FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Summer Loving"
Part 1
by Jennifer007
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The whole gang was on the bus heading to their destination, Camp Blast Off. All of them had signed up to be counselors this year, some of them had signed up at the prodding and threats from others but they had done it to finally shut them up. Liz and Michael were those two people.

Michael wasn't into the whole let's go take care of some kids and make a birdhouse from popsicle sticks thing. And Liz didn't want to go because of Max, she still wasn't over the whole, I feel things for Tess thing.

But Maria had pestered the both of them that they had finally signed up just to get her off thier backs. So here they were all toghether heading up to camp, Max, Tess, Isabel, Alex, Michael, Maria, and Liz. She hated the moments where they were all toghether, she felt like a 5th wheel, well a 7th wheel if you wanted to count, but who was counting. The point is she was the only one without someone and it sucked, big time!

They finally got to camp, and all were surprised when they did. There were no kids running around all over the place. They stood there and were finally noticed by a woman who came over. "Hello my name is Nina, I'm one of the head counselors here, but let me welcome you."

Everyone smiled and nodded their heads at her.

Maria looks around, "Where are all the kids, this is camp right?"

Nina laughs, "Yes this is, but the kids don't get here till Friday, we always give the counselors two days to learn where everything is and learn the ropes so to speak."

Nina looked around and saw lifted a whistle to her mouth blowing on it. Then she cupped her hands and yelled, "ANTHONY!!" A guy over by another bus came up to them and stood next to Nina.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Anthony, these are the new counselors, I was wondering if you could give them the grand tour and show them things?"

He nods his head, "Sure no thing." He looks at the group in front of him and his eyes come to rest on Liz.

She is staring at him to, he has really light blond hair that is cut in a simple buzz cut, and he has torquoise colored eyes, he also has a great tan and a nice body. Nice broad shoulders, and a great chest.

He finally looks away from her and nods at the others, "Grab your stuff I'll show you to your cabins and then show you the rest of the place."

They all gather up their stuff and follow him.

Maria is walking by Liz and smiles at her, "Hmm it seems like you and Anthony were eyeing each other!"

Liz laughs and tries to play it off, "Maria!"

"What? I mean it would be good for you to move on."

Michael has overheard this last remark, "God Maria, quit trying to play matchmaker, Liz is a big girl. She can find her own boyfriend."

Maria stops walking and looks at Michael who stops to, "Hey I'm only trying to help my best friend since yours broke her heart."

"Hey he's free to do what he wants."

The others are up ahead of them, not even paying attention to yet another infamous Michael and Maria fight, "So is Liz!"

Michael rolls his eyes at her.

"Don't roll your eyes at me Guerin, I'm going to make sure that Liz doesn't spend the whole time pining after Mr. I have to see where these feelings lead."

Michael drops his bags and pulls Maria to him kissing her. "That was to get you to shut up."

Maria just giggles and then turns back to start walking. They both hurry to catch up with the others.

The camp isn't really big, the cabins are built to house 4 people, "And none of it is co-ed." Anthony tells them. He points to one cabin marked #3, "Isabel, Tess, Maria, and Liz, are rooming here, and" He points to a cabin a couple down marked as #6 "Alex, Max, and Michael are rooming down there with me. So why don't you girls go put your stuff in your cabin and meet us back out here in 5 minutes for the rest of the tour, you can unpack tonight."

The girls nod and go into their cabin.

There are 4 beds, Liz grabs the one closest to the door, and Maria takes the one next to hers, then Isabel and Tess grab the ones on the other side in that order, Isabel getting the one closest to the door.

The put thier suitcases on the beds and head out, Tess lingers behind saying she has to get something, and when the others leave she switches her suitcase with Liz's she wants the bed closest to the door, and that's all there is to it.

She goes outside and Anthony takes them all around the area, showing them the lake, and where things are. Showing them the cabins and what ages are housed in each cabin. He shows them the dining area, and the nurses station, he shows them where the head counselors sleep.

He tells them about how he's been a counselor here for the last two summers, he's 18. And they are really relaxed about things here, they never have anyone patrolling at night to make sure the older boys and girls are out at night. "It's stupid of them I guess, but it gives the older people here a chance to unwind and talk at night, we never drink or do drugs that's kind of a unwritten code between us for years, but kids are kids and it gives us a chance to be alone with our boyfriends are girlfriends at night."

Maria looks at Michael, "That's good to know." She says while smiling at him. Alex is holding Isabel's hand, and Max has his arm around Tess's shoulders.

He looks at them and it's obvious who's with who, but the one girl is kind of on the outskirts of the group.

"What's your name again?" He asks Liz.

"Oh I'm Liz."

He nods, "So what about you, did you leave your boyfriend at home?"

Liz looks at Max and then looks away quickly, "No, I don't have a boyfriend anymore."

Anthony notices this exchange between her and the guy, "Well whoever let you go is an idiot" he smiles at her, "Oh well his loss is someone else's gain."

That night they were served fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and it was actually good.

Maria laughed, "At least they hired a good cook or this could suck."

They all nod.

And around 9:00 they head off to thier cabins, they have a big couple days ahead of them before the kids get there. Upon entering the cabin Liz goes to her bed and notices that her suitcase isn't on it. She looks around and see's it on Tess's bed.

Tess walks over, "I changed with you, I didn't think you would mind."

Liz looks at her in disbelief, and walks over to her suitcase, Tess starts to open it when Liz puts her suitcase on the bed.

"Yes as a matter of fact I do mind, I picked this bed. And I'm not going to have you putting me somewhere else without my permission, look you stole Max from me fine, but I'm not going to have you steal where I sleep to."

Tess gets her suitcase, "Fine, I didn't think it was such a big deal" she walks back to her bed and looks at Liz, "And as for Max, do you think that I could have stolen him if he didn't want to go?"

Liz looks at the ground with hurt in her eyes, "I'm going to go get some air you guys."

She walks out the door.

Maria is glaring at her and Isabel looks at Tess, "You don't have to be so mean to her, she's really nice if you gave her a chance."

Tess just rolls her eyes and starts unpacking.

Liz has walked down by the lake and she's staring out at the water, the moon is hitting it just right and it looks like diamonds are on the lake.

She hears a noise behind her and turns around.

"Liz?" Max comes into view and looks at her, "I thought that was you, what are you doing out still."

Liz looks at him as he comes up to stand by her, "Well I had a small run in with Tess over the beds, and decided to get some air."

Max looks at her out of the corner of his eye, he knows there's more to it that she's not saying. He takes a deep breath. "Liz I know that things haven't been easy with you about this whole Tess situation, I never wanted to hurt you. And I wish I could take some of the things back, but I can't."

Liz turns to face him and nods, "I know that Max."

Max looks at her and goes on, "I told you that day in the science lab that I wasn't worried about things working out to great, I was worried about hurting you, and I didn't want to do that. But I did, I didn't mean for it all to happen but it did. And well I would love if it was possible for us to be friends again, you know get back some of what we had."

Liz looks in his eyes and she knows it's time, it's time to move on and forgive, "I would like that Max, I mean some of you is better then none at all."

Max smiles at her and holds out his hand, "So were friends again?"

Liz puts her hand in his, "Yeah friends."

Immediately both of them feel that spark, the connection that won't go away. They both pull thier hands away.

"Well I better get back." Liz says.

"Yeah me to, I'll see you toomorow Liz."

Liz is walking off, "Okay, night Max."

"Good night Liz."

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