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"Sense of Compleiton"
Part 30
by Linda
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I Knew I Loved You
By Savage Garden

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe


Jim Valenti stood facing Topolski in the dark soap factory, with only a flashlight to see with.

"What do you want? And where did you go all of a sudden?" he asked harshly wondering what game she was playing with him this time.

"I was sent away! Those kids found out about me and I was taken off the case! But they can't stop me. I was so close to getting the evidence against Max Evans!! And they will not stop me! I came back to get it and I will." Topolski ranted as she paced.

The Sheriff thought her eyes looked a little glazed, and wild, and he narrowed his eyes as she watched her pace and fidget. "Where have you been all these months?" he asked quietly.

"Oh they thought they could keep me away. Well they couldn't. It doesn't matter where I was. I'm back that's all that matters. And I have the way to get that evidence."

Jim Valenti frowned at the woman. "And just how do you plan to do that? I'm gathering the government is not backing you this time."

The shrill laugh seemed a little off to Valenti and he narrowed his eyes. Topolsky wasn't playing with a full deck. This could be trouble. "I have my ways, trust me Sheriff, this time I will prove that Max Evans is an alien, and the government will be sorry they took me off this case." She smiled maniacally.


The empty glass of milk sat on the end table by Liz's bed. Max was smiling down at her, playing with her hair that fascinated him so. He loved these quiet moments with Liz in the early hours of the morning, when it was quiet and the night was theirs. After they had made love, yet still joined, when they just cuddled, talked and caressed each other, not able to ever stop touching each other.

Liz was running her hands gently up and down his smooth, muscular back and just staring up into his eyes. Her favorite thing in the world to do.

"Max...are you worried?" Liz finally asked.

Max looked from where his hands were running through her hair, into her eyes.

"You mean about what the doctor told us about your pregnancy?" he smiled and shook his head. "I'm overwhelmed, but not worried. He said you'd be okay. That's all that matters to me." He whispered and then frowned at her.

"Liz? It's okay isn't it? I mean, you don't have regrets, I mean if you do I understand..."

Liz gave him a squeeze and smiled. "You know I don't. You'd know if I did. I am just worried that maybe we are just taking this too calmly."

Max laughed and kissed her lips in a sweet gentle kiss. "Leave it you Miss Parker, to worry because we aren't worried." He chuckled.

Liz giggled at how it sounded and sighed. "Okay, so what can I say, we are two young teens with enough problems to face. All we need is the extra information we got from the doctor yesterday!"

"It's going to be okay Liz. I'll always be here for you. We'll get through anything because we're always going to be together." He promised.

Then he sighed as he looked at the clock and knew the first early light was going to soon approach.

He slipped out of Liz, and out of the warm bed and sitting on the edge of the bed, he reached for his clothes on the floor and got dressed.

Liz sat up, letting the covers drop around her waist, and hugged the back of Max. Her bare front to his bare back, and sighed with a smile. She loved the heat of him, the scent that was just Max, and she loved the cute little curl at the back of his neck. She reached for it and twirled it around with her fingers as Max tied his shoes.

"I am not getting back in that bed with you." He said with amusement in his voice, and then turned to her and pushed her back down on the pillow.

Liz met his eyes with smiling ones, and then they widened as he slowly slide down her and moved the covers aside.

"See you later little ones, sleep tight and be good to mommy." He whispered and kissed Liz's tummy before sitting up again and slowly letting his hand glide off of her stomach as well.

Liz laughed knowing he had teased her into thinking she was going to get her way and get him back into bed, and she pretended to pout as he stood up and reached for his shirt.

"Later." He chuckled, and leaned down once more to kiss her pouting lips before he pulled himself away from the temptation that was Liz, and climbed out the window. One day he wouldn't have to crawl out of her window. And he couldn't wait for that time.


Maria yawned a second time as she and Liz were serving the after school crowd in the cafe.

Liz caught Maria's eyes and smiled. "Busy night?" she asked with a teasing look.

"Very funny. Why aren't you tired? I know Max spend the night with you every night. When do you two sleep?" Maria quipped.

Liz laughed. "How do you know we don't sleep?" Liz asked.

Maria just looked at her with a dry humorous smile, and Liz chuckled and shrugged.

Maria watched her friend turn to get another order off the bar and then stopped her before she sped off to serve it.

"You never told me what the doctor said." Maria said, standing in front of Liz, blocking her way.

Liz grinned, moved around Maria and served the plate to the starving table of teens.

"Well?" Maria asked when Liz came back around the counter and Maria grabbed a plate herself.

"Everything's fine Maria. Only I'm going to have twins." Liz said calmly and waited for it to hit Maria.

Maria nodded and then started around the counter with her order. She froze suddenly, and Liz had to grabbed the plate as it slide out of Maria's hands.

"Twins!" Maria whispered when Liz put the plate safely on the counter again.

Liz just nodded and grinned again.

"Oh my God, girl!" was all Maria could say as she grabbed the plate up again and ran it to her table.

Liz turned when the door jingled, and she nodded to Michael, Isabel and Alex as they entered and took their usual table.

Maria made a path to them after she served the other table, and then Liz saw the warm intimate look Maria and Michael exchanged and she smiled happily. Her friends both deserved to be happy, and she could tell they were. Everything seemed to be going so smoothly for a change, Liz thought.

Then as she poured a cup of coffee for a man sitting at the counter Liz got a flash.

**Pain, then fear, and then nothing.**

She paled and shivered. Then she looked around, her eyes looking for Max. He had said he would meet them at the Crashdown after school as well. She had to see him. She had to know he was okay. Those flashes of feelings made her need to see Max.

"What is it Liz?" Alex asked as he came over to talk to her and saw her pale face and huge eyes. She looked in shock. He panicked and turned to get the other's attention.

"Liz?" Maria asked as the rest of them came over.

"Where's Max? I have to see Max!" she stated frantically, looking around.

"Again!?" Michael rolled his eyes.

"No! I need to know he's okay. I felt...I felt something."

"What? What did you feel?" Michael asked now frowning and intense.

"It was...I don't know pain and fear and...then nothing..."

"Are you sure it was Max?" Isabel asked, getting just as worried.

"I don't know...what else could it be. I..."

Just then the door jingled and they all turned to see Kyle, Cassie and Max come in.

They all sighed and relaxed as a whole. Then Michael turned around and looked at Liz. "I for one can't wait until you are over these symptoms. They are going to kill us all!" He teased and squeezed Liz's hand and then went over to greet the rest of the gang.

Liz took deep breaths and sighed. "You okay Liz?" Isabel asked still standing there with Alex frowning at her.

"Yeah. I can't wait for these symptoms to pass also." Liz smiled and waited for Max to come toward her.

Alex and Isabel smiled, glad she was okay, and headed back over to the table as Max came up to Liz.

"Hey." He smiled.

"Hey." Liz smiled back, her eyes twinkling at him as he stood across the the counter from her.

Liz tilted her head and a little worried line came back across her forehead. "You okay Max? Your eyes look a little strange and you look pale."

Max grinned suddenly and shook his head. "I'm fine. It's all the late nights I guess. Finally catching up to me."

Liz stopped smiling and nodded. "Yeah. I'm sure that's what it is. Max you need to sleep more."

"Yeah, yeah I think I'll stay in my own bed tonight. Try to catch up on some of that missed sleep." He grinned and rubbed the back of his neck.

Liz felt a quick flash of disappointment that Max wouldn't be with her tonight, but she knew he needed to sleep, and so did she. She nodded. "Yeah. You're right. We both could use the sleep." She winked.

"Yeah. You coming over to talk with us?" Max asked as he nodded his head back to the table and started toward it.

"Sure, I'll be right over." Liz grinned. But when she turned back around to take off her headpiece to take her break, she frowned again. That flash still bothered her.


"You'll never get away with this!" Max swore and struggled against the ropes holding his hands above him.

Topolsky laughed and came across the floor of the old factory to where the boy was tied to the pipes. "I already have."

Max was sitting on the cold cement floor of the old soap factory, in one of the many upstairs offices that were now empty, with his hands tied above him on an old pipe. He struggled again and then realized that if he just waited for her to leave, he could escape.

"And don't think of using your powers to escape. I have a man watching over your friends right now. And if I do not beep him every half hour, he is to kill them." Topolski laughed when she saw the shock and pain on Max's face.

"They'll come looking for me. You can't hide me forever." He grinded his teeth in helpless frustration. He could not risk that she was telling him the truth.

"They won't be looking for you Max. Because you're not missing." The voice was cheerful and yet high pitched.

Max looked up at her, noticed her slightly wild eyes and narrowed his own. "What do you mean?" he asked, sure he wouldn't like her answer.

"I mean, right now you are sitting at the Crashdown with your friends having a cherry cola." Topolsky responded and then laughed.

The blood left Max face as he realized what she was saying. "Nasedo." He whispered and his head started spinning, as he tasted pure fear.

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