FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Judgment"
Part 2
by Lori
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Summary: Max and Isabel must now face telling everyone else that they have feelings for each other.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"Ready?", asked Michael,loading the last box.

"In a minute," replied Max.

Isabel hugged her parents one more time and went to stand by Tess and Michael as Max hugged them also. Michael and Tess had been upset at first about being exposed, but were finally calmed down when they realized they had more allies in the Evans's.

They had told everyone good-bye at a party at the Crashdown celebrating Max and Isabel's marriage. Maria and Kyle were going to meet them in a few weeks to be with Michael and Tess. Their parents were not thrilled, but they could not be pursuaded to change their minds. Alex had his new girlfriend, so he was okay. But Liz, well she was devastated. Max had told her everything. She had cried and hated him for a few days for the way he had treated her, but in the end she knew he wasn't hers to begin with. He had always belonged to Isabel. Sean, Maria's cousin would be good company for her.

"Ready Isabel?" asked Max as he put his arm arund her.

Isabel looked one last time at her parents. They would be back for visits, but it would never be the same. She nodded her head and then leaned it on Max's shoulder. "I'm ready."

Max kissed her and hugged her tighlty to him. This was hard on all of them. The four alien's then climbed into the van and began to drive down the road that led out of Roswell. The road to a new life.

The End

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