FanFic - Max/Liz
"A Whiter Shade of Pale"
Part 3
by Anne
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Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: Immediately following Blind Date ep.
At the Crashdown, after school, Max and Michael and Isabel are discussing the previous evening's events. Max is trying to think of way to tell them that he got drunk in the presence of the sheriff's son, and, oh yeah, by the way, Liz and I are back together, too. They were not going to be happy. They weren't happy anyway. Michael's plan to signal Nasedo had apparently failed.

Isabel: "Max, you look like you have something to say." "What is it?"

Max: "Well, I had a little trouble a couple of nights ago."

Michael: "What kind of trouble?"

Max: "Kyle Valenti dropped by."

Michael: "And?"

Max: "And, he was drunk and asked me to drive."

Michael: "What?!?!"

Max: "Before, you say anything, let me finish. He was going to the concert, and for some reason wanted me to come. I guess he thought we had something in common. (looking at Liz) Anyway, he got me to drink with him, and I got extremely intoxicated. Also, Liz and I are getting back together.

(Isabel's face turns as white as a sheet.)

Michael: "My, you've been busy." (uncharacteristically calm)

Isabel: "Are you crazy?!?!"

Max: "Not last time I checked."

Isabel: "You are getting back with Liz?"

Michael: "What's the damage with Valenti?"

Max: "I don't think he knows anything except how I feel about Liz, and he already knew that anyway."

Michael: "You don't think?"

Max: "Well, I couldn't remember a damn thing about any of it until I connected with Liz."

Isabel: "Connected?" (looking horrified) "What are you saying?"

Max: "Mentally not physically." "I saw Kyle yesterday and he didn't say anything to imply that he knows about us."

Isabel: "I don't like this."

Michael: "That's quite an evening's work, Maxwell. Any other news to report?"

Max: "Isn't that enought?"

(Michael and Isabel are quiet, and Max feels really guilty about taking risks with their safety becaue of his lack of control around Liz.)

Isabel: "What changed your mind about Liz?"

Max: (pleading with them to understand) "I can't help it, Is." "I tried to stop."

Michael: "Be careful, Max." "You can't get in too deep."

Isabel: "Max, I'm afraid you're already in way over your head where she's concerned."

Max: "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've got it all figured out, because I don't." " I just know that I have to try."

Isabel: (seeing how hard this is on her brother) "We love you, Max, you know that."

Max: (relieved) "I know." "Thanks, Is."

Isabel smiles at him.

Michael: "Well, I'm outta here."

Max: (looking up) "Where you going?"

Michael: "Just a few more details I want to clear up on the Nasedo thing." "See you."

Isabel: (to Max) "He hasn't been the same since night before last when we tried and failed to contact Nasedo.

Max: "I know he's disappointed, Is, but I'm relieved that nothing happened."

Isabel: "I think it's a little worse than disappointed. He's completely out of character. I'm worried about him, Max."

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