FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Bayou Connection"
Part 3
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except LaLa and Opal, they're mine.
Summary: AU, no aliens. Basic story set in the crescent city New Orleans. Maria and Liz are best friends, everyone else sort of falls in at some point.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To everyone who gave feedback already especially Ramona, JO, Gabby, Arielle, and Mary.
The next few days seemed to take forever to go by. The girls were anxiously awaiting Saturday, the day when their new neighbors were moving in. They had planned a little intimate get-together between them for the day.

It was a beautiful day, and Maria had filled LaLa’s pool in the yard for her to play.

Maria and Liz were busy in the kitchen whipping up a meal for the guys. They knew they’d be moving all day and wanted them to have something to eat when they got hungry. Though the girls were no gourmet chef’s they could cook their asses off.

They were making a big pot of pasta jambalaya with shrimp, chicken, and smoked sausage in it, frying catfish strips and were making a big bowl of salad. They were also doing some garlic bread and had blue bell cookies and cream ice cream for dessert.

They had been up early preparing for the day. Alex had stop by earlier before he started his route. It being Saturday his route was short. Maria mentioned the little shindig they were having but didn’t really direct it towards Alex. She did feel kind of bad about her sudden more than sexual attraction to her soon to be new neighbor. It was so obvious and found it very hard not to imagine and daydream about the Greek God. She didn’t know how she was going to disguise her feelings when Alex was around. She decided she wouldn’t rush it. She felt his attraction to her and decided she’ll make him sweat it out. Hopefully Alex wouldn’t pop up at some point during the day.

Liz on the other hand was single and ready to mingle. The sparks that flew between her and the brown eyed, brown haired hot boy were unmistakable. She didn’t even know if he had a girlfriend and she really didn’t care. And if he did, there was no harm in flirting, was there? ‘Of course not.’ ‘Besides I’m here and she’s not’, she said to herself. ‘Stop it Liz, you don’t even know if he has a girlfriend. Someone as sexy and meek as himself had to be spoken for.’ It was like he had no clue how gorgeous he was. And that turned Liz on ‘big time’. Those chocolate brown eyes, that smile, and oh that bod. Liz’s mouth started to water, and not for the feast her and Maria were preparing. The best tactic would be to put on something very short and sheer, showing as much flesh as possible. And prance around pretending to hold doors open and help them with things that weren’t too heavy as they moved in. If the vibes she was feeling from him the other night were genuine, there was no way he’d be able to resist her scheme.

“Look ma mama,” LaLa shouted to Maria through the window from outside in her pool. She had jumped in and was splashing the water.

Maria was standing at the sink in the kitchen cleaning the various ingredients for the salad. She kept the kitchen window and door open so she could keep and eye on LaLa. She shook off the lettuce and put it in a bowl. “Liz babe, I’m gonna step outside for a sec."

“Ok hon,” Liz responded sitting at the table slicing the french bread.

“Hey ma baby, what cha doing?" Maria asked kneeling in the grass next to the pool.

“Playing. Can Opal come over and play with me?"

“Sure if she wants to. But you gotta call and ask her,” Maria responded splashing a little water at LaLa.

LaLa laughed and splashed her back. Opal, Maria’s 12-year-old sister sometimes babysat LaLa. Opal was LaLa’s aunt, but LaLa refused to believe that, being that Opal was a child like her. So LaLa always said she was her cousin.

Maria grabbed the big beach towel on LaLa’s little chair and wrapped her little girl in it. She swung her around a few times and balanced her on her hip as they made there way up the stairs into the house. Since LaLa was in the pool and kept running in and out at times they didn’t have the air conditioning on. They just kept the doors open since there would be a lot of traffic and Maria didn’t want LaLa to catch a cold.

Maria put LaLa down by the phone and told her Opal’s phone number digit by digit making sure LaLa was pressing the right numbers. She went back into the kitchen retrieving the tomatoes and cucumbers from the refrigerator. She took them over to the sink to wash them.

Liz was strategically lining up the very neatly sliced pieces of bread on the cookie sheet. Liz and Maria both were neat freaks. Things always having to be done right and if they weren’t they both would have tantrums and freak out. They were the type that always wanted people to be happy and comfortable, especially when they were in their home. They had certain rules that they both had come up with and agreed too. One of them being, you never wash your hands or any other body parts, including your hair, in the kitchen sink. That drove both of them crazy. That was just one of many though. They were so much alike and honestly didn’t know how they’d manage to live together all those years without causing major bodily harm to each other.

Liz took the garlic powder parmesan cheese mixture and sprinkled it over the bread.

LaLa ran into the kitchen holding the phone. “Can Opal spend the night ma mama?"

“That’s up to your grand mommy,” Maria said turning her head to LaLa while she was peeling the cucumbers.

“My mama said you have to ask Maw Maw Amy,” LaLa told Opal.

LaLa continued chatting with Opal confirming their plans for Opal to sleep over. Opal was the product of her mom’s second marriage to Jim Valenti. Maria had also inherited a brother, Kyle, he was in the military. Maria actually got along with her newly found siblings. But the marriage had put a strain on her and her mother’s relationship. Especially after Maria had gotten pregnant right out of high school incidentally not attending college. After Maria had LaLa they began to be civil around each other for LaLa’s sake. Amy undoubtedly wanted to be a part of her granddaughter’s life and her and Maria had put aside their conflicts for the benefit of family.

“Maw Maw gonna drop Opal off in half of our,” LaLa said with a confused voice.

Liz and Maria looked at each other “in a half hour,” Liz said and Maria nodded both of them giggling.

Maria brought the peeled cucumbers and tomatoes over to the table to chop them up. Liz was seasoning the fish in the sink.

“What time are they coming?" Maria asked looking up at the crawfish shaped clock on the wall “it’s almost noon."

“Well...when I talked to Max last night,” Liz said looking at Maria out of the corner of her eye.

Maria gasped looking shocked “you talked to Max last night and didn’t tell me, you cow,” Maria snarled at Liz. “Did Michael ask for me?"

“I don’t know,” Liz lied. Maria gave Liz a glare of death. “Ok he may have mentioned something about you,” Liz replied nonchalantly.

“Aww you gone diss me like that, I thought I was your girl,” Maria said using her hip lingo.

“Whatever,” Liz said putting up her fingers in the shape of a “W” a la Elisa Donovan in Clueless.

Both girls giggled and went back to getting their food ready. LaLa went back outside and got in her pool.

“I feel like a brew. I think I’m gonna go walk to the store and get a six pack,” Maria said from the bathroom washing her hands.

“Sounds good. Why don’t you get a 12 pack, just in case the guys want some,” Liz said digging in her purse pulling out a couple of dollars to contribute.

Maria came back into the kitchen drying her hands. She grabbed her shades and her keys. “I got it babe,” Maria said turning down the few bucks Liz was offering her.

“No, here, I insist,” Liz said shoving the money into Maria’s back pocket as she turned to leave. “What kind are you getting?"

“Heiney’s baby, need you ask,” Maria winked at Liz.

Liz laughed, remembering the type of mood Heineken’s put her and Maria in and wasn’t even about to argue with her about it. “Grab me a snicker and some cheese popcorn will you sweetie."

“Sure. Listen for LaLa would you,” Maria said through the screen door as she walked down the steps.

“You know it,” Liz responded.

“Where you going ma mama?"

“I’m gonna walk to the store, Lizzie’s inside. You want something?"

“Mmmm,” LaLa said squinting up her face thinking hard about what she wanted her mommy to bring her back. “I know…Rainbow Freeze."

“You got it sugar,” Maria said kissing LaLa on the nose.

As Maria made her way down the block and around the corner LaLa watched her until she lost sight of her.

LaLa continued to play in her pool and waving at people passing on the street. She turned to the sound of a car pulling up in front the house.

“There’s my little honey bun,” Amy said getting out the car walking across the grass to where LaLa was getting out of the pool.

“Maw Maw!!!” LaLa exclaimed throwing her arms around her grandmother’s neck.

Amy picked LaLa up and hugged her tight. “How’s my favorite grandbaby?" Amy asked LaLa slicking her wet hair down her back.

“I’m ok Maw Maw. Just playing in the pool."

Amy put LaLa down and she ran over to greet her aunt/cousin Opal.

Liz peeked her head out the kitchen window as she was still cleaning the fish “hey Ms. Amy,” Liz called out the window. Liz had known Amy all her life and had called her Ms. Amy since she was a little girl when her and Maria became best friends. Even though Amy was now married and had been for a while she still used the childhood name she always called her, and Amy didn’t have a problem with that.

“Hey Liz,” Amy waved. “What are you guys doing today?"

“We have new tenants moving into the apartment upstairs, and we’re just cooking up some food for us and hanging out while they move in,” Liz hollered through the window.

“Where your mommy?” Amy asked LaLa.

“She went to the store."

Opal was taking off her clothes to get in the pool with LaLa until Amy intervened “Opal go and put your bag in the house honey and then you can come back out and get in the pool,” Amy told her daughter who looked so much like her it frightened her sometimes.

Opal grabbed her bag and took off into the house throwing her bag on the floor in the hallway. “Well I gotta go sweetie, tell your mommy I said hi."

Opal ran back outside. “Come give me a hug sweetheart,” Amy told Opal. Opal reluctantly gave Amy a hug sighing because she was acting like they were going to be apart for a week. “Bye ma baby, call me when you’re ready to come home, ok?” Amy said squeezing Opal’s cheeks and kissed her.

“OK Mom...” Opal said rolling her eyes. She really hated when her mom treated her like a baby. She was 12 for heaven’s sake, pre-teen, almost teenager. Opal was at the stage in her life where her Mom annoyed her with her baby’s and sweethearts and pinching her nose and tapping her butt. That was the stage LaLa was in right now. That’s how Maria treated LaLa. She thought she was too old for that, and often called and complained about Amy to Maria. Maria always told her to be grateful their Mom was the way she is, and that there wasn’t anything wrong with being your Mama’s baby. Maria told her even though her and Amy don’t always see eye-to-eye and she was grown and had her own life she was still their Mama’s baby, and LaLa was now her baby. And now that she was grown and on her own, it was her turn to step in and fill that spot.

“Tell Maria to call me or Jim when Opal starts being a pain in the toosh and one of us will come get her,” Amy told Liz.

“Ok Ms. Amy, see you later,” Liz said.

“Bye LaLa,” Amy said kissing her granddaughter on her forehead.

“Bye Maw Maw. Tell Daddy Jim hi for me?” LaLa asked.

“I sure will,” Amy said smiling at two out of three of the most important girls in her life, getting in her car. She waved bye and sped off.

“Come on Opal let’s go inside and get some more of my toys,” LaLa said, her and Opal running up the stairs and going into the house.

“Hey Liz,” Opal said stopping in the kitchen.

“Hey Opal,” Liz smiled at the blonde little girl. “How long are you with us for?"

“My mom said until Maria gets sick of me and ready to send me home."

Liz chuckled at the girl. “Sunshine what cha doing?”

“We’re gonna get some more toys to play with in the pool,” LaLa said grabbing Opal by the arm and running to the back.

“Sunshine don’t run sweetie, you’re still wet, you might slip and fall,” Liz called.

Liz went over to the cabinet and pulled out a big tub of cooking grease. The girls cooked a lot and always made sure they had enough of the bare necessities for cooking. They always had plenty of different seasonings, cooking oil, and always something spicy. And Maria and LaLa loved bread. So they always kept bread and had it with all their meals.

Though she was single and wanted someone, Liz was pretty happy with her make shift family. Her and Maria had been the best of friends since forever and were inseparable. And she thought of LaLa as her own and knew she would do just about anything for the little dark haired angel in disguise. Maria knew she could trust Liz with her and her daughters’ life. And Liz felt the same about Maria. If the day ever would come when she’d meet Mr. Right and get married she wasn’t sure she’d be able to leave Maria and LaLa. Then again she could always move in upstairs. Meaning they could switch roommates, she thought with a devilish snicker.

Liz was awoken from her thoughts by the loud blow of a horn pulling into their driveway. She eagerly wiped her hands with the dishtowel, knowing Maria would choke her if she knew, and literally ran through the screen door, almost, to properly greet their new neighbors.

Max got out of his black Nissan Frontier extended cab truck sporting baggy tan docker shorts and a tight white t-shirt. He smiled behind his ray ban’s when he saw Liz come out of the door. Liz licked her lips and strutted over to Max throwing her arms around his neck pressing her warm body passionately into his. Max was a tid bit startled but not at all upset. He took this opportunity to nuzzle his nose in her soft, brown, fruit smelling mane, thinking there was no other way he’d be able to at any other time. His grip on her was strong until Liz suddenly pulled back from him looking flushed and embarrassed at her aggressiveness. Max looked kind of disappointed thinking he may have had a strange body odor.

“Sorry,” Liz covered her mouth blushing. “I...w-we were just getting know, wasn’t sure what time you...I mean you and Michael, of course, were getting here,” Liz blushed again turning to look at his truck avoiding looking directly into his warm brown eyes.

‘Honey there is no way you’re gonna get this stud of a man by being shy’ Liz told herself. ‘But what if he likes shy girls, women I mean. I hope.' Liz still wasn’t entertaining the thought of Max having a girlfriend. And she decided if he didn’t say anything she definitely wasn’t going to ask. It’s not like she cared anyway.

“Well we had to go and pick up the Uhaul, and then go back to my sister’s to get the rest of our stuff. I’m sorry if it took so long, we didn’t mean to keep you guys waiting for us. Please forgive us....,” Max went on apologizing. Liz put her finger to his lips shushing him. ‘God, could his lips BE any softer’ Liz said to herself, not knowing Max was thinking the same thing about her finger.

Liz retrieved her finger from his lips purposely letting in linger in the air not touching anything so she could stick it in her mouth later, of course when he wasn’t looking. “Why don’t you guys come in and have a beer before you start moving all that stuff. Maria went to the store to restock, but I think we have a couple in the fridge already,” Liz told Max.

Michael had pulled up shortly behind Max in an Uhaul. He had a concerned look on his face as he got out of the truck when he saw Liz but not the hot green-eyed blonde he’d been infatuated with since the other evening. Michael smiled thinking back to Blondie, which was how he referred to her while he’d been talking Max’s head off about her for the past few days. ‘God was she beautiful. Big, round, beautiful....emerald green eyes.’ he had to laugh at himself, knowing he wasn’t really thinking about her eyes. ‘But was she gorgeous, those eyes, that hair, God those lips, and that body’ Michael thought having to adjust his groin due to his mental images of her. ‘And she has a daughter, which means she’s a real grownup’ Michael told himself. He was so tired of meeting those ditzy air headed women whom had no idea about responsibility. All the women he met were always incredibly spoiled, incredibly dumb, and most of all incredibly immature. Michael just hoped and prayed to the God’s that Blondie was single.

Michael got out of the truck and walked over to where Max and Liz were standing.

Liz turned around “hey....Michael, right?” Liz said pointing at Michael.

“Yea, hey. Where’s a...Maria?” Michael asked looking towards the door to the house.

“She walked to the store to pick up a few things,” Liz replied.

“Oh. Well maybe I’ll ride around there and give her a ride back. Ah, where exactly is it?" Michael asked.

“Go down a block after this one and make a right at the corner and then go two blocks over,” Liz pointed Michael towards the direction she was describing to him.

“Thanx” Michael told Liz. Max tossed Michael the keys to the Frontier.

Michael got in the truck and backed out of the driveway and pulled off. Liz and Max walked towards the house. When they got to the door Max held out his hand in front of Liz signaling her to stop. He stepped up the stairs and opened the door for her to walk in.

Michael flew down the street like a bat of hell trying to get to the store before Maria had a chance to start walking back to the house. He was so excited he could barely contain himself. The last few days had been pure torture for him. Not being able to see her, smell her, find some way to brush against her. He honestly didn’t know how he would be able to live with this Goddess of a woman and not have her as his own.

Michael pulled up in front of the store and didn’t see Maria insight. He figured she was still inside. He got out of the truck and went inside the store looking around for her. He spotted her at the counter. The cashier was ringing up her items when he walked up behind her. He stood there a moment and absorbed her booty....oops beauty. ‘Get your mind out of her panties Guerin, she’s more than a piece of meat’ Michael told himself. He just couldn’t get over how voluptuous and sexy she was. Just her body alone whispered naughty things to him making him lose self-control.

Sure it had been almost five years since she’d given birth to LaLa, but Maria had not lost the shapes and curves pregnancy had blessed her with. Her small waist, flat stomach, round bottom, heavy supple breast had stayed with her after childbirth. Michael thought she looked like one of those girls that danced in videos. But she was more than just a sight to look at; she was sexy, independent, smart, responsible, and probably taken.

“How much Mamun?” Maria asked the Bangladeshi an behind the counter.

“That’ll be 18 dollars and 27 cents,” he stated with a heavy accent.

Maria went to pull the money out of her pocket when she felt someone walk up beside her, a firm manly arm brushing against her soft womanly arm.

“Here you go," Michael said placing a 20 on the counter.

“Ah excuse me,” Maria said grabbing the twenty and looking up at the stranger. She started to protest before she looked into Michael’s face realizing who he was. “Oh, you,” Maria smiled playfully poking Michael in the stomach.

“Hey,” he smiled back.

“In that case,” Maria gave the $20 back to Mamun. “What are you doing here?"

“Well Liz told me you walked to the store, so I thought I’d drive and come get you so you didn’t have to walk back. Sorry if I offended you." Michael was talking a mile a minute and sweating.

“Hey, it’s ok, I don’t mind,” Maria said trying to hide her laughter. She reached up and wiped a few beads of sweat off Michael’s forehead. Michael swallowed hard loving the touch of her skin to his, but it really made matters worse because he broke out in another sweat from the heat generating from her body.

Mamun handed Maria the change and she put in her pocket. Michael grabbed the bags off the counter.

“Did you get everything you needed?" Michael asked.

“Yep. Of course if you guys are anything like us we’ll be back for more beer. Thanks Mamun, see you later."

Mamun waved bye as Michael and Maria made their way out of the store.

“Nice,” Maria smiled eyeing the Frontier while Michael raised the seat and put the bags on the seat. “Yours?"

“Na, it’s Max’s. My Blazer is in the shop."

“Yea right."

“Really it is."

“I’ll believe it when I see it."

Michael held the door open and Maria hopped in the truck. Michael closed the door and purposely walked around to the drivers side very slowly, giving himself some time to get his hormones together for the ride home. Even though it was only down the street and around the corner, he knew the ride back would seem like a lifetime. He was sure Maria probably knew he was attracted to her, I mean who wouldn’t by all the slobbering and gawking he’d been doing every time he was around her. But he didn’t want her to think he only drooled over her body. He adored everything about her. Not like Maria cared about his drooling. She was used to guys flocking to her. And she used that to her advantage, what girl wouldn’t. But even though she was with Alex, she couldn’t conceal these new feelings she was having for her new neighbor.

The funny thing was Maria felt comfortable around Michael. Granted Maria was very outgoing and didn’t bite her tongue when expressing herself. But she felt certain closeness, like she could say or do anything around him and he wouldn’t judge her.

Just as Michael thought, the less than five-minute ride back to the house seemed like it took 12 hours.

“So, you guys have a lot of stuff to move?" Maria asked breaking the silence.

Michael took a few seconds to find his voice, fearing it probably would crack if he responded to soon. “Uh, yeah. We rented a Uhaul and as you can see this is the rest of our stuff,” Michael said pointing to the back of the truck.

“Are you ok, Michael?" Maria asked sensing his uneasiness. Maria scooted closer to Michael and threw her arm around his shoulder.

“I’m-ma-ma....fine." ‘God, why is she so close.'

“You can relax, you know...I promise I won’t bite,” Maria raised her hand to Michael’s forehead for the second time in the past 10 minutes wiping the beads of perspiration from it.

Maria knew what she’d done to Michael the other evening. She knew how she made him feel. But she wanted him to relax, he always seemed so tense and scared when he was around her. If they were going to be neighbors and most of all friends, he would have to learn to let loose and go with the flow.

Michael could smell her sweet scent when she raised her arm. She smelled of jasmine mixed with sweat, and the aroma was very erotic and welcoming. Her skin was as soft and as warm as a baby’s bottom.

Maria noticed Michael’s uneven breathing.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?"

Michael shook his head no.

“If we’re gonna be friends you’ve got to relax buddy. If you keep tensing up on me like this, you’ll start to hurt my feelings." Maria poked out her bottom lip. She giggled and pinched Michael’s cheek making him blush.

Michael grinned at her playfulness and relaxed, a little. He realized that she wasn’t really trying to get him all hot and bothered, that she was just trying to be friendly. Though her intentions were authentic, he could not help the effect she was having on him.

After what seemed like forever they pulled up in front of the house. Maria started to get out of the truck and Michael jumped out and ran over to her side to usher her. Maria smiled and stood in the door while Michael retrieved the bags from the back seat.

“Mama, Mama!!!” LaLa ran and jumped in Maria’s arms.

“Hey ma baby,” Maria said kissing LaLa’s nose. “I got your Rainbow Freeze."

Maria took the Popsicle out of the bag and handed it to LaLa.

“I saw Maw Maw Amy, she drop Opal off."

“Where is she?"

“She’s inside with Lizzie and Mista Max."

“Hey Mista Michael,” LaLa waved at Michael over Maria’s shoulder.

“Hello little one,” Michael smiled at the little girl. “God something smells good."

“Well that’s because we’re cooking for you guys. We figured you all would be moving all day and we wanted you to have a hot meal when you got hungry."

‘Jeez she cooks too, I know she’s taken.'

They made their way into the house Maria still carrying LaLa. Opal met them at the door on her way out.

“Wassup pre-teeny bopper,” Maria said tossling her little sisters hair.

“Maria,” Opal whined.

“Oh hush, that’s what you are. Michael this is my little sister...”

“Maria,” Opal whined and pouted again.

Maria rolled her eyes at her “Opal. Opal this is Michael, one of our new neighbors."

Opal took in how Maria smiled at Michael. “Maria where’s Alex?" Opal asked folding her arms.


Maria bucked her eyes at Opal and frowned.

“He’s at work,” Maria gave a fake smile trying to play it off. ‘Damn her,’ Maria said to herself while putting LaLa down.

“Who’s Alex?" Michael asked concerned.

“He’s Maria’s boyfriend,” Opal cut in a saccharine tone. She poked her tongue at Maria and ran outside before Maria could react.

“Oh,” Michael looked disappointed but he’d expected it.

LaLa ran outside behind Opal and they commenced to play in the pool.

Michael walked to the kitchen to put down the bags. Maria followed him in with a sad look on her face. ‘Why am I sad’ she asked herself. ‘Alex is wonderful.'

Maria tried to convince herself, but she couldn’t help but feel bad about Michael’s expression. She knew she should’ve told him, but usually she didn’t tell guys she had a boyfriend. She would just wait for them to ask. And if they didn’t ask, she would just play along until she figured they needed to know. Sure it was cruel, and she mostly only did it to guys she met out in clubs or on the street that she really didn’t want to be bothered with, but that’s the last thing she wanted Michael to think. That she used guys to get her kicks and then break the news to them that she had a boyfriend. She really liked Michael and wanted to be friends. ‘Ok, maybe a little more than friends’ she admitted.

But she had someone that was more than her friend. Alex. Maria and Alex had been together for a little over a year. They’d always had a very open honest relationship. Alex wasn’t the jealous type, he’d seen the way guys gawked over Maria. He knew he was lucky to have her. And it went both ways. Alex was a sweet potato. Tall, dark hair, piercing brown eyes, great smile, and a champ in the bedroom. Maria had gotten a little jealous once when Liz told her that a girl she worked with had eyes for Alex. And it just so happen it was the girl she didn’t really get along with, Isabel. But nothing ever came of it, and she just forgot about it.

“Hey you found her,” Liz said looking at Michael.

“Oh....yea,” Michael responded looking down. ‘Why are you upset Guerin, you knew she couldn’t be single.'

Max looked at his friend, and made a note to himself that they needed to talk later.

Max was already sitting at the table nibbling on some of the fish Liz had already fried and gulping down a Heineken long neck.

Liz started digging through the bags for her cheese popcorn. When she found it she went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a jar of pickles. She opened the popcorn, and poured the pickle juice into the bag. Michael and Max looked at each other.

“Liz are you....ah....” Max asked nervously.

“No, she’s not pregnant,” Maria cut in. “She’s just gross. Lizzie I hate when you eat that, it smells horrible,” Maria said turning up her nose.

“Ah...but it taste good,” Liz gobbled up the soggy popcorn like it was her last meal.

They all laughed at her, reducing the gloomy vibes coming from Michael and Maria.

“Want a beer?” Maria asked Michael.


Maria grabbed two beers from the fridge and they all sat at the table. Liz was eating her pickle juice saturated cheese popcorn, Max was still munching on a few pieces of fish, and Michael and Maria were drinking their beer making goo goo eyes at each other.

“We should get started soon,” Max told Michael.

“Yea I know."

“Well we’ll wait till you guys get ready to take a break to fry the rest of the fish, everything else is ready,” Liz said sucking each one of her fingers.

Max was looking at Liz as she did this and he started mimicking her as he stared at her mouth. He knew she was doing it on purpose. ‘Come on, no one sucks on their fingers like that, I know that crap isn’t that good’ Max said to himself. So he did it to her, and they started a finger sucking fest, both wishing they were sucking on the others fingers instead of their own.

Liz and Max snapped out of their fest when Michael cleared his throat and him and Maria started giggling.

Michael and Maria continued laughing and making fun of them. Pretending to lick each other’s fingers, Michael’s hand coming dangerously close to Maria lips. They played back and forth until Liz looked up and saw Alex standing in the doorway. She looked at Max with a straight face and started coughing to get Maria’s attention.

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