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"Summer Loving"
Part 2
by Jennifer007
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The next day starts early, everyone gets up when thier supposed to, except Tess who wants to sleep still. Liz and Maria leave while Isabel is left to try to wake her up. Liz and Maria make thier way down to the mess hall, and Alex, Max, and Michael are already there.

"Where's Isabel?" Alex asks.

"She's trying to wake her royal highness up." Maria says while rolling her eyes.

Liz looks at Max and smiles and he smiles back, they came to an understanding last night, and while thier not toghether they both know that at least they can be friends.

Just as the others are getting their breakfast Isabel walks up with Tess following her, and Isabel does not look happy.

Michael goes to ask her what happened and Isabel just glares at him and tells him to shut up.

She gets her food and sits down next to Alex.

"What's wrong?" He whispers to her.

She shakes her head, "I'll tell you later."


As they sit there eating Anthony comes up to them, "Do you have room for one more?"

He's standing right behind Liz as he says this and she looks up at him, "Sure."

He puts his tray down next to hers and sits down. They all sit there eating and kind of talking.

Nina the head counselor walks up to them as they are finishing their breakfast.

"As soon as your finished meet me down by the lake, were going to go over some stuff, and then after an hour has passed I'm going to have you get your swimsuits on and I'm going to see how well all of you can swim."

The teenagers all nod thier heads, and when they finish they go down by the lake.

They stand around waiting for Nina to start talking and Liz looks up at Anthony he's smiling at her and she has to admit that he is extremely cute, and he seems really nice.

As she listens to Nina, she's telling them that thier going to do some roll playing.

Nina has Michael and Maria come up in front of the group to go first. She wants Michael to be the counselor and Maria is going to be a 7 year old who is trying to talk him into staying up late and eating candy. Everyone laughs at this, because this is a perfect situation for Michael and Maria to deal with.

"Could this be any lamer?" Michael asks.

"Come on Michael, at least this way you can be the mature one for once." Maria tells him. Michael glares at her.

Maria launches into her roll with a vengeance.

"Please can I stay up late Michael!?!"

Michael rolls his eyes and just says what he thinks Maria would. "Sorry, it's time for bed."

Maria crosses her arms in front of her and pouts, "But I don't want to, I want to stay up late and gorge myself on candy, let's do that."

"You can't pig out on candy, you'll get hyper."

"You can't tell me what to do."

"Oh yes I can."

"Nu uhh." Maria says just like a child.

"Yes I can, and I'm telling you that you have to go to bed right now!"

"I'm not going to and you can't make me you cocka doody head."

Nina steps in, "Okay, I can see that Michael and Maria need some work on this a bit, I need two of you to come up here and show how you should deal with a child that is being difficult. She looks at the teenagers and points, "Max...and..." She looks at them some more, "And Liz, would you two come up front and show us how you would handle it?"

Tess grabs Max's hand, "Nina, can't Max and I do the scene?"

Isabel rolls her eyes at this and Alex is reminded to ask her what's up.

"It's just a small skit, there's no need to make changes, Max Liz?" Nina says.

Max and Liz walk up and stand there.

"Okay Liz, your the child, and Max your the counselor."

Liz looks at Max and he smiles, "Okay." Liz laughs and then starts to speak like a child.

"Please can't I stay up just another hour?"

Max shakes his head, "I'm sorry, but if you stay up late, then all your friends are going to be playing tomorrow and your going to be tired. You don't want that do you? Don't you want to get up and go swimming and do a project?"

Liz nods her head, "Yes."

"Okay then the quicker you fall to sleep then the quicker you can get up and play tomorrow, and I'll even read you a story before you go to bed, okay?" Max tells her.

Liz smiles, "A story, oh goody!"

Nina walks up, "See now that was good, you solved the problem and got the child to see that going to sleep had it's rewards."

Max and Liz walk back to the others and Liz hears Tess say mockingly, "OH Goody!"

Max gives her a look and Liz just shakes her head.

Nina looks at her watch, "Well why don't you all get your swimsuits on and don't forget the sunblock, by the time you get ready you can go into the water and we'll do some excercises.

The gang walks back to the cabins, and Alex pulls Isabel behind so they can talk.

"What happened to upset you so much this morning?"

Isabel get's mad all over again. "When Tess got up we were getting ready and she walked over to Liz's things and waved her hand over them and made them stained. I fixed them and then her and I got into it. I told her that she can't keep going around being such a bitch to Liz, and she got mad at me telling me that I need to figure out who's side I'm on. Because she's not like Liz, I mean she thinks that just because she's well you know one of us, that I'm supposed to side with her about everything. And I'm sorry what's wrong is wrong, no matter what."

Alex nods, "I know she's one of you guys and all, but the way she treats Liz, well I don't like her because of that."

They've reached her cabin by then and Isabel smiles down at him from the stairs, "You don't have to like everything I do, it's good that your not one of those guys that no matter what I say you agree with, I'm glad that you have a mind of your own."

She let's go of his hand and walks into her cabin, the girls are all changing and Isabel does so to.

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