FanFic - Max/Liz
"Us Six Against The World"
Part 7
by Linda
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Summary: Post heatwave, and how the six Roswell High kids become closer and realize through good times and bad, that no matter what they go through, it really is, "the six of them against the world". They go to Florida for winter break, learn more about the aliens they came from, and all with the FBI and a certain sheriff, one step behind them. Or is there someone closer?.....
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Distribution: It's okay, just let me know first. (Gonna be VERY long)
January 24. I'm Liz Parker, and something really strange has been happening the last few weeks here in Roswell. For once, it has nothing to do with our Czechoslovakian friends.

I'm really scared. This seems more threatening to the town of Roswell than the thought of Aliens ever could. Two of our high school classmates are missing. They are like, totally gone. Not one sign of them anywhere.

Tomorrow morning, sheriff Valenti is going to start the massive search through the town and into the desert beyond, with dogs and volunteers. That thought alone is frightening. And the students of Roswell were told to go back to school tomorrow like it was any other Monday. Yeah right, like we could pretend nothing was going on right outside the walls of our school. How could we pretend nothing was wrong? Two of our classmates had just disappeared, and, with a wide spread search going on for them, all around us, they expected the rest of the student to like conjugate verbs!

Part of me just wants to stay home tomorrow and hide in my bed. To stay safe. But the other part of me wants to help, even if it's just being strong for my friends and classmates. I know Maria and Isabel are terrified too. For different reasons, and yet for the same ones as well. Isabel told the sheriff what she and Louisa had briefly talked about Friday night and the sheriff had actually been sorta okay about talking to Isabel, and had even made her feel a little less afraid of him.

And Max, Michael and Alex, like even all of the guys, seemed more protective of the girls lately. Like one of us could be next. It gives me the shivers. The guys really think that it's us females that are being targeted. Is that true? Is there really someone out there waiting for another female to slip up and then they too will just vanish?!

I wonder just what tomorrow will bring…


Fear… he could smell it all around him. He tried not to smile, since it would not be appropriate today. Everyone in school was solemn and quiet. He did not want to act any different, so he too kept his face straight. But inside…

Inside he was jumping up and down wanting to shout… I know where they are… and I can take the next one just as easily. It excited him, the looks of terror, the smell of fear, all around him.

He hid his smile inside his textbook as he pretended to read along with the class.


Liz entered her history class at the end of the day with a sigh of relief. The day was almost over. It had been unbearable for all of them. In biology, it had been so difficult with Pam and Louisa's chairs empty, right behind her and Max.

Everyone in the whole school was feeling the tension and fear. Fear that their classmates might never be found, or fear that they would be found. Everyone waited to hear a shout from outside if the two girls were found. They could hear dogs barking and people talking in the distance.

The students and faculty were all on edge and no one was really getting anything done in school. Liz figured it was just a safe place for all the students to be right now, so the parents wouldn't have to worry about them too.

She took her seat next to Isabel and in front of Max. On her other side was Michael, and ahead of him was Maria. Alex was on the other side of Isabel. This was the only class they all had together and they all exchanged looks of relief that they were all together finally, after the long day of tension and waiting.

Liz glanced over at Kyle and Vicky. They were sitting one behind the other, and were holding hands. She was glad to see they had found each other. She hadn't wanted to hurt Kyle. He had really been sweet and good to her when they had dated over the summer. But after connecting with Max, nothing else compared. She just hoped that Kyle found that kind of soul mate love someday. Who knows, maybe it was to be Vicky Delaney.

She glanced back at Max and saw his understanding smile. He too was happy that Kyle was not upset over him and Liz anymore. And he knew that Liz was relieved that Kyle was happy again too.

Liz leaned her arm back onto Max's desk, and he took his big strong hand and gently drew a caress down her arm and then took her hand. He could watch their joined hands forever. Her small, soft one enveloped in his larger, callused one.

He was so glad he had Liz. He had been so alone until he had saved Liz. And she in turn had saved him. He lifted her hand up to his lips and gently rubbed his lightly parted ones over her knuckles, just enjoying the feel and taste of Liz. Her baby powder and strawberry shampoo smell was there, combined with the smell that was just Liz.

He knew he should be thinking about their classmates, but he couldn't stop thinking about Liz and how it could have been her, the town was looking for. It made him just want to swallow her up in his arms and never let her go.

Liz turned to Max as he brushed his mouth gently across her knuckles. Their eyes met and there was a twinkle of love in Max's intense look.

Liz curved her hand around Max's strong cheekbone and mouthed that she loved him.

She saw and felt the curve of Max's smile at her words, and she turned back around to try to concentrate on what Mr. Browning was saying.

She noticed that Michael was leaning forward and caressing the back of Maria's neck lightly, while Maria had her hand behind her, under Michael's desk, and was holding Michael's thigh, caressing it every once in a while as well.

It seemed as if the horrible situation had brought out all the emotions between the couples more. Even Isabel and Alex were giving each other looks.

When the bell rang they all sighed as one class and got up slowly. They had waited for this moment all day, and yet now they were almost afraid to go outside and face the reality. What if the girls had been found? What if they hadn't?

The six of them walked out of the building together and stood around Max and Maria's cars.

"So, um should we go to the Crashdown?" Alex asked? Not sure what they should do. He did not want to leave Isabel yet. He did not want to spend the rest of the day at home, waiting and wondering what was happening, and if Isabel was okay.

Max and Michael seemed to feel the same way, because they all agreed to go hang out together at the Crashdown, to wait.


That night, as she was getting ready for bed, Liz looked up at the stars. The moon was only a sliver in the sky, so the stars seemed extra bright. She sighed. There was still no word from the search parties. Finally, everyone had gone back to their homes to wait and try to sleep. Liz looked from the stars, back down and out into the desert stretched beyond. She could see flickers of lights in the desert, and knew it was the search parties' flashlights. She could hear the sound of dogs off in the distance as well. She wondered if she would get any sleep tonight. She thought about calling Maria, but she was hoping that if Maria had been lucky enough to fall asleep, she wouldn't want to wake her. Liz shivered, closed her window and locked it, padded across her floor and crawled into bed. She pulled the covers up over her head and tried to stop shaking.


Maria tossed and turned and looked at the clock. 1:30. She, too, could hear the dogs in the distance, and was too tense and terrified to sleep.

Maria finally sat up, and with a sigh, she flipped on her little bedside light and reached for one of her oils, to calm her down.

A noise at the window made her gasp, and she dropped the bottle. She grabbed the shovel that she had taken in the garage earlier, and had set by her bed. Her heart was pounding, and she thought whoever was out there must hear it as well.

Maria just wanted to scream, or reach for her phone to call someone, but couldn't move. She was frozen with fright.

Then, she heard and saw her window lift slowly. She held her breath. She had locked that window!!!

"Maria?" came a familiar voice as the window opened more.

Maria let out a long breath and dropped the shovel. She raced to the window to help Michael climb through, and then she was in his arms.

He held her trembling form tightly.

Then Maria pulled away suddenly and hit him on the shoulder and arms several times. Michael sighed.

"You scared me to death Michael! What the hell are you doing out there creeping around my window!

"I wasn't creeping. I was …worried. I had to make sure you were okay. I was only going to keep watch from outside, but then I saw your light come on. So I figured I'd see how you were." Michael admitted.

Maria smiled. Her bad boy was so cute when he was being nice and caring.

Maria took his hand and led him to her bed. Michael followed.

Maria climbed into her bed, and made room for Michael. When they were both snuggled together, Michael turned off the bedside light, and reached for and held Maria. She sighed against his chest, and he too was content.

This beat the floor in Max's room any day Michael thought as he held Maria tighter.


Alex felt stupid sitting under a tree outside Isabel's bedroom window. He knew she had special powers and could probably protect herself, but it made him feel better knowing if she did need him, he would be there for her.


Max sat on one of Liz's lounge chairs outside her window and looked up at the stars. He hadn't been able to sleep at home, and knew that only making sure Liz was okay would make him feel better. It wasn't too cold out considering it was the middle of winter. And Max didn't feel the cold the same way the humans did.

He heard the window slide up and glanced over. Liz climbed out of the window and shuffled over to him, wrapped in a blanket. He guessed she had sensed his presence the way he had known hers.

As Liz came closer, Max held open his arms and Liz crawled up onto the chair and wrapped the blanket around them both.

Without words, Liz lifted her face to Max's and he gently placed his lips on hers and just rubbed against them. They kissed lightly, just for the contact, and then Liz sighed and snuggled into Max's neck, hugging him tighter.

Max sighed too, content with Liz safe in his arms, and kissed her forehead, then leaned his head against hers. Now he could sleep.


The shadow across the street from the Crashdown Cafe drifted off into the night, realizing he would have to wait for another time. But it would come, he knew.


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