FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Stealing Home"
Part 1
by Meredith
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and the situations belong to the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Kyle looks back at his sexual past, including a night that surprised even him.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Kyle's POV. Idea based on Everclear's "My Sexual Life". Dedication: To my girl Teri Leigh, for the inspiration (she needed some good Kyle smut) and the help tweaking the story.
Forgive me for sounding like a pretentious asshole, but I have to say I've always been one of the most popular guys in our class. I'll never forget Valentine's Day, my fifth grade year. Each person in the class made an envelope thing to put next to their desk, and each person in the class was suppose to make a valentine for each classmate and put it in their envelope. The girls in my class went all out, putting queer little lace doily hearts on theirs, with dorky sequins and kiss marks. Isabel Evans was in my class that year, and she even went so far as to steal a tube of her mother's lipstick, put it all over those full, quivering lips of hers (she was delicious, even at ten years old) and kiss all over her envelope.

Let's just say she was more *developed* than the rest of the class. Her poor doofus brother Max only made one Valentine... for little Lizzie Parker. He was hung up on her even then.

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Anyway, back to this Valentine's mumbo-jumbo. I remember that I won the prize for the getting the most Valentines. My teacher was one twisted fuck... if being ten years old and starting to grow hair in very strange places on our bodies wasn't bad enough, we had to have a contest to see who was the most loved.

Like *that* didn't have many psychological reprucussions later on... most of my class ended up in therapy with self-worthiness issues because of that particular February 14th.

So whatever... I won the contest. I got some cheesy stuffed bear.

I gave it to Isabel.

The girls always wanted to go out with me. We got to junior high and ever other day some drooling girl would send me some anonymous note saying they liked me and to check the "yes" box if I liked them back and the "no" box if I didn't.

I checked the "no" box a lot.

By seventh grade, my best buds Tommy and Paulie had already gotten to first base... major tongue action.

I didn't have my virgin encounter with first base until the eighth grade. My boys gave me hell for that one. They couldn't believe it took me that long to get there.

Her name was Sharon Eubanks.

She was a little older than the rest of us. She was already fourteen and boy, did she have an amazing rack. I mean, she was probably the only girl in our class that was already in a C cup. Tommy, Paulie, and I would try to sneak peeks of her in the girls' locker room during gym class. Years ago, someone had drilled a hole in the wall separating the boys' locker room and the girls'... we took full advantage of that every chance we got. One time we got lucky and got a flash of Sharon's breasts...her skin was creamy white, I bet it tasted really sweet. I about lost it right there... I had to go to bathroom afterwards to contain myself before my science class.

Sharon and I started "dating" a week after the locker room peep show.

Well, we were thirteen. "Dating" consisted of my dad driving us to the movies and her dad picking us up.

We went to the movies every Friday night for about three months. We did our fair share of making out and sometimes she even let me feel her up a little. God, I thought I would die.

Sharon broke up with me a few months later. In junior high time, three months was practically married. Besides, we were almost freshmen in high school, so we both decided to move on. She moved on to Tommy, and I moved on to second base...

...with luscious little Lizzie Parker.

To this day, I still can't tell you my initial attraction to Liz. We'd always been in classes together, and I'd always thought she was nice... but a little too brainy for my taste. She had a really cute face, really pretty hair, beautiful eyes... we were in science class together our Freshman year, and that's when we really started to get close.

I was having trouble in the class (OK, I was failing...) and our teacher asked Liz if she would help tutor me. I'd go to the Crashdown a couple of days a week and we'd work on problems together. She really helped me. It was because of her that I actually got a C in the class and got to be on the JV football team. One night after our tutoring session, I asked if she wanted to go out with me sometime.

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and smiled.

"Sure." She had said.

That was the end of our Freshman year. We had a really fun summer together. We went out a few times a week. Sometimes I would just come to the Crashdown while she helping out her Dad in the back and would hang out with her. One random Thursday afternoon, I had come over to the Crashdown to hang out with Liz. It was pretty dead, so her Dad didn't need too much help on the floor, making drinks or anything. Liz had some free time so we went up to her room and she popped in a video. Before I knew it, we were curled up on the floor on top of a mass of pillows, making out like crazy. I felt like my hands were going on auto-pilot. She actually let me take off her shirt and kiss all over her chest and stomach. Her skin was so sweet. It was like pure honey.

I had to taste it all. After some persuading, she let me take off her bra, too. Her nipples hardened quickly as the air touched them. They were tiny and perky just like she was. I laughed at that before lowering my mouth to one. She started making these little breathy moans that drove me insane. My tongue went faster and faster over each one. I couldn't get enough of the feel of Liz Parker on my tongue. She ran her hands through my hair, pulling my face closer to her chest. I started sucking and biting on each nipple, and I could feel her getting closer and closer to orgasm. Through my haze of desire, I lifted my mouth off her breast. She moaned at the loss, but smiled when I handed her a tiny pillow that was lying near my arm.

I knew she'd need it soon.

I returned to her nipples, swirling harder and faster, slightly changing the pressure and movement of my tongue. She began pushing her body closer towards my mouth until her hips were bucking wildly in the air. Then she came with my name on her lips. She pushed the pillow over her mouth to drown out the sound. Even through the cushion, I could hear her screaming my name.

God, *I*, Kyle James Valenti, was doing this to her?

I was such a badass.

I thought Liz and I would last. That day on her floor was followed by many more like them... some touching, some mouth worshiping... never going *too* far...

Then came the day I lost her. For good.

I knew something was wrong when Liz didn't call me after work like she always did. Then my dad came in, put his hat on the table, and told me what happened at the Crashdown that day. He said Liz almost got shot and she was pretty shaken up. I immediately tried to track her down make sure she was alright, but she was nowhere to be found.

It wasn't until a few weeks later I knew where she had been... getting cozy with Max Evans.

He's such a freak. I don't know what I ever saw in her.

After Liz broke up with me, I was hurt. I'll admit it. I mean, she broke up with ME to go out with that weirdo Evans! I was a little disgusted. Luckily, there were girls lining up to be Kyle Valenti's next conquest.

Are you laughing at me? No? That's what I thought.

Vicky Delaney was the next lucky contestant. The girl had a body that didn't quit. She was definitely the hottest girl I'd ever been with. She looked like a damn supermodel...and she sure did love hooking up. Our first date was a drive-in movie... the best decision I ever made in my life. We spent the entire movie in the backseat of my Mustang, fogging up my windows.

The thing I loved about Vicky was that she was easy. "Easy" in the physical sense, but also emotionally. She didn't have any baggage. She wasn't looking for a commitment. She just wanted to have a good time.

Boy, did we have a good time. One night, I drove her out to the desert in my dad's old pickup truck. She was dying to get to third base with me.

I was more than happy to oblige.

We climbed into the bed and she gave me my first hand job. As I look back on it now, that was *the* best orgasm of my life. I just kept coming and coming... I felt like such an asshole. I know she must have thought I was the biggest creep ever. I just couldn't help myself... and she didn't seem to mind.

Vicky had amazing hands... but below her waist was even better. I admit, the first touch of her was a little... intimidating. I didn't know exactly what to do, or what she liked.

It didn't take long to find out.

She was so hot, so wet... so soft. She felt so good. I just rubbed my fingers slowly at first, up and down the length of her, starting at the bottom and working my way up to the tiny nub that grew hard under my fingers. I began rubbing it in a slow, circular motion. I leaned in closer to her intriguing center, the gentle heat radiating off her onto my face. After a few breathless moments, I leaned my head up from between her bent legs and I smiled at her, putting a finger to my lips and making a "shushing" noise. She just flashed a smile full of desire and closed her eyes, pulling my head closer to her body, begging and pleading for me to keep touching her. I gingerly massaged her outer lips with two fingers slowly, carefully, then pushed one finger in. I felt her immediately clench her inner muscles and buck her hips up to meet me. She rewarded me with a breathy moan and I quickly pushed another finger in, beginning a slow rhythm that she liked. As I quickened the pace, she met each thrust of my fingers by raising her hips with me. I kept my eyes open, searching her face, trying to find out what she was thinking- feeling.

She was burning under my touch. I thought for a second about leaning down and tasting her.

Oh, God...

Too soon. Not yet.

Her eyes were sealed shut with desire, her mouth open, beckoning me to keep going with her slow, sporadic moans. "Kyle...Yes...Don't stop!" She had said in the most erotic sound I'd ever heard in my life.

I could tell she was getting close, so I helped her out a little by reaching my other hand around and massaging her clit again. After a few slow, languid circles, Vicky came all over me, screaming my name into oblivion. After she was through, her face clenched but seemed to relax. Her entire body dripped with sweat, and her hair was in a tangled muss on the back rear window of the truck. We didn't even kiss. She just pulled her lacy red panties back up her legs and smiled.

"Thanks, Kyle. That was fun."

That was our last date.

The next few months were excrutiating. I tried to pretend I didn't see Max and Liz together in the halls, pining for each other. At first, it was hard to see Liz want any guy other than me. But eventually, I wanted so much just to give Evans a swift kick in the balls and make Liz happy already! She deserved that. She didn't deserve the months of heartache he gave her.

That doesn't mean it didn't sting a little when the finally did get back together- a few weeks after Liz's blind date.

The one and only night Max and I were friends. Ever.

Never again.

The first time I saw Tess Harding, I almost missed her. The curly blonde-haired elfkin was walking so fast down the hallway, tagging after the Ice Queen Isabel, I nearly missed seeing those piercing blue eyes. They were so blue, I had to turn away so my eyes didn't hurt. I pretended to look at some dumb flyer taped to a nearby wall.

"Marching Band Practice... tonight at 6:30, lower field! Be there or be square!"

I ripped the flyer off the wall, throwing it onto the ground as I quickly persued the sprite. I laughed as she played "the duck and hide game". I knew she saw me. I knew she was as interested in reading the Community Action bulletin board as I was in blowing my horn down at Band geek practice. I came up behind her quickly, brushing my chest quickly and lightly against her back.

Her whole body tensed up.

Bad sign.

"So..." I had said smoothly. "Are you really interested in Habitat for Humanity or are you just trying to avoid looking at me?" I had asked her. She didn't even turn around to face me. What a snob.

"Actually," She said in the sugary sweet voice that makes me retch to this day... "I was hoping that if I stared at this board long enough, the annoying jock who was following me would disappear."

I chuckled, taken aback at her rudeness. This one was feisty.

Just my style.

"Ouch. Is that anyway to treat a decent guy who just wants to say hello to a very beautiful lady?" I slowed my speech with the last three words, allowing my eyes to travel up her small legs, her round, firm ass, then higher up... wondering if her breasts were as big as her...

She paused, turning around slowly, finally facing me.

Ouch. Those eyes. They were piercing through my skull. That seemed like a good thing.

She stopped my gaze with a lift of her finger. She touched it to her lips playfully, a smile tugging at the corners of her ruby red lips. "Wait a minute. Aren't you Kyle...Valenti?"

"Guilty as charged." I said, watching her lean back on the bulletin board for support as she feasted on me with her eyes. I moved closer to her, propping my left hand onto the board, just an inch or two to the left of her blonde spiral curls. "And you are..."

"I'm Tess." She said with a big toothy smile. "Tess Harding." The daggers were back in her eyes. The blue light eminating from her eyes was giving me a headache. But I couldn't bring myself to look away. It was like she had cast a spell on me or something.

I was addicted.

"Tess... it's good to meet you." I said, barely looking at her face, continuing to worship her glorious curves with my eyes. How I'd love to palm those...

" Kyle... you're the sheriff's son, right?" She asked, looking me up and down like she was going to eat me with a nice Chianti.

"You sure do catch on quick, Tess." I asked, raising my eyebrows at her with interest.

"Well, it's a small town. It's not that hard..." She paused dramatically, tugging on her lips with her teeth and moving closer to my face. " catch on."

I swear to God... I got a hard-on right then and there.

She noticed my obvious arousal and grinned devilishly. I tried in vain to distract her by pointing to something on the bulletin board, until I heard a very distinct sound.

The sound of Liz Parker laughing. It carried through the crowded hall and into my ears. I turned my head around to the direction of the noise and saw Max pinning Liz against a locker, tickling her until she cried out for mercy.

I looked back at Tess and was surprised to see that she was watching the sick display too. I can't really read looks that well, but she seemed to be shooting the couple a look of longing and utter hatred.

What did she have against Max and Liz? Well, besides the obvious sickening displays of affection?

Tess had looked over at Max then, almost willing him to look at her. It didn't really register in my brain why she did that until much, much later. When his eyes left Liz's and he was looking over at the sprite and I, she grabbed my arm, pulling me into the nearby eraser room, locking the door behind her.

She had a look of hunger and want in her eyes. I never thought I could be turned on by just a look from someone. She began kissing me wildly, thrusting her small body into mine, rubbing her lower body into my groin, causing me to groan with pleasure. I pushed her into the wall of the room with such force that it crushed my hands, which had been cupping her delicious ass under her short black mini-skirt. She made me do stupid things like that.

Hot-seeded desire coursed through my veins. I could feel her responding to me too as I continued to assault her mouth with my tongue as she increased the sweet friction between her hot, wet center and the swollen flesh encased in my jeans. Keeping one arm under her ass to hold her up, I supported my taut body with the other arm, which was pressed against the wall. I continued to pump her harder and faster, her long nails digging into my back for support as our lower bodies rubbed together. We were moving so fast that her tiny tank top was riding up, allowing me access to the soft skin on her lower back. As the tension built between us, she buried her face into my neck and began sucking on the delicate flesh behind my ear. That was all it took for me to come all over myself. I hardly noticed when she barely groaned out Max's name... to my passion-drenched ears, it sounded a hell of a lot like mine.

I never thought it would happen to me, never thought anyone would want me like that, not until I met Tess Harding.

Once again, I was wrong. But that doesn't mean I didn't have a hell of a lot of fun in the progress.

Not many people at school knew we were dating. I wanted to scream it in everyone's ear- I was dating the sexiest girl at West Roswell and no one could touch her but me. But, for some reason, Tess insisted that we keep it private. I think she told Isabel that we were an item, so of course, it got around to her partners in crime: Evans, that freak Michael, Whitman, Maria, and Liz.

A small part of me wanted Liz to feel jealous that I was with Tess. One day at the Crashdown we had a very odd conversation about my new girlfriend. She implied that Tess was dangerous... and that I could get hurt. I was so angry with Liz for being such a bitch about the whole thing.

Was I the only one that wasn't allowed to be happy? I mean, Isabel was with that dork Whitman, Maria was with that jackass Michael, and little Liz and Max were the cutest couple in the sophomore class.

Gag me.

That was the night Tess and I went to the library to "study". It turns out she really *did* need to get something from the library, not just a little study-room nookie. We left the public library amid stares from Mr. and Mrs. Evans, who seemed to be very interested in the book that Tess retrieved deep in the ancient languages section. When we got back to my place that night, we spoke the universal language to each other.

OK, I know that was cheesy, but I couldn't resist.

It started out innocently enough. I wasn't planning on it getting that heated, considering my Dad was downstairs watching "America's Most Wanted" in the living room, eating some leftover pizza he had found buried deep in the recesses of the Valenti Family Fridge.

Boy, did it get heated...and then some. I don't know what got into Tess Harding that night, but I sure did like it. She needed it.

She needed me.

We climbed the steps to my room, her luscious ass inches from my face as I walked behind her. When we got into my room, she closed the door behind me and turned the lock. She came closer towards me, using her tiny hands to thrust me towards the bed as I fell backwards. She kicked off her shoes as I looked up at her hovering over me.

Where the hell did all that strength come from? My little sprite.

Her voice purred in my ear when she breathed my name.

"Kyle... I want to taste you." She had said. I immediately felt myself stiffen up. Was she really saying this to me? I'm going to wake up, and it is all going to be one messy, sweaty, unbelievable dream.

She darts her tongue out of her mouth and begins to suck on my earlobe. Every one of my nerve endings cried out for me to be thrust inside of her...

I knew it wasn't a dream.

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