FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Without You"
Part 5
by Beckamania
Disclaimer: I don't own them *winces as the wb lawyers hold a gun to her head*
Summary: Post-Destiny fic. Maria is trying to deal.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Life goes on,
but I'm gone,
cause I die,
without you.
-Without you from rent.

Maria pushed him away. "No." She ran back to her hotel room. Michael pushed a hand through his hair.

"What took you so long?" Max asked when Michael entered their room.

"I just.......needed to clear my head." He said.

Alex looked up and back down. "We should go. Who knows where Maria could be by now." He said. Max agreed.

"You guys go ahead. I need to just, need time alone." Michael said.

Max looked at him. "How will you get back?"

"I can always hitchike."


Michael turned to see Maria cloaked in a white flowing dress. It flowed like water. Michael aproached her. "Maria." He said breathlessly.

"I need to feel you." She said. In a flash both were in a tangle in a bed. Both naked. She stradled his hips. He touched her skin. She ran her nails down his chest. She got up and lowered herself to the hardness between his legs. Michael gripped the sheets of the bed while she licked him. "Maria." He said. His voice cracked. She got up and laid next to him. He lowwerd his mouth to her breast. She whimpred softly as he sucked her subtle breast.

"Michael," came a voice. Not neccesarily Maria's. "Michael."

Michael opened his eyes to see Max standing over him. He took note of his surrondings. It was all just a dream. "Michael, we're leaving, are you sure you want to stay here?"

Michael looked out the window and saw the red Jetta still there. He looked at Max and nodded. "OK." Max said. He left.

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