FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 3
by Lenore13
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB and Christopher Pike. No infringement intended.
Summary: After Destiny. Max and Tess have worked through their problems and are together. Even though Liz doesn’t want to admit it, and neither does Max, they still love each other. Tess continues to fight for Max’s love, and someone else fights for Liz’s..
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
The next morning in Max’s first period Calculus class he almost fell out of his chair when Liz walked in. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked still. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and back and she had grown a little more last night, and not just height wise. She was filling out in more then one place too. He felt himself harden as she smiled at him, his eyes roaming over her body and stopping at her breast and then her ass. Before they had been just perfect, but with her new height and hair color she looked like a goddess. He could tell all the guys were thinking the same thing.

"Class, we have a new student. Her name is Alisa Perne." The teacher looked at Alisa and then back at the card. He could have sworn it looked like Liz Parker, except this girl was a little taller and she had blonde hair, she was also very pretty. "Let’s see…there is an open seat…. hmm… why don’t you sit by Max Evans. Max, can you please raise your hand?" Max’s eyes widened when he heard the teacher, but he raised his hand as he asked. Alisa walked towards him and then sat down in the seat next to him. "Max, I hope you can show Alisa around for today, seeing as she is new." Max heard some of the guy’s groan in disappointment. As the teacher continued on with his lecture Max couldn’t help but stare at Alisa. She still held his heart, even if she had changed.

"Don’t look for too long… you might go cross eyed!" Alisa winked at Max. She knew he was staring at her, but so were most of the guys. So this is what it is like to be blonde… Alisa stifled a laugh to herself as she thought about how good this was going to be.

As the period ended Alisa got up and followed Max out into the hall.

"So… since I’m new can I follow you around today?" Alisa laughed as she knew that this was bothering Max immensely, but she felt he deserved some pay back for Tess.

"Evans’…. You’re always the lucky one." Max and Alisa looked up to see Kyle and a few of his friends walking up to them.

"Hello Kyle." Max could feel his blood boiling, if only Kyle knew this was Liz.

"Well, let me introduce myself. I’m Kyle Valenti. If you need anything just ask me…." He took Alisa’s hand and kissed it lightly.

"Are you always such a charmer?" Alisa winked at Max letting him know she was going to have a little fun.

"Well, only when it comes to such lovely ladies as you. Oh, and watch out for Evans here." Kyle and his friends laughed knowing how he was embarrassing Max.

"Why… are you jealous cause he’s cuter then you?" With that Alisa took Max’s hand and walked down the hallway. She couldn’t believe she had just insulted Kyle like that, but she knew he was only going to insult Max.

"You didn’t have to say that you know." Max couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Alisa, he knew he should try to save his heart, but he couldn’t help it.

"I wanted to." Alisa replied. "So where to next? I’m supposed to have…"

"Chemistry." The two laughed as they thought about being stuck together again, but Max didn’t mind as long as he got to be close to Alisa.

"Mr. Jones" Max waited for the teacher to acknowledge his presence before he spoke again.

"Yes Max, how can I help…" Mr. Jones had turned around and was look at Alisa. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She looked like an angel to him. Alisa frowned at Max and then at the teacher.

"Alisa is a new student and I was hoping we could be partners, that way I could help her catch up."

"Yes… that would be a great idea…" Mr. Jones smiled at Alisa and then nodded at Max that it would be ok. Once Max and Alisa had taken a seat Max looked around for Tess. He and Tess were originally partners, and he knew that she would be mad, but he also know that every guy in class would jump on her to be her partner. Five minutes later as Mr. Jones was lecturing the class Tess walked in and her eyes widened in horror. She couldn’t believe it. Liz… no Alisa was sitting next to Max, and she looked like a knock out. Why was she here? She then remembered how all the guys in class always used to look at her, but now they were all looking at Alisa, even the teacher!

"Um, sorry I’m late…."

"Ms. Harding… yes, well because of your tardiness and because we have a new student I have decided to make Mr. Evans’ and Alisa partners. Hopefully you two can help her catch up."

"So who is my partner?" Tess could feel the anger rising in her. Her teacher never called her by her first name, he never called anyone by their first name… only other teachers!

"Well, seeing as we have an odd number of people, and how you seem to be capable to do everything in this class I am going to let you work alone for now." Tess looked at the teacher in shock, but took a seat at one of the empty lab benches. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Here she was supposed to be with Max, after Liz had left him for her love, and now she is back! Not only is she back, but now every guy wants to get into her pants because of her looks. Tess was steaming!

After Chemistry had ended Tess could almost feel the steam puffing out of her ears. The whole period Max had used every chance to touch Alisa’s arm or smile at her, and when she wasn’t looking he would stare at her. Why was this happening? She was supposed to be with Max! She watched as Max completely forgot her and eft the room with Alisa. He hadn’t even said hi to her!

The rest of the day continued on the same way. Alex had fifth period with Max and he was stunned when he saw Alisa, but he also couldn’t believe how fast some of these changes were taking place. He could have sworn her chest was a little smaller the day before. Alex watched as all the guys gawked at Alisa and he actually felt bad for her. He knew that Liz was humble and modest, she hated drawing attention to herself, and now her she was… a total babe!

After fifth period they all had lunch. Max wasn’t sure how Isabel or Michael would react so he decided it would be best for he and Alisa to sit alone just for today until he broke the news to everyone. Alex agreed with Max, but before he and Alisa left he quickly pulled Max aside.

"Watch out for her. Guys are going crazy!" Alex whispered into Max’s ear.

"You have no idea… my chem teacher looked like her wanted to jump her. But thanks… I thought I would take her some place where not to many people were." Max whispered back.

"Good idea! And Max, try to remember she does have a boyfriend… and he will kill you…" Alex said. Max winced at the thought, and even though he knew nothing could come of this, he liked being able to be alone with Alisa.

"Where are we going? Did you guys decide to eat some place else?"

"No… I just think that I need to explain this to the group… and I think we may be switching where we eat… for your sake!" Max teased.

"What do you mean?" Alisa didn’t understand why he wouldn’t want her eating in the quad and why he didn’t want to eat with Isabel, Michael or Tess.

"Li…. I mean Alisa…. Have you looked at yourself? You are a total babe! Every guy wants to get into your pants, or at least just try to touch you!" Max couldn’t help but sound a little jealous.

"Oh…" Alisa looked down at the ground, "ok… I guess I still just see myself as the old me… sometimes I hate looking this way…"

"Why? … You still look beautiful…"

"Because… it’s not me… but it is me… it’s complicated… But anyway… how have you been? Oh and thanks for everything."

"Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you! Isabel, Michael, Tess and I owe you so much for being able to help us." Max looked into her eyes, they were still subtle brown, but he could see that a blue was taking over. "You may want to wear shades."

Alisa groaned at his comment.

"I’ve missed you… how have you been?" Alisa asked.

"I think you know… and I don’t want to open any wounds so…."

"I’m sorry Max… I never meant to hurt you."

"I know you didn’t. So do you eat… or do you just sort of…."

"I don’t need to eat…it’s how I keep my figure…" Alisa laughed at the thought. But she saw Max’s face pale. "I’m kidding! Yeah… but I didn’t bring anything, so it’s ok!"

"Do you want anything? Have some of my sandwich." He tore his sandwich in half and gave part of it to Alisa. She took it and looked at him…

"Any tobassco sauce on it?"

"No, I put that on now… that way it doesn’t get soggy." He pulled out a small bottle and drowned the sandwich in it. As he took a bite he noticed that Alisa was reaching for the sauce. She too drenched hers in the sauce and then took a small bite.

"You want me to get you a hose?" Max joked.

"No, I actually need something on any food I eat now a days… well except for one thing." She smiled and then took another bite before she put my sauce on. They continued lunch with small chitchat, but nothing serious.

Isabel was fuming. She had watched Max take off with some blonde for lunch. It never even dawned on her that it was Liz. She wouldn’t have minded had it been Liz or Tess, but he couldn’t go falling in love and telling their secret with every girl who caught his eye.

After school Max walked out to his Jeep with Alisa right by his side. During his last period he had actually gotten to protect Alisa! Some jock had decided to get a little touchy as she passed and Max had decided that it was his job to protect her while she was at school. He remembered the guy’s face as he slammed him against the wall and told him never to touch her again. He liked being able to protect her, even if she wasn’t his.

"You didn’t have to do that you know." Alisa finally commented.

"Yes I did. I don’t like it when other guys try to touch you. You have a boyfriend, and since he can’t be here with you I feel it is my job to protect you." Alisa smiled at his words and pulled him into a hug. She couldn’t believe how sweet he was.

Isabel was walking towards the Jeep when she saw Max hugging the blonde girl again. She couldn’t believe it! Was he actually getting close to this girl? How long had he known her? As she approached the car she looked over at Max and cleared her throat. Alisa and Max jumped and pulled away form each other.

"Is! Hey… um…what’s up?" Isabel eyed him quickly as she noticed his red face.

"Well, obviously you…." Isabel smirked. Max glared at Isabel.

"What’s wrong with you?" Alisa was still hiding behind Max, she wasn’t sure if she should just show herself or continue to hide.

"You… Come on Max! I saw you at lunch, and I know that girl is behind you…so who is she?" Max stepped aside and let Alisa come into view. Isabel gasped as she caught sight of Alisa… she couldn’t believe it, she looked so beautiful.

"I’m so sorry! Oh Max…. Li…Alisa…. Oh I’m sorry…. Wait!… what are you doing here?"

"She goes to school here now." Max responded for her.

"What? Why?"

"Does she need a reason Is? She wants to finish school." Max tried to control his anger, but he couldn’t help but be mad that Isabel was asking why she wanted to go to school. Just then Michael and Tess came into view.

"Maxwell, where were…, who’s the new girl?" Michael couldn’t even tell it was Alisa. She looked like a knock-out… her breast were round and full and her hair was absolutely gorgeous. He just wanted to reach out and touch it. Alisa gave him a disgusted look as she watched him look her over. Tess as usual just began fuming about how great she looked.

"Michael, you’re kidding me… right? It’s Alisa!" Max couldn’t believe everyone. It was as if she was a completely different person, and then it dawned on him, she was. God, she must feel crappy right now. Max looked at Alisa and could see the pain in her eyes. He could tell that she hated changing like this, but what could he do except just stay by her side.

"Let’s get going…ok?" Alisa could barely even get the words out of her mouth. She hated how guys were looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Sure at first it was fun, but now it was getting old. And even Michael, her best friend’s boyfriend was looking at her like a piece of steak.

Max sensed Alisa’s insecurities and helped her into the car before getting in himself.

"Hey, Alisa…. Sorry about before… I just didn’t recognize you!" Michael blurted out on the ride to the dessert.

"Its ok… nothing I can do about it anyway." Alisa said quietly. She couldn’t wait to be back with Ray. Even though Max was being the perfect gentleman and protecting her, she still wanted to be in her loves arms.

Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess watched in awe as Alisa, Ray, Kalika, Seymour and Yaksha demonstrated their powers and some of the weapons they had gotten a hold of. The most powerful of all the weapons was one Alisa had taken from Landulf called a matrix. It was about as big as her palm and shaped like a triangle. It emits a bright light and vaporizes everything in its path. They all know this will come in great hand. After they practice together for awhile they decide to break off into groups. Ray and Alisa work with Max, Seymour with Michael, Kalika with Isabel and Yaksha with Tess.

It was almost midnight before they finished practice, but Kalika and Alisa still had energy and wanted to just play together for awhile. They all agreed and split up. Michael, Isabel and Tess broke off towards the jeep with Seymour and Yaksha. Kalika and Alisa were playing tag while Ray and Max sat down together and watched.

"You know Max… I’ve been thinking." Ray wasn’t sure if he should ask Max a favor, but he knew he wouldn’t feel safe until he did.


"Well, Alisa has really been changing, and she become really pretty, I mean she is a knock out. Even the real Sita wasn’t as pretty as she is now!"

"Yeah…you can say that again!" Max blushed for what he had just said, but he knows that Rays knows how he feels.

"Well, I was thinking that since she is going to school with you maybe you could pretend to be her boyfriend at school, you know…. Protect her…make sure no guys can get to close to her." Max couldn’t believe what Ray had just asked him. He looked at Alisa and thought that maybe he was dreaming.

"You’re kidding….right?" Max asked.

"If you don’t want to I can ask Michael, but I figured you would be best for the job." Ray knew he was asking a lot, but he couldn’t believe how beautiful Alisa had become. Even tonight he had been able to see some of the changes happening. Her waist was still narrowing down, her breasts were becoming even bigger and her hair grew a little longer. Not to mention her eyes were suddenly a blue and they sparkled like a diamond.

"NO! I’ll do it… in fact I’d be honored too. I just figured you’d want me to stay away from her."

"I trust you Max. I know how much you love her, hell; I love her just as much. I figure we have to stick together here. I help you with this and you help me protect Alisa. Deal?"

"Yeah, of course…" Max shook Ray’s hand. He felt like he was on cloud nine. Now not only did he get to see Alisa every day, but he would get to act like her boyfriend.

"I know this is asking a bit much, but um… I have one last request… can you try to fix her schedule so it’s like yours… I don’t trust her being alone." Ray knew he shouldn’t push his luck, but he had a feeling that if these changes persisted then so would the guys. He didn’t want to have to make one of the students his next supper, not yet anyway!

"Sure… no problem." Max smiled. He knew exactly how Ray felt right now. "I think we should get going though… we do have school tomorrow."

"Yeah, I guess you’re right. Why don’t you tell Alisa, I think she won’t get as mad at you as she will at me." Ray smiled at Max. He was glad to be working with Max, he was a good guy.

"Sure… Do you guys need a ride?"

"No thanks, I have my car here… anyway I think Kalika Alisa and I will stay out a little longer, we like to just look at the stars."

"Ok, tell Alisa I’ll see her tomorrow. Want me to pick her up for school?"

"Yeah, that would be nice." Ray once again smiled at Max. Max nodded and then took off for his Jeep.

"You’re going to do what Max?" Isabel screeched after she had heard about what Max was going to be doing with Alisa.

"I promised Ray. It wasn’t my idea! He said he wanted to make sure no one tried to touch her or anything and he thinks that as long as I stay around her then she will be ok."

"Are you sure you had nothing to do with this Maxwell?" Max heard the jealousy in Michael’s voice but figured he would talk to him about it later.

"I had absolutely nothing to do with it. He asked me. Anyway, you guys have to admit with the amount of changes she is going through I’m surprised she hasn’t been jumped more then once."

"Well, I don’t like this idea one bit." Tess snapped.

"I can’t go back on my promise. I like Ray, he is a good guy, and if he wants me to help him then I will, after all he is helping us!" The three nod their heads in agreement and then drift off into their own worlds.

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