look hard enough." Buffy encouraged.

"Yeah." Max said. "She told me something about the life span of slayers. Is it true that most don't live past twenty-five?"

"Unfortunately yes. I mean look at the odds here. You are in a fight to death usually 2 or 3 times a night. I mean you have the benefit of extra strength but the odds still get ya in the end." Buffy said matter-of-factly.

"How does Riley deal with it? Knowing that when you go out at night you may not come back?"

"I guess you would have to ask him. But often times he is out there with me, so I guess that gives him some comfort."

"He goes out with you? There's an idea." Max mused.

"Oh no. You need to talk to Liz. Don't just take it upon yourself to follow her. That could put you BOTH at risk." Buffy said seriously. Well Buffy, you stirred it up this time.

"Wesley are you sure you don't want us to come?" Doyle asked.

"There really is no reason for you to come. I mean this is what I am trained for. Plus there is no big evil going on out there that I need help with." Wesley paused. "And what if Cordelia has a vision?"

"Yeah but I'm kinda useless around here lately. I could help you train the new slayer." Doyle said with a hopeful look.

"C'mon Wesley, let us go!" Cordelia wheedled, "Its been a rough few weeks. I think we could all use a change of scenery! And I think the PTB are smart enough to time a vision so that we can get there in time no matter where we are!"

"Angel, what do you have to say about all this?" Wesley asked.

"Well, Cordy hasn't had a vision in a couple days. No new walk-ins. I think we could do with a little R&R." Angel said. He knew Doyle and Cordelia were getting frazzled lately. They hadn't had a chance to really get to come to terms with Doyle's death and ressurection becuase they had been so busy. Maybe this trip would be good for all of them.

"See? It's a good idea Wesley." Cordelia said. "Let us go to Roswell with you."

"Oh alright." Welsey said, trying to appear that he was unhappy about it. Truthfully though, he was glad. They had become a family to him, and he was going to miss them terribly. He could put it off for a little while now.

"Great. C'mon Doyle let's go get packed." Cordelia grabbed his hand and drug him out the door. Doyle had been staying with Cordelia since his resurrection till he could find another place to stay.

Wesley looked at Angel after the whirlwind caused by their exit settled, "You sure you're okay with this Angel?"

"Yeah. I've always wanted to see aliens." Angel said making a rare joke.

Wesley chuckled, "Well I had better go finish packing. I'll meet you guys back here tomorrow to head out?"

"I'll be ready." Angel sat back after watching Wesley head out the door. It was hard to believe that he was going to miss him. They had been almost enemies in the beginning. Strange how life worked out. Angel turned his thoughts to the upcoming trip. He was relieved to realize that they would miss Buffy and Riley by an hour or so. While he and Buffy were staying "friends", it was difficult to spend time with her. Especially when Riley was about.

Liz was walking down the hall after school to meet Alex so they could head to Buffy's and help them pack when she passed a group of jocks. Don Butler, one of Kyle's football friends was right near her when they passed.

"Oh got to get some." He said and grabbed Liz's butt.

Liz reacted dropping her bag and grabbing Don's arm before flipping him to the ground and then slamming him against a locker.

"Whoa!" Don exclaimed. "I'm sorry."

"And will you ever do that to an unsuspecting girl again?" Liz demanded.

"Scout's honor. I swear." Don said smiling nervously.

"Good," She said succinctly, letting him go and continuing on, oblivious to the audience she had accumulated.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but that was Liz Parker, right Isabel?" Tammy O'Hara said.

Isabel nodded, not able to tear her eyes off the girl she had always considered quiet and unassuming.

"And she did just kick Don Butler's ass?"

"It would appear so!"

"I can't believe it. I mean I'd heard she was spending some time in the gym but that was definitely amazing."

"Yeah." Isabel said, uncomfortable with the fact that she had no explanation for her friends, or even knowledge to keep secret from them.

"He grabbed my ass Riley. What was I supposed to do?"

"Tell him off. But don't display your 'talents' to the entire school!" Riley said, frustrated.

"Which one was it, Liz?" Michael asked.

"Don Butler. You know the center on the football team."

"Hmm..." Michael said, already thinking of ways he could make the guy suffer for daring to touch Liz.

"I think the embarassment of being beat up by a girl half his size was enough punishment Michael." Buffy said. She'd become pretty good at reading Michael's looks.

Michael glanced up at her. "How'd you know?"

"I've had that look many times. I've also seen it." Buffy said as she put her clothes in her suitcase.

Michael shrugged, "Oh, alright, I'll leave it alone."

"Thank you. But you know it doesn't have to be violent. You could give him the itchies." Liz said.

Michael grinned, "Gladly!"

"The itchies?" Riley asked.

"Well as you know we have certain powers. When I was worse at controlling them, that was one of the few I could do. Give someone a rash!" Michael blushed a little at the explanation.

"Sounds like fun." Buffy said with a grin.

"Remind me not to make you mad." Riley added. "I'm gonna go see how Alex and Giles are doing."

"You about packed Buffy? I'll take your bags out to your car." Michael offered, he knew Liz and Buffy needed some time.

"Yeah thanks Michael. Everything except for the duffle bag. You might want to handle that box alone though."

"Why? What's in it?"


"Oh, gotcha." Michael said, as he struggled to carry it out the door.

"Be careful, okay?" Liz called.

"Will do." Michael said over his shoulder.

"I'm actually gonna miss him." Buffy said. "Reminds me a little of my friend Xander."

"You know since all of this slayer business happened, I have definitely come to appreciate him a lot more myself." Liz agreed.

"I take you weren't the best of friends before?" Buffy asked.

"Oh not at all. In fact I was determined never to speak to him again after what happened between him and Maria."

"Well, I am glad you guys have gotten to be better friends. Even if it did take becoming a slayer!" Buffy smiled.

"Yeah me too. On all counts." Liz smiled. "So tell me what Wesley is like."

"Well... when I first met him, he was a pompous know-it-all with no experience to back it up. Haven't really seen him in a while, but from what I have heard he is gathering up the experience lately." Buffy replied, she didn't want Liz to have a bad relationship wtih Wesley, but she couldn't help the fact that her experiences with him colored her conception of him.

"Well Giles gave me his blessing to beat the hell out of him when we spar so I'm guessing he doesn't like Wesley too much."

"Wesley's inexperience and attitude caused us a LOT of trouble when he first came to town. But if Angel is willingly working with him, he must have changed a lot." Buffy reassured.

"Ah yes the mysterious Angel. What's he like?"

"Angel? How to describe him... Dark, broody, gorgeous, caring..." Buffy answered with a sigh.

"First love?"

"And then some." Buffy nodded, not really wanting to get into their whole tormented saga. "So, we should go see if Michael actually made it to the car!" She said brightly

"Yeah probably. Buffy?"


"I know what it's like." Liz said before she walked out of Buffy's room grabbing one of the bags and taking it with her.

"Yeah I guess you do." Buffy said softly, as she looked after her.

"Max, I am telling you that it doesn't make any sense. Liz Parker, quiet, unassuming Liz Parker beat up Don Butler today for grabbing her ass." Isabel ranted.

"Isabel calm down." Max said. "He probably got her on a bad day."

"She flipped him to the floor and then slammed him against a locker. All without breaking a sweat. Then she picked her bag up and left like it was no big deal."

"Well, she's been working out a lot lately!" Max shrugged, he wished he could tell Isabel the truth, but he had promised. He was having trouble coming up with a plausible excuse though.

"Working out is one thing, but beating up the center on the high school football team for grabbing your ass is another thing entirely."

"Isabel, I don't know what to tell you. I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for it." Max replied. He felt like crossing his fingers behind his back as he said it.

"Something is going on. Something weird and I'm gonna find out what it is." Isabel said before she left Max's room.

"Oh no," Max groaned. This could not be good.

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