FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Without You"
Part 3
by Beckamania
Disclaimer: I don't own them *winces as the wb lawyers hold a gun to her head*
Summary: Post-Destiny fic. Maria is trying to deal.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Life goes on,
but I'm gone,
cause I die,
without you.
-Without you from rent.

Maria lowered herself in the warm tub. It was small, but it felt nice. The jacuzzi jets sent water to her skin. She heard voices outside the door.

"Come on, we'll keep looking for her tomorrow." Said a masculine voice.

"I'm so scared Max. Where is she? I mean she could be in danger." Maria's heart skipped a beat when she heard Liz's voice.

"We should all get some sleep." Came a gruff voice. Michael.

"Yeah, come on Liz." She heard Isabel's voice. Maria heard Liz and Isabel walk off.

"Are you ok?" Max asked.


"Michael, you can tell me."

"I'm just worried, about Maria." Maria's eyes widened as she let the water in the tub drain out.

"We'll bring her back." Max reasurred him. Maria heard Michael laugh. "This is the very hotel that Maria and I were in that night on the way to Texas." Maria got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. "In fact." She heard them aproaching. "This is the room."

"You remeber that?" Max asked.

"Yeah, I can never forget anything about her."

Maria heard Michael turn the knob of the door. Her breath caught in her throat. Damn. How could she forgotten to lock the door? She quickly hid under the bed as the door swung open.

"It brings out old memories." Michael said. "We should go to sleep." Max said.

"Go ahead without me. I just need some time alone." Michael said. Max left. Michael walked to the center of the room. He tripped over something. He looked down to see his foot caught on something. Maria reeled back futher under the bed as he saw him fall. He stood up and sat on the bed. It lowered on top of Maria, she lay flat. She tried to get out without him noticing but couldn't. She knew he'd see her.

Michael lay back on the bed, looking at the ceiling. He gasped as flashes hit him. He saw Maria. Coming in the room. He saw Maria sitting in the tub. He saw Maria panicking and hiding under the bed.

Maria felt the wieght of Michael be lifted off the bed. He's leaving, oh thank god. She felt something clamp down on her ankle. She screamed as she was roughly pulled out from under the bed. She sat up quickly and turned to see Michael's angry face.

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