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"Taking A Step Back"
Part 42
by Mary N.
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Alex and Michael are chatting in the car on the way to the house. They had agreed earlier in the week to stay out there just in case Topolski decided to make and early appearance. Michael glances over at the stuff Alex has in the back seat. "Alex how did you get into computers and stuff?"

"My dad actually, but don't tell him though, he hates that I'm not following in his footsteps. As far back as I can remember he's been taking me to see James Bond movies. He liked all of the action, me, I liked all the neat gadgets. You know the exploding toothpaste, the car that turned into a boat, the ejection seat, that gun that required had a personal signature where only one person could make it work. There were so many different things. I figured without them James Bond was nothing. He probably would have been died without all the inventions Q came up with."

Alex turns onto the dirt road that leads to the house. He slows his speed not wanting to stir up too much dirt, just incase Topolski or someone else might be lurking in the area. "Then one day my dad brought home this new computer, which he couldn't figure out even if his life depended on it. I ended up figuring it out and showing him how it work the thing. I loved it, I found the whole thing fascinating and every since I've done whatever I could to learn more."

"If everything you brought works out in our favor the way, James Bonds stuff does, I think I'll have a new nickname for you."

They pull up in front of the house, everything looks quiet enough, so they unloaded their gear from the car. Michael offers to park the car else where while Alex starts to work on installing the equipment he brought with him. He thoroughly enjoys working with technical equipment, so he is happily working in the study installing a second monitor and a VCR to the already existing monitoring system when Michael returns. "How's it going Q?" Asks Michael.

Alex looks up at Michael with a smirk on his face. "I'll be finished with this in a moment. I take it you found a place to hide my car."

"Sure did, and I think we can hide Kyle's car and Max's jeep there as well."

"Do I have to guess where, or are you going to tell me?"

"I hide it under the overhang we saw on those small cliffs the other day. It's not perfect, but it will work and it's not too far if we have to get out quickly, I was thinking we could pick up some canopies sometime to cover them the rest of the way."


Robert is sitting in his yellow Lexus RX when Tommy is dropped of at the Sheriff's Station at 5:00 a.m. as requested. As Tommy approaches his vehicle Robert notices that Tommy has dark circles under his eyes, evidence that Tommy didn't get much sleep last night. Imagines of Tommy's face during his dream surface in Robert's mind forcing him to look away from Tommy, because he can't hide the desire to laugh even though he refrains from laughing out loud.

After gaining his composure once again Robert tells Tommy, "Put your gear in the back and lets go." Robert watches Tommy as he slowly walks to the back hatch and opens it, then throws his bag in. He continues to watch as Tommy stands there staring at the bag as if trying to decide something. After a few minutes pass Robert brakes into Tommy's trance, "Well, are you going to close the hatch and get in, or are you planning on standing there all day?"

Tommy looks up at Robert with a cold glare in his eyes and closes the hatch, before leisurely walking to the side of the utility vehicle and climbing into the front passenger seat.

Robert figures Tommy must have been extremely tired, because within the first ten minutes of the trip Tommy was sound asleep. Unfortunately for Tommy another restless dream invades his sleep. He tosses and turns almost frantically until he sits up abruptly and screams, "No!"

He looks around assessing where he is and catches a look of what he reads as amusement on Robert's face and quickly turns to look the other way and watches the scenery pass by.

In truth, Robert was a bit amused by the way Tommy woke up, but more so he was sympathetic. He knows that Tommy's dreams will continue to get worse as they progress until they remove the self image of Tommy as a woman from his mind. He decides that tonight he will have to monitor the dreams to make sure they don't become too severe.

Robert almost felt sorry for Tommy, key word being, almost. This weekend is meant to be tough on Tommy, so that it makes a lasting impression on him. Hopefully when it's all over, he'll be a better and happier person than he would be if he was allowed to continue down the path he is currently on.

Once they reach the training grounds, Robert breaks the silence, "Leave your bag where it is. You aren't going to need it." They both climb out of Robert's vehicle and walk the distance to where his team is standing. As soon as his team sees Robert approaching, they fall in line and salute.

Robert wastes no time moving forward with the activities of the day. "At ease, men." He calls before walking over to a man dressed in camouflage fatigues, and shakes his hand. They talk for a moment then walk back over to where Tommy is standing. "Mr. Dooley, this is Drill Sgt. Hanson. You will do whatever he says, when he says it. Do I make myself clear?!"

Tommy looks at Robert like he's crazy. He may have to be here, but he has no intentions of cooperating in any why, shape, or form. Tommy stands there, tilts his head to the side with a look that says, try and make me.

Robert grabs Tommy by the collar. "Did your father tell you not to tell these guys why you are here? Well, did he?!"

"Yeah, so what. He said you promised not to tell them either. Besides most of them are guys, and they know how it is." Tommy retorts with a chip on his shoulder.

Robert gets an evil gleam in his eyes, and gets right in Tommy's face. "I lied. If you don't do as Drill Sgt. Hanson tells you, I will tell them. You don't think that's a big deal. Well let me clarify something for you. Most of these men and women have known Sandie since before she could walk. Some of them know her better than they know some of their own families, and they do care what happens to her. If you are as stupid as your acting, you'll find out what they do to people that hurt the ones they care about. Do I make myself clear?"

"You're just trying to scare me. I know they can't hurt me, you can't hurt me. If you do, my dad will sue you and everyone connected to you."

"Trying to scare you? (Sorry I don't like cuss words but it was needed here.) Dam straight, and if you aren't scared yet, you are dumber than you look. Don't you realize that was my daughter, my only child you were messing with? Take a good look around you Mr. Dooley, You are in the middle of no where with me, and my team. We may not be able to kill you Mr. Dooley, but have you ever heard the phrase, "You would be surprised what you can live through?" You are looking at the best of the best at doing just that, causing excruciating pain. They have made men tougher then you will ever be cry for mercy. Now, lose the attitude or I'll turn you over to them faster than you could drop to your knees and beg for mercy." Robert tilts his head in the direction of his team and raises his eye brows, as if hoping that Tommy will say something, anything to give him reason to follow through with his threat.

Tommy swallows hard and nods his head in understanding. "I can't hear you Mr. Dooley."

"Yes, I understand."

"The proper response is, yes sir."

Tommy in a normal voice answers, "Yes sir."

"I can't hear you!"

A little louder, but not by much. "Yes sir."

"I still can't hear you!"

"YES SIR!" Tommy finally yells.

Robert turns to Hanson and takes the clothes he's caring in his hands. He hands them to Tommy. "Put these on."

"Yes sir." Tommy looks around for a place to change, and finally asks, "Where?"

Without a twitch, Robert answers, "Right where you are."

Tommy looks over at Robert's team and then back at Robert. "In front of them?"

"What's the problem? You think you have something they haven't seen before?"

"Yes sir, I mean, no sir."

"Then do it! They don't want to waste their time waiting on you." Robert turns over to his team leaving Tommy with Drill Sgt. Hanson. Tommy stands there for a moment absorbing Robert's order and the warning he gave him. He changes, but he's still acting reluctant, it doesn't last long however, because Drill Sgt. Hanson gets on his case and it doesn't take too long .

While waiting on Tommy, Robert moves closer to his team. On of officers asks, "Col. Gates. Sir, may I ask a question Sir."

"I think everyone is wondering the same thing as you are." Robert smiles at the guy and motions for him to step back. While Tommy is still changing, Col. Robert Gates addresses his team. "This weekend, both today and tomorrow, we will be accompanied until eleven hundred hours by Mr. Dooley and Drill Sgt. Hanson. During that time you are to show Drill Sgt. Hanson the upmost respect. As to Mr. Dooley, you are to treat him as you would treat any new recruit assigned to our team. Why he is here, is of a personal matter. I do not want you to ask any questions concerning that purpose. I assure you, it has no barring on any of you. Is this clear?"

In unison they all answer, "Yes sir."

"Glad to hear it. Now, lets get to work."

******************************* Isabel is pushing a grocery cart through the grocery store. Kyle is walking in front of the cart putting anything that looks good or sounds good to him into the cart, while Sandie follows behind him putting things back. After a while of this, Isabel starts to laugh.

Kyle and Sandie both look at her and ask in unison, "What's so funny?"

"You two, it's like watching a mother with her five-year-old. Kyle puts it in the cart, and Sandie takes it back out. Kyle I swear if we bought everything you've put in the cart we'd be spending a fortune."


Kyle, Sandie, and Isabel arrive at the house at 9:30 sharp. They enter the house each carrying in bags of food they picked up at the store. They each place the bags they're carrying on the kitchen cabinet. The girls start to unpack the bags and put the food away.

"I'm going to go find Michael and Alex and get them to help me carry in the gear. I still can't believe you needed three suit cases for two days Isabel. What did you pack anyway?"

"That's for me to know, and you not to worry about." Answers Isabel with a wide smile on her face.

Kyle leaves the kitchen shaking his head and goes to search for Alex and Michael. He figures the best place to start is upstairs, thinking they arrived here so late last night, and that they are probably still sleeping. He checks all of the rooms, but they weren't in any of them, then decided to search the main floor starting with the study. That's as far as he had to go. Alex is asleep on top of his sleeping bag on the floor in front of the monitoring screens. Michael is asleep in the chair with his feet propped up on the desk.

Michael heard the door open, he opens his eyes just enough to see who's there. After recognizing that it's Kyle he closes his eyes again and says, "Morning Kyle, what time is it?"

Kyle glances at his watch as Isabel and Sandie enter the room. "9:35 in the morning"

Opening his eyes, Michael yawns and stretches in the chair. "Alex said something about you picking breakfast up for us."

"It's in the kitchen." Informs Isabel.

Michael waists no time getting out of the chair and out of the room. Kyle and Sandie follow him. Michael makes a slight detour to the restroom, while the other two head to the kitchen. Isabel sits down next to Alex on the floor with her legs tucked to the side. She pushes his hair away from his face and kisses him tenderly on the check. "Hey sleepy head, time to wake-up."

Hearing Isabel's voice penetrating into his sleepy haze; Alex's lips curl up into a blissful smile. Then he feels her lips pressed against his. He opens his eyes and is greeted by the sight of Isabel smiling radiantly down at him. He returns a smile, "Now that's the way I'd like to wake up every morning."

"I'm glad you liked it." She leans in for another kiss, and Alex pulls her down beside him. They are still kissing when Kyle enters the room. He clears his throat to get their attention. He ends up having to do it again. The second time he does it louder, because they are so entranced with each other they didn't hear him. This time he got their attention, and notices their color is a little pinker than normal. Kyle figures it's no big deal, it's not like he caught them undressing each other or anything. "If you two are hungry, I'd advise you to come get something to eat before Michael eats it all."

After breakfast Michael offers to help Kyle finishing unloading his car and shows him where to park it. Sandie cleans up in the kitchen while Alex and Isabel finish installing the items Alex brought with him. They consist of an alarm he put together himself. They set it up to sound in two places when the front door opens. One outside the bedrooms on the balcony overlooking the living room and the other in the study. They also hid a video camera in the living room.

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