FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Trust "
Part 2
by Kathy
Disclaimer: Melinda Metz Jasin Katims etc. etc. etc. I don't own them.
Summary: This is just after In The Woods so if you havn't seen it you might not understand some of it. This also revolves a tad bit around the fact that in the books Michael and alex are good friends
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Dedication: Courtney You write the greatest fanfic and are the reason I thought I might be able to as well.
Alex stands by his locker looking mechanically at his lock. He spins it again and still it won't open.

"Hey alex!" Michael walk up and pats Alex on the back. "Need some help?"

"No it's okay I'm just.. well could you maybe just open it?" Alex said a little embarsessed.

"Sure." He waves his hand over Alexs lock and it opens. "I was wondering if you would so me a little favor?"

"Anything. That is except you know hit man kinda stuff 'caus eI gotta out of that buisness last week and am really trying to stop." He reply's humour shining in his eyes.

Michael laughs and looks at Alex. "No I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind making sure Maria was okay you know?" Michale asked his cheeks turning slightly red.

"Hey no problem." In a stage whisper "But I can tell you now that she's pretending to be a stone wall which she so totally isn't." Alex said smiling.

"Thanks I'll see you around." Michael walks away smiling. 'She so totally likes me. No she loves me. I am the best'


Isabel sat at her table in the cafetiria among her more than annoying cohorts. Lost in depe she looks up and notices Alex sitting at a table with Liz and Maria. They all start laughing and Maria places her hand on Alex's shoudler.

'What?!' Isabel looks around to see if anyone noticed staring. 'Maria is flirting with Alex! My Alex!' 'What have I done?'.


".. and then Pheobe says 'Well it seemed pretty French to me'" Alex says and Maira and Liz start laughing. The other night in attempt to take his mind off of Iz he had watched a friends marathon.

It had almost worked too, but then he had noticed Chandler and Monica and Rachel and Ross and how they were like the Liz/Max and the Maria/Michael. Him and Iz were the totally undeveloped Joey and Pheobe.

Alexs looks across the cafetiria at Isabel who is looking at him with an angry look on her face.

She quickly looks away. 'Thats it I can't take this anymore. I don't car what Max say's!'

Alex exscuses himself and walks out the doors of the cafetiria. Isabels eyes follow him. ****************

~To Be Continued~

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