FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Stealing Home"
Part 2
by Meredith
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and the situations belong to the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Kyle looks back at his sexual past, including a night that surprised even him.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Kyle's POV. Idea based on Everclear's "My Sexual Life". Dedication: To my girl Teri Leigh, for the inspiration (she needed some good Kyle smut) and the help tweaking the story.
"Relax." Her tiny voice had said quietly as she straddled my legs. I couldn't help but chuckle under my breath. She wanted me to relax? She might as well have told me to stop breathing. My breath caught in my throat as she unzipped my jeans slowly, teasing me half way down by stopping and running her hands underneath my shirt, brushing her nails lightly on my rock hard nipples. I let out a moan of anticipation and she smiled wickedly. She was getting off on seeing me squirm. God, I wanted her.

After what seemed like an hour, she had gotten down to my boxer shorts. She tempted my throbbing cock slowly with every brush of her manicured fingernails. She increased the pressure with just the one finger, giving me wilder sensations than I had ever experienced when I had been using my whole hand. Just as I was about to be driven to complete insanity, she stopped, raising her gaze from my cock throbbing underneath my boxers to my eyes.

She had that look in her eye again. Her eyes were piercing through me and my head ached...both of them. I begged her to stop the aching buried deep in the pit of my stomach, burning me from the inside out. She smiled a tiny, insecure smile as she slipped two fingers under the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down my legs. My pulsating cock strained proudly in the air, screaming out for her to touch me. She waited a moment, looking at it, studying it carefully before she planned her next move. Was mine the first one she'd ever seen? Would she know what to do?

All doubt was erased from my mind as she closed her eyes, placing her hands on either side of my hips, holding her body up as she lowered her mouth onto me.

The first touch of her hot, wet mouth on my cock was electrifying. I let a small moan escape my clenched jaw and reached out to cup her breasts. I watched her tiny, delicious mouth move up and down me, her ruby red lips sucking harder with each stroke. Her blonde curls brushed up against my stomach every time she got down to the base of me, pressing her tongue harder on my pulsing vein as she pulled back up to the tip. She changed the movement slightly- swirling her tongue around the tip of me before taking me fully into her mouth again, pushing down and up, and twisting her head as she came up to the tip once again.

Tess was a pro at this. Part of me wondered just how much experience she'd had with this. That thought was pushed out of my mind as I felt myself getting closer and closer to coming all over her.

God, I was so close... I tried to push her away from me, but her mouth clamped down on my cock and she wouldn't let go. She bobbed her head up and down faster and faster until I exploded into her mouth, her name and several expletives on my lips. I watched in awe as she walked over to the trash can next to my desk, spitting out what she had worked so hard to get out of me. I didn't know whether to be pissed or sad. I was kind of indifferent. I was still in that post-orgasmic fog.

"Sorry, Kyle. Nothing personal." She had said sweetly, the devilish smile back, the eyes piercing through my skull, the saccharin-sweet voice making me hurl. I nodded, watching her walk over to my bedroom door and walking through it, giving me one last look before leaving me there alone.

My head still hurts.

Needless to say, that was the farthest I ever got with Tess Harding.

What am I, a heartless bitch magnet? First Liz disses me hardcore for Evans, then Vicky uses me and loses me, now Tess? Something had to change.

I never thought she would be the one to change me. I never thought I'd have her, with her pouty red lips, her perky breasts, her tight, lean figure, her long legs, her silky, creamy white skin, her hazel eyes washing over me, cleansing me of all the shit in my life. She'd always been an acquaintance, never a friend, nothing more.

Now she's sleeping beside me.

How did we let it get this far? I guess this is what happens to the lonely, the confused, the abandoned...

...the tormented.

What follows is the story of how I came sliding into home base, completing every teenage boy's fantasy...

...with Maria DeLuca.

It was a Friday night, and it had been over a week since Tess had spoken to me. Ever since she gave me head that night, she'd been all weird to me. Asking me about fate and destiny and all that crap. She called me a couple of nights ago, wanting to know if I believed in all that junk. I told her the truth- no. I think that destiny is a bunch of bullshit and we make our own lives.

She hung up on me that night. I haven't talked to her since.

So needless to say, on this past Friday night, designated in Roswell as "Date Night", Kyle James Valenti was flying solo. I had decided to rent an action movie, one that I'd never be able to watch with a chick around. I walked around the video store for twenty minutes, finally deciding on "The Matrix"... the ultimate guy movie. I turned the corner to head up to the front of the store to pay, and I ran into someone, causing her to spill her video rental and her popcorn all over the floor.

"I'm so sorry! I'm an asshole!" I cried, bending over to help her pick up her things without realizing who it was. Our hands touched and we looked into each other's eyes. She had a slight grin on her face.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Kyle Valenti. No date for you either?" Maria DeLuca had asked, her hazel eyes sparkling with a hint of tears. I just smiled at her, taken away by how beautiful she was. I'd never really noticed it before. Her hair was pulled halfway up, so pieces of blonde silky hair were falling down on the sides of her face, her eyes slightly puffy and her cheeks and nose rouged from crying. Her pouty lips were sticking out, almost screaming for me to touch...

"Nope, no date for me. What about you, DeLuca? I thought you were all hot and heavy with that Guerin kid? Evans' right-hand man?" I asked her.

Bad move.

Her eyes welled up quickly with warm, wet tears. Her bottom lip began to quiver and she turned her head and sniffled. "We're not...together...anymore."

I was such a dickhead. "I'm sorry, Maria." I said, putting my strong hand on her soft shoulder. She was wearing a tank top so her silky skin was exposed. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

"I haven't heard you call me Maria since we were little..." She said, thinking back to simpler days at Roswell Elementary. I couldn't help but think about it too. We were in fifth grade together and she had made one of those valentine envelopes, mimicking Isabel Evans with her smooch marks all over it. I remember that Maria was one of the only people I had given a Valentine to that year...

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I call everyone by their last names... it's a bad habit."

"You're a jock, Kyle. It's just something you guys do..." She had said, laughing a little.

I had made her laugh. I felt proud. "So..." I had said, looking down at the video rental in her hand. "'Untamed Heart', huh? You trying to depress yourself more?"

She looked down at the video in her hands, tilting her head as more blonde hair fell out of the loose ponytail. Her eyes returned to mine. "Well, I was kind of in the mood for a sad movie. I don't feel like a happy ending. My life hasn't had a happy ending yet."

"Tell me about it," I had said, turning to the side. She had looked into my eyes and smiled a half-smile. "...I mean, I know how you feel. My life hasn't exactly been peaches-and-cream, especially the past few days."

Maria's eyes had taken a sympathetic tone as they returned to settle on mine. "Do you want to talk about it?" She had said softly, quietly.

I was floored. She was actually interested in listening to my female problems? Maybe it's because we were both in the same boat...

...The dumped.

"Maria?" I had said, resting my hand on top of the video she was holding. I took a deep breath, not believing what I was doing. I guess the lonely part of me was taking over and all logical thought was being lost.

"Yes, Kyle?"

I let my hands slide across the video case, letting my fingers rest lightly on hers. "Do you want to come back to my place? I mean, to watch movies? I've got tons of junk food, we can talk about our romance problems all night if you want." She looked down to her hand where my fingers were resting. I quickly jerked them away, not wanting to send the wrong message to her.

We needed each other.

Maria paused, beginning to say something. My insecurity took over and I opened my fat mouth again.

"...If you don't want to, that's fine, I mean, I'd understand..." I had said, lowering my head to the floor and banging my hand nervously against my own video case. She shook her head violently, begging me to look at her again.

"No, Kyle. I want to. I think it would be nice...I don't really have anyone to talk to about's nice to have a friend, you know?"

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "What about your buds? You know, Liz and Isabel?"

"Isabel? Not qualified to speak to me about the Michael situation." I looked at her with confusion. She explained. "...It's a long story. And Liz, she has her own problems to deal with..." Maria said, pretending to look at a nearby poster.

I chuckled. "Mrs. Evans? Problems?"

"Kyle, please don't call her that."

I was stunned. Max and the Missus had broken it off? "They broke up? No way."

"I know. I didn't believe it either. She doesn't want to talk about it, and I don't want to talk about Michael, so I'm pretty much out of luck."

I smiled at her. "Well, we've got each other now. I got kicked to the curb recently too, I'm afraid."

"Tess Harding? Kyle, that's *not* your fault. Tess is a manipulative hooch."

"Ouch." I said, pretending to fall over in pain. She looked at me with a serious look.

"No, Kyle, I'm serious. Stay away from her, you don't need her, OK? There are things about her...that you don't know." She said cryptically.

I paused, intrigued. "Like what?"

Maria's eyes lit up in panic. "Like nothing, like forget I said anything. So..." She said, quickly changing the subject. "What are we watching tonight?" We began walking towards the cash register.

"I got 'The Matrix'. I know it's a guy movie, I hope you don't mind." I had said, holdling up my hands in defeat.

Maria's eyes lit up. "Are you kidding? I LOVE that movie! Keanu kicked major ass in that one."

I was shocked. Maria DeLuca liked "The Matrix"? This was getting weird. "That's my favorite movie ever." I had added in.

"Oh, mine too! Did you know they're making TWO sequels? I can't wait!" Maria had said, bouncing up and down slightly with glee. I looked at her, smiling.

She was so adorable.

We parted ways at the video store with the promise that she would be back to my place in an hour. I found myself getting all hot and bothered at the prospect of spending an evening with Maria.

Something really fucked up was happening to me, and I wasn't sure what it was...

I had driven twenty miles over the speed limit on the way home (my father would have kicked my ass for that), just so I could have time to shower and change before she came over.

Almost an hour to the minute after we left the video store, there was a knock on the door.

Maria had lived up to her promise.

She was wearing that same cute little red tank top she had been wearing at the store, but had swapped the jeans for a black skirt.

She looked really nice. I smiled. She smiled back at me, holding up a bottle of Coca-Cola and a bag of potato chips she had brought. "I didn't want to be an ungracious guest. This is all I could find in my cabinet." I motioned for her to come inside, my right arm barely brushing her left one as she walked through the doorway into my house. I fixed us both drinks and we settled into the couch to watch the movie.

When it started, we were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. I could feel the heat of her radiating off her body. Every few minutes, I would steal a look at her. Her body was leaning up against the side of the couch, a pillow in her lap and her legs crossed on the floor. I let my eyes travel up from her tiny feet, up the sides of her legs, to her arms which were lying casually in her lap, to her sweet breasts, her soft shoulders, her pouty lips...

She changed positions on the couch and I quickly looked away from her. She had caught me staring at her. Shit. She flashed a tiny smile at me and swung her legs up so her entire body was stretched out on the couch now, her feet only centimeters from my thigh. She turned her head back to watch the movie and I slowly inched closer to her, letting my elbow hit her ankle.

She barely noticed.

When it was safe to move again, I lifted my hand from where it was resting on my thigh to slowly, lightly touch her calf. It was a tentative touch, I wanted to make sure she was OK with it before I continued. The second she felt my rough hand hit her silky calf, she popped her head up from the pillows and gave me a puzzled glance. She didn't move her leg though, and I was relieved for that.

My whole body was focused on my left hand. All sensation in the rest of my body was lost, sacrificed for the sweet touch of Maria DeLuca's leg. We continued to watch the movie, barely speaking to each other... I could feel the tension in the room between us. I hate to sound dorky, but it was electric. It really was. I felt like we could have started a fire...if she would have only just touched me....

I decided to be bold. Being bold was good. Girls liked bold guys, didn't they? I began lightly moving my fingers back and forth on her calf... part of me was waiting for her to smack my hand away. A few minutes of this soft touching went by without any protest from her, so I pressed forward. Ignoring the movie, I turned my body to face her. Her eyes caught my movement in the corner of her eye and she turned her head around to face me.

"Kyle..." She had said softly, almost pleading with me. "...What are you doing?"

I paused. I decided that suave lines wouldn't work with Maria. I decided to be honest with her. "I don't know... you're just so...beautiful..." I said, my voice coming from deep down in my throat, emitting a noise that I didn't recognize.

She smiled sweetly. "Kyle, you're sweet. You really are, you know that? When did you turn from being such an asshole to being such a sweetie?"

I arched my eyebrow at her. "I guess... I guess I realized being mean wasn't helping anyone- especially me." Then, I did something I couldn't control. I let my hand drift higher up her leg, my fingers lightly touching the insides of her knees, then higher up to the bottoms of her thighs, before coming back down to her calves again. I could feel her whole body tense up. She shut her eyes and bit her lip as I moved my hands back up higher, close enough to her center that I could feel the heat coming off it in waves.

I was turning her on... just by touching her legs? I could tell I was going to enjoy this. I let my hands disappear under her skirt as she uncrossed her legs to give me easier access to all of her. I rubbed the insides of her thighs lightly as I watched her breathing get heavy and quick and she grabbed the sides of the couch for support. I felt the magnetic pull to touch her... I let my fingers drift lightly, slowly, carefully to her panties. We gasped in unison.... me from how wet she already was and her from the feel of my fingers fluttering over her. Her tiny moans urged me forward. I continued the slow massage of her soft folds, but adding pressure every few strokes, pressing down harder and moving faster until I made my way to her throbbing clit. The second I began stroking it, her hips began swirling around, her firm ass digging into the couch. As the tension built inside of her and my own heart raced inside my chest, she had wrapped her legs around my waist, beckoning for me to come closer to her. I reluctantly let my hands drift out from under her skirt so I could move closer to her face. I placed my hands on either side of her chest as I felt her wrap her arms around my neck, pulling me down for our first kiss. Our tongues dangled sweetly as we kissed passionately for several minutes. I wanted to continue to explore her body with my hands, but I didn't want to crush her. I broke away from our kiss, pulling her body to mine and readjusting our position on the couch so we were on our sides, facing each other. My right arm rested just above her head, playing with her soft blonde hair. My mouth drank in those ruby red lips and my left hand explored her curves, finally coming to rest on her firm breast. I moved her tank top down so I could come in direct contact with her rock hard nipples. She moaned at the contact, pulling my tongue deeper into the recesses of her mouth and pulling her body closer to mine. She wrapped her right leg around my hips as I continued to work her nipple and her mouth.

"God, Kyle..." She moaned, her eyes shut tight, her fingers digging into my ass, pressing me forward. Was she thinking of Michael then?

Ask me if I care.

I moved my lips down to her neck, her throat, her shoulders, her breasts... I had to have more. I wanted to taste all of her. I felt my heart quicken as I pulled her to me and moved us again so she was underneath me once more. I started to undo the knot on her waistband and she grabbed my hands.

"Wait...Kyle...are you sure you want to...?" She asked, her passion-filled eyes pouring into my own. I silenced her insecurities as I leaned down and kissed her. She let go of my hands and let me proceed to the sweet prize I was looking for. I pulled her skirt down her legs, followed quickly by her black lace panties. I had to pause for a second to take in her beauty. She was absolutely perfect in every way. I leaned down to kiss her one more time before kissing a path of hot desire down to her navel, stopping briefly before I found what I was looking for.

I had never done this before, but I wanted to do it right. She deserved that much. She was so hot...I pressed my tongue flat against her wet folds, starting from the bottom and working my way up to the top and then back down again. I heard her soft moans begin building as I took my fingers and separated her outer folds, wanting to see more of her. I stuck my tongue inside of her, quickly at first, sticking the tip in and pulling it out quickly, teasing her. I wanted to see what she liked.

"Oh, yes, Kyle! Please!"

She definitely liked it. I moved my tongue up to her hard, throbbing clit, making slow circles around it with my tongue, increasing the pressure as I pressed two of my fingers inside of her. Oh, God, she was so wet...I wanted so badly to...

Control. This is about her.

I began moving my fingers slowly, in and out of her, increasing the speed and the pressure as my tongue flicked her clit. "Shit, oh my God, Kyle!" She screamed as she came all over my face. I lapped up all of her delicious juices. I couldn't get enough. She was so sweet. As she finished, I collapsed on top of her stomach and let my face rest on her chest. Her heartbeat was fast, needy, wanting... Her hands were running through my hair, her chin resting on the top of my head, her beautiful body resting quietly beneath me.

I thought that would be it. I thought we'd lie there for a few minutes, then she'd get dressed and go home.

I was wrong. This night changed both of our lives forever. After a few moments of lying quietly together, Maria took charge again, moving her body against my rock hard erection and taking my mouth with hers. She broke away from our hungry kisses long enough to free my straining cock from my jeans, massaging it with her soft hands. I growled with pleasure as she brought the tip of me to her wet center, teasing me by rolling the head from her clit down her lips. She was so wet, she was so ready for me.

"Maria..."I growled. "What are you doing to me...?" My voice trailed off as she pushed her hips towards me, thrusting my cock into her waiting heat with one quick, hard stroke. She cried out in pain as I felt myself break her barrier.

"Oh, God!" She had screamed in a moment of pain.

"Maria," I had said, pulling out of her. She groaned from the loss. "If we're going to do this..." She looked up into my eyes, pulling my face down to hers and kissing me again. I picked her up, relishing the feel of her wetness rubbing against my hardness as she wrapped her legs around my waist and we ascended the stairs to my room. I gently laid her on my bed and rolled over, pulling a condom out of my nightstand and quickly rolling it onto my cock.

"Kyle, please!" She screamed as I took my mouth in hers again and plunged into her. It was the best feeling in the world. This was so much better than winning the state wrestling championship or even when Tess gave me head. I could stay inside Maria, pumping in and out of her for the rest of my life. I waited a moment for her to adjust to the feeling of me buried inside her. Her breathy, quiet moans became more forceful as she began rocking her hips up and down to meet me. I began pumping her- slowly at first but increasing my urgency as both of our bodies began building up to our final climax. Maria and I didn't speak. We kept our eyes on each other as we moved our bodies in a perfect rhythm. I could feel myself building to climax and I wanted her to be dragged over the side with me. I put my hand down in between our sweaty bodies and began rubbing her clit with my thumb. "YES! Yes Kyle! Oh, yes!" She screamed as her walls clenched around me and I was pulled over the side with her. When I finished, I collapsed on top of her, spent.

"Maria..." I finally growled. "What did we just..."

She silenced me. "Kyle...don't talk..." She said breathlessly. "I want to remember this..." She pulled me tightly to her body, our sweat-slicked bodies humming with pleasure. I closed my eyes, falling asleep to her heartbeat, knowing I'd stolen home with Maria, and I had loved every minute of it.

I don't feel guilty anymore. I don't feel used anymore.

She's sleeping beside me now, and for the first time since I kissed Sharon Eubanks in the eighth grade, I feel happy. I feel worthy.

No regrets.


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