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"Taking A Step Back"
Part 41
by Mary N.
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Sandie and Kyle see several events from each others lives and as they do, they feel what the other was feeling at that time in their life.

The events in Kyle's life that Sandie sees: **FLASH** Kyle crossing the home plate after hitting his first home run in little league. He looks over at the stands and sees his parents cheering him on, they look happy together for the first time in what seemed like a long time. Seeing how proud and happy his parents look, sends a feeling of warmth through him. He wonders if by being good at sports, his parent will be happier with him, and not argue so much.

**FLASH** The day Kyle's mother left, he laying on his bed with his face buried in his pillow to muffle the sound of him crying. He is devastation and blames himself for her leaving. He tells himself, "If I was a better son, she wouldn't have left me."

**FLASH** Kyle is really excited, he won the Statewide Rifle Competition. For the first time he can ever remember he did something for himself, and not to please someone else. He was thankful to Liz for helping him see he had to start living for himself, not for what he thought would make his father proud of him.

**FLASH** The first day Kyle and Sandie met in the quad and he really looked at her as she sat next to him. He thought she was cute, but it was her eyes, her deep ocean blue eyes that caught his attention. They seemed so familiar and yet they seem to hold so many mysteries.

**FLASH** The day at the Mall, when Liz, Maria, and Isabel stepped aside to reveal Sandie's new look. Kyle couldn't believe the change in her, she wasn't just cute, she was beautiful. The way the lights made her shoulder length light brown hair shine, the way her olive skin complection seemed to glow as her perfectly shaped lips curled into a radiant smile that spread to her deep ocean blue eyes. He was captivated once again by her eyes, the way they shimmered when she smiled.

**FLASH** Their first date, Kyle felt so comfortable being himself with Sandie. It was as if they had known each other all of their lives, and for the first time he felt truly excepted for whom he was, not for the image he portrayed or because he was good at sports. He had never even felt this comfortable the whole time he dated Liz. The connection he felt with Sandie was more real, not fleeting. Sandie could feel how much he wanted to kiss that night as he dropped her off.

**FLASH** Kyle asking Sandie to walk him to his car after everyone else left her house the night of their show down with Mr. Woods. The whole evening he couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to kiss her. He is nervous as he takes her hand in his, but the nervousness disappeared when he felt the sparks as their hands met, he was sure that Sandie felt them too. He almost commented about the sparks, but instead felt that a kiss could say what he was feeling better than words ever could. Feeling her lips pressed against his was magical and he never wanted the feeling to end.

The events from Sandie's life that Kyle sees:

**FLASH** Sandie playing dress-up with Liz when she was four. They both modeled some of her grandmothers old dresses for her Grandmother and mother.

**FLASH** Sandie smiling down at her father as he swings her around in the air above his head. They were celebrating the first time she successfully created a shield around herself at age seven.

**FLASH** Sandie sitting by herself in a small table in an unfamiliar lunch room. He felt her loneliness as she watches the other kids laughing and talking amongst themselves, and he knew she just wanted to be included. He could feel her longing to belong, to be excepted even if it meant only for whom she was and not what she was.

**FLASH** Sandie dressed in a formal gown age 12. She is searching someone's desk for some documents. A man startles her when he walks in and catches her off guard. Kyle felt her fear and a surge of power leave her body, and then he felt her overwhelming fear of her secret being exposed and the horror she felt when she thought she killed the man. He also saw her mother enter, and check the man. That's when she felt relief as her mother told her she just stunned him.

**FLASH** He felt her surprise the day he defended her against Tommy, her first day of school at Roswell High. As well as her nervousness and excitement that Liz had invited her to join them for lunch.

**FLASH** Sandie completely and totally happy she is as Isabel, Liz, and Maria pamper her. They helped her pick out some new clothes, and showed her how to apply the make-up they helped her pick out. She is especially overwhelmed by his reaction to her new look and blurted out, "Wow!", and then when their friends turned to look at him, he said, "So, she looks great!" She couldn't believe he actually said she looks great.

**FLASH** The moment at Max's house when she realized, Max was like her, and that she wasn't the only one that kept this secret about her families origin. He felt her hope as she dared to believe for once in her life she could share who she really was without fear of rejection, and be accepted not only for whom she was like she had always dreamed, but for what she was as well.

**FLASH** She was so happy as he drove her home after their first date, they had so much fun just hanging out and getting to know each other. He felt how much she wanted for him to kiss her, but that changed quickly when the subject of her father and grandfather's military careers became the subject of conversation. She feared him asking the same questions everyone asked, and her having to tell him the same lies she always had to tell.

**FLASH** Sandie is nervous as she walks Kyle out to his car the night the group finally accepted her. She was sure he only wanted to make sure she didn't read too much into him holding her earlier in the evening when she'd been scared. She thrilled when he reaches for her hand and she felt this spark between them, and then he kissed her. It was her first real kiss and it was magical, she can't believe how great his lips on hers feels. Then her parents came to the door, Kyle could feel how disappointed she was that they had and that he pulled back.

End of Flashes *******

Robert and Alisha felt Sandie's intense emotions and knew their daughter and Kyle had reached the next level of their relationship. No long would there be an option for them to turn away from one other. Kyle and Sandie would soon become one and her connection to Kyle would be complete.

As happy as they are for Sandie, and for Kyle, they can't help feeling a sense of lose. Alisha clings to Robert with tears streaming down her cheeks. "She's growing up Robert. Our little girl is growing up so quickly."

Robert holds Alisha close resting her head against his shoulder, and rocks her while stroking her long blonde hair. "Shhhh, this is what we've always wanted for her, what she's always wanted for herself. She has friends that except her, and care about her. Alisha, she's found someone who loves her as much as anyone can truly love another, and she feels the same way about him."

Alisha lifts her head from Robert's shoulder, and looks him straight in the eye. "What happens next? She's still so young."

A small smile creeps across Robert face. "So where you."

"I didn't feel that young."

"I know you didn't, and I'm sure she doesn't either."

"Robert, I think we should ask Max and Liz about the ritual they went through. Max said his father led them through it. We should now how to do that for Sandie and Kyle. Right?"

Robert smiles at Alisha before kissing her on the forehead. He knows how close Alisha and Sandie are, and how much this lose of connection is going to hurt his loving wife. He knows all to well, because he is experiencing it himself. The link that he has shared with Sandie has allowed him to be there for her, with her at all of the important events in her life. Even when he couldn't be there in person he was still with her. Now, both Alisha and he are worried that will no longer be the case. While holding his wife he appreciates her attempt at being brave, and that she again puts Sandie's feelings above her own. He feels the need to offer encouraging words to help them both through the inevitable change. "She will still be linked to us, you know that in your heart. We will always be linked. It will just be different now, better, you'll see. Sandie still needs us as her parents, and as her friends. That will never change. She's just reached a new level. Think in a few years, maybe she'll have a few little ones running around, she will definitely need our help then."

***************** Alex and Isabel are sitting in his car outside of her house. "Tonight was so much fun Alex. Can you believe how close we've all gotten in the last few weeks?"

"I know, it seems unbelievable, it's like we've known each other all of our lives. It sure makes things more interesting, you know."

Isabel kisses Alex passionately on the lips. Eventually they stop to regain the oxygen their bodies have been crying. Isabel licks her lips tasting the taste of Alex that still lingering on them. "I've been wanting to do that all night." She admits with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Only tonight?" Alex asks playfully with a puppy dog look, "I've been thinking about getting you alone every since the day Michael and Max caught us on the couch at the house."

Isabel tries to act shocked when she cries out, "Alex! What kind of girl do you think I am?" However the truth is she's been thinking about it too. They're still sharing their dreams, but they've both realized, as did Max and Liz, that the real thing surpasses the dream.

"Isabel, I know what kind of girl you are. I know what you dream about at night, so, don't think you're going to pull my leg. Now are you coming closer to me of am I moving closer to you?"

Isabel finally gives in and smiles wildly. "I like it when we meet in the middle." They kiss hungrily, Alex glides his tongue over Isabel's lips, beaconing for her to open them that he might explore her mouth with the same love he wants to explore her body. Unexpectedly Alex pulls back, "Is, I almost forgot, Michael is waiting on me at Maria's. I wish I could stay Isabel. You know I do, but unfortunately it's time for me to go. We have some work to do tonight before we can get some sleep."

Isabel leans over and kisses Alex sweetly. "You know there will be no running away from me tomorrow Alex Whitman." They share a knowing smile. "Get going, you two be careful out there, and don't get too comfortable. I want to find you in one piece when I arrive in the morning."

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of myself, and besides I'm in good hands. Michael's come a long way in the area of control."

"We all have. I'll see you in the morning, and don't worry about breakfast. I'll make sure we pick you guys something on the way." They share one more sweet kiss before Isabel steps out of the car. Alex waits for her to enter the house safely and then heads to Maria's to pick up Michael.


Liz and Max are sitting on her bed silently communicating while enjoying the feeling of resting in each others arms. *I'm sorry things worked out the way they did tonight. My mother is just being. . . . *

*Your mom. I know if I had a daughter as beautiful as you are, I would probably be acting the same way she is. Don't worry about it Liz. We will have plenty of time to be together. Tomorrow night for example. I better get going, before your mother comes barging in. I see you tonight in our dream.*

*As much as I enjoy our dreams together, I still sleep better when you're here with me.*

* I know Liz, me too. One day, not too far in the future, they won't be able to keep me from your bed. Until then sweety, don't let it get you down.*

Liz places one hand on Max's check and kisses the other check. *What did I ever do to deserve you?*

*You have that all wrong, I'm the one that's been given the greatest gift. I really don't deserve you.* Max stands up and helps Liz to her feet. He hands her, her smaller bag, and grabs the handle on her larger bag. He takes hold of her free hand and together they walk to the front door. Nancy is sitting on the couch in the living room. She looks up and watches as the couple walks to the door. It is obvious to her as she watches them that they are very close. She worries that they are too close.

Max opens the door, takes the bag from Liz's hand, kisses her tenderly on the lips and steps out the door, and smiles at her while sending her a mental message. *Tomorrow I won't be leaving your side all night.*

In the last few days that Max and Liz have been hearing each others thoughts they have grown more accustomed to hearing them, and not so overwhelmed. They are still have to work on learning to control them, because they still can't keep each from hearing them, and it's still getting them into trouble at times. However, they are completely enjoying the feeling of togetherness that comes with knowing exactly what the other is thinking.

Liz makes her way back to her room without saying a word to her mother, and lays back on her bed. *Max, tomorrow my love, I won't leave your side either.*

*I'll hold you to that Liz.*

Liz is still shocked by the distance they are able to hear each other. She sits straight up in her bed and stares out the window. Her mind drifts into a different direction. *I wonder how long it will be until Maria and Michael start to hear each others thoughts? Or will they at all? If they do shouldn't it start either tomorrow or Sunday? That could be crazy if it happens Sunday.*

*Liz, stop worrying about them. If it's meant to happen, it will happen for them in its own time.*

*Max, how far away are you? *

*Not too far yet, I'm at the corner getting ready to turn.*

*That far? How far do you think we can communicate like this?*

*Lets run an experiment and find out.*

*You mean keep sending messages, and see when we can't hear each other anymore?*

*Why not? I can't think of anyone I would rather spend my trip home with.*

*Only if you promise to keep me posted on where you are.*

Max and Liz lost the connection about that time. Max figured it was about a mile and a quarter away from Liz's house. It wasn't as far as he had hoped, but it's obvious that the distance from which they can hear each others thoughts is growing. Now that he thinks about it, they aren't as distracted by hearing each others thoughts as they had been Tuesday at school.


As Alex arrives at Maria's, he watches Michael and Maria sitting out on her front porch talking. They both turn and look in his direction as his head lights hit them. Michael stands up still holding her hands. Alex watches as Michael leans in and kisses her good bye, and then he walks over to the Jetta, and pulls his gear from the trunk.

Alex leans over and opens the door for Michael who throws his stuff in the back seat. As he did so he noticed all the stuff Alex already had back there. "What gives Alex? It looks like you're moving in."

"Huh?" Alex glances over his shoulder. "Something like that. Actually there isn't that much, just my monitor and few electronic toys I had at home. I thought they might come in handy." He waves good bye to Maria as she heads to the door of her house, and then turns back to Michael. "So, you ready to go?"

Michael watches Maria as she stands in the doorway watching them. He really doesn't want to leave her. *I am going to miss you tonight, Maria.*

*Michael? *

*You heard me? *

Maria smiles and bites her lower lip. *Yeah, I heard you. I finally heard you, and I'll miss you tonight too.*

Michael smiles and nods his head ever so slightly, he turns to Alex and with a hint of humor he sticks his nose in the air and speaks in an arrogant manner. "To the house James."

Alex responded with a smile. "A chauffeur it is, Sir. To the house!" ***

Sandie, Alisha, and Robert are sitting in their family room holding hands and concentrating on a photo of Tommy that Kyle gave to Sandie. It doesn't take them long and they are in his dream.

Tommy's dream isn't really different from any typical teen age boy. He's dreaming he is the attention of a large group of women all trying to gain his attention.

They already have everything planned out. While Robert and Alisha stayed in the back ground, Sandie goes into action. She changes her appearance with a wave of her hand. She is wearing an elegant black evening gown with spaghetti straps, and a sheer shawl draped around her back and over her arms. Her hair is up in a loose bun, with small ringlets framing her face.

Now it's time to get Tommy's attention. She calls Tommy by name, and waits for him to look in her direction. When she's sure his is she licks her lips and smiles seductively. She then runs her hands slowly up her hips, stomach, over her breasts, and then back down drawing his attention to her body in a way suggesting things to come. She hears Tommy groan, and knows she had his full attention.

As he walks out of the circle of women, they disappeared. Now all Sandie has to do is get him to relinquish control of the dream. She figured that's not going to be as easy, because he's seems to like being in control. She beckons Tommy to come toward her by raising her hand and slowly drawing her index finger to and fro while maintaining eye contact.

Sandie cringed inside as Tommy moved toward her, and she hears him say, "I knew you wanted me." In her own mind she thinks. *Yeah right, like a dog wants flees.* On the outside she forced herself to keep a smile on her face as she takes a few steps closer to him. "I have a surprise for you," she declares in a seductive voice.

Tommy looks at her curiously. "A surprise, what kind of surprise?"

She strolls around him running her hand over his shoulders and across his chest. She circles once and then stops directly in front of him. "You have to close your eyes first, and promise to leave them closed until I tell you to open them."

Tommy squinted his eyes, trying to decide if he should trust her. He looks her up and down taking in her appearance. He razes his eye brow and lets a slim smile cross his lips.

Sandie can tell he's thinking about it, and thinks to herself, *Maybe this isn't going to be as hard as I thought it was going to be.* All she has to do now is get him to give in, and it's obvious that he's already thinking about doing just that. She leans in close to his ear and whispers. "Don't tell me you don't like surprises." Sandie then trails her fingers down his chest. "I promise this will be a surprise you will never forget."

"Never forget?" Tommy look of temptation increases, his eyes glaze over and he nods his head.

For the finishing touch, Sandie she whispers drawing her words out slowly, "Good, now close your eyes, and don't peek. I want this surprise to be perfect."

Tommy closes his eyes and Sandie waves her mother and father forward. Alisha quickly holds her hands to the side of Tommy's head without touching him. She then draws her hands down his body and changes his "in dream" appearance. He now appears as a beautiful women with all of the right curves in all of the right places.

Robert at the same time creates the image of three men in their early twenties, and places them around Tommy blocking his escape if he attempts to make one. Alisha, Sandie, and Robert slip back into the shadows to watch this scenario unfold.

(Since the guys are only imaginary were going to call them guy-one, guy-two, and what else but guy-three.)

Guy-one says, "Hey there sweety, do you ever look good to me."

Tommy's eyes shoot open at the sound of guy-one's deep voice. He looked around puzzled, trying to figure out were Sandie disappeared to and asks out loud, "Were did Sandie go?"

Guy-two says, "Forget your friend sexy lady, and lets go find ourselves some privacy. He reaches out to wrap his arm around Tommy's shoulders.

Tommy pushes the guys arm away, and goes to slug the guy. Guy-two catches his fist in his hand and wraps his arm around Tommy's back. "Now why would you do that? I know you want me, why are you playing hard to get?"

Tommy looks at the guy like he's crazy. "What the @#!%$#@! are you taking about? What gives you the impression that I'm into guys?"

Guy-three answers, "Look at you, of course any beautiful women like you wouldn't be happy with another women. Come on, stop acting like this. We just want to have some fun. We'll make you the happiest woman alive. What girl wouldn't want one of us, or all of us for that matter."

It finally sinks in that they keep referring to him as a women, and for the first time Tommy looks down at himself and what he/she is wearing. He/she is wearing a mid-thigh length black cotton skirt with a white floral printed v-neck halter top. What surprises him the most is he has breast. "@#!$@#$!##@!$$!!#$@$!#$@$#. This isn't happening, this isn't happening, oh @%$!#$#@ what's happening?"

Tommy wakes up in a cold sweat, the first thing he does is check beneath his blanket to make sure that it was just a dream and that he has the right equipment.

The Gates family all sit up in their family room and burst into laughter. When things calm down Sandie asks, "Are we going to do it again? That was so funny."

"We don't have to, every time he goes to sleep he'll dream he's a women. At least until I go back in and reverse his "in dream" image I planted in his mind." confesses Alisha.

"Mom, you didn't?"

"I sure did, I figured that way we wouldn't have to stay up doing this over and over again all night."

They all start laughing again and end up holding their stomachs because they hurts so much from laughing so hard.

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