FanFic - Michael/Maria
"The Cravings series"
"Tabasco Fantasy"
Part 2
by Raye
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the WB and Melinda Metz, the story is mine
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: NC-17
It was another night like the one at the Crashdown during the heatwave. Maria was sweeping up the day’s grime and grit from the floor. She looked up as Michael knocked lightly on the door, and then, using his strangely working powers, unlocked the door and walked right in.

“Michael, what are you doing here? I thought we weren’t getting involved. Stone wall, remember?” She didn’t want to show him how much his presence was disturbing her, so she continued to sweep the floor, occasionally looking up to watch him as he walked around the Crashdown picking up things and then putting them down again quickly. It was ass though he was struggling with the need to say something, but didn’t quite have the courage to say it yet.

“Is there something that you wanted, Michael? Or are you just here to annoy me?”

“I thought we should talk, Maria. There are things I need to say…” He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and sat down in his favourite booth.

“Go ahead, but do you mind if I carry on with this?” She waved her hand at the floor and continued to sweep. “I do want to get home some time this evening.”

“Sure, whatever.” He looked at the paper which he had folded into the shape of a swan – albeit an untidy somewhat deformed one.

“So?” She continued to sweep, waiting for him to say whatever it was he had to, and then leave.

“Oh fuck it.” Michael stood up, walked over to her, and pulled her into his arms, kissing her hard on the lips, plunging his tongue inside, sweeping it around her mouth, encouraging her to participate. He had been wanting this since the last time, but hadn’t wanted to admit it.

Maria struggled in his embrace for a few moments, but then gave up and became involved in the kiss. This is what she had dreamed about for so long. “Michael, we shouldn’t be doing thi….” She was unable to finish what she wanted to say, his mouth again possessed hers as his hands stroked their way down to her waist, slipped under her filmy purple top and moved up to cover her breasts.

“You taste so good, Maria. What did you have to eat?” He was still cupping her breasts through her bra when he moved away from her and looked down into her eyes, hypnotised by the passion he saw mirrored there.

“A burger and fries…” she looked away from him for a moment, and then looked back, a blush lightly covering her cheeks “…with Tabasco.”

Michael grinned, and then moved in to kiss her again, but before he could do that, she moved backwards, away from him, and peeled her shirt off, pulling it over her head before flinging it to the floor at his feet. A deliberate invitation if ever he had seen one. “Is that a challenge, earth girl?” He took a step towards her, a smirk on his face and intent clear in his eyes.

“Whatever you want it to be, space boy.” She grinned at him, and moved back another step, when she found she could move back no further, a table blocking her path, she hoisted herself up on the table, and simply sat there, swinging her legs to and fro as Michael took her up on her challenge. He began by pulling his T-shirt over his head and flinging it to the floor on top of Maria’s top, and ended by unbuttoning his fly, showing Maria that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. She swallowed back a gasp of shock as she noticed the purplish tip of his cock peeking out, a drip of whitish fluid coating the head. She remembered the Health Science classes about sex, but nothing in the books or films had quite prepared her for this.

“How about if I want to take it as far as I can, Maria? How far are you willing to go?” He moved so that he was standing between her legs, the glint in his eye was even more intense this close. She wondered now if maybe she hadn’t taken things a little far, but she knew that he wouldn’t hurt her physically, even if he managed to hurt her emotionally everyday.

“I don’t know, Michael. It depends on a lot of things.”

Michael looked at her for a moment, and then reached behind her to the bottle that was on the table. He gripped it tightly, almost breaking it, Maria could hear the glass crack. He was really fighting for control, she had pushed him so far that Mr StoneWall was slowly losing his mind. He stared at the bottle, and then back up at her, his expression had changed. He had intent in his eyes and a sly smile on his lips.

Michael took a single step back, the bottle still in his hands. He uncapped the bottle, and then knelt down between her slightly spread thighs. Moving in slightly he blew a light kiss across her lace covered pussy, and then ripped the offending garment from her, throwing it to the floor onto what was now a growing pile of clothes.

“Michael, what are you doing?” She knew that she sounded unusually high pitched and nervous, but this was a side of Michael that she had never seen before.

“I just want to see if you taste as good as you smell – so sweet.” He breathed in deeply, then moved in for the kill. He stroked his tongue across her pouting nether lips, and then thrust it between them, tasting her, savouring her sweet flavour, before adding the spice. He stroked his fingers inside her, gently thrusting then where his tongue had already been, and then tipped up the Tabasco bottle, adding a little of the spice that his body always craved. “Did you know that if I had you on tap I wouldn’t ever need chocolate again?” He said this almost thoughtfully, then delicately licked his Maria/Tabasco coated fingers, eyes closing, savouring the taste.

Maria’s body was overheating. Just watching him kneeling there between her legs, a look of pure pleasure apparent on his face as he licked her juices off his fingers. “Michael, please don’t tease.” She thrust her hips toward his face, and sighed in what could only be termed as relief when he gave her what she wanted. He circled her clit with the pad of his thumb whilst he inserted one, then two fingers inside her, stroking them inside her cunt as she continued to move against him, wanting more of what he was giving her. “Oh, God. Anyone could come in here, Michael…” She threw her head back as immense pleasure engulfed her body, setting it on fire.

Michael could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around him, he could tell that she was close, but he wanted more than anything to watch her go over the edge. All the time that he had been touching her all he could think about was how it would feel to have her pouting lips circling his cock, her mouth a warm cavern around his aching flesh. He didn’t want to ask that from her, all he wanted right now was to show her how much she meant to him.

Maria’s world was growing darker with every stroke of his thumb across her clit, but she wanted to watch him watching her, it was more than just a little arousing, knowing at he was getting something from touching her. She knew that she was close, but she maintained eye contact, urging him on with her eyes, begging him for more. She slid her legs over his shoulders, effectively pulling him closer to where she wanted him to be, but then he pulled away.

“I can’t go on like this, Maria. I need more…” He pushed his jeans down his legs, letting her see him fully for the first time. He was standing there, in the middle of the Crashdown, his pants around his ankles, his cock pulsing with arousal, and all he wanted was right there, in front of him.

Maria knew exactly what he wanted, and she knew that everything that they had done before, even the teasing flirtation on their drive down to Marathon, had been leading to this moment. He moved closer, his smile growing with every step that he took that brought him nearer to where he wanted to be…

“Maria DeLuca? Are you going to actually participate in this class, or would you rather share what has you smiling?”

Maria’s elbow fell off the desk as the teacher shouted in her ear. It had all been a dream. She looked across the classroom and noticed that everyone was staring at her, except for Michael, whose head was resting on his desk, asleep.

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