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"The Unknown"
Part 6
by Anne B.
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Summary: Post-Viva Las Vegas…
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Max was the first to awaken the next morning, so early that the sun hadn’t even risen yet. His body was spent from the workout it had gotten the night before, and normally he would have immediately rolled over and fallen back asleep…normally. This morning though, he awoke and immediately felt a warm body pressed up against his own…and all of the events of the previous night came rushing back to him as he remembered that he was in bed with Liz in a Vegas hotel room.

Propping himself up on an elbow, Max peered over at Liz’s still form beside him and watched as her chest rose and fell in the steady rhythms that came with a deep, relaxing sleep. Unable to resist touching the angel beside him, Max reached down and gently stroked the soft strands of her hair, which was fanning out across the pillow they shared.

The night before had been amazing, incredible…like something out of a dream. If he hadn’t woken up here beside her, Max would have been convinced that it was nothing but a dream…but it was real…and they were here together.

Only one thing didn’t sit right with Max about their experience…as much as it floored him to know that he was her first, it still didn’t explain what had happened all those months earlier, the night of the Gomez concert, when he found her in her bed with Kyle. He knew for certain now that they didn’t do anything, but what was he doing there, and why did they go to such extremes? Liz had lied to him…outright, openly. She told him flat out that she slept with Kyle…why? After their intense connection the night before, Max knew how deeply her love for him ran in her heart…so why would she purposefully hurt him like that. There had to be a reason…and as much as Max wanted to just forget about it…he couldn’t. It consumed him.

Shaking his head, Max tried to clear the fuzziness that seemed to consume half his brain…it was like part of him was awake, while the other part still slept…which was ridiculous because his eyes were open. He was awake.

Max was relieved a few minutes later, as the fuzziness began to clear…right as Liz began to stir beside him. As her eyes fluttered open, Liz also remembered where she was, and she snuggled closer to Max, relishing in the warmth of his embrace.

Max almost jumped out of his skin when he realized that the fuzziness had now turned into happiness and contentment…the feelings that consumed part of his mind weren’t his at all…

“Are you okay?” Liz asked him softly as she felt his body jerk beside her. He was worried and in shock…she didn’t know how she knew, but she just did. She rolled over, turning to face him, as she cupped his face and stared into his eyes in concern.

“I can…feel you!” Max gasped out. “All of your emotions…they’re inside my head…like a permanent connection.”

At his words, Liz suddenly realized how she knew that he was worried…she could feel it…inside her own head.

“Yeah…I can feel yours too.” Liz mused. “Our relationship has been cemented…” She trailed off, thinking back to her conversation months before with Future Max. This was why he was trying to prevent them from making love…because once they made this step together…they changed permanently.

Max chuckled softly, pulling Liz’s attention back to him. “What?” She asked him curiously.

“It’s just…you! I can feel you going into scientist mode inside my head, even as I’m seeing it with my eyes. It’s adorable!”

Liz chuckled softly, and blushed as she felt his eyes rake over her extremely bare body appreciatively.

“Have I told you today just how beautiful you are?” He asked her lovingly.

“We just woke up!” She replied quickly, her cheeks turning even redder, as she felt his desire in her mind.

“Well, you are.” He insisted, as he leaned over and captured her lips in a long, sweet kiss that poured all of his love into her soul.

As his lips fell free of hers, he looked over at the beauty beside him, and remembered all of the insecurities he had been feeling before she awoke. Feeling the change inside of him, Liz met his eyes wildly, wondering what was going on.

“What is it?” She asked him, worry open in her tone, and his mind.

“Liz…what happened with Kyle? Why did you lie to me? Why?” He asked her sadly, uncertain what to think of it all.

“Oh.” Liz’s eyes dropped as she searched her mind, trying to figure out what to say…finally realizing that the truth was all that was left…all that was needed.

“Max.” Liz started gently. “I didn’t sleep with Kyle.”

“I already know that, Liz!” Max cried out, frustration seeping into his tone.

“Max, just stop and listen to me. I am telling you the truth, flat out, complete honestly coming out of my own mouth. I need you to hear it from me. I did not sleep with Kyle. I could never do that…give myself to someone who I didn’t love whole heartedly…and there’s only one person I’ll ever be able to love like that…you.”

“Then why did you lie to me? Why did you make me believe something so far from the truth?”

“There was more at stake than you could possibly imagine, Max. Our actions were effecting everything around us. I pretended to sleep with Kyle because I was trying to make you fall out of love with me.” Liz explained.

“It didn’t work.” Max interrupted.

“I know that now.” Liz agreed. “But at the time I didn’t have very many options. Regardless of what you felt for me afterwards, it did work Max. You did stop pursuing me. You stopped ignoring your destiny. If I hadn’t messed with the future the way I did, you wouldn’t have done all that.”

“Excuse me?” Max asked, now completely confused. “Messed with the future? What are you talking about?”

“Oh…I didn’t get that far yet, did I? There was something…or someone I guess, that was pushing me to do everything that I did to you, Max.”

“What? Who was it?”

“A…visitor. From the future. He used the granolith to travel back from the year 2014 to enlist my help in fixing his past mistakes.”

“Liz…who was he?” Max asked again.

“You.” She declared softly. “It was you.”

“Me?” Max asked, his mind whirling as he suddenly remembered what it was that hadn’t sat right with him the night before, in the flashes as they kissed. Images, from Liz, of an older Max appearing on her balcony, and disappearing as they danced.

“I saw him.” He marveled. “Last night when we kissed. I got a flash from you of him. I didn’t understand it at the time, so I just ignored it…but it all makes sense now.”

Liz nodded. “That doesn’t surprise me…the whole time we’ve been in Vegas, my mind has been consumed with memories of the things he told me.”

“Tell me.” Max begged. “Tell me everything.”

Liz nodded and started her story.

“The reason he came back in time when he did was because we, as in you and me, were about to get back together in a serious, intense way. The night of the Gomez concert we were going to make love for the first time. Our relationship would be cemented forever…I guess because of this mental connection we now have. Anyway…at the same time, you refused to accept Tess…you kept pushing her away, and eventually she left Roswell forever.

The life that the other Max lived was, like, our dream world. You and I were never apart…completely unsepratable. We eloped when we were 19, getting married at the Elvis Chapel in Vegas. It was the most romantic night of our lives, he told me.

But with our happiness came tragedy. Without Tess we weren’t strong enough to defeat the skins. Eventually the skins took over earth. When he used the granolith to come back and fix the past…apparently he was moments away from the end of the world. Everyone was dead…Michael, Isabel…”

“All because I wouldn’t accept Tess.” Max realized with understanding.

“Yeah…that’s why I did what I did…so that you would stop pursuing me and concentrate more on Tess and your destiny.”

“And you’re right…it worked. Things are much different now…Tess and I are friends. She’s made a home here with Kyle and the sheriff. I don’t think she feels unwanted at all anymore. And did you see the way she was dancing with Kyle last night? I mean, I can’t be certain, but she may actually be interested in him. I could be totally out of the picture for her now.”

“That’s all true, Max…but we still have to be careful. Last night was a dream, Max. It never really happened. We can’t let it change things when we go home, as much as we both may want it to…not as long as there’s even the slightest chance that Tess may still be clinging to her destiny. There’s still a potential for danger here, Max.”

“I know.” Max cried. “I wish it wasn’t true…but it is.”

Looking over at the clock, Liz sighed unhappily. “We need to get back…we already have a lot of explaining to do, and our flight leaves in 3 hours.”

“We’ve still got a little bit of time.” Max argued. “Personally I think there’s a hot shower in that bathroom with both our names on it.”

Liz chuckled softly. “All right…just a quick shower…and then we’ll head back to the group.”

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