FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Stronger Than Mine"
Part 1
by Ashleigh Lou
Disclaimer: Me no own.
Summary: Smut! Ain't it grand.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is in response to Carol's challenge: 1) Michael/Maria/Rath in a menage a' trois. 2) Wild weekend at a adult motel (its time for a change of scenery from the apartment) 3) Maria in a lace up corset and a garder belt. 4) Michael & Rath using their powers to mark Maria as their property). 5) Both Michael & Rath taking Maria at the same time, either both in the cunt or one the cunt and the other in the ass. 6) Clamps, Spreader bars, handcuffs/shackles, etc. 7) Michael/Maria/Rath either in a jacuzzi or taking a shower together. 8) Maria finding out several weeks later that shes pregnant. 9) Both Michael & Rath strutting around like a proud peacock claiming to the one who knock her up. 10) Michael/Maria/Rath telling Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle, at the apartment, about the baby news. 11) Michael & Rath claiming Maria as their property in front of the gang.
Maria woke suddenly, in panic. She knew, even in total darkness, that she wasn't in her own bed in her safe, quiet room. "She's waking up," she heard a soft, familiar whisper.

"No shit, Sherlock," a gruffer accent said.

Maria closed her eyes and tried to roll over. She got nowhere, due to the metal circles around her wrist. "This is another one of those dreams," she mumbled. "I thought I was through that stage."

"Get up, bitch," the gruff voice demanded. Maria, insulted, tried to get up. "Hey!" she yelled, suddenly coming to her senses. "What the hell have you done to me? I can't move."

The first voice chuckled, and its owner flipped on the light. "That's the point," Michael told her, smiling in the pale light. He was completely naked.

"Michael? What the fuck? And--" Maria looked over at the second member of their party, who was also naked. "Rath? What the FUCK?" she yelled again. "You bastards! Where am I and what are you doing to me, dammit?"

"That's half the fun, blondie, gettin' ya here. Mindwarp's a bitch, ain't it? And I hear ya already had an affection for nookie motels, so I'm reaquaintin' ya," Rath laughed.

Maria moaned and closed her eyes yet again. Upon re-opening them, she noticed her new apparel -- a lacy, white corset, and garters. "Oh hell," she whispered, "just like the fantasies."

"Yeah, just like the fantasies," Michael whispered into her ears. "After all the times you've been in my bed, getting into your head has been easy." He began to suck on her earlobe, and Maria shivered with pleasure.

"Wait! Don't mess with the property yet, bro," Rath said, and placed his hand on the top of Maria's breast. When he pulled away, there was a glowing handprint there. Using his pointer finger, Rath placed a black "R" in the center of the palm. "All mine now, little girl," he stated.

"Not quite," Michael said, and repeated the process, marking the print with an "M".

"All ours," he told the bound girl, and pulled out a camera.

"No! NO! I refuse," Maria said. "I'll yell."

"What's wrong with yellin'?" Rath laughed. "No one will see these but us, doll," Michael told her. "Just the three of us." He quickly snapped several pictures of the handcuffed Maria.

"Now that business is done, let's undo the bitch," Rath decided, and waved his hand over Maria's corset. It became unlaced immediately and Michael removed it and the garters.

Relieved, Maria sighed. "Remind me never to have any more fantasies -- ever," she told herself, but secretly, she was more than excited.

"Mmmm, naked human!" Rath cackled, and bent his head to one of Maria's feet. She moaned as he ran his tongue between her toes, and grew louder as he began to nibble roughly.

Michael leaned over the squirming girl and took her marked breasts into his hands, massaging them softly. "Does that feel good?" he asked her. All he got was a moan. Laughing, he bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth. He felt her move even more beneath him, and he decided it was time.

Reaching over to the bedside table, he grabbed the two items laying there. As soon as he had placed the first clamp onto her nipple, Maria began to scream in pleasure and pain.

"Oh, I am so enjoyin' this shit," Rath said, moving up to suck on the spot behind her knees. Michael finished clamping her other nipple and kissed her mouth hungrily, enjoying the hell out of it when she screamed into his mouth.

"Ya think she's ready?" Rath asked Michael, referring to what they'd discussed earlier. "'Cause my cock sure as hell is." Sure enough, he was hard as rock.

"No," Michael told him, "let's get her going a little more."

Rath nodded and began to undo her feet restraints. Michael unlocked the handcuffs around her wrists and quickly pulled her into a semi-sitting position, her feet dangling off the bed. Sitting behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck hungrily, leaving small red marks behind.

Rath got down on the floor, kneeling between her legs, and buried his face in Maria's cunt. Michael laughed when Maria began moaning and yelling again, and tweaked her nipple clamps.

Maria knew that she'd never been more aroused in her life. Rath had learned how to eat a girl out from a professional, she'd decided, and the extreme wetness from her cunt proved it.

Suddenly, she felt something slip into her tight ass, and Maria squealed sharply. Michael wiggled his finger around more as she pressed her ass further down onto his hand. At that moment, Maria exploded into Rath's mouth.

Savoring every drop of her, Rath looked up at Michael. "She's gotta be ready now," he said.

Michael nodded, and all three of them stood up, Michael leaving his arms around Maria. Rath picked up her legs and swiftly impaled her on his dick.

As soon as he heard Maria's cry, Michael slipped his cock into her ass. Maria came almost instantly, and Michael moaned loudly at the feeling of it. Her ass tightened around his cock, and he could feel her rapid pulse.

Rath pounded into Maria's cunt, moving her legs and hips in rhythm. Michael went slower into her ass, wanting it to last. Maria felt herself coming over the edge again, and her pussy contracted again.

"Oh fuck!" Rath exclaimed, exploding into Maria's cunt at the same time. Michael, unable to hold back, came into her ass at the exact same time.

Spent, the three of them fell onto the bed, covering up, and falling asleep. Maria didn't think her fantasies had ever been close to that.

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