FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Twice in a Lifetime"
Part 2
by Sineya
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Summary: Buffy’s always been different, so when she was told she was the slayer she was relieved, it answered her question of,"What am I?." Now in a Roswell, NM, she finds her real destiny, and learns that true love can happen twice in a lifetime.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: For all intents and purposes of this story, I’d like those who read this story, to try and pretend that Michael and Angel look exactly the same, using Michael's image. No, I don't think they actually look alike, but for this story I'm gonna pretend.
The Crashdown, later that night


Buffy Summers veered into the narrow parking space at the Crashdown, and sighed. The sign outside said,"Waitress wanted", so she figured that she’d give it a shot. She wished she could find a singing job instead, that’s what she loved to do, but how many people got to work with what they loved? Through the window she saw a pretty, dark-haired waitress set down a tray, she looked at her a little closer, *Oh, it’s Liz from English, well she is the one who told you about this job,, its only natural that she works here.* She was talking to a gorgeous, dark-haired boy and a beautiful, blonde girl, *Oh right, Max and Isabel Evans.*

She opened the Café door, and Liz looked up,"Oh, hey Buffy, you here for the job?"Liz asked.

She nodded, and checked out Liz’s uniform, *Cute, but thank god they’re not plaid.*

Maria DeLuca came over and saw her looking at the uniform,"I know, they’re pretty tacky, but at least they’re not plaid." Buffy looked at her laughing,"You read my mind."

"Buffy, I told my father about you, so all you have to do is fill out an application and you’ve got a job."Liz smiled at her, she liked Buffy, she seemed very honest, and Liz somehow felt that she could trust her completely. Not that she was going to blurt out that her boyfriend was an alien, she just felt they could become really good friends.

"Wow, and we just met, this relationship is moving too fast for me, I think we need to slow down a bit." She joked. Liz and Maria laughed.

Maria leaned over behind the counter, and grabbed an application, she handed it to Buffy,"Here, have fun!"She said jokingly, running into the back room

Buffy walked over to a table and sat down to fill out the application, then she realized she didn’t have a pen. Liz looked over and saw her trouble, so she grabbed a pen from the counter and walked over to the table.

"Here,"handing Buffy the pen,"While I’m over here, do you want something to eat?"

"Actually, I am hungry." She grabbed a menu and looked at it."I’ll have a Will Smith, and a cherry cola."She smiled, then looked up and saw that Max guy watching Liz,"Is that your boyfriend?"She asked her.

"Yeah, that’s Max."Smiling at him, and waving. He smiled back shyly, a little embarrassed to be caught staring.

"Nice."Buffy told her."He’s adorable."

"I know."Liz sighed dreamily.

Maria came walking over to them and saw Liz sigh and smile goofily. She looked at Buffy and rolled her eyes,"Talkin’ about Prince Charming?"

Buffy laughed,"Yeah."

They walked away,*Dammit,, I forgot to ask for an extra bottle of Tabasco sauce, oh well I’ll finish this then ask her.* She grabbed the pen, and started filling out the application.

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