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"There's always room for Jell-O "
Part 3
by Jennifer007
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Max comes back to the table and Michael is sitting there by himself.

"I looked for Isabel, have you seen her, and what happened to Maria? You guys were looking pretty comfortable."

Michael smiles, " I haven't seen Iz and Maria yeah isn't she great? I mean what was I thinking about wanting to stay away from her?" Max smiles, "I don't know and frankly I don't know what I was thinking either, so where is Liz did she go with her?" Michael nods his head, and then laughs, "Hey Maxwell, aren't you going to have a drink?"

"Nah I have to drive."

"Didn't you say that last time it lasted only 2 hours and then you sobered up."


"So then one drink will be fine, I mean look at me I'm fine."

Max laughs at this, then he looks at the remaining shots on the table.

Michael nods at him, and pushes one towards him. Max looks at him and smiles, he licks his hand and does the ritual, tossing his drink back and sucking the lime. He feels that same fuzzy warm feeling that he felt last time.

They hear One More Night by Amber playing. Maria comes running up laughing, you guys come quick you have to see this.

They walk out to the dance floor, and move their way to the center of the floor, near Liz. Michael looks at Max, "Well I found Iz."

Isabel and Alex are dancing in the middle, she's got one leg on each side of one of his, and she's moving up and down grinding on Alex. He has his hands on her back kind of guiding her.

Max laughs and Liz looks at him. Michael grabs Maria's hand and pulls her to him and moves, not very well, but he's trying and Maria loves it. Max looks at Liz, "So do you want to dance?"

Liz looks at him, "Are you drunk Max?" "Well just a little."

Liz bites her lip and then walks off the dance floor. Max is standing there watching her for a minute and then goes after her. Liz is sitting at their table.

"Liz what's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just your drunk again, and last time you told me that you wanted to be with me again, you didn't remember."

"Liz if I tell you something will you promise to not get mad?"

"Yeah Max, you can tell me."

"I remember, I remember changing the street lights, I remember making music from the car alarm, and most of all I remember how good it felt to kiss you again."

Liz looks at him confused and then hurt. "But why did you say you didn't remember?"

Max looks down, "Because I didn't want to hurt you again, and I know that's what I ended up doing, but I don't care anymore Liz, I love you, and I want to be with you."

A tear falls down Liz's face and she wipes it away hurriedly, "No, your just saying that."

Max looks at Liz and then he pulls her on to his lap, he kisses her quickly, licking her lips, he takes a shot and gives it to her, he takes one for himself and clinks it against hers "Cheers." Then he drinks his down and nudges her to drink hers. She does. Then he puts the lime in his mouth and sucks on it, and then he kisses her and passes the lime to her his tongue tangles with hers in the process and the he pulls away, "Liz spit the lime out."

Liz takes it out of her mouth, and no sooner has she done that when Max descends upon her lips again.

Isabel and Alex come over sweating and laughing, they see Max and Liz and just shake their heads and ignore them. Isabel sees the shots on the table.

"What's that? I want some." she tells Alex almost sounding like a kid.

"That's Tequila." He then demonstrates how you drink it, and Isabel does the same as him.

Maria and Michael come up and sit down. Maria looks at Max and Liz who are still kissing oblivious to everyone. "How long have they been doing that?" Maria asks.

Everyone shrugs. They sit there talking and finally Max and Liz come up for air. Liz's lips are puffy from kissing and Max sucking on them. She notices everyone around them and smiles. "Hi guys." Alex looks at her and laughs. "Having a good time Liz?"

Liz blushes but nods. Max has his hand on her rear slowly moving it up and down.

Maria looks at all of them, "How are we going to get home? Were smashed."

Liz looks at her, "I thought you said if we had to we would take a cab."

Maria nods "Oh yeah."

Isabel speaks up "Well I'm so ready to go, oh and Max said earlier if you got to drunk you could stay at our house." She looks at Max and giggles and Max glares at her.

"Yeah I did say that, if you guys think your parent's will be pissed you can stay at our house, our parents are away."

Liz nods "Yeah my Mom and dad would kill me, but I need to call them." Maria butts in "Yeah me to, we'll just say were staying at Isabel's." Isabel's nods.

Max and Michael go to the payphone and call a cab. And everyone gets their stuff together and heads outside. They go their cars and get what they need from them. Maria, Isabel, and Liz are dancing next to the cars even though there's no music. Just then the cab pulls up and they all hop in and it drives off.

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