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"Sense of Completion"
Part 28
by Linda
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, just borrowing 'em. I'll return' em the way I found 'em.
Summary: This sequel deals with issues the six were left with right after my other story ended. What 'other' symptoms might Liz develop carrying Max's child? What happens when Kyle and Maria commiserate about their parents' dating? What happens if Kyle finds out about the alien trio? And, what about the other alien pods from the same crash as the trio? Can there be more alien shape shifters out there?
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Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous story, "Us Six Against the World", it is recommended before reading this one. This story begins the day after my other story ended. It's gonna be another LONG one. ;-)
Disclaimer: I Knew I Loved You By Savage Garden

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe



Isabel and Alex walked hand in hand through the farmland. They had left before anyone else had gotten up this morning, and had decided to just walk around the little village market that Jordan's people had put together to sell their wares.

It was now almost noon and they had bought some fruit and cheese and some cold drinks, and with a blanket in hand, they walked into the tall cornfields.

Alex found a good spot and set up the blanket, while Isabel put out the fruit and cheese for their little picnic.

Isabel sat down and arranged the food and then smiled up at Alex as he stood above her. She held out her hand to him and he took it in a gentle grip and stretched out next to her.

"This is nice. We don't get much time alone." Isabel said shyly as she nibbled on a piece of fruit.

"I know. I like this. Being with just you." Alex smiled and just watched her. Isabel was beautiful. And now that he had gotten to know the real Isabel, she was even more beautiful to him.

Isabel glanced over and saw Alex watching her, and with a smile just for him, she stretched out beside him and snuggled into his body as he put out and arm for her to lean on. She loved the feel of Alex's long lean body against hers. He was so tall and lean and warm and loving. He made her feel safe and adored. Alex was loyal to his friends to a fault, and very protective. And with her, he was even more of those things. She couldn't ask for a better guy. She still wondered how she had gotten lucky enough to have someone so warm and sweet fall for her. She knew she had always put up the rough front to keep people away, but Alex hadn't paid much attention to it. He had just continued being Alex, until he had slowly wormed his way into her heart.

Isabel was lying on Alex's arm just enjoying the peaceful sunny day. She loved just being with him. But she knew she was ready for more. She remembered the girl talk she'd had with Maria and Liz, and how Alex wouldn't be the aggressive one. Isabel bit her lip and arching her head up to look at him, she was surprised to see Alex staring intently down at her. His eyes looked soft and yet she saw a glimpse of passion before he looked away.

"Alex..." Isabel whispered.

He could hear the plea in her voice and he swallowed and turned back to meet her eyes again. Her eyes told him what she wanted. That was all Alex needed. Slowly, he curled his arm around her head where it was pillowed and rolled her closer to him. Then he leaned in, their faces so close he could feel her sweet breath on his lips as she parted hers.

Alex groaned and then took her mouth with a passion he had been holding back. He had known that if he let himself go, there would be no turning back. And last night, when Jordan had given all of them the contraceptives, Alex had known it wouldn't be much longer before he and Isabel finally consummated their love for one another. 

Alex loved the taste of Isabel and concentrated all of his efforts on pleasing her. He ran his hands down her back, stroking and caressing her until he had pushed up her shirt enough to slide his hands under it.

Isabel moaned at the feel of Alex's big warm hands caressing her flesh. She leaned in closer to him and gasped when she felt his eagerness.

Their eyes met and Isabel smiled a shy, but wicked smile. "Alex...I love you." She said, bringing her arms up around his neck and rolling onto her back so that she could pull him down on top of her.

They helped each other remove their clothes and then, with eyes locked, Alex joined with Isabel in the most intimate way. They smiled at each other, both thinking that they had waited long enough, and then Alex leaned down and took Isabel's mouth as he took her body.


Jordan saw Kyle and Cassie walking hand in hand toward him as he was fixing the harness on one of the horses in the pasture outside the barn. He knew when Cassie was ready she would come to him with her questions. He didn't know if he had all the answers, but he could give her some, as he had with the others.

"Are you enjoying the peace this place lends itself to, children?" Jordan smiled as they approached.

"It's beautiful here. I wish I didn't have to go back to Roswell." Cassie smiled wistfully. She felt Kyle squeeze her hand, and she met his eyes.

"I wouldn't like to be that far away from you." Kyle winked.

Cassie grinned. They had talked about their fears and Kyle had admitted his, but that he wanted to see this through with her. She was amazed, but wouldn't turn down his love and protection.

"Many people come back here to live after they are done with their schooling. You will always be welcome. Both of you." Jordan said, looking from Cassie to Kyle.

"Jordan. Thank you. You make me feel like I've found home for the first time in my life." Cassie said with tears filling her eyes.

Jordan opened his arms and Cassie hugged him close. "Welcome home little one." He said gently.

Kyle swallowed back his own emotions at the touching scene. Then held Cassie when she came back to stand by him.

"Tell him Cassie." Kyle urged softly.

"Jordan, I...I don't know what to make of these feelings I've had lately. It's only been since I realized who or what I was, so I could just be imagining it. But..."

"But?" Jordan gently prodded.

Cassie could tell by the look on Jordan's face that he didn't think she was crazy. "I...I started sensing someone...or something. Like someone related to me maybe? It's just a sense that there's someone that I'm feeling. And it's not Max, Michael or Isabel." Cassie tried to explain.

Jordan frowned for a minute. "I honestly don't know of any other survivors from your crash, other than the 5 of you, but then, I didn't know about Paulie until it was too late either. Please be careful and listen to your feelings and senses. They will help you in the long run."

Cassie nodded. Then she shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. Kyle wrapped his arms around her as well and leaned his chin gently on her head.

"Is this something we should be wary of? Concerned about? Could it be something dangerous for Cassie?" he asked with a worried frown.

Jordan met the boy's eyes squarely. "I honestly don't know. But if it is someone she is sensing, and they start to sense her in return, you may want to just keep your eyes open for some sort of contact."

Kyle nodded and squeezed Cassie tighter as she shivered again.


Jordan's wife Nadi introduced Liz and Max to Dr. John Polk, and explained Liz's connection to them and her pregnancy.

"Jordan mentioned that you would be coming to see us to check on your pregnancy. And he told me that you are an honor student who has an interest in Molecular Biology as well." The doctor smiled down at the petite girl. Then looked to the strong Teronian standing protectively next to her. He held out his hand. "Max Evans, right? Jordan mentioned you as well."

Max held out his hand and liked the doctor immediately. He was worried about the tests that Liz would have to go through to be checked out, but he felt better knowing he trusted the doctor.

"What kind of tests does Liz need? Will they cause her pain?" Max asked with a worried frown.

The doctor met the young man's eyes and answered him seriously. "No. It is no different from a regular gynecological exam; we just know to look for different things. And what to expect and not expect." He explained.

Max nodded and looked to Liz who smiled at him, showing him she wasn't worried. He sighed in relief.

Liz reached out for his hand, and they clasped hands, needing the contact. "First we will go to my office and I will have you tell me about your pregnancy and your symptoms. We need to log it all down." He said and led the way to his office.

Liz blushed as she and Max followed the doctor down the hall. She had to tell him 'ALL' of her symptoms?

Max grinned as he watched Liz, then cleared his throat when she gave him a dark frown.

They sat together on the little love seat near the doctor's desk, and Max put his arm around Liz, trying to ease her concerns and embarrassment.

"After we are done with the questions I will ask, you can go with Nadi into the back room there and she will give you a gown to change into just like at a regular female exam, and then I will be in." John smiled gently, sensing the girl's unease.

Liz looked to Jordan's wife Nadi and smiled. At least she would be with someone familiar to her. Nadi smiled understanding Liz's unease and concerns.

"How long before we know if the baby is okay?" Liz asked.

"And if Liz is okay." Max added brushing a strand of her hair back.

"Right away." John smiled. "And I will explain what we are looking for and the whole procedure to you. Would you like to know what the sex of the baby is?" he asked.

Liz and Max exchanged surprised looks. They hadn't thought about this.

"We're not sure." Max said for them. As they had communicated telepathically again, with their feelings.

"Your connection is strong I see. That is a good sign." John said understanding their silent communication.

"Dr. can...can Max come into the exam room too? We both want to know how this works, what you will be doing and what you will be looking for." Liz asked, hugging Max closer to her.

"If you both are comfortable with that, I think it's a find idea. That way I can explain to both of you what to expect and what the procedures are as we do them." He nodded.

Liz relaxed, now more at ease, and Max smiled, glad he didn't have to leave Liz alone.

"I am really interested in working with you after my schooling, to help with the advances you are working on for the children of mixed blood." Liz said, putting her hand over her stomach.

"I am pleased to know you are interested in working here after your schooling. We need more dedicated doctors here at these facilities. Especially ones who have their own personal experiences to share." John replied.


When Liz and Max came back to the house, the rest of the gang was waiting to hear everything.

The anxiety on all their faces made Max and Liz smile which eased their minds immediately.

"Everything's okay?" Isabel asked wanting to actually hear it.

"Yes! Fine! And it's fascinating! Dr. Polk is wonderful and he took us step by step though what he was doing and what he was looking for and what we could expect." Liz exclaimed excitedly.

Max smiled down at Liz, loving the glow that surrounded her.

"You got to be there?" Alex asked Max. Then he smiled and Isabel came into his arms, and meeting his eyes with her own smile. She knew Alex would want to be there someday for her as well.

Max and Liz noticed the looks between Alex and Isabel and they smiled and looked to Maria and Michael.

Maria smiled and nodded, and Michael grinned and rolled his eyes. They hadn't been told anything, but they could sense the closeness between the two as well, and had come to the same conclusion.

"I'm so glad everything is okay." Cassie smiled widely at Liz.

Liz took in the peaceful look on Cassie's face and was glad they had brought her here. This place always left them all feeling peaceful and relaxed.

"I hate to break this up, but we'd better get back." Michael reminded them.

Cassie frowned and Kyle gave her a squeeze as he hugged her to him. "It will be okay Cassie. You're not alone. You've got others like you now, and you've got me." He whispered to her.

The others looked at each other knowing how Cassie felt. Leaving the ranch to go back to Roswell was always a return to reality.

They never knew what awaited them in Roswell...

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