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"Questioning Myths "
Part 5
by Sarah
Disclaimer: some one else owns the characters, unfortunately. Thought I wish I did own them, I don’t
Summary: This is a cross over of "Charmed" and (of course) "Roswell." This asks and answers the question of what would happen if either group believe in other myths and legends (beside themselves)
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
The Crashdown café; 8:20 p.m.

As the three walked through the door of the Crashdown they notice it was practically empty. But the sign said they were open till 9:00 p.m. The sign at the front was turned to read, "Please seat yourself" so the three took the booth that Prue and Phoebe had set in earlier.

Oh God they’re back. But who is that third girl? Thank God Max is still here. Liz thought to herself as she saw the three sisters come through the door and she looked over to Max for strength. When she looked at him she saw him smile and knew he’d read her thoughts.

"Hi. Nice to see you guys came back. What can I get you?" she asked not really meaning the "nice to see you" part. Then she noticed the new one nod and she suddenly got worried.

That’s my cue. Piper thought as she froze time to prick the boy sitting at the booth next to them that Phoebe said was the one from her premonition.

"Piper what are you waiting for?" Prue yelled bringing her out of her daze. Quickly she jumped up and ran over to the boy and pricked him with a needle she had been holding. Then ran back over and sat down. Once she was situated herself she unfroze time.

"OUCH! Shit!" The boy yelled. How the hell did that happen? He thought as he looked around.

"Oh my God! Max! You’re bleeding." Liz said as she ran over to him. That’s weird. How did it happen? "What happened?"

"I… I don’t know." He told her as she got a Band-Aid.

"Oh no! Look He’s bleeding." Piper said widening her eyes at her sisters.

"I’m sorry about that. What id you say you wanted?" Liz asked as she returned to the sisters.

"Oh we already ate. Piper just flew in so she’s the only one eating." Phoebe told Liz with a friendly smile that seemed to relax her."

After Piper had ordered and Liz went back to the kitchen the girls started whispering and decided to ask Max about the vision Phoebe had.

"Hey! Your Max right?" Piper asked as she turned around to face Max.

"Umm Yea. Why?" He replied curiously.

"Do you mind if we ask you some questions?" She continued.

"Sure I guess."

"Why don’t you come sit with us?" she asked motioning for him to join them. "Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you. I promise." She reassured him with a kind smile. Slowly he got up and went over and sat with the girls. Something in the girl’s eye let him know he’d be ok.

"What did you want to know?" he asked unsurely. Maybe I can get them to tell me where they’re from and who they are.

"We just wanted to know a little bit about what happened here last September." Phoebe began trying to gain his trust.

"What do you mean?" Max asked hoping that if he played dumb they would either move on to a new subject or tell him what they knew.

Ok. We’ll have to work around the fact that he’s scared. But it shouldn’t be too hard. "We know about the shooting. We just want to know what you did to Liz." Piper told him kindly.

"We’re not here to hurt you. What ever you say is safe with us." Phoebe added to try to reassure him.

"Nothing happened here. I broke a ketchup bottle, that’s all." Liz said as she walked up behind them with Pipers food.

"Liz! Will you sit down with us please? You can trust us. We promise." Piper said as she turned to Liz then scooted over to make room for her.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea." She told them scaredly.

"It’s ok Liz come on sit down please." Max said to her as he pulled her into the booth. For some reason he felt he could trust them.

"Look. We know you some how put your hand on her and heeled her. We just want to know if it was by magic." Prue asked Max.

"Magic?" Liz and Max both asked as they looked at each other.

"Who are you people?" Liz asked franticly.

"Calm down… See we’re…well we’re witches." Phoebe told them cautiously.

"But we’re good witches. This morning when we came in to eat Phoebe had a premonition of the shooting. Then of the Mosencunia attacking you guys. We’re just here to get rid of it." Piper told them.

"Mosencunia? Premonitions? What does all this mean?" Max asked.

"Ok. The Mosencunia is a demon that I saw in a premonition. He is an evil demon who finds pairs of soul mates with good, kind, and honest hearts and replaces the love with so much evil they explode into oblivion. As for the premonitions, that’s one of our little powers." Phoebe explained.

"Wait. One of? What other powers do you have?" Max asked curiously.

"Well there’s this…," Prue said as she moved a bottle of mustard across the table with her mind. "Then there’s this…," she continued as she dropped her head to move through space to the other side of the room.

"What’s she doing?" Liz asked.

"Over here." Prue said from across the room.

"Wow." Was all Max and Liz could say when Prue had move back to her ‘body’

"Is that all?" Max asked.

"Well I can freeze time." Piper told them "What about you now. You know our secret, you can trust us…if we can trust you."

"Well…I’m and… alien."

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