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"There's always room for Jell-O "
Part 4
by Jennifer007
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They go to Liz's house first and Max and Liz go up her fire escape, they sneak into her house quietly. Once in her room, Liz gets her backpack and goes to her underwear drawer. She puts in a pair of panties and a night shirt for her and Maria.

She feels hot breath on the back of her neck and Max whispers, "You know the last time I was in here, Kyle looked through that drawer. I didn't get to."

Liz smiles as he says this, "Well you can look through it now." She whispers back.

Max peers over her shoulder then kind of nods his head, "I'll wait to see it on you."

Liz blinks at what he said.

"So do you have everything you need?" Max asks her.


"Well then lets go."

They sneak out just as quietly and get back to the cab. They get in and head off to Max and Isabel's house. Once there they pay the cab and go in.

Isabel goes in first and immediately turns on the radio PYT's Something More Beautiful is playing. She starts dancing again, everyone is entering and sees Isabel dancing, Max starts laughing. Alex goes up to her and starts dancing with her.

Maria looks at Liz and then reaches in the bag she got from her car. It's another thing of Jell-O she had saved, it's a little watery now, but still good enough to eat.

Liz smiles at Maria, "Umm Max where are your spoons?"

Max goes and gets two spoons and brings them back, he hands one to Maria and one to Liz. "What kind of Jell-O is that? You've been eating a lot of it."

Maria starts giggling, "It's pina colada Jell-O, with rum in it."

Michael and Max look at each other, "I want to try some." Michael tells Maria. She looks at him and then gets a spoonful of it and feeds it to Michael. After swallowing it you can see him visibly relax more. Max looks at Liz and wiggles his eyebrows, Liz laughs and gets a spoonful of the Jell-O, she holds it out to Max and he touches her hand as he eats it, holding her gaze the whole time. Liz shivers, but it's not cold.

Later Isabel and Alex come up to get some Jell-O to. Michael and Maria have moved to the couch where Maria is stretched out with Michael on top of her.

He's hidden her from everyone else's view and only her and him know that he has maneuvered one perfect white creamy breast out of her tube top.

He's looking into her eyes as he kneads it with his hand. Then he bends his head down and takes the nipple into his mouth, gently sucking on it. Maria moans softly as he does this. Michael smiles and then slowly draws circles with his tongue. Maria winds one of her hands through his hair and the other moves up his back under his shirt. She proceeds to kiss his neck then starts licking and sucking on it. This goes on for a while.

Everyone else is dancing having a great time. Liz looks at Maria and Michael and whispers to Isabel, "Do you think their ever going to come up for air?"

"I don't know, maybe we should ask." And before anyone can stop her she says loudly, "Hey you two, are you ever going to stop long enough to come up for air?"

Michael and Maria break apart with Maria fixing her top.

Michael looks up guiltily, "We weren't doing anything really."

Max bursts out laughing. "Yeah well is that why your hair is more messed then usual, and if that wasn't enough, you have a big purple mark on your neck."

Everyone looks at his neck and laughs, Michael jumps up to look in the hall mirror then comes back.

Isabel puts her hand out towards his neck. "I can fix it."

Michael jumps back almost falling, "No! Don't touch it."

Isabel looks at him, "What, why?" Max looks t Michael and understands, "He doesn't want it fixed Iz, it's just fine."

Isabel looks at Max and then it dawns on her, "Oh okay."

Much much later everyone is tired, and getting ready for bed. Alex is sleeping in Isabel's room, Liz is with Max, and Michael and Maria are taking the living room.

They all say goodnight and head their own ways.

"Are you comfortable?" Max asks Liz, he's got his arms wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah, I'm real comfortable, but I think I would be more comfortable if you were closer."

Max laughs a deep rumble in his chest. "If I was any closer to you I would be inside you."

"That's what I had in mind."

Max stops laughing, "What are you saying Liz?"

"Max I know we've both had a lot to drink tonight, but I know that more then anything I want to be with you the way we should be."

Max turns her in his arms and looks in her eyes. All he can see is how much love there is there, part of him feels that he should think, but then he thinks that he's tired of thinking every little thing through.

Max kisses Liz, softly at first, then he deepens the kiss. Liz starts pulling his shirt over his head and Max stops long enough to help her pull it off and then he resumes kissing her.


The next morning Liz wakes up as the sunlight enters the room. She looks at Max sleeping, thinking that last night was a dream, but then realizing that she isn't wearing clothes and neither is Max, well then she knows it's true. She smiles and snuggles closer under the covers to him. Max stirs and puts his arms around Liz's waist, one hand absentmindedly rubbing up and down her rear.

Liz smirks and reaches her hand down in between her and Max. She gently grasps him in her hand, moving up and down in slow strokes. It isn't long before Max is more then awake. He looks at her and his eyes are ablaze. He kisses her and trails kisses down her neck, nipping at her jaw line. He moves all the way under the covers and trails kisses down to her breasts, pushing her breasts toghtether and kissing his way from one to the other. He then kisses his way to her stomach, and dips his tongue inside her belly button. Then he moves his way lower, Liz unconsciously spreads her legs giving Max more access.

He uses his thumbs to spread Liz's folds open more, then moves his tongue in slow lazy circles, teasing her. Liz moans loudly and calls his name from above the covers and that drives Max wild, knowing that his tongue is driving Liz to moan and say his name. He gets more urgent and moves his tongue faster, flicking her nub, driving Liz wild.

When Max comes up from under the covers later he is sweating. He reaches in his drawer and pulls out a condom and puts it on. He locks eyes with Liz and enters her in one push, Liz cries out, just this movement is enough to bring her to the edge again. Max starts moving slowly. Everything was so fast and urgent last night, he wants to take his time now. He thrusts forward and then pulls out till he's almost all the way out, then he thrusts forward again.

Then remembering something he saw in a book him and Michael looked at. He gets Liz's legs right under her knees and puts them in the crook of his elbows. Moving them up so her legs are in the air. He can feel that he is much deeper in her now. He moves slowly, and when he thrust into Liz he moves his hips grinding against her. Liz is panting, calling Max's name. Her breath is quickening and so is Max's. They continue this way for a while and then with one final thrust he pushes them over the edge.

As they lay there quivering Max lays against Liz and moves his arms so her legs go back down. After a minute Liz opens her eyes and looks at Max, "Where did you learn to do that?"

Max smiles, "It was in a book Michael and I saw."

Liz touches him intimately and him being 16 it jumps to attention immediately. "What else did you see in that book?"

The End...

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