FanFic - Max/Liz
"Us Six Against The World"
Part 9
by Linda
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Summary: Post heatwave, and how the six Roswell High kids become closer and realize through good times and bad, that no matter what they go through, it really is, "the six of them against the world". They go to Mexico for winter break, learn more about the aliens they came from, and all with the FBI and a certain sheriff, one step behind them. Or is there someone closer?.....
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: NC-17
Liz sat leaning back against Max's warm body, snuggled between his legs, on a blanket, just watching the bonfire. Max was leaning against a rock, and enjoying the feel of Liz so close to him. In his arms, where it felt so right.

He looked over and noticed that Michael and Maria were also cuddled up on a blanket together watching the fire. They were lying side by side, holding hands while Maria leaned on Michael's chest, and he played with her hair, gently twisting a soft strand around his finger.

Then Max smiled brighter as he saw Isabel and Alex. There wasn't anyone better for Isabel. He was glad that Alex was the one to have gotten through his sister's tough outer layer, and found the softness inside.

Isabel was leaning her head on Alex's shoulder and they too were on a blanket holding hands. Isabel was smiling, and looked at peace.

Both Michael and Isabel looked perfectly content. Max had never seen Isabel or Michael look so completely relaxed and open before. He wondered if he looked the same way, and guessed he did. He couldn't imagine being any more content. He closed his eyes and smiled, just enjoying the moment.

Who would have thought that the three of them would find happiness, contentment and yes, love, with these three earthlings? Max knew he would feel this way if he ever let himself be with Liz, but to see Isabel and Michael also so happy only made Max even more at peace.

A gasp from both Liz and Maria made Max open his eyes with a questioning look at Liz. Then he heard the song and smiled. One of Liz's favorites was playing. Ginny Owen's song, "If You Want Me To" had just started.

Max pushed up against the rock, stood up and held out his hand to Liz. He smiled softly at her when she beamed up at him with happiness.

As Max took Liz into his arms and slowly led her in a small circle to the song, he saw Maria pull Michael up, and Isabel pull Alex up. He chucked wondering if the guys were going to kill him later for starting this. Then he saw the expressions on both Michael and Alex's face as they held the girls, and he knew they wouldn't say anything.

Smiling, Max concentrated on the small bundle of warmth and love in his arms and looked down into her eyes.

"Hi." She smiled.

Max gave a half smile that was so Max. "Hi yourself."

Liz snuggled closer to him and just enjoyed leaning against his warm, bare chest and watching the flickering of the firelight play across his muscles as he turned with her in the slow dance.

She sighed. They hadn't done anything since that night of the pool party in the hot tub. With all the events that had followed that night, neither had felt it would be right, and Liz knew Max had also been so tired from worrying about her, and watching over her at night.

But here they were free for a few days. Free to enjoy just being together without the worry of the sheriff, or the FBI, or whatever had happened to their classmates. Just for a little while Liz wanted to forget all that and just enjoy being with Max.

As they glided to the music, Liz slowly started to realize that there was an ever-growing bulge pressing against her tummy. She drew in a breath and looked up into Max's eyes.

His eyes were burning intently into hers, and there was a knowing smile on his face, as he watched Liz become aware of what he had been feeling for the last half hour.

He too was remembering their spontaneous passion in the hot tub that night that now seemed so long ago.

Liz swallowed as she continued to feel Max rub against her stomach. She felt warm all over and her own body's response startled her.

Max felt Liz's nipples harden through her red bikini top, against his chest, and sucked in his breath. He wondered how cold the temperature was in the ocean. Maybe they could make out in the water. Max looked around desperately, suddenly wanting to be alone with Liz, to kiss her, to touch her.

Finally Max stopped dancing and took Liz's hand. "Come on." He said quietly as he led them away from the party.

"Was it something we said?" called Michael's amused voice as they walked away.

Maria smiled and hit his arm playfully. Then she suddenly shuddered.

Michael frowned down at her. "Cold?" he asked. The fire was warm, and so was the balmy night air. And with Maria this close, he couldn't have been any hotter.

"No…not really. I just… I don't know it felt as if someone was watching me or something, forget it." Maria shrugged.

"Maybe someone is watching you… you look awfully cute in that little bikini." Michael lowered his voice and teased her.

Maria laughed and forgot about the uncomfortable feeling she had had a few minutes ago.

Alex and Isabel were in their own world. They swayed to the soft music, just enjoying being together, and not having to worry about anything else.


Max led Liz to a quiet secluded spot up the beach from the bonfire. They could still see the fire roaring in the distance, but here in the shadows no one could see them.

Liz's heart was pounding loudly in her ears as she watched Max set up the blanket he had grabbed at the last minute. Then she watched as he straightened up and just looked at her. Liz felt her legs turn to Jello.

He was so sexy! Her Max. He was standing there in just his swim trunks, the moonlight caressing his strong, well-built body. And his eyes…as usual, they pulled her in.

When Max held out his hand, Liz reached for it and he drew her down onto the blanket with him.

Liz sighed as Max leaned on an elbow and pulled her closer against him while his other hand caressed the sensitive skin of her back.

Liz again felt the hard throbbing against her stomach and couldn't help but move closer to it.

"Max…" she sighed and looked up into his eyes, waiting.

Max gave her his cute half smile. Liz loved that look, even his eyes smiled. It was a look he reserved only for her.

Without a word Max took his hand from Liz's back, and gently slid his hand into her soft silky hair and cupped her cheek. Then he lowered his eyes to her lips.

Liz sucked in a deep breath, her lips tingling from his heated gaze. She watched as Max's soulful eyes went to half-mast as he slowly came closer to her lips with his own.

She felt his breath on her lips right before he opened his mouth over hers in a sweet, but intense kiss.

She remembered the first kiss a few months ago, the sweet gently probing and tasting of each other. Then she remembered the loss of control kiss in the eraser room the next day, and the passionate kiss in the hot tub. Each kiss with Max was different, yet equally as stimulating, as exciting, and as new as the first one.

Liz sighed into his mouth as he opened his wider over hers, as if he couldn't get enough of her. When she felt his tongue slip between her teeth and search out her own she moaned and grabbed his shoulders, then slid her hands around his neck and just held on. Just a kiss from Max Evans, and Liz's head spun. She tentatively touched her tongue to his and tasted him. Max!

Max's whole body was burning. He had Liz all wrapped around him, kissing him back with all the passion he could feel from her, and they were barely wearing anything. Max didn't know if he could hold out. Maybe he shouldn't have brought her so far from everyone else. He had to stop this…

Then Liz's hand wandered around to his chest and started caressing his muscles and he knew she was trying to memorize every muscle and ridge she caressed on his chest. Max groaned and kissed her deeper. Just another minute and he would stop them, just one more kiss.

Liz ached. The hard hot heat pressing against her stomach made her all achy and needy. Liz remembered the way they had pleased and touched each other in the hot tub, and slid her hand down his hard stomach muscles, felt them contract, and then she slowly slid her hand beneath his swim trunks. She was giving him time to stop her.

He knew he should stop her, but he couldn't. He had been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her, and here with her, all hot and soft in his arms, and reaching for him, Max lost what little control he had left.

His own hands reached for the clip on her bikini top and he released it with a pop. Max leaned away a little to watch as he pulled her top slowly down her body, the top hesitating a moment as it caught on her pouting hard nipples, then it finally released her, and her tight nipples sprung free and proud.

Max groaned and gently slid a hand up her trim tummy, and then cupped her softness. She felt so good!

Max was so intent on Liz that he jumped when he felt her hand slide below his trunks, and touch his hard heat.

"Max?" Liz hesitated. Had she hurt him?

Max knew her thoughts and took her mouth again. "It feels good Liz… your hands on me." He admitted hoarsely.

"Yes, Max, like your hands on me. Max, touch me please…" Liz pleaded, her lower body starting to move against his leg, looking for the friction to ease the ache between her legs.

Max sucked in a deep breath and then closed his mouth over her waiting, pouting nipple. "Like that?" He asked, raising his head only slightly from her nipple, his breath hot as it came out against her breast.

"Mmmmm yes! More! Max… please. I need…"

"You need what Liz? What? Tell me and it's yours." Max promised, touching the tip of his tongue to the tip of one nipple. He loved the taste of her… He would do anything for Liz.

"I don't know Max…I need… you." Liz sobbed as he continued to suckle on her nipple, and then turn his attention greedily to the other one.

Liz had left her hand still on his hard flesh, when he had taken her nipple, but now she knew he had a need to be caressed like she did. She could feel the throbbing ache from him as if it was her own.

Liz slowly ran her hand up his rigid flesh, memorizing every inch. Max. This was her Max. She loved him more than life itself. She was his soul mate and he was hers. They were so intertwined emotionally; that they could feel each other's needs when they touched. Just a simple look or touch and no words were needed. They communicated on a different plane.

"Max…" Liz moaned and rubbed harder against his muscular thigh.

Immediately Max slid a hand down and under her bikini bottom, to cup her heat. He moaned when he felt her excitement. She was so wet for him.

Max lost a little of his own control, and heard Liz gasp as she felt the silky liquid drop that rained on her hand.

"Liz…God, Liz." Max swallowed and started to rub her swollen little nub that was brushing against the back of his hand teasingly. Max didn't know how he knew what to do, he just knew and felt where Liz ached, and he sought to ease it.

And Liz seemed to know the needs of his body as well. For she started a rhythm over his throbbing flesh that had just the right amount of friction, and then she gave an extra little squeeze when she reached the liquid silky top. Max groaned again at the total pleasure Liz's hands were giving him.

Max felt Liz's body tighten and he knew what she needed. He gently, slowly eased a finger into her moist folds and slid it up into her heat.

Liz gasped and leaning against his chest, her small little teeth took a nip at him. Max growled at the passion, and felt Liz's own liquid passion rain on his hand. God Liz. His Liz! So soft and hot and wet, and his!

Liz felt Max start a rhythm inside her, and knew what he planned. But she wanted more. She wanted him inside her. The part of him that she was caressing, loving with her hands.

Liz pushed his trunks down his legs and freed Max's hard flesh completely, feeling it expand in her hand. She was fascinated! But she wanted more. She wanted him. All of him.

Max rolled on top of her as Liz rolled onto her back. Her sweet hand had set a rhythm that was driving him to the brink. And he wanted her there with him.

He sat up a little and when his finger slid out of her Liz felt the loss. Max felt it too, and leaned down to kiss her deeply, then he sat up again, and hooking his fingers on either side of her bikini bottom, he slid it down her legs and off of her in one movement.

"Yes!" Liz whispered as her body followed his hand, and arched up to him.

Max was stunned. Liz was beautiful and stretched out naked on the beach, with the moon washing over her, giving him a spectacular view.

He was mesmerized and drawn to the beautiful soft brown hair between her legs, and the little pink nub that poked out between her lips. He had touched it with his hands, but now he could see her. And she took his breath away. Max shuddered with need and felt his whole body turn to liquid inside. He didn't know if he could hold out much longer, but he wanted to please Liz.

But there was something he had only dreamed of doing that was driving him crazy with want.

Max met Liz's own burning gaze with an unspoken question, and Liz nodded and arched higher. Her aching burning flesh needed his touch. All of his touch. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too.

"Max…please." Liz whispered between gasps.

Then Max did what he had only dreamed of doing, but knew he would have to do, the minute he had seen her naked flesh. He bent his head down and tasted Liz.

His own groan matched hers. He was enjoying this as much as Liz was. At the first touch of Max's tongue, Liz cried out and arched up higher.

Max felt drunk. The taste and feel of Liz was intoxicating, and he couldn't get enough. And he felt what it did to Liz, and he knew he could do this, taste her, all night.

Max let his hands roam back up her trim tummy, to her beautiful nipples, and he gently took one in each hand. He squeezed lightly and heard Liz cry out, and then tasted her passion as it answered his caress.

Max thought he couldn't love Liz anymore than he did. But he was wrong. The strong feelings of love mixed with passion overwhelmed him. He was surrounded by the taste, feel and smell of Liz, and he couldn't get enough of her. She was like a drug to his system. She always had been.

Liz couldn't take it. She needed it all. She needed Max inside her, making her whole. Making her full and complete.

Liz pulled Max's head from between her legs and Max answered her immediately by traveling his tongue up her body and then he took her mouth.

Liz felt a strange taste and knew it was a combination of Max and her. She was flying on sensations and emotions and everything was heightened.

Max took her mouth in a deep kiss. Giving her all of his passion and love in that kiss. He took his tongue to the farthest reaches of her throat, and caressed her mouth completely, not leaving an inch of it un-tasted

Liz's hands reached for the head that was now insistently throbbing against her thigh, and she gently took him in her hand again, and then led him to her.

Max froze when he felt his hard hot flesh, come in contact with Liz's moist heat. God, what were they doing?! Max started to clear his head, his love for Liz and protecting her foremost in his mind.

Liz felt him start to pull away, and she whimpered. "Max… no… please. I need you!"

"Liz! God Liz." Max said and put his forehead to hers, and just stayed frozen where he was. The tip of him just touching her moist folds. "We can't, love." He groaned. It killed him to stop. He shouldn't have brought her out here. Knowing that their special connection gave them no control.

"Max…I'm on the pill. I've been on the pill for a year. I have an irregular cycle." She explained. Knowing his biggest concern.

Max sucked in his breath. God he didn't want to hear that. The last of his willpower fell away. He was too inexperienced, too in love, and too far-gone, to not give them both what they needed more than anything right then.

Slowly Max gave up the fight and did what his body was screaming at him to do. He slowly slid forward, parting her soft folds, with the blunt tip of his arousal. He felt her part for him, felt her open for him. And he died a little at each new sensation, at each caress he felt, as he slid into Liz's hot, wet, welcoming body, inch by inch.

When he finally was at the barrier they both felt, he stopped. His eyes told her he couldn't hurt her. No matter what it did to him, he would stop.

But Liz too was beyond control. She just wanted Max. All of her logic disappeared when she was with Max. When they connected.

She knew he wouldn't do it, so she did it for him. She pushed up, as she pulled him down, and he slid past the last tiny barrier.

Then he froze, knowing and feeling Liz's pain. Max knew she was okay, but wanted to give her time to adjust. He wanted her with him when he went over the edge. And he didn't think it would take long. Oh God! He was inside Liz! His Liz!

Liz caressed his chest and neck and face as he waited. Her eyes never left his, and she could feel what he was feeling, their connection so intense. Max leaned down and kissed a trail of light kisses up her chest, and buried his face in her neck for a minute, breathe in the scents of Liz, and then with his mouth open, he dragged it up her neck, over her jaw and cheek bone, and to her own, waiting, trembling mouth.

Max took her mouth as he did her body, deeply and lovingly. He caressed every inch of her mouth, and ran his tongue around her parted lips, and then tickled the very corners of her mouth with his tongue. He felt Liz smile and he smiled. Then he again covered her mouth completely and started deep lazy strokes into her mouth with his tongue.

Liz moved first. She followed the rhythm that Max tongue had taken, and started to move her hips.

The feel of Max full and hard in here was wonderful, but the movement caused an electric jolt of friction through their whole bodies. Both of them looked at the other with surprise, then realizing that both of them were learning as they were going, they laughed lightly, and Liz cupped Max's face.

"Oh Max, you are inside me. My Max!" She whispered in awe. Her eyes were bright and shining and filled with tears of overwhelming emotions. Max could feel that these were not tears of pain or sorry, but of a pleasure that they both felt. He almost wished he too could cry, the feelings were so intense.

"I love you Liz, I always have." He whispered hoarsely, and then started to move with her.

As the pleasure built, and Max's throbbing heat swelled even more, Liz cried out as she felt the first ripples of pleasure with Max. His head had touched a spot deep inside her, and that soft stroking friction did her in. She arched up driving him deeper into her, and then she cried his name as her small hands grabbed his shoulders, and her nails dug into his skin.

Max did not feel any of this. All he could feel was Liz. Where he was filling her. He felt her arch up and this drove him even deeper into her. He felt that spot in her that he touched with the tip of his own hard flesh, and then he too tumbled over the edge. He threw back his head and cried out himself, as he felt himself give up everything to the sweet girl in his arms.

Then he was kissing her again. Kissing her with love and gentle caresses. Letting her know how special she was to him.

Liz sighed and met his kisses. Her slender arms encircled his strong neck, and her fingers gently caressed his strong muscular back.

Then Max slowly eased out of Liz's arms and body. He could feel her body clinging to him as each inch of him left her. He gritted his teeth to keep from pushing back in. He was hard again, and he was amazed, but then this was Liz. He reminded himself ruefully. But Liz was sore, and they had to get back. How long had they been gone? How had he let this happen?

Liz saw the little frown start between Max's eyes and she lifted her hand and eased the tiny worry line between his brow.

"Max. I love you. You are the only one for me. Please don't have misgivings now. I couldn't stand it." She whispered.

"No, Liz, not misgivings. I'm not sorry that I loved you. I just feel like I should have been more responsible. Liz, we don't know that this can work. The two of us are so different." He started to explain, not sure himself what he was trying to say.

Liz smiled. "I don't know. I think it worked very well myself." She teased.

Max grinned at her and then kissed her hand that had once again cupped his face.

He knew what she was trying to tell him. That it was too late to worry. And maybe she was right. They were meant.

Max knew that over the last few months, his feelings for her had intensified. The danger all around them in Roswell, and the thought that it could be Liz that had disappeared, was never far from Max's mind. The fact that he might never have seen again, had only made him need her more. And he knew she had felt the same way.

They had bonded even more, all those nights that Max had slept on the chair outside Liz's window, with her wrapped in his arms. He sighed, knowing this had been inevitable. And no, he wasn't sorry. He could never be sorry for loving Liz. Giving her what they both needed so much. They had bonded in every way up until now, and this had just been inevitable for the final part of their bonding.

Max knew what Liz was feeling, for he felt it too. The loss of connection. He gently helped her put her suit back on, and then let her slip his shorts back up his legs. These little personal things they did for each other after their intense loving, was needed as much as the loving had been.


The shadow crept away, his fury building. How dare Max make love to Liz Parker! And here he had thought that maybe, just maybe Liz had been pure enough for him. Good enough for him. For he had believed that her heart had been good and pure, and that maybe he had finally found a girl that he would keep. Instead of angrily tossing them away in disappointment when they betrayed him.

Max Evans had everything. He hated Max. He had always hated Max. And now, it was going to be Max's turn to pay.

But not tonight… tonight they were safe from his plans. He would not betray himself yet. Not let the people of Roswell realize how closely among them their hell was. For if he did take someone from Roswell here, they would know it was someone on this trip. And he was not about to get caught. He had gone years out witting them. He would not ruin it now in a moment of anger. All the plans he had been making over the years.

But he needed to vent his anger somewhere. He turned toward the quiet end of the boardwalk ahead, looking for just the right prey. Someone local, so as not to be connected with Roswell.


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