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"The Bayou Connection"
Part 2
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except LaLa and Opal, they're mine.
Summary: AU, no aliens. Basic story set in the crescent city New Orleans. Maria and Liz are best friends, everyone else sort of falls in at some point.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To everyone who gave feedback already especially Ramona, JO, Gabby, Arielle, and Mary.
When Liz returned from the kitchen, she almost tripped over the rug with the drinks. ‘Kill me now Lord’ she said to herself carefully sitting the pitcher of drink down on the coffee table. Maria looked at her trying the hide her laughter at Liz’s clumsiness.

Liz and Maria sat on the love seat across from Michael and Max on the couch. The coffee table was in between them.

Max and Michael looked at each other and smiled and then looked over at the ladies sitting across from them.

They all sat there staring at one another.

Michael couldn’t help but notice how thin the material of the blonde’s dress was. And the beads of sweat that lingered in her well-defined cleavage were making his mouth water. Not only was that driving him crazy he noticed the little ball in the middle of her tongue when she'd said “won’t you come in." He imagined himself kissing her full moist lips, exploring her mouth and playing with the little ball with his wet tongue. ‘Chill out Michael, damn you don’t even know this girl, anyone as beautiful and sensual as she has to have a boyfriend.' He blinked and looked over at Max.

Max was no better. The hip huggers Liz wore were revealing her very trim, creamy stomach. And Max couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He looked up at how her hair was strategically placed into the scrunchy and how the cute little tendrils of hair cascaded her soft beautiful face. The sweat soaked tendrils stuck to her flawless skin complimenting her angel like features and glistening lips. ‘You have a girlfriend, Mya, Mya, Mya..remember your girlfriend Mya,’ Max kept telling himself.

Both girls took note of how the guys were basically undressing them with their thoughts. Liz had already taken inventory of the brunette who made her sweat the moment she opened the door. She noticed Maria scoping out the blonde. They both knew this would definitely be the only people they would interview for the apartment. Liz and Maria looked at each other and giggled mentally agreeing with each other.

“So,” Maria finally spoke breaking everyone from his or her thoughts. “Where are you guys from?"

“New Orleans.” Max spoke his voice cracking.

Maria chuckled and Liz pinched her thigh and giving her a ‘don’t you dare’look.

“Really?" Maria exclaimed.

“Yep.” Michael interrupted before Max made a fool out of himself again.

“Where’d you go to school?” Liz asked looking directly at Max.

Michael noticed the way Liz looked at Max and decided to let him answer this one even though he knew the question was being directed to both of them. Max looked at Michael for help and Michael quickly turned his head to feast on Maria.

“Ww-well we went to Audubon Montessori for grade school and we finished from DeLa Salle high school,” Max was stuttering and sweating. Liz thought he looked even sexier when he was nervous.

Liz saw the way Michael and Maria were looking at each other snickering and didn’t appreciate their connection.

“So I take it you’re from uptown?”

“Yep,” Michael answered sticking to the one word replies in fear of his own voice giving out on him.

“I see, well what do you do?” Liz asked looking from Max to Michael.

“Well I work for UPS,” Max said.

Liz thought about the UPS drivers that sometimes delivered to the shop and the cute little brown shorts they wore. She licked her lips and smiled at Max.

When Michael didn’t respond Maria sighed disgustingly figuring with her luck her was probably unemployed. 'What are you stressing about, you have a man' Maria told herself.

Michael observed her sigh of impatience and answered “Oh....sorry....I’m the assistant football coach at Shaw high school,” Michael said looking like he was just returning from lala land.

“Oh...I see....,” Maria smiled rubbing her hands together.

“Would you like something to drink?” Liz said reaching over to the table gripping the container with the frozen drink in it.

Maria glimpsed at Max’s eyes proceeding to fall out of his head and she looked over and saw that Liz was all but spilling out of her top. Maria pinched Liz’s thigh and nodded to her welcoming cleavage prompting Liz to sit back up and return herself to her shirt.

“Sorry,” Liz grinned her face turning 5 shades of burgundy.

Max just smirked and poured the drink in the four glasses and handed one to Liz.

“So what do you two do?” Michael said taking a sip of his drink.

“We’re both cosmetologist,” Maria responded sipping her drink and rubbing the cold glass against her forehead.

Michael almost spit his drink out. The way she rubbed the glass on her head made her look like one of those ladies in those Crystal Light commercials that were laying out on the beach in the sizzling sun half naked sipping tea.

Maria held her glass on her lap and licked her top lip, the top ball of her tongue ring peeking out between her teeth.

“Yea, I do nails and toes and stuff and Liz does hair. But we also do makeup, you know cosmetology stuff,” Maria said taking another sip of her drink.

“We also cut men’s hair and do body massages,” Liz added bucking her eyes at Maria to get her to agree with her.

“Yea....sorry. Almost forgot about that,” Maria agreed after Liz poked her in her side with her elbow. Maria was nodding her head vigorously with a kool-aid grin on her face.

“So, about the apartment,” Max came in.

“Well,” Liz said glancing at Maria, “it’s a two bedroom, two baths, living room, balcony, sitting area,” Liz peeked at Maria making sure she wasn’t leaving anything out.

“What about utilities?"

“Well rent is $550 a month, water and gas is paid. You’re responsible for electric, phone, and cable....any other luxuries...etcetera etcetera...,” Maria picked up where Liz left off.

“Sounds good to me,” Max approved excitedly.

“Well of course we want to look at it first,” Michael said and Max looked at him like he was crazy.

“That’s fine, let me just get my baby."

Her baby, Michael said to himself. She has a baby? Oh God, she has a baby daddy. Max looked at Michael and hunched is shoulders in puzzlement.

When Maria got up to go get LaLa Michael couldn’t help but notice how her dress stuck to her butt. He knew she was sweating just like he was, which gave him some comfort.

When Maria returned with LaLa, she being the outgoing friendly child she is, LaLa approached the two strangers and introduced herself.

“Hi,” she stuck out her hand to both the guys. “I’m nanny Lizzy calls me Sunshine, but you can call me LaLa. Mawia is ma mommy” Maria and Liz laughed at LaLa’s deep accent.

Max and Michael looked at each other and smiled at the especially gorgeous little girl’s intelligence. “I’m Michael and this is Maxwell, but you can call him Max,” Michael smiled shaking LaLa’s hand.

LaLa walked over to Maria and grabbed her hand. “Where we goin ma mama?”

“We’re going to show these nice gentleman the apartment upstairs. There thinking about renting it, which means they’ll be our neighbors,” Maria said flicking LaLa’s nose with her index finger.

“Oh goodie,” LaLa rejoiced happily.

LaLa grasped Michael and Max’s hand, one on each side of her “well let me show you to your new home,” she made her way with them to the door.

“Here let me,” Liz said stepping in front of the threesome opening the door.

Liz and Maria stood back as LaLa led Max and Michael down the hall to the stairs leading to the apartment.

“Did you see the back on him? Oh and those lips,” Maria whispered licking her lips.

“Girl you are so bad,” Liz giggled.

“Oh I know you’re not talking, Ms. We Do Body Massages Too,” Maria mocked Liz massaging her shoulders with playfulness.

Liz pushed Maria by her hips out the door as they laughed and teased each other. Liz closed the door and they made their way up the stairs.

LaLa, Max and Michael stood at the door waiting for Liz and Maria. The door was locked and they couldn’t get in.

“Hey, why don’t I go see what’s taking so long,” Max said leaving Michael at the door with LaLa.

“Oh we forgot the keys,” Liz paused. “Go ahead up and I’ll run and get them,” Liz told Maria.

Maria walked up the stairs and ran into Max coming down the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” she looked up at him startled.

“Nothing, I was checking to see what was taking you guys so long. Where’s Liz?” Max said looking pass Maria.

“Oh we forgot the keys, she went back to get them,” Maria pointed her thumb over her shoulder towards their apartment.

“Oh,” Max said timidly. He stood there with his hands in his pockets whistling looking around.

Maria knew what he was waiting for. “You can go wait for her if you want,” Maria said.

Without hesitation Max whipped pass Maria down the rest of the stairs back to the apartment.

Maria smiled and strolled up the stairs. She saw Michael and LaLa standing by the door but they didn’t see her. Michael was kneeling in front of LaLa playing patty cake.

“Mommy,” LaLa shouted when she noticed Maria over Michael’s shoulder.

Michael stood up and turned around.

Maria sauntered down the hall towards them almost seductively, her hips swaying from side to side with a very mischievous expression on her face.

Michael felt his groan tighten in his pants, ‘don’t get hard, don’t get hard, please’ Michael chanted to himself over and over in a low voice. He turned to face the door to keep her from noticing his more than obvious arousal. ‘Please go down, go down damn it’ he grumbled looking down at his nearly erect penis.

“Who you talking too Mista Michael,” LaLa looked up at Michael’s face like he had an eye in the middle of his head.

“W-what?” Michael stuttered not noticing the little girl looking right at him.

“Hey sweetie,” Maria walked up to them standing behind LaLa with her hands on her shoulders. Michael was still facing the door. “Is something wrong Michael?” Maria asked already knowing the answer trying to conceal her laughter.

“N-nothing. I’m fine. Why?” Michael said only turning his head to look at Maria.

“Well you look a little tense,” Maria said still trying to mask her amusement.


“Liz?” Max said holding the doorknob peeking his head inside the slightly ajar door.

Liz didn’t here him call her name. She gripped the knob opening the door forcefully. The door flew open causing Max to slam into the door hitting his head.

“Ahhh!!!!” Liz jumped. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry” Liz said with her hand over her mouth.

“That’s ok,” Max said rubbing his forehead. “Sorry I scared you."

“Oh God does it hurt, here let me help you,” Liz said grabbing his hand leading him to the bathroom.

Max rubbed his head with his other hand loving the sensation and dampness of Liz’s hand wrapped around his wrist pulling him.

When they got in the bathroom Max sat down on the toilet seat watching as Liz went through the cabinets pulling out band-aids and peroxide.

“Oh god it’s bleeding,” Liz said saturating some cotton with the peroxide and lightly dabbing the scar on Max’s head.

Liz inched herself in between Max’s legs. Her breasts were at his eye level. Max had to rest his hands firmly on his knees to keep himself from doing what he so wanted to do. Which was kiss and suck the firm sweet mounds directly in front of his face.

Liz felt Max’s temperature rise. She glanced down at how Max’s hands were planted on his knees. She knew what she was doing to him and smirked to herself at her power.

Liz purposely eased herself in closer to him when she reached for the band-aid on the sink.

Max didn’t know how much more of this torture he could take.

“What happened?” Maria asked, her Michael and LaLa appearing in the doorway. Max blinked and swallowed hard, grateful for whoever’s mouth those words descended from.

“Max bumped his head,” Liz said looking at Maria. Maria looked at Liz with a sly grin knowing what she was doing. Liz smiled back and nudged her head towards Michael and Maria gave her an approving grin.

“There. All done,” Liz threw the band-aid wrapping in the garbage and backed away from Max.

“You guys ready to see the apartment now?" Maria asked.

Max looked at Michael with a pleading look. He couldn’t take it anymore. Being in the presence of this beautiful, seductive, sweet woman was making him sweat like a hooker in church.

“That’s ok, if it looks anything like this place, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Michael said sensing Max’s anxiety.

“Good,” Maria exclaimed.

They were all back in the living room. “When do you guys want to move in?”

“Soon as possible, my sister is driving us nuts. That’s where we’ve been staying."

“How about this Saturday?” Liz asked looking at Maria for assurance.

“Perfect,” Michael said.

“Well since Saturday is the 14, we’ll prorate your rent for this month. Rent is due between the 1st and 5th of the month and we take cash, or money orders,” Liz ran it down to them.

Max looked at Michael and they both nodded. “Fine with us.”

“Great. Then we’ll see you gentleman on Saturday?” Maria smiled.

“Will due,” Max and Michael said at the same time.

“It was nice meeting you LaLa,” Michael said bending down to LaLa’s eye level. “I look forward to us watching cartoons together."

“Mista Michael loves cawtoons ma mama,” LaLa said yanking on Maria’s dress looking up at her.

“Great, then I shouldn’t have a hard time getting him to baby-sit you,” Maria implied.

'Baby-sit so she can do what' Michael thought to himself. He smiled and kissed LaLa on the cheek.

“I’ll see you Saturday LaLa,” Max said to her and then looked up at Liz.

“Bye Mista Max, bye Mista Michael,” LaLa laughed and waved hugging Maria’s waist.

Max opened the door and him and Michael walked out, both smiling at the ladies.

Liz and Maria closed the door and leaned against it sighing.

“We have to have a move in party,” Liz said.

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