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"Us Six Against The World"
Part 8
by Linda
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Summary: Post heatwave, and how the six Roswell High kids become closer and realize through good times and bad, that no matter what they go through, it really is, "the six of them against the world". They go to Mexico for winter break, learn more about the aliens they came from, and all with the FBI and a certain sheriff, one step behind them. Or is there someone closer?.....
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February 9th. I'm Liz Parker, and sometimes what scares people the most is the "not knowing." It's been almost three weeks since our two classmates disappeared. They have vanished. Even with all the different law enforcement agencies, hundred's of volunteers, and the dogs, not a trace of them has turned up.

The volunteers are gone, and so are the dogs. Only a few state police and Sheriff Valenti have not given up completely. I feel so bad for Pam and Louisa's parents. They don't know where the girls are or if they will ever see them again. What did happen to them? Is it like the FBI was saying, that they probably ran away? Since there has been no proof of foul play, many were starting to believe they'd just ran away. But I know Sheriff Valenti doesn't believe that, and I know that The Troy's and Marquez's don't believe it either. And neither does Kyle. Kyle knew both girls pretty well, for the girls had been close friends of his and his group of football players. Louisa was even the girlfriend of one of Kyle's best friends. He knew them both, and said there was no way that Louisa would have run away, even for Pam. And I believe him.

But, because there has not been another disappearance in the past three weeks, many people are shrugging it off, starting to believe that they'd just ran away. Many have gone back to their normal every day routines, and are not being as careful like they used to be. But there were many who still believe that something bad happened to the two girls.

So I sit and wonder, like a lot of people in Roswell, if there will be another disappearance, and if so, who will be next?


"I don't know Maria." Liz said hesitantly, as she picked up another order of food from the shelf between the kitchen and outer area.

Maria sighed and stood in front of Liz, hands on her hips, not letting her pass until she had convinced her.

"Okay, look, I'm not saying that Pam and Louisa didn't meet with foul play, but we do have to get on with our lives! I mean, staying around here just waiting for who knows what, is not going to help! A lot of kids are talking about the winter break in Mexico. Mexico, Liz! I've never even been out of New Mexico before, except for the time I was abducted by space boy," she rolled her eyes but smiled remembering how that turned out. "My Mom says since I've been saving my own money, that I can go. Please Liz! We need some fun. We all need to get away!" Maria pleaded.

Liz looked at her best friend and smiled. Maria was right. They, the six of them, needed to get away. Since the shooting at the Crashdown last September, none of their lives had been normal or just fun, without worry or fear being always just one step behind them.

"You've talked with the others? They want to go?" Liz asked.

"Yes! Even Max said it sounded good. Liz, we can all use the time away from here. Can you imagine being with Max and Michael away from here, where they won't constantly be worrying about being caught. How much fun we could all have away from Roswell for a while." Maria explained as she followed Liz across the room to one of the booths.

Liz served her customers, then walked back toward the counter with Maria right behind her, waiting.

Max and her away from Roswell. On a sunny warm beach in Mexico? All six of them with no worries or cares for a whole five days! She smiled imagining Max in just a pair of swim trunks, all tan and gorgeous and hers for five days!

"All right. What do we have to do?" Liz asked.

Maria squealed and ran behind the counter, and dug out some brochures and flyers.

"A whole bunch of kids from school are planing on going. The more people who go, the less the package rate." Maria exclaimed excitedly and spread the papers out on the counter in between them. "But we have to hurry. Vicky Delanie is the one organizing this for us, and she needs to get a full head count of people going, but tomorrow!"

"But Winter break is next week!" Liz frowned.

"Yes, it is." Maria said calmly.

"Next week? Maria how can we get a good price on this if we're just booking now!"

"Vicky had started setting this up in December. She just told the travel agent that it would be a big group and they would get the final numbers in the week before. She put down like a group of 20, but a lot of kids have backed out." Maria explained. She didn't need to state why. Liz nodded in understanding, then started to catch the fever of it.

"Next week! Wow ... it's going to take Isabel that long to pack!" Liz laughed.

Maria laughed and hugged Liz. She was finally going to get out of Roswell, even if it was just for a little while.


When the plane landed in Puerto Vuerta, Maria turned to Michael with a smile. They were both out of Roswell, finally. Even if it was just for a little while. Michael met Maria's eyes and smiled, then took her hand and squeezed it in silent understanding as they taxied to the gate.

The large group of students moved through the airport with little trouble, collecting their bags, going through customs, and out to waiting taxi's with ease. Even Isabel had to admit that Vicky had done a great job planning this with the travel agent.

As the group checked in and split up to go to their rooms, Vicky turned to Liz and handed her two room keys. "Here Liz. I made sure you six had adjoining rooms. So you could be next to the guys." Vicky smiled.

Liz returned the smile and thanks and realized that for Vicky it worked well too, as she could keep Max close to Liz and Kyle far away. Vicky had been keeping her and Kyle at opposite ends from Liz, and making sure Max was always paired up or seated next to Liz. She was just grateful that she got to be with Max. She wanted to reassure Vicky that she was not the least bit interested in getting back with Kyle, but figured Vicky would have to learn to trust Kyle on her own.

Alex, Michael and Max carried their own bags up the elevator, while a hotel helper brought up Isabel's 5 suitcases, and Liz and Maria's one each.

Liz handed Max one key and kept the other, and they led the way down the hall. When they found the right doors, and inserted the keys, the doors opened to beautiful airy rooms, with huge sliding glass doors that led to a balcony, and beyond was white sand and blue water.

Maria sucked in her breath and slowly walked toward the sliding glass doors, in awe. The ocean. It pulled her.

Isabel tipped the hotel helper then closed the door behind him.

Liz followed Maria out onto the balcony and side by side they just leaned on the railing and stared out at the beautiful view before them.

Isabel joined them and the three exchanged looks. "Well girls, are we going to have fun here or what?" Isabel smiled.

Maria and Liz nodded, also smiling crazily. The three felt high, they were so excited and happy.

They heard the sliding door to their left open and realized that they shared the same balcony with the guys as the three joined them.

"Ladies. I'd say we've all come up in the world." Alex grinned and stood next to Isabel to just look out at the sparkling water.

Isabel smiled back at Alex, and clasped his hand as he came up beside her. Isabel wanted to tell Alex that she knew he had stayed outside her window those many nights a while back, but she wasn't sure if she would embarrass him or not. And what would she say. Isabel Evans couldn't say he was her knight-in-shining-armor. That would not be something Isabel would say. Oh, but she wanted to, She thought as her eyes smiled back into Alex's surprised ones, and watched them go from surprise to contentment, as he gripped her hand tighter and held her eyes.

Liz noticed how much more relaxed they all looked, but especially Max, Isabel and Michael. She hadn't realized how tense they must have always been, until she saw the difference in them now.

Liz smiled at Max and his eyes went to half mass as he approached her. The twinkle of happiness mixed with love and passion in his eyes made Liz's breath catch as he approached.

But Max just gave her a little grin, as if he knew she was feeling it too, and he put his arms around her and stood behind her, his head leaning on hers, as they silently just view of the ocean stretched out below.

Michael had his arms around Maria in the same way, and the six of them just stood in silent companionship, enjoying their new surroundings.


Later that night, as the students gathered for a bonfire party on the beach, one person leaning against the rocks sat back with a crooked smile on his face. He pretended he too was having fun, and was like all the others. But on the inside he was gloating. *Stupid fools*. He thought. They thought they were safe here. That nothing could ruin their perfect little lives. No one noticed the extra bright look in his eyes as he watched and waited. Waited for the perfect moment to make his move.

********************** TBC...

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