FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"Project V SEW.001"
Part 4
by Andrea
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters, actors or...anything really. except for the characters I have created myself, they all belong to Jason Katim and all the writers of Roswell.
Summary: Just as the entire Vilandra situation is taking its toll on Isabel -- and worrying the rest of the group -- a mysterious young girl comes to Roswell with a mission that will change all of their lives, the future and perhaps history. Can she be trusted? Can she hold the answers Isabel has been looking for? But mostly, who she is will change them forever.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
Authors Note: So many of my friends said after watching the last few shows how much Isabel could need some help from either her past or her future (Like Max in EOTW) to help her with the Vilandra situation, so I figured I would give this intriguing story a try. This is dedicated to all Isabel/vilandra/Isabel-Alex lovers out there. :)
An hour later, Sarah woke up in a start. Sweat streamed down her forehead as she tried to regain conscious thoughts. She began to babble to all the others about how ‘He was coming’. The group started hammering her with questions, while, surprisingly enough, Isabel and Alex stayed quiet. As quiet as they could possibly manage to be in the considering the circumstances, that is.

“Who is coming?” Max asked her in his constantly even tone.

“Nicholas…” Sarah spoke, catching her breath while she closed the blinds in the windows. “He’s going to come for you.” she added, throwing Isabel a fearful look. “He’s going to come and he’s going to say things…” She said in a panic as her eyes filled with tears. She stepped in front of Isabel and stared at her with teary eyes for a few seconds. “He’s going to lie. He’ll say things that you are going to believe, but you can’t. You can’t believe him! He’s going to threaten you and the people you love….and…you’re going to kill him. You have to let him go…you have to,” she almost begged as everyone looked at her as if she’d gone completely insane. “Nicholas is going to say things…about Vilandra. And he’s going to make it hard for you not to believe them. This is the one thing that will come between you all. You killing him is only going to trigger a chain of events that will all get you killed in return! All of you…” she said through her teeth.

“Why should we believe anything you are saying?” Michael asked sceptically.

“Because I have seen things that – believe me – you do [I]not[/I] want to see.” Sarah threw at him emotionally.

“What things?” Michael insisted, rebuffing Max’s attempts to calm him down.

“I saw you die, alright. Right in front of me. I saw the revolution. I saw the invasion and I saw you die!” she shouted with a mixture of annoyance and insistence.

They all stayed painfully silent all of a sudden and shared a few glances. Isabel, who had been standing in front of the young girl, took a long hard look at her. Fear was imprinted on Sarah’s face; her eyes were filled with inner pain that seemed to transcend time; she appeared so vulnerable yet so strong. Isabel swallowed with difficulty and revealed the small picture she and Alex had previously found in Sarah’s bag. She held it in front of her and showed it to the stranger.

“Who are you?” Isabel asked calmly, as Maria and Liz saw the picture from afar and stared at it, confused.

There was no turning back now. There was no escape. She would have to tell them and overcome that one fear she had that they would not believe her. Sarah hesitated as her eyes stayed glued to the picture.

“I’m not from here.” She finally answered, lowering her eyes.

“Then where are you from?” Alex asked after the girl paused.

“I mean...I’m from Roswell.” She rectified, lifting her eyes to meet theirs. “I’m just not from Roswell ‘now’” she reluctantly said.

“What?” Michael muttered.

“Future…” Liz whispered, almost to herself.

Alex turned to her and frowned. Liz explained her thought before anyone even asked.

“Like Max. You’re from the future, aren’t you?” She asked with a certain expression on her face. “If you are, why aren’t you hiding? Max said…”

Sarah took the picture from Isabel’s hand slowly and stared at it. She took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts, never leaving the picture out of her sight.

“I was born…or will be…should be…” she grimaced at the ridicule way she had begun her explanation. “In 2003. This was taken on my first birthday.” she said, confirming Liz’s previous assumptions. “I don’t have to hide. I can’t come face to face with myself since I’m not even born yet.”

There was a long silence that followed.

“I saw the Royal Seal…” Isabel said, utterly stunned. “Are you one of us?” she asked, feeling rather redundant, yet not really caring.

“Sort of.” She answered. “Where I come from I’m either called a human-hybrid…or a ‘project’.” she said lifting her wrist to show her bracelet with sarcasm. “Not like you…not an alien in a human body…I’m half human, half alien.” she explained.

“What does that mean?” Alex asked her.

“It means that one of my parents is an alien and the other is human.” she said, almost holding her breath as she spoke the words. “I’m not a skin.” she quickly added when she saw the look on Tess’ and Michael’s faces. She lifted the edge of her t-shirt to reveal her back, showing that she was indeed not a Skin by any means.

“You can’t blame us for asking.” Tess said.

“After the things I’ve seen, I wouldn’t blame anyone for asking anything anymore.”

“So you are of Royal blood, so to speak.” Max said after a short pause.

Sarah did not immediately answer. She looked down at the photograph one more time and smiled. A warm smile appeared on her face almost remembering the instant captured on it – even though it was nearly impossible for her to remember that.

“I was the first born.” She told them. “The only born.” she rectified. “That’s a picture of me and my Godparents.” she said, also pointing out that further in time, the need for the Godparents to be both male and female is no longer a requirement.

Max, Michael and Tess looked at each other while Isabel looked at the picture resting in Sarah’s hands. The thought was now crossing her mind. She’d fought it but now it was inevitable. The possibility scared her initially so she tried to block it out. Isabel panicked, and turned her back on Sarah.

“What about these other things in your bag? That jacket…” She said, nervously walking to the couch.

“It belonged to my mother.” Sarah revealed in an emotional voice as her eyes filled with tears. Isabel stopped in her tracks and froze. “It is the last thing she ever gave me.” Sarah spoke as Isabel closed her eyes. “It’s the last thing you gave me…” she added in a bare whisper.

Isabel opened her eyes only to reveal a handful of emotions and tears. The entire group was silent. Speechless. Liz and Alex looked back and forth between Isabel and Sarah. Isabel finally turned around slowly and found the strength to look into the girl’s tearful eyes.

“You gave it to me…” Sarah whispered again, this time look at Isabel.

Stunned, everyone stayed silent as mother and daughter looked at each other from a distance.

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