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"Sense of Completion"
Part 29
by Linda
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just borrowing 'em. I'll return' em the way I found 'em.
Summary: This sequel deals with issues the six were left with right after my other story ended. What 'other' symptoms might Liz develop carrying Max's child? What happens when Kyle and Maria commiserate about their parents' dating? What happens if Kyle finds out about the alien trio? And, what about the other alien pods from the same crash as the trio? Can there be more alien shape shifters out there?
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Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous story, "Us Six Against the World", it is recommended before reading this one. This story begins the day after my other story ended. It's gonna be another LONG one. ;-)
Disclaimer: I Knew I Loved You By Savage Garden

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe



As they were getting ready to leave late that afternoon, Maria pulled Liz aside before they joined the others in the cars. They were all saying goodbye to Jordan and Nadi any ways.

"Liz. What did Dr. Polk say about your symptoms? I mean, did he tell you what you can do to get over them...I mean...especially the newest one. Did you tell him you couldn't always find time for your...cravings?" Maria asked worriedly. She couldn't help but wonder what reactions might occur if a human who was pregnant with a Teronian's child, didn't get what she was craving. Michael and her weren't planning a child for a while, but she still wanted to know to be prepared, and to help Liz in any way she could, by knowing what to expect from her next.

Liz bit her lip and blushed. It had been so embarrassing to talk about, even with the doctor. It had made her feel a little better when Nadi had admitted with a soft special smile, that she too, had had that similar craving.  And the doctor had confirmed that several of the women had remarked about that. But it still didn't help with the problem.

"He didn't have an answer. Others have had the same...ah cravings, but they haven't come up with something to stop the cravings, other than the craving itself." Liz said dryly.

"What about being dizzy if you don't get milk and Tabasco?"

"The doctor just said my body needs certain vitamins and substances in order for the baby to grow, and that my body would let me know what those things were."

Maria's eyes widened. "You mean you NEED to make love to Max at certain times in order for the baby to grow?" she asked in astonishment.

Liz laughed. "No. That is just my hormones in overdrive. He said that he didn't know what I would feel if I didn't follow through with my cravings of the hormones, he said to write them down though, and if they seemed dangerous to the baby or me, to let him know right away.

"Does he think it will be dangerous?"

Liz shook her head. "No. Max asked him the same thing. It is going to be much more difficult for Max to stay in his own bed at night now, especially since he is always worried that something bad will happen to me or the baby when he's not around." Liz sighed.

"Well, I don't think you want him too far from you at night either." Maria teased, tongue-in-cheek.

Liz laughed and slapped Maria's arm. "You just wait until it's your turn!" Liz warned and headed toward the jeep where Max, Kyle and Cassie waited.

"Liz, you never told us if you found out if you were having a boy or girl?" Cassie asked as they two vehicles pulled out of the drive back toward Roswell.

Liz and Max exchanged smiles.


It was after dark when they returned to Roswell. It had been mostly a quiet trip back since they were all trying to keep the peace and beauty of the mountains with them as long as possible.

"We'll see you guys in school tomorrow." Liz said as they dropped Cassie and Kyle off at Cassie's house, where Kyle had left his car.

"Thank you both for everything." Cassie smiled and hugged Liz before she backed up and waved as the jeep drove off.

Kyle sighed. "I'd better get home and see what the old man has been up to. The not I left him was kinda vague, but he probably has been too busy to worry about it. Can I come back later?" he grinned.

Cassie smiled shyly and nodded.

Kyle took Cassie into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her. Cassie wrapped her arms around Kyle's strong neck and sighed into his kiss.

When Kyle finally released her he stepped back with a crooked grin. "I don't want to leave...but..."

Cassie laughed. "I know...but you'll be back."

"Cassie. I won't slip and say anything to my dad. You don't have to worry." Kyle reassured her as he got in his car.

Cassie smiled widely and kissed Kyle again softly on the lips. "I never thought you would. See you later."

Kyle shook his head at his unbelievable luck as he drove back toward his own home. What was it about the Teronians that drew us humans to them so strongly he wondered, and what made them so loyal? He didn't have the answers, but he knew he was one lucky guy. Now, if he could just help them by keeping them one step ahead of his dad. He could get inside information for them if nothing else. And he was determined to help any way he could.


"At least we made it before your parents got home." Max said as he took his lips from Liz's as they snuggled in the jeep in front of her place.

Liz smiled and nodded. "I know. But I'd better get in before they come home and ruin our good luck. I know they usually take the 9pm plane back, so they should be here any minute." She said with a sigh.

"I'll be back later." Max whispered and gave her another long kiss before letting her go.

"Max, only if it's safe. I don't want us to get caught and be told to we have to stay away from each other." Liz panicked.

"Shhh... I know. I won't let that happen." He promised and waited until she had gone up to the apartment above the Crashdown, before he took off for home himself. He was so engrossed in what he was going to tell his parents about the lateness of his stay at Michael's, that he didn't see the car following slowly behind him with no lights on.


Max spent about an hour with his parents and Isabel, talking about each of their weekends, and glad their parents weren't upset about his supposed stay over at Michael's last night. 

When they all went up to their rooms for the night, Max closed his door and lay down in the dark, dressed, waiting for the house to settle down before he could go to Liz.

He heard a light knock on his door and frowned. His parents usually didn't bother him once they said goodnight, and if it was Isabel, he knew she would just barge in. He grabbed a robe from the back of the bathroom door and wrapped it around him so that his clothes didn't show.

Then he cautiously opened the door. Isabel was standing there biting her lip. Max raised an eyebrow at her and opened the door for her to come in.

Isabel came into the room and saw Max discard the robe he didn't need to hide his street clothes, and she smiled.

"You always just come right in? I thought it was mom or dad." He frowned at her for scaring him.

"Oh well, now that I know you and Liz spends so many of your nights together, and I never know if it's here or there..." Isabel trailed off.

Max smiled. He hadn't thought of that. "Thanks." He said warmly and then sat on the bed. "So, what's up?" he asked and patted the bed beside him for a brother sister talk.

Isabel bit her lip and sat down. She looked down at her hands, and then at the floor. Then she sighed and met Max's smiling eyes.

"Alex and I...we...I...we made love yesterday." She finally got out.

"I know." He grinned when he saw her head shoot up and stare at him with her own frown.

"Well why did you let me stumble around about it then?" she said with exasperation as she stood up and started to pace.

Max chuckled. "I wasn't sure you were going to bring it up. Thought maybe you wanted to keep it to yourself."

"Hump!" was all Isabel said, as she paced around.

"Ah...Is? Are you okay? Did...did something happen?" Max asked starting to get worried since Isabel looked agitated.

"What? Oh no. I just.... It's just...well...I don't know where Alex and I stand now. I mean...Do you think he thinks...less of me?"  Isabel said hesitantly, biting her lip as she turned to look at Max.

Max's face went from surprise, to amusement, to serious again when he saw how unsure Isabel was feeling.

"Is..." Max began. "Alex adores you. He would never think less of you. How could you think that? He loves you. Do you think I think less of Liz?" he asked in amazement.

"No! Of course not. But you and Liz...have this special're soul mates and all." Isabel sighed and sat down again.

Max smiled at her. "Is. Alex loves you and I'm sure he feels the same way about you as I do about Liz. Trust me, a guy can see when another guy is whipped." He teased and laughed when Isabel hit him.

Suddenly Max felt itchy and stood up. He felt antsy like he couldn't sit still.

"Max?" Isabel looked at him as he jumped off his bed.

"Ah, I'm just late getting to Liz's. Are we done with our little brother sister conversation for tonight?" Max grinned with a teasing light in his eye.

Isabel laughed and hugging him briefly, she nodded and opened the door.

"Thanks Max." she whispered as she closed the door.

Max swore as he grabbed his jacket and pulled his sneakers back on. He needed to be with Liz. He didn't know if he sudden erection and need for her was her craving coming across to him, or his own. He wasn't getting symptoms was he? Or maybe he would just share hers now. He chuckled as he climbed out his window. Now this could get interesting, he thought.

Liz paced her room with a frown. Think of something else! She demanded herself. She had goose bumps and felt like she was going to jump out of her skin with want for Max.

Then she felt dizzy suddenly, and sat down. What next!? She wondered in exasperation.

"Liz!" she heard Max say and then he was there, climbing in her window.

Before Liz could get up to go to him, he was across the room and pulling her to her feet and kissing her senseless.

Liz moaned and clung to him feeling better already.

Then Max released her and started to sway. Sitting slowly on the edge of her bed, he looked shocked. "Liz. Did you have your second glass of milk today?" he asked already guessing the answer.

Liz met his eyes, her own wide with realization of what was happening, and shook her head no.

Max swore and closed his eyes. Liz just covered her mouth with her hand but the giggle escaped any ways.

Max opened his eyes, stared her down, and then pulled her onto his lap. "This is not funny!" he said but this only set Liz off again.


The phone rang in Jim Valenti's study at home late that night. He had been waiting for the call. He picked up the phone with determination. "Yeah."

"I figured you'd be interested. Can you meet me at the old soap factory in half an hour?" the voice asked.

"Yeah." the sheriff answered and heard the phone on the other end hang up. He put the phone down and frowned. Now what the hell was that all about? He wondered.  After all this time...

He sighed and stood up. There was only one way to find out.

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