FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Judgment"
Part 1
by Lori
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Summary: Max and Isabel must now face telling everyone else that they have feelings for each other.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"I know I said I was ready for this Max, but now, sitting here in the drive way, I'm not so sure," said Isabel nervously as she looked at the home she had left two months earlier.

Max looked over at Isabel and instantly had a rush of unease at her words. "Isabel, are you saying it was mistake what we said? That you don't want to pursue these feelings we have for one another?" He paused and looked down, then added softly,"I don't think I can be around you and not have these feelings."

Isabel quickly looked at Max and touched his hand. "Oh Max, no that's not ... Oh God no! I just meant telling Mom and Dad about us right now. We have just started exploring these feelings about each other, and I just think that maybe it is to soon to let others know until we are more secure in our feelings for each other. See?"

Max slowly nodded as he held her hand. "I guess you're right. We don't need everyone on us before we even know what's what ourselves." He gave her hand a small squeeze and added,"Are you ready to see Mom and Dad? They've really missed you Iz. Especially Mom. This really hurt her you know?"

Isabel felt a pang at that. She knew that she had hurt everyone, but in the end it had made her see things clearly. "I'm ready. Let's go in."


"Mom? Dad? I've got something to show you," called out Max from the kitchen as he put Isabel's bag on the floor.

"Max, what is it? Must you yell...ISABEL! Oh my God, it's Isabel!" said Mrs.Evans as she rushed to envelope Isabel in an embrace.

"Mom! I'm so sorry...I've missed you so," cried Isabel as she clutched at her mother.

"Izzy? Is that you?" asked Mr. Evans as he entered the kitchen and viewed the site before him.

"Daddy!" said Isabel as she rushed into his open arms.

Phillip Evans held his daughter tightly to him as tears gathered in his eyes. His daughter was home. She was safe. He leaned back and looked at her and asked,"Isabel, where have you been? Why did you leave?"

Diane Evans joined her husband and daughter as she waited for her Isabel to speak.

Max moved closer and asked,"Yeah, Isabel, where did you go?"

Isabel looked at her family and went and sat at the table. She looked at them for a minute before she spoke. "I've been in Dexter. I know, they're is nothing in Dexter, but I just needed to think. Things were closing in on me , and I just needed to be by myself. I used my savings to rent a one room apartment. The landlady paid me to care for her baby while she managed the building during the day."

"Why didn't you call us? Did you leave because of us?" asked Diane.

"No Mom! It wasn't you. It was just something I had to work out on my own. And I have! Things are okay now. I'm just sorry that I hurt everyone by leaving."

Phillip Evans watched his daughter. She wasn't telling them everything, of that he was sure. His years as a lawyer had taught him to read people, and for some reason his daughter wasn't telling them the whole truth.But why? "Well, I'm just glad you're home honey. I bet you're hungry and tired aren't you?" said Diane. She to felt like Isabel was with holding something from them.

Isabel nodded her head. "I 'm not hungry, but I am tired."

"Well you go get some rest. We'll be here if you need us,"said Diane.

Max gathered up Isabel's bag and started to follow her out.

"Max, can I speak with you please?" asked Phillip.

Max and Isabel stopped and looked at each other. Max gave her the bag and a reassurring look. He headed back to the table and sat down with his parents.

"Max, do you know something about Isabel that you're not telling us? I feel like she is not telling us the whole truth. Do you know anything?" asked Phillip.

Diane joined in,"I think she is holding something back too. Do you think that couldn't be it. I mean never mind."

"What Diane? What do you think she is hiding?" pressed Phillip.

Max watched his Mother and wondered what she thought Isabel was hiding.

Diane took a breath and said,"Well, she is beautiful, and so don't think she was ...raped do you? Or maybe she got pregnant and went off to have an abortion?" she asked in a shaky voice.

Max had never thought his Mother would come up with that. He quickly said,"No Mom, I know she wasn't raped. And I 'm sure she wasn't pregnant, after all my room and hers connect to the bathroom, I think I would have heard or seen signs of that. Maybe it's like she said, she just needed to get away."

He hated lying to them like that, but what was he supposed to say,'Well actually she ran because I told her I loved her'. Yeah, they were ready for that one.

"Well, I'm going on up to my room," he said and left the room.


Isabel was lying on her bed when Max entered her room. "Well what did they want?" she asked anxiously,

Max sat beside her and said,"They wanted to know if you were raped or pregnant." At her moan he added," They thought you left in disgrace or something. I told them no and that it was probably as you had said, you just needed to think."

Isabel looked at him and smiled softly. "I can't believe they thought those things about me. Mom's imagination really works overtime you know?"

Max looked down on her lovingly and said,"They love you Isabel, and they know that something is not right. We will have to tell them soon."

Isabel nodded and caressed Max's hand. "I know, I just want to wait a few days first, okay?"

"A few days," agreed Max as he leaned down to gently press his lips to hers.

She responded by placing her arms around his neck, and running her fingers lightly over his hair and ears. They both moaned low as the kiss deepend, and their mouths opened to each other hungrily.

Max ran his hands up to her hair and clutched hands full as he tasted her sweet kiss. He let his hands then run down her face and neck with a slight touch as he came to rest at her breast. He cupped the full mound and gently caressed it feeling it swell through her shirt. Isabel groaned from the pleasure that Max was giving her, and then she moved to still his hand.

"No Max, stop. We can't do this. Not now , not here with Mom and Dad downstairs. It wouldn't be right."

Max sat up and drew a ragged breath. He nodded his head as he wiped at his mouth. She was right. What had he been thinking? He got up and went to the bathroom door and turned around.

"I'm going to uh, go take a shower," he said with a wry grin.

Isabel grinned and rolled over as he closed the door behind him. The grin faded as she thought again about what all of this could mean to all of them. She and Max would have to tell them soon. Please let them understand. Please.


Michael crawled through Max's window and was greeted by Max talking to Isabel.

"Where the hell have you been?" he demanded staring hard at her.

"Nice to see you to Michael," she responded before rising and going to hug him.

Michael pulled her close and held on. He had been scared when Max had told him that Isabel had run off. No clear answer was given why, even though he thought that Max probably knew. Isabel and Max were all the family he had , and he didn't want to lose them. He looked at her face and said," Don't ever do that again! You scared the shit out of me."

Isabel went and sat back down on the bed near Max.

Michael sat in the chair. "Why did you leave? What was so bad in your perfect world that you felt you had to leave. That you couldn't tell us?" he said indicating Max and himself.

Max and Isabel traded looks which Michael caught immediately. "Yeah, I thought you told Max. Thanks alot for feeling like you couldn't tell me. That you couldn't trust me," said Michael trying to cover his hurt.

Max and Isabel looked at Michael and then at each other. By silent agreement they decided to tell Michael.

"Michael, we will tell you, but you have to promise not to get upset," said Max.

"Okay, so what is it?" demanded Michael , his curiosity aroused.

"Isabel and I ...we have feelings...for each other. Romantic feelings," said Max plainly, no punches pulled.

Isabel and Max watched Michael. Michael thought about this piece of information they had just imparted to him .

"Okay, let me get this straight. You and Isabel have romantic feelings for each other. Like boyfriend and girlfriend." He mulled over this some more before saying. "It figures you know. I should be surprised , but I'm not. It's the little things that others may not notice, but I do. The way you look at each other, touch each other,are jealous of others. So what's the problem?" He saw them squirm under his gaze. " " Oh wait I get it, you're supposed to be sibs. Yeah well that gets sticky in the human world. So just tell them you're not related 'cause you're not."

Max gave him a pained look. "We can't Michael. Not yet anyway. They wouldn't understand. We were raised siblings. Humans may not understand how we know that we are not related."

Isabel gave Michael a slight smile. "Thanks for not freaking. We thought you might you know."

Michael grinned and nodded,"I can see how you might think that, but like I said , it is so obvious. What took you guys so long anyway?"

Max and Isabel grinned and both said,"We don't know."

Michael turned serious. "Did you tell her?" he asked Max.

Max shook his head. "I didn't know how too."

"Tell me what?" asked Isabel, her curiosity aroused.

"That we found out about the four of us," said Michael.

Isabel held her breath. They had found out. "What is it? Is it bad?"

Max turned to her and said,"We found out shortly before you came back. The message from our "Mother" was fixed. You and Michael were not betrothed, Michael and Tess were. Tess is my sister." Then he looked at her and said,"And you and I were married." He waited for her reaction.

She sat in shock at what they had revealed to her. She looked from Max to Michael, both of them watching her carefully.

Michael nodded his head."It's true. Tess and I are not accepting this though because of Maria and Kyle, But you and Max seemed to have carried your feelings from one planet to the next."

Isabel couldn't believe that she and Max had been married on their planet and were together now on this one.

Michael got up to leave,knowing that they needed to discuss this new information. "Well let me know how the parents take it.I've got to split, Maria and I have a date." He left the way he came.

"So what now?" asked Max.

"We play it a day at a time," replied Isabel.


Two weeks later...

"Max tell Isabel that we will be gone tonight and maybe tomorrow night too. Here is the number if you need to reach us. Cassarole is in the fridge.Now I'm off to meet your Dad. Bye hon!" said Diane as she headed out the door.

Max stared after Diane , his thoughts moving towards Isabel. A weekend alone. A weekend with Isabel. He headed upstairs and made plans.


Isabel entered the living room and looked around. The house seemed empty, but the jeep was outside. She went upstairs and entered Max's room. He sat on his bed as if waiting for her.

"Where is everyone?" she asked.

"Mom and Dad have gone on another business trip for a day or two," he looked at her and added,"We are alone for the weekend."

Isabel nodded and then realized what Max was saying. Alone. Just the two of them. "Oh. Um, what were you wanting to do?" she asked him, feeling like she already knew the answer.

Max got up off the bed and walked to her. He placed his hands on her arms, and rubbed gently up and down before moving to her hair and face. His thumbs caressed her lips, as her eyes closed, and her breathing came harder. "I thought that we might, you know. But only if you want to. I'm not going to pressure you Iz. It's up to you."

Isabel swallowed and nodded as she licked her lips and lightly kissed his hand. Her decision. Her choice.


Isabel walked to the bathroom and ran the water for the shower. She undressed and stepped inside, letting the water flow over her. Her thoughts ran wild and her anxiety rose. Sex. Max wanted to have sex with her. She couldn't deny that it was something she wanted too. All of her life she had felt something strong for Max. Something that she couldn't deny. When he had been dateing Liz, she had thought that she would die. He was crazy about her and spent every minute talking about or obsessing over her. Then when he had out of the blue admitted his feelings for her,Isabel, she was confused even though she was thrilled. It had been all about Liz and then , wham!, it was about Isabel, so she had run away. And then to find out that she and Max wre married on their planet! This was so much to adjust too. But oh, how she loved and wanted Max. This is what she wanted. Had always wanted. So why was she scared?


Max lay on his bed and thought about how much things had changed. He had pretended to be besotted with Liz for as long as he could remember. Not that he didn't care for her, he did, but she was not his first choice. That had been Isabel. Maybe it had not been fair to Liz to use her that way, but he had really thought that the friendship he felt for her would develop into something stronger, something not about Isabel. But he had been wrong. When he had realized that his feelings for Isabel would not go away, he had acted on them. And knowing that he and Isabel had been married on their planet, well it just added to his feelings. Now he would see where those feelings they had for each other led them.


Isabel entered Max's room and walked to the window. He watched her come in and out the window nervously. He got up and went to stand behind her, his arms around her waist, his head leaning into hers. "What is it Isabel?"

She wet her lips and said,"I'm afraid Max. I'm afraid of doing this. I'm not....experienced. Not like you. What if I'm no good at this?"

Max smiled to himself and kissed her hair. "What makes you think that I'm experienced?"

Isabel turned to him with tears threatening to fall. "I know you and Liz did it Max. You were together and so intense for so long. I haven't had sex with anyone.", she said looking away embarrassed.

Max raised her head to him and kissed her gently. "I've never had sex either, with Liz or anyone else. We came close a few times , but we never did. And I'm telling you right now, what we will do is make love, not just have sex. We will do it when you're ready. No pressure."

Isabel smiled at him and the tears did fall down her cheeks. She kissed him and said,"I'm ready now Max."

He cupped her face, and looked deeply into her eyes and asked, "Are you sure Is?"

She smiled at him and said,"Very sure."

He led them over to the bed. He reached down and pulled off the night shirt she was wearing. Her large ,round breasts were swollen, and her nipples were hard. Max feasted his eyes on them before lightly cupping first one and then the other. Me marveled at the weight of them. Bending his head he kissed and sucked , tugging on the nipples gently. Isabel wove her fingers through Max's hair as he ravaged her breasts with his hot mouth, causing her breath to come in short pants. Max moved from her breasts to her shoulders and neck. He nuzzled her and nibbled at her ears while his hands slowly pushed inside her panties. He cupped her bottom ,and ran his fingers over her skin until the sensation caused her to shiver. Isabel placed her hands at Max's chest and began to unbutton his shirt. With each button that she undid, Max could feel himself grow harder. She slid the shirt from his shoulders, and ran her hands lovingly over his muscular body as if trying to memorize each inch by touch. Her hands slid down to his pants and she quickly unhooked his belt and pants. She stooped to push his pants down and he stopped her. He lay her on the bed and slowly drew her panties off of her. Her nude body was beautiful. The lamp light bounced off of her and she glowed like honey. He divested himself of his remaining clothes and joined her on the bed. Isabel had glimpsed his hard arousal, but was shocked at how large Max actually was. She wondered if it was only aliens ,or all males. She reached out her hand and grasped him, elisiting a groan of pleasure from him.

"Aw, Isabel...", he said hoarsely. He guided her inexperienced hand to a rhythum that satisfied his need. Max lowered his hand to her mound and slid a finger inside of her. Isabel gasped and opened her thighs to allow him more access. Max dove his finger in deeply and then added a second and then a third finger to her tight passage. He massaged her clit until she was dripping. They came at the same time , with tremors of something that was foreign, yet wonderful to them. Max pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard, his tongue probing her mouth with an intensity that he hadn't known he possessed. He kissed down her body until he arrived at her thatch of curls.

"Max, what are you doing?" asked Isabel hesitantly.

"Shh, it's okay," he replied as he parted her nether lips and shoved his tongue into her. Isabel's hips came up off of the bed and she grasped his head. Max pulled her back down and held her hips as he thrust his tongue into her over and over, drinking of her liquid heat until she squirmed with intense desire. Isabel ran her fingers through her own hair and down to her breasts. She pinched her nipples and rubbed her breasts moaning as Max ate her. Suddenly she grabbed Max's head and held him as she came, screaming his name in pleasure. Max climbed up to her head and kissed her. She tasted herself in that kiss.

"Oh my ...I've never felt anything so good before. Not that I remember anyway," she said panting. Max laughed quietly and held her to him, stroking her arms, breasts, and belly.

"I hope not. I tried anyway." He looked in her eyes and said,"I want this to be special for you Isabel. Something good to remember."

Isabel's heart was so full of love for him. She knew she wanted him right now. She wanted to give him as much pleasure and love as he had given her. "Max, I want you to make love to me. I want you inside of me."

Max knew she was ready and kissed her as he moved over her. She parted her thighs and he settled between them, guiding himself in his inexperience until he found her opening. He entered her sopping passage slowly, until he felt her barrier.

"I love you Isabel."

She traced his lips with her finger and smiled, and he pushed forward. She winced at the pain. He hated doing that to her. She moved beneath him and the pain subsided. He sensed her need and moved in her. The sensation was incredible , and growing stronger. Max could feel her tightening up around him. She was close he was sure, but he couldn't hold on anymore. Isabel felt Max stiffen and then a warmth filled her womb as he came inside of her. She followed immediately . They both rode their orgasms to a completion that neither had expected. With sweating bodies and pounding hearts, they clung to each other, trying to regain a sense of normalcy.

"I think I'm going to die of supreme pleasure!", said Max.

"Then we go together. I always thought people were exaggerating about this," remarked Isabel.

"No exaggeration, that's for sure." He looked at her worriedly and asked,"Are you okay Iz? I didn't hurt you to bad did I?"

Isabel kissed the tip of his nose. "No you didn't. I'm fine Max. I really am. In fact I'm great." She yawned and snuggled up to him,"I'm also very tired." And with that she fell asleep. Max watched amused as Isabel fell asleep. Leave it to her. Most girls would want to cuddle, but not her. He yawned and pulled her closer to him, falling asleep immediately.


Diane and Philllip Evans entered the house quietly so they would not wake their children. Their business had finished and they chosen to return a day early. They tip toed upstairs and stopped at Isabel's room to check on her. Opening her door they were surprised to find her room empty, her bed still made. Maybe she had slept over at a friends the whispered. They made their way to Max's room and choked back gasps of shock and dismay at what they saw. Isabel was cuddled up next to Max and both were asleep, nude. Phillip pulled himself together first and yelled,"What the hell is going on here?" as they charged into the room.

Max and Isabel woke startled, and then were immediately awake as what was happening was processed by their groggy brains. Their parents were home and had found them together.

Max swiftly covered Isabel and himself with the sheet. Isabel was beginning to cry softly as she began to rock back and forth. Max reached out to comfort her when Phillip yelled,"Don't touch her again! Isabel, get out of that bed and get dressed. Both of you. I want to see you downstairs now!" He then watched as Isabel wrapped in the sheet , left Max's room with Diane behind her. Diane had not said one word or cried since finding Max and Isabel together.

Phillip rounded on Max , as Max dressed quickly. "How long has this been going on?" he demanded.

Max felt ill as he replied, "This is the first time. We've never done this before. But if you'll let me explain..." he began only to be cut off by Phillip.

"Save it for downstairs!"

They both turned to leave and happened to glance at the bed. Isabel's blood stained the sheets of Max's bed as proof of what he had said. They stared at it and then Max followed a quiet Phillip downstairs.


Max and Isabel watched Phillip pace and Diane sit quietly. She still had not spoken, not even when she followed Isabel to her room. Not even when she saw the blood stained on her daughter's thighs. Isabel was scared that her Mother might crack. Why wouldn't she say anything?

Phillip turned to them and finally spoke. "What made you do this? Why would you do this?"

Max knew the time had come to tell them about his and Isabel's feelings for each other, but he had thought it would happen in a better way. "We have always felt this way about each other. It's just that it has built lately. Not the sex, but the love we feel for each other.", said Max.

"Is that why Isabel ran off? Did you push her to have sex with you?", asked Phillip.

"No Daddy, Max never pushed me to have sex with him. It just happened tonight. Honest," replied Isabel. She would not have them thinking that this was all Max's fault.

"We have something else to tell you," Max said quietly.

Diane spoke for the first time since finding them together, her voice low and strained."Your going to tell us now why you two have a special bond aren't you? You wouldn't tell me before when I asked why you could do things, the Tobasco, the way things were changed,... why you and Isabel were so close, why you turn to each other instead of us when you're hurt or in need."

Max and Isabel looked at her and nodded. She had always watched them and felt like an observer instead of their Mother. Like she was and outsider.

Phillip was confused."What are you talking about? What..." and then he remembered the conversations he and Diane had over the years about how different their children were. He now sat down and waited. Max and Isabel exchanged looks and held hands. This did not go unnoticed my Phillip and Diane.

"When you adopted us, we had just been found...along a road walking naked toward the lights." He stopped and again looked at Isabel. Taking a deep breath he went on.

"We come from another planet." He looked at Phillip and Diane who didn't move or speak. No reaction at all. "We were not born, but came from pods looking like we did when you adopted us, like six year olds. We didn't know until recently why were sent here. On our planet were killed by people who over threw my family. Isabel was my bride. Our people used human DNA to recreate us and sent us to Earth to be safe and to learn, so that one day we could return to rule our planet." He looked at his human parents and still they said nothing. Isabel nodded and he continued. "We have known only this home and you as parents and family. But we are not and never have been siblings except by the nature of adoption by you, to which we will be eternally grateful. You gave us a life and protected us. Now that we know our history and realize why we have these feelings for each other, we want to be together as we were on our planet."

Phillip struggled to take this all in, but Diane spoke up. "I always knew you were different. I even suspected that your feeliings for each other would lead to this. I somehow knew you were not brother and sister shortly after we brought you home, but I put it in the back of my mind...untill the bird and the fire. Then it all came back to me to rehash in my head." She paused and then said,"Aliens. I never really believed, but always wondered, you know. Does this mean you will leave and go back to your planet?" she asked fearfully. She didn't want to lose her children.

Phillip stood up and paced again. "Let me get this straight. You're aliens and were married on your planet. You just discovered all of this and refell in love. Am I leaving anything out?"

Max and Isabel both nodded and then shook their heads to his questions. Diane seemed to be taking this well, just as Isabel had always thought, but Phillip. Would he turn them in? Did he even believe them? "Well, I guess this is ....I don't know what to say. Your Mother believes you and quite frankly she has driven me crazy with her questions about you two for years. But know I'm forced to see that maybe she was right. Why don't I feel scared? Why am I relieved?"

"Phillip, I think we are experiencing relief because we have a different problem than what we thought." Diane looked at Max and Isabel and asked,"Michael is one of you to isn't he? And Tess?"

Max and Isabel hesitated before saying yes. If they were going to tell their story they had to tell all of it. They had not discussed this with Michael and Tess. That was a problem for later.

They asked the queston that they had dreaded. "Are you going to turn us in?"

Phillip and Diane looked shocked at the question. "What are you talking about? Turn you in? Because you're aliens?" asked Phillip.

"We won't say anything to anyone. You are our children as far as everyone is concerned. You may not be brother and sister,hurt my children! You will just have to be careful about what you say or do. People won't understand your feelings for each other. It will be hard for us at first, but I'm not going to tell. Phillip?" she asked turning to him. Phillip looked at them and said,"I'm going to tell. Your my children and always will be. But I do insist that the sex stop." Everyone looked at him in dismay. "It has to stop unless you get married. I can't just go on a marriage from another planet that happened before you were killed, you know."

Max and Isabel sighed in relief and then looked at each other nervously. Married? This was all so overwhelming. "Isabel, do you want to get married...again? I don't know about you , but I would like to remember this one."

Isabel grinned and said,"Yes I want to get married. But where can we do this?"

"I'll take care of that," said Phillip.

Max then said what was on his mind and dreaded doing it. "We can't stay in Roswell anymore."

Isabel knew he would say it sooner or later, but she just wasn't ready when he did. Diane began to cry and Phillip held her as he said,"We know. We just want you to stay in touch with us. We love you . Know matter what."

Max held Isabel as she cried. He knew how hard this was for her. She had been right all along. Diane did love them unconditionally, they both did. They had allies in their human parents.

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