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"Who Are You?"
Part 8
by Ta'al
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Rating: NC-17
This time there was no disorientation, no dizziness. One moment, Isabelle was standing next to Liz, the next, she was seeing through eyes that were not her own. Quickly realising her predicament she sat back to watch events unfold in front of her.

Concentrating for a moment, she sat up on the stone where she had been lain, looking around, terrified, she saw a man sitting in the corner in an old, worn chair. Staring intently at her, she could not make out his features.

Seeing that she was awake, the man stood quickly and walked to her side. Placing a hand on her head, he pushed her gently back down.

"Shh. Rest, your safe here." His voice sounded eerily familier to Isabelle's ears.

"Who are you?" Liz's voice sounded frightened.

"My name is Alexander." He replied, downing his hood to allow Liz/Isabelle to see his face.

ALEX!!! Thought Isabelle, his features were the same as they were yesterday, Isabelle was in shock. Alex, the kid whom she had just yesterday conversed with, was at least 700 years old, maybe more.

But to this Liz, the name meant nothing.

"But, you killed Miguel!"

"It was nessecery. He would have killed you."

"I do not believe you! I only met him this night. Why would someone kill a perfect stranger."

"And, this night would have been your last."

"What are you?" Isabelle was almost convinced that this was her body, that was also her question.

"I am a vampire, like Miguel, and now, like you. Miguel was evil, he was going to kill you, I won't." He gave her a reassuring smile. Isabelle almost instincively trusted him.

The next instant, Isabelle was back in Liz's house again. Liz was leaning back, looking exhausted. She turned to Isabelle.

"Enjoy your trip?" She asked with a hint of humour.

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