FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Trust "
Part 1
by Kathy
Disclaimer: Melinda Metz Jasin Katims etc. etc. etc. I don't own them.
Summary: How do you know who you can trust?
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Courtney You write the greatest fanfic and are the reason I thought I might beable to as well.
Isabel lay awake in bed listening to her own breathing. 'Why did I tell him we couldn't date?' 'Jeez why do I even care? It's not like I love him!' 'Do I love him?' "Isbel Evans stop it! You have a test tomorow you need to sleep."


Alex too sat at his desk staring blankly at the pages of his science textbook. 'Does she love me?' 'Do I really love her?' 'Why did Maria and Michael and Max and Liz get to go out and we don't?' 'She probabally was just trying to use me again!' 'Would Isabel do that?'

"Stop it Whitman! Just concentrate on the book."


'Poor Alex getting sucked into the great I'm an alien we can't go steady line' Maria sat across form him on the quad before school started. She could see the dark circles under his eyes showing lack of sleep.

"Alex yoo-hoo. Whats with the Mopey face?" Liz voice rang. The second she said that Alex looked up and scowled more.

"Nothing I have to get to class, I'll talk to you guys later." Alex picked up his bag and walked throught the doors of the school. "Wow! Whats up with him that must be the first time in years I've seen him look so bad." Liz asked staring Maria in the eye. "Isabel." Maria said as if it explained averything.

"Oh." Liz was quiest for a second. "Why do you think this keeps happening. I mean first you then me now Alex?"

"Because we weren't immune yet. Now of coarse, I at least, will never fall for a Checozlavakian ever again. I tell you we can't trust them." Maria said sticking her nose up a bit.

"Whatever Maria." Liz said with a smile on her face. "I'll see you at lunch k?"


"Michael would you do me a favor? Could you… kinda… well sorta… maybe just see how Alex is doing for me?" Isabel asked a flush coming down her face, yet her eyes were full of pleading resilance.

"Oh look at this Miss. No Public Relations has got her eye out for a (in a hushed voice) human." Michael said laughing a little.

Isabel slapped him no the shoulder and a little smile played on her lips. "Would you just do it please?"

"Fine but only 'cause your so damn funny." Michael said walking away.

"Michael wait! Don't tell him I asked you to k?" Isabel pleaded.

"Sure. No prob." He smiled and walked away. 'I was planning on having a little chat with my good friend Alex anyways.'

~To Be Continued~

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