FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"Project V SEW.001"
Part 1
by Andrea
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters, actors or...anything really. except for the characters I have created myself, they all belong to Jason Katim and all the writers of Roswell.
Summary: Just as the entire Vilandra situation is taking its toll on Isabel -- and worrying the rest of the group -- a mysterious young girl comes to Roswell with a mission that will change all of their lives, the future and perhaps history. Can she be trusted? Can she hold the answers Isabel has been looking for? But mostly, who she is will change them forever.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
Authors Note: So many of my friends said after watching the last few shows how much Isabel could need some help from either her past or her future (Like Max in EOTW) to help her with the Vilandra situation, so I figured I would give this intriguing story a try. This is dedicated to all Isabel/vilandra/Isabel-Alex lovers out there. :)
Isabel's eyes were glued to the Royal Seal. She felt the blood in her veins freeze suddenly and when she finally lifted her eyes up, she noticed she hadn't been the only one completely taken by surprise. Nicholas looked at the mystery girl with eyes wide open, in shock. The young girl closed her hand and the blue screen immediately disappeared. Her eyes were riveted on Nicholas and Isabel witnessed the anger and hate in her stare.

"What the hell..." Nicholas muttered as he seemingly froze under the girl’s stare.

For the first time in her life, she saw Nicholas at a loss for words. The young woman waved her hand in front of her and Nicholas was sent flying backwards. He landed on his back a few feet away from them and Isabel took a few steps back. Nicholas looked up and his eyes fell upon the bracelet around the girl's wrist. Even from afar, he would have recognized its shape and form instantly.

"You..." he whispered before getting up and disappearing into the night.

Isabel stood still behind the stranger, utterly stunned and confused. She opened her mouth to speak but the young girl crumbled before her and fell on her knees in pain. Isabel, who clearly understood none of what was happening, rushed down on the ground beside her.

"Are you okay? What..." Isabel let out as she looked back and forth between the girl and the darkness in front of her, where Nicholas had disappeared.

The young girl kept her eyes closed and took a deep breath, holding her head. She nodded softly as Isabel tried to help her up. When that did not work, Isabel simply knelt beside the stranger and for the first time in her life, she felt completely speechless. She kept seeing the image of the Royal Seal and her mind went blank. Who was this girl? What did she want? But most importantly, why had she immediately gone up against Nicholas?

"You have to be careful..." the girl whispered, swallowing her pain.

"Careful with what?" Isabel asked, pressing the girl for answers. "Careful with what??"

"Everything. Nicholas saw me..." she replied, finally opening her eyes and staring into the darkness, avoiding Isabel's eyes. "He's going to come after me, before he comes after you. So it leaves you some time...very little time." She added.

"Leaves me time to do what?" Isabel asked, desperately trying to make sense of all of this.

"To save save all of us." The girl spoke, lowering her eyes.

"Who are you?" Isabel desperately asked once again as her eyes unwillingly filled with tears.

There was a long silence that befell them. Isabel suddenly felt a very sharp ache in her heart for the girl kneeling beside her. She almost felt sorry for her, and she did not even understand why.

"I can't..." the girl said in a choked voice.

Isabel brought the stranger to the Crashdown, where she knew they would all be safer. Maria, Michael, Liz, Alex and Max later joined her there.

"Why did you bring her here? Are you insane?!" Michael said to Isabel as they stood in the doorway, looking at a sleeping stranger.

"I had no choice, alright!" Isabel told him. "What did you want me to do, leave her on the porch for my mother to find her?!"

"What if she's a trap for us to fall into? Do you realize that you might have brought the enemy right to us?!" Michael said through his teeth.

"She knows things, Michael." Isabel spoke with certainty. "She knows things about me, about us, and about a lot of other things too." She added with a serious look in her eyes. "She has powers Michael."

"So do the Skins."

"She's not a Skin, alright. She used her powers against Nicholas...She scared him!" Isabel told him while Max and the others listened to their argument in painful silence.

"How do you know she's not one of them?" Michael pointed out.

"I just do! I don't know why or how...I just know, alright. She's not the enemy." She spoke out with conviction.

"Then who is she?!?" Michael pushed with concern, before Alex interrupted them before it got any worse.

"Just back off, man. Just...leave her alone, alright." Alex spoke, coming to Isabel's defense.

Michael took a deep breath and simply stepped back and sat down at the counter while Maria and Liz grabbed some things from the fridge. Alex stayed by Isabel's side and saw the confusion imprinted on her face.

"You okay?" He asked her with concern, and she nodded, leaning against the doorframe.

Both he and Isabel looked over at the couch where the young woman was asleep. Saying that she was sound asleep would have been a huge lie. She seemed to be on her guard even in her moments of sleepiness. Alex noticed the genuine concern in Isabel's eyes as she rested her stare on the young girl.

"Remember what you said about her feeling…familiar?" Isabel asked him in a soft voice. Alex nodded and she turned her eyes to his. "I feel it too." She confessed with such sincerity in her voice that Alex could not do anything but believe her. "Not like when Tess came's different."

"Maria said the same thing." Alex told her. "Did she tell you anything about who she is?" he then asked her after a short silence.

"She said her name was Sarah…but that's it." Isabel replied. "I can't explain it Alex. When I grabbed her arm, I saw things…I saw 'me'. I don't know why she's here but Nicholas ran away when he realized who she was. That has to mean something. Alex she has the Royal Seal on her right hand…" she added almost as if she wanted to find some way to make this make sense to him as well as to herself.

"Well, for all it means, I don't think like Michael. I think you did the right thing by bringing her here." He honestly said before giving her a very gentle smile.

Isabel and Alex didn't follow the others in the kitchen and simply stared at Sarah. Questions flooded Isabel's mind by the dozen but one kept coming back to her incessantly: Who was she and how did she know them? They could hear noises in the kitchen covered with slightly muffed voices, but Isabel's brain could not register any of it. As she was leaning against the doorframe she spotted Sarah's backpack lying on the floor beside the couch. She debated whether following her instinct or not and after second thought, her curiosity got the better of her.

Isabel and Alex walked carefully towards the couch and knelt beside it, making sure not to make a false move and wake the girl up. Isabel was careful not to wake her as she reached for the bag as silently as possible. When she saw that Sarah was still sleeping, she turned her attention to the bag and looked inside. There was a denim jacket inside that reminded Isabel strangely of hers. She looked closely as she pulled it out and gasped when she noticed her initials written on the inside of it. A sudden fear and a million questions invaded her at this very moment. She saw a little package at the bottom of the bag and reached for it. To her own surprise, they were the same stones that she, Michael, Max and Tess had gotten from River Dog. She found some other meaningless – or so it appeared – things in the bag until she fell upon a small picture hidden in one of the bag's pockets.

Isabel pulled out the picture carefully and shared a stunned look with Alex. The picture was one of Maria and Liz holding a baby girl in their arms, laughing. After inspecting the picture for a little while, she turned it over to read the inscription on the back. Isabel and Alex shared a look that mirrored their worry, concern, fear and complete shock and confusion. How could this be? How was it even possible? Isabel read it out loud to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

"Sarah, 1 year old. May 2004."

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