FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Unknown"
Part 5
by Anne B.
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Summary: Post-Viva Las Vegas…
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Liz wandered around the honeymoon suite that Max had just paid for at the casino next door to the chapel, her eyes wandering around the room, focusing on the walls, the television, the lamps, the bathroom…anything besides Max and the bed.

She could feel Max’s eyes following every move she made, and she couldn’t help wondering what he was thinking as she mentally argued with herself over their present situation…newlyweds in a honeymoon suite in Vegas…that always meant one thing…something that Liz wanted desperately…and she couldn’t help but wonder if Max was as nervous as she was.

“Liz.” He finally stated, his voice quivering slightly, making Liz smile softly. He was definitely nervous too. “I want you to know that you don’t need to be scared or anything. I’m not going to take advantage of you or hurt you in any way. We don’t even have to do anything. Tonight is about you and me being happy…and I would be content just sitting here talking all night…or watching TV. Anything you want.”

Liz whirled around to stare at him in amazement. He had totally misinterpreted her actions. It wasn’t that she didn’t want this…she wanted it more than anything…she had realized that over the past few months alone.

When she had been with Future Max all of those months earlier, she had lied…not only to him, but to herself too. And the scary part was that he knew it. That whole situation had been so scary for Liz. It’s hard to hear your future, hear the mistakes you were about to make…from a person who knew you better than you knew yourself.

The whole situation had confused her so much…and she had spent the past months reflecting on it and rethinking everything…discovering that Future Max was right. She didn’t just want Max…she wanted him so much that it hurt.

Max didn’t scare her…not in the slightest. Max was the kindest, gentlest person she had ever met. She knew without a doubt that she could trust him with her body. The only thing that scared her was where this night would take them. This was the event that Future Max had worked so hard to prevent…she and Max going to far too soon.

Liz feared that by having this night that she wanted so much, she would be cheapening everything that she and Future Max had fought so much for…a chance at saving the world.

But was it too far too soon? A lot had happened since Future Max’s disappearance…the skins had been severely weakened, and Tess seemed secure in the Valenti home. It was totally possible that all of the horror was finally over.

“Max…” Liz started as she turned to face him, slowly approaching him from across the room. “I’m not afraid of you. I could never be afraid of you. You’re too good of a person to ever take advantage of anyone, particularly me. I know you love me too much to do something like that. I trust you completely.”

Finally standing before him, Liz leaned up and captured Max’s lips, kissing him deeply, before pulling away quickly, as she continued speaking.

“The thing that scares me is that I want things to go too far.” She whispered to him. “I love you, Max.”

“Liz…are you sure?” Max asked hoarsely, his pulse racing and his entire body reacting strongly to her closeness.

Liz searched herself one last time, and knew instantly that this was what she wanted. A lot had changed over the past few months…and right now, in this moment, she wanted Max…needed him…more than anything.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my entire life.” Liz breathed. “Please Max…make this a night that I’ll never forget.”

Max’s eyes burned down into hers hotly, with a look that promised all that she asked of him and more.

Taking a step closer to him, Liz slid a hand up his neck, massaging the tense knots out of his muscles, until her other hand joined the first, settling them both playing with the tufts of hair on his neck.

Loosing his fight for control, Max’s mouth descended on Liz’s, as he kissed her deeply, passionately, plunging his tongue into the deepest recesses of her hot mouth, desperate to taste every inch of her. She responded just as desperately, moaning into his mouth as she silently begged him on.

Flashes hit them, quick and intense, just like their embrace…so fast they were barely perceptible.


Driving down the old highway together, without a care in the world.


Max kissing Liz on stage in front of hundreds of people during her Blind Date.


Almost going to far that night in Michael’s apartment.


Liz faking her wedding vows as Future Max appeared in the mirror’s reflection.


Ignoring the flashes, Max and Liz surged on with their hot kisses, concentrating entirely on the moment…on the present. Nothing else mattered, except the two of them on this night in this room together.

Max slid his mouth away from Liz’s, tracing his lips down her throat to her shoulder, where he slid a single spaghetti strap out of the way, kissing the bare skin of her shoulder softly, lovingly. He turned to her other shoulder, treating it with the same attention, as he sweetly tasted her bare skin.

The loss of his lips against hers made Liz whimper, as her body ached for more. Max silenced her with a single finger, as he traced the outline of her lips with the softest, feather light caress.

“Shhh…” He whispered gently to her. “Slow down, love. I want this to be perfect for you…remember forever, right?”

He stood still, waiting a few long moments as Liz’s chest heaved up and down with deep breaths as she tried to calm her body down.

Max knew Liz was ready a few minutes later when he felt her begin to play with his hair again…so he continued on his explorations, moving on to the next step, as he slid one hand up her trembling back until he found her zipper. Slowly he inched the zipper down, until it halted and he was able to slip his fingers inside her dress, stroking the silky skin on her back.

Max couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, and he slowly pushed the wedding gown free, allowing it to fall to the floor, pooling at her feet, leaving Liz standing in nothing, but her silk slip and her undergarments.

As Max moved to remove the next layer, Liz halted him with her hand, catching his and bringing it up to her slips to place a soft kiss on his knuckles.

“My turn.” She whispered, releasing his hand, as she reached up to fumble with the knot in his tie. Loosening it until she was finally able to remove it, Liz discarded it off to the side.

Max sighed happily to himself, drinking in the scent of her hair, as she slowly descended on his chest, unfastening a button, and softly kissing the newly exposed skin, over and over again, down the full length of his torso, until she was free to slide the shirt free of his shoulders. Sliding her hands up his chest, Liz traced the lines of his hard, muscular body, trying to imprint the image of him in her mind.

“I think it’s your turn again.” Liz whispered breathlessly to him, and he surprised her by scooping her up in his arms, carrying her across the room, and placing her down right in the center of the soft blankets of their bed.

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