FanFic - Crossovers
"Secret Lives"
Part 4
by Jessi Lori
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story. They belong to Joss Whedon, Melinda Metz, and Jason Katims. We're just using them and will return them till the next time we feel like screwing with their lives. :)
Summary: Liz has a secret that could endanger everyone in her life.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Post-Destiny. Not speculative. Jess and I know that what we're writing about would never happen.
Liz yawned as she sat down in her Biology class. She looked next to her and sighed. Just her luck that Max would be her partner again this year.

Max glanced at Liz as she sat down. He could tell this was going to be a very awkward class for them, she was intent on ignoring him.

"Uh Liz?" He ventured. "You know that lab we have to do? I was thinking we could meet after school today and finish it up."

Liz glared at him, and with cold politeness replied, "I'm sorry I can't. I have some things I have to do this afternoon."

"What about lunch today then? We could eat and then finish it."

"Busy." She said shortly.

"Okay. Is there anytime in the near future that you won't be busy so we can finish this lab?" Max asked carefully.

"I don't know, Max. I'll just have to let you know." she replied.

"Listen Liz, I know you are mad at me, I accept that. But behaving this way about the lab is not only going to punish me, but also yourself. Your grades are going to suffer."

"You know what? You're right. On all counts. So how's this? I have about an hour free today after school. We'll finish it then, okay?" Liz said in a very controlled voice.

Max gave a small sigh of relief. Well it was small progress, but still progress. "Ok, I'll be here." he replied quietly.

"Good." Liz said before she looked back at her textbook and shut Max out.

"Yes Giles I know how important training is. But so is school. I will be there as soon as I can." Liz rolled her eyes.

"Hey." Michael said as he walked up. "What's going on?"

"I had to break it to Giles that I'll be an hour late for training tonight. I have to work on a lab with Max," Liz said with a grimace.

"I take it he's not reacting well." Michael said with a small grin as Liz took the phone away from her ear as Giles' voice got louder.

"No, not well at all." She spoke into the phone, "Giles, listen, time for class! Gotta go!" She said rapidly, hanging up the phone quickly before he could say anything else.

"So bleachers?" Michael said.

"God yes." Liz groaned.

Michael and Liz had gotten in the habit of always eating lunch under the bleachers so that they could talk privately about any slayer, or alien, business. They walked there quickly both giving a small sigh of relief to be free of prying eyes for a few moments.

"So how'd Max talk you into being alone in a room with him?" Michael asked as they sat down.

"He pulled the grades card. I can't keep avoiding my lab partner and still pass biology..." Liz shrugged.

"Have you thought about asking for a new partner?" Michael asked before he took a bite out of his sandwich.

"Yes, I have, but Max is one of the smartest people in the class. And despite my ongoing anger at him, he is a good partner. I just need to keep my feelings out of it." She said calmly, more calmly then she felt.

"Do you want me to wait around for you after school?"

"Why? So you can make sure I don't beat the hell out of Max?"

"Well, that, and so I can walk you to Buffy and Giles's house."

"Yeah okay." Liz agreed as she opened her chips and offered Michael some. It was ritual by now that he eat her potato chips along with her. "You know I've been thinking."

"About what?"

"Well about this." She motioned between them. "Maybe we should keep a lower profile at school."

"What's going on Liz?"

"I heard Pam Troy say something to that guy Jake Thompson about seeing us in the weight room last week."

"Yeah, so?"

"People are starting to notice it Michael. People beyond just Max and Isabel."

Comprehension dawned on him. "This is about Maria, isn't it?"

"She's my best friend. I don't want to hurt her."

"But there isn't anything going on TO hurt her!!" Michael replied.

"You know that, I know that. But no one else knows for sure. I mean you saw Max's initial reaction. Thank goodness he's calmed down now. And he is the most calm of the 6 of us. Can you imagine MARIA's reaction?" She said, shuddering at the thought.

"Yeah I can. But Liz I'm not going anywhere and maybe you should just tell Maria what's going on."

"NO! This is supposed to be a secret. It is like part of the whole slayer thing. In the rules and such. 'Keep your identity a secret'" She paused, "Its bad enough that YOU know."

"Hey!" Michael frowned, "I thought we had gotten over that!"

"We have. I'm sorry." Liz flopped back onto the gym floor. "When did my life get so complicated?" She whined.

"Well, I think its a toss up between when Max healed you and when you got called as a slayer." Michael laughed. "Come on, oh chosen one, show me what you got today. Start your exercises!"

Liz laughed as she sat up. "You know I think you like when I beat you up. I think it gets you all hot and bothered." She teased.

"I plead the fifth. C'mon, time's a-wasting, you know you won't hear the end of it if I report to Giles that not only did you meet them an hour late, but you didn't do your training at lunch!" Michael said smugly.

Liz stuck her tongue out at Michael when she couldn't come up with a good retort. The two of them went over to some mats that the gym class left out and warmed up before the started in at each other. They kept at it for about ten minutes before an all too familiar voice intruded on their sparring.

"What the hell are you two doing?"

Liz turned around. "Alex."

"Yeah, Alex, remember me? So what are you doing?" Alex asked.

"Uh we were just, uh." Liz looked at Michael with a clear cry for help written on her face.

"Uh yeah we were just..."

"Kicking the hell out of each other. Yeah I got that part. Why?"

"Um... I was thinking about taking up kickboxing." Liz said, "Just wanted to see if I would like it." She grimaced, knowing Alex wasn't going to buy that. He might be unassuming, but he certainly wasn't dumb.

"Liz this is me remember? You can't lie to me so don't try."

Liz looked at Michael with a questioning glance. He nodded and she looked back at Alex and sighed. "Giles is going to kill me." She took a deep breath before plunging ahead. "Okay, Alex, I'm gonna tell you the truth here. But you can't tell ANYONE! Not even Maria knows."

"I take it he does though?" he asked, gesturing to Michael, "And who's Giles?"

"Yeah, I know." Michael admitted. "I stumbled onto it," he added to let Alex know it wasn't because Liz trusted him more than the others.

"He followed me around till he found out what was going on." Liz elaborated. "What are you doing at around quarter to four today?"

"I was just gonna hang at the Crashdown, why?"

"Can you meet Michael and me in front of the school?"

"Yeah, sure, so tell me what this is all about!" Alex said, worried by their serious expressions.

"Do you remember that blonde who was hanging at the Crashdown a lot a few weeks ago?"

"Sure. As I remember, both of you regarded her as very suspicious."

"Well her name's Buffy and she's a vampire slayer. For that matter so am I."

Alex choked, "A what?" The alien thing was bad enough, please let her be joking.

"Vampire slayer. I fight the forces of darkness."

"And Michael?"

"Couldn't leave well enough alone." Liz said.

"Hey! I have helped with a few of the slays!" Michael said indignantly, "And I have helped with your sparring skills." He said, self-importantly.

"This is true." Liz admitted. "He's also determined to make sure nothing happens to me cause I won't tell Max."

"OK, guys, I am having a little bit of trouble absorbing this." Alex said honestly, looking from Liz to Michael, hoping for any kind of reassurance from either that this was a practical joke.

"I know it's hard to believe but I can show you proof after school if you're willing to trust me. Trust us." Liz said with a glance at Michael.

"Alright, I'll put my disbelief on hold until I see your 'proof'." Alex said shaking his head. How had his life become a supernatural mess in the last year?

"Thank you." Liz said giving him a hug.

"Liz normally I like it when you hug me but not when you're a sweaty mess." Alex joked.

"Oh sorry, gotta run and take a shower before my next class. I'll see ya later Alex! Bye Michael." She ran off.

"Bye. I better head for the showers too." Michael said. "See you at quarter to four, okay? And remember not a word to anyone."

"Yeah, I'll remember." Alex replied, still peeved that Michael knew before he did.

"Look, if she had had her way no one would know about this." Michael said, reading the look on Alex's face.

Alex sighed, "Yeah, I know... sorry"

"I'd probably feel the same way if it were Max or Isabel." Michael said reassuringly, patting Alex on the shoulder before running off to the showers himself.

After School~

Max paced around the lab wondering if Liz was going to back out.

"Okay I'm here. Sorry I'm late. Mrs. Lenox kept me after. Let's get started." Liz said in a whirlwind as she sped into the room.

"Ok, fine, but why the hurry?" Max asked.

"I told you I have stuff to do today. Can we just get this done?"

"Fine!" Max shot back. He was trying to keep his temper, trying to get back on her good list, but sometimes her attitude just wore to thin.

Liz sighed as she took out her lab sheet. The last thing she had time for was a temper tantrum from Max. "Okay where'd we leave off?"

"Question six. Describe the reaction of the cells to acid."

They both settled down to work on their lab assignment and the hour passed quickly.

"Done." Liz said as she closed her book and started putting her stuff away. "What about you?"

"Just about. Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Max couldn't help but ask.

"Like I said, stuff to do. See ya tomorrow Max." Liz said as she closed her bookbag and left.

Max just stared after her, looking blankly at the closed door. "What am I going to do?"

Liz looked around the front of school before she saw Alex and Michael sitting on the curb. She walked over to them. "Hey guys. Ready?"

Alex sighed nervously as they both got up. "Yeah, guess so."

"Don't worry. Giles is very understanding. I'm sure he'll realize we had limited options in this matter." Liz said. Please god, let him understand.

"Who is this Giles you keep mentioning?"

"My Watcher. He trains me."

"Your Watcher? Ok, translation?" Alex said, getting frustrated.

"He trains me for my duties as a slayer. He also helps me by researching demons that no one should meet in a dark alley." Liz shuddered.

"Including vampires." Alex said.

"Exactly," she said as the walked up the walk of the beautiful Victorian house. A stunning place that hid an amazing amount of knowledge of the evil in the world.

"Nice." Alex said.

"Yes, it's very nice." Liz agreed, opening the door and bellowing, "Giles, Buffy, Riley!! You here?!?! We have an issue to discuss!!"

"We're up here Liz." Buffy's voice called.

"C'mon they're in the office." Liz led them up a staircase. At the top she went left down a hall, they passed a few bedrooms and another staircase before they ended their journey in a room filled with books and stacked boxes. "Hi guys."

Giles started upon seeing a person he didn't recognize tagging along with Liz and Michael. "Hello Liz, who's your friend?" he asked, trying to inconspicuously hide the title of the book he had been reading, he gave Buffy a significant look, telling her to do the same.

"This is Alex. Where's Riley?" Liz stalled for time.

"I'm right here," Riley said, walking in the door. "What's up?" He nodded at Michael and Alex as he grabbed a chair.

"Giles can I talk to you and Buffy in the kitchen for a second?" Liz asked. "It's kinda important."

Giles nodded, "Sure. Riley, Michael, why don't you give Alex a tour of the house?" The look he gave them made it clear they were to avoid certain rooms.

"Sure. C'mon. You will not believe the master bedroom." Michael said as he and Riley led Alex out of the office.

"What's going on Liz?" Buffy asked.

"I had to tell Alex about being a slayer!" Liz said in a rush, relieved to have gotten it out. She slowly raised her eyes to see their reactions.

Buffy looked calm but Giles was turning an interesting shade of red.

"Giles, breathe." Buffy ordered.

"Oh right, yes, breathing would be good." Giles said distractedly. "Who is this Alex fellow? Can we trust him?"

"He's been my best friend for about five years. Yes we can totally trust him. I think we could also use him. He's a hacker."

"Oh! Like Willow!" Buffy exclaimed. "She has come in handy with that many times!"

"Right and Alex doesn't practice witchcraft so there's no chance I'll ever want to marry Spike." Liz agreed with a grin

"Very funny. So how'd he take the news that you're a slayer?"

"I think he's still adjusting to that whole thing. And of course he's adjusting to the fact that Michael knew before him."

"Yeah, I bet." Buffy said sympathetically.

"So Giles is this okay with you?" Liz asked.

"Yes, I guess so. I mean it's too late to deny it now, isn't it?" Giles said somewhat disapprovingly

"Way too late." Liz agreed. "Giles I didn't mean for this to happen."

Giles sighed, "I know. Sometimes these things just happen."

"I better go talk to Alex. Can we skip training today?" Liz asked.

"Well, I suppose one day won't hurt, especially since you had already missed an hour of it."

"Thanks Giles." Liz smiled and then headed up the stairs.

"So about three weeks ago Buffy tells me I'm the next slayer." Liz concluded after Alex had asked her for the whole story. "Michael found out one night when he followed me into the graveyard. Before that I wasn't planning on telling anyone."

"So you are telling me there are really vampires and demons in the world? But I guess if there are aliens..." he said. Liz and Michael both gave him a hard stare and looked around the room to see if anyone had noticed his remark. "Sorry. But why is Michael still following you around?" Alex asked.

"Because she refuses to tell Max. I know for a fact if Max ever finds out the truth and that I knew, and didn't protect her, I'd be a dead man." Michael answered for her.

"Yeah, there's another question. Why won't you tell Max?"

"Because his protective streak is a mile wide, especially when it comes to me. I didn't want him to get hurt trying to keep me out of danger."

"What if you get hurt?"

"Then I get hurt." Liz said as she picked at the food Giles had given them.

"That's not good enough Liz," Alex replied. "Remember how hard you worked to get Max, Michael, and Isabel to let us in? Well now we are all feeling that about you. We all knew you had a secret. Never would have dreamed it was this though." He paused, "We were a group, the 6 of us. Together we could do anything."

"Yeah, well, that was before Tess came, and they learned their destinies. And now I know my destiny."

"Alex is right."

"What?" Liz looked at Michael.

"You're tearing yourself up inside and so is Max. Liz you have to tell him."


"Alright, I'll drop it for now. But this isn't over Liz." Alex said.

Michael nodded in agreement.

"Look Alex, I talked to Buffy and Giles. We need someone with computer experience. You interested?"

Alex appeared deep in thought, "Yeah, sure why not. In for a penny and all that."

"Thank you." Liz looked at her watch. "We better go. Michael you have work and I have a ton of homework."

"Yeah, ok, so what's the plan?" Alex asked, unsure of what his new duties involved.

"Meet us tomorrow under the bleachers at lunch. We'll fill you in then okay?" Liz said. "Giles we're leaving."

Giles nodded as they walked out the door. "Be careful patrolling tonight Liz."

"I will. Michael's going with me."

Liz frowned at her math homework. "Hey Alex could you explain this to me?"

"What's that Liz?" Alex, asked looking up from his own homework.


"You're stronger in math than I am Liz, but I'll give it a shot."

"Thank you, you are my savior." Liz said showing him the problem she was having. He understood it and pointed it out to her and patiently explained what she was doing wrong.

Liz sighed with relief, she was lucky Alex had been able to help her. This slaying business was putting a serious crimp into her studying time, and she knew her quarter grades were going to portray that if she wasn't more careful.

"So Liz, how does this slayer business work exactly?"

"Basically I get to patrol around the graveyard concentrating on new graves and stake any vamps that come up. This is spiced up by a demon or two along the way, and the ultimate evil every once in a while."

"And what's Buffy?"

"Buffy is also the slayer. A new slayer is called upon the death of the previous. Buffy died momentarily a few years back and another slayer was called. She died and another was called. When that one died, *I* was called." Liz explained.

"Doesn't just the story of those two girls dying within a year or so of being 'called' make you want to just ignore your calling?" Alex asked, appalled.

"Yeah in a major way. But Alex I can't. If I did I would be a huge hypocrite. I mean I sent Max away so he could fulfill his destiny. How can I do any less?"

Alex sighed, "I see your point. But that doesn't mean I like it one bit!"

"Yeah you're not the only one. Michael is now convinced he has to protect me at all costs. Even if it means losing Max."

"Speaking of Max..." Alex started.

Liz interrupted him, before he could get into it, "Listen I need to be getting ready to go patrol. Thanks for helping with my homework Alex" Liz smiled warmly at him and gave him a hug. She whispered, "I am glad you know now."

"Be careful okay Lizzie?" Alex whispered. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright." Liz said.

Liz was pacing at the tree where she was supposed to meet Michael. "C'mon Michael, if you insist on going with me, you can at least be on time." she muttered


"Finally." She muttered turning around. "Max, what are you doing here?"

"I was just out taking a walk, thinking. You?" Max asked, knowing she had been waiting for someone or something based on her behavior. He had been watching her for a few minutes.

"Waiting for a friend. And here she is now. Hi Buffy." she motioned to the blonde that was fast approaching.

"Hey Liz! You ready to go?" Buffy asked. She nodded to Max, she knew immediately who he was when she saw Liz's reaction to his approach. So she had booked it over there to try and diffuse the situation.

"Yeah. I'll see you later Max." Liz said before she and Buffy walked away.

"We've got trouble." Buffy whispered.


"He got jumped by some demon on his way here. I took him to the house and then I came for you."

Liz broke into a run, "I knew he was gonna get hurt! Why didn't he listen to me?"

Buffy kept up with her the whole way. When they got to the house Liz burst through the front door.

"Giles! Michael!"

"We're in the front room, Liz," Giles called out.

Liz went into the living room and saw Michael lying on the couch. "Oh God."

Michael struggled to sit up, "Liz, it's okay. I'll be just fine."

The looks that Buffy and Giles exchanged said otherwise.

"What happened?"

"When I stumbled upon them, an ugly horned demon was pummeling into Michael like there was no tomorrow. I managed to kill him and drag Michael here." Buffy replied.

"Do we know what it was?" Liz asked as she sat next to Michael.

"Not yet, I was just about to call Alex to see if he can do some research on the internet." Giles answered.

Liz looked worriedly over at Michael. "How bad is he?"

"I'd feel better if we could take him to the hospital." Buffy said.

"No!" Liz and Michael said at the same time.

Michael looked at Liz, trying to keep the pain out of his voice. "You decide." They both knew he was talking about calling Max. There were repercussions to be aware of.

"He's gonna flip out but I don't think we have a choice." Liz said. She stood up. "Giles I need to talk to you in the dining room." Liz went across the hall and waited for her watcher.

Giles looked at her curiously, "Yes, sure Liz."

Michael watched them go and then looked up at the ceiling.

"Michael what's going on?" Buffy asked.

Michael looked at her warily. "I have a secret of my own," he said as he passed out.

"Giles, Liz!!! Michael passed out!!" Buffy yelled. "I think we need to do something fast!"

"Giles?" Liz looked at her watcher.

"Call him." Giles said before he went back into the living room.

"Thank you." Liz picked up the phone and dialed Max's house.

"Hello?" Isabel answered the phone sleepily. Who is calling this late at night?

"Isabel, it's Liz, can I talk to Max?"

"Yeah sure. Everything ok?" Isabel asked, concerned.

"It's important. Just please go get him okay?"

"Ok, hold on!"

In the background,

"Max!! Wake up!!" Isabel said urgently.

"Wha... What?"

"Liz is on the phone, it sounds like something is wrong, c'mon get up!!"

Hurry. Liz prayed.


"Max, I need you to come to the old Victorian house on the end of Rose Avenue. Come quickly, Michael needs your help." Liz said quickly, tears in her voice.

"I'm on my way." Max said before they hung up. "Isabel, I need to go. If I'm not back by sun up cover for me okay?"

"What is it? What's wrong?" Isabel asked, following Max around as he pulled on a shirt and pants and grabbed his wallet and keys.

"I don't know. All Liz would say was that Michael needs my help."

"Be careful," Isabel whispered to the closed door after Max rushed out.

"Where is he?" Liz said as she paced.

"He'll be here any minute." Buffy reassured her.

"Anyone want anything? Coffee, tea, a sedative?" Riley asked.

"Oh god! Maria! Should I call her?" Liz muttered to herself. "And where is Alex? Giles, didn't you call him?"

"Yes. Mr. Whitman is on his way. But I don't know who Maria is."

"Maria is Michael's ex, and my best friend. If Michael dies, and I don't call her!" Liz sobbed.

"Liz listen to me he is not gonna die." Buffy said putting an arm around her friend. "He's gonna be okay."

"You're right Buffy. I am not doing anyone any good getting hysterical." She took a deep breath. "I think I hear Max now!"

"A very old looking jeep." Riley reported.

"That's him," Liz said, dashing for the door. "Max!! Oh thank God you're here!! He's in here on the couch!"

"What happened?" Max asked. "Uh hello." He said to all the people he didn't know.

"We'll explain later. He's in bad shape. You need to help him." Liz said urgently.

"But what about?" Max said, waving his hand to refer to their audience.

Liz sighed, "You can trust them. I'll tell you all about it, but Michael can't wait."

"Alright." Max looked at his friend for the first time. "Oh my God." He rushed over to Michael's side, quickly ripping the shirt off his chest. "Michael can you hear me? I need you to look at me."

*no response*

Liz joined in desperately, "Michael come on, you need to open your eyes so that Max can help you! Think how Maria will react if you die on us."

"Yeah Maria. She'll go ballistic!" Max chimed in.

"And me. I'll feel horribly guilty for not listening to you sooner. Do you really want that?" Liz asked.

"Mmmph," Michael responded, slowly opening his eyes. "Not your fault Liz."

"Oh thank God. Max go ahead."

Max put his hand over Michael's chest and looked into his eyes. His hand started to glow as he healed Michael.

Buffy and Riley's eyes widened, What on earth? They had never seen anything like it, despite all of the things they had witnessed.

Giles was no less amazed, but at least he had been told what would happen.

Liz stroked Michael's hair during the whole healing process and when it was over she breathed a sigh of relief. "You okay?" She asked him.

Michael moved his head so he could lock eyes with Liz, "I'm fine. And I meant it. It isn't your fault I got hurt."

"Good. So you'll understand tomorrow when I beat you unconscious and leave you for the gym class to find." Liz smiled to let Michael know she was kidding.

"Now, I didn't say it was my fault either. It was just a major coincidence from what I can tell!"

Max watch the two interact feeling left out and jealous. They had developed this teasing banter and closeness that he had never thought they would have. "Forgive me, but Liz, you said you would explain now."

"Oh right. Giles is Alex here yet?"

"I think he is pulling up right now." Giles responded.

Alex walked in the door, "Is that Max's Jeep out there?"

"Uh yeah." Liz said. "Max come with me. Giles we're gonna use the family room okay?"

Michael sat up, groaning at the condition of his clothes, "Do you want me to come Liz?"

"No I think this might go better solo. You stay here. On second thought, Riley put him to bed. Use that room between the garage and the rest of the house."

Max just watched the scene play out. He had never seen Liz in a situation where she appeared to be in charge. And she was ordering people about like it was second-nature. It was a new side to her.

"C'mon Riley I'll help you." the blonde he recognized from earlier that evening. Buffy, if he remembered right.

"Max? Follow me." Liz went through a doorway into another room and waited for Max.

Max followed her in a daze. "Something tells me I should sit down. Am I right?"

"Probably a good idea." Liz agreed. "Okay I know you've probably figured out by now that something is going on with me, am I right?"

Max nodded as he sat down on the couch. "Yeah. I figured you were up to something. I even entertained the cult rumor for about five seconds."

"Glad it was only a few seconds," Liz attempted a grin, "But you may start thinking it again when I explain."

Max sighed. "Just tell me Liz."

"I'm a vampire slayer." Liz said simply.

Max just looked at her blankly.

"Max speak to me. Say something. Say anything." Liz said in reaction to his non-reaction.

Max gulped, "Could you repeat that?"

"I am a vampire slayer. I kill vampires and other demons and things that go bump in the night."

"You expect me to believe this?" Max asked. "Where's the camera?"

"Max did you actually see Michael tonight? Do you think any human could have done that to him?"

Max sighed, he knew in his heart that Liz would never lie to him. He was an alien, why shouldn't there be vampires, and demons and such? "I was just hoping." he muttered.

"Yeah you're not the only one." Liz said.

"Why does Michael know? And Alex? How long has he been keeping this secret?"

"Michael stumbled upon the truth a few weeks ago. You know how he gets about suspicious behavior. He starts following people. Alex just stumbled upon it earlier today." Liz stopped and look at him seeing his hurt expression, "Michael only kept it a secret because I begged him too. We finally came to an agreement. I would let him come with me and 'protect me', or try to as the case may be, and he wouldn't tell you or any of the others."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Cause I know you. I know what you would've done if you knew I went out at night hunting for vampires in the graveyard. You would've followed me. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"There is no saying that I would get hurt." Max said.

"Again did you see Michael, Max? I can barely live with myself now. If that had been you, I don't know what I would've done."

"And if anything happens to you, I would die, Liz. Die." Max said emotionally.

"Max you might want to start distancing yourself from me."

"How can we get any more distant that we are? Besides lab, you haven't talked to me in weeks!" Max sighed. "And don't think distance is going to make any of this hurt any less, because it hasn't so far!"

"Max, slayers don't usually live past the age of twenty-five and the last two didn't make it into their twenties at all."

Max gasped, "That doesn't mean you won't. Plus who knows what is going to happen to ME at any time? So we both lead dangerous existences. It doesn't mean we should sacrifice our happiness because of that!!" he said desperately.

"Max look destiny and fate they all mean something. This is my destiny and you have yours. They just don't happen to intertwine."

"Then explain to me why I have loved you from the first moment I saw you? How do you explain that? You were MEANT for me Liz Parker!"

"Max don't okay? Look, I was meant for this. Slayers don't get to have normal lives. They don't get to grow up and have children. They slay things and eventually they get bested. Kendra's throat was slit and Faith got her neck snapped. Buffy died too. But she was lucky enough to be brought back. I had that once. I won't get that lucky again. I wasn't meant for you, Tess was. She can give you more then I ever can."

"Tess was NOT meant for me. I don't care what some recording says. I would FEEL it if she were the one for me. I FEEL it with YOU, NOT her." Max said, he had to make her see this!

"You should go home. Isabel's probably worried about you. But Max, you can't tell her. You can't tell anyone."

"Fine." Max said, he knew he wasn't getting anywhere with her.

"Michael's down the hall if you want to check on him before you go." Liz motioned. "I'll see you tomorrow in class."

Max knew he had been dismissed. "We will discuss this another time, Liz," he said quietly as he walked out the door.

"No we won't." Liz said softly.

"I know you guys probably want an explanation." Liz said as she walked into Giles' office.

"Well, Giles filled us in on what little he knew, but yes, your version would be good." Buffy said.

"Well Max and Michael aren't exactly from around here." Liz said with a small smile

"Michael too?" Buffy gasped.

"Yeah Michael too. Max's sister Isabel too."

"Ok, so they aren't from around here." Riley reiterated. "Care to give us a little more info?"

"Riley you're in Roswell. You really need more info then that?" Liz said.

"Guess not," he shrugged.

"So they're aliens?" Buffy asked.

"They prefer the term not of this earth." Liz joked. "Alex, how ya doing? Did you come up with anything?"

"Not yet... found a few similar demons, but don't think I have found our particular one yet." Alex replied, enjoying that fact that he was useful yet again

"Don't keep at it too late. We gotta get home soon."

"Very true, I am surprised our parents haven't busted us before this for all the late nights we keep!"

"Do you want some coffee?" Liz asked.

"No, thanks, plenty wired, without outside help!"

"Liz, you need sleep, not coffee." Buffy said.

"Easy for you to say! You didn't admit to two of your best friends your true identity and nearly have another die on you all in the same day!!" Liz exclaimed, clearly near the breaking point. "I couldn't sleep if you knocked me out!"

"Liz, why don't I take you home?" Riley asked. "When I get back I promise to make Alex go home too."

"Liz, that's a good idea. You need some rest. Maybe you'll get it at home."

"Oh, alright, if you insist." She looked at Riley, "Home, James!"

"I'll be back soon." Riley kissed Buffy lightly, before he and Liz walked out.

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