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"Sense of Completion"
Part 5
by Linda
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“Hey Kyle! Hey buddy. We’re just having some fun.” They started toward him.

“If I catch you guys bothering or bullying others I’ll have you kicked off my team.” Kyle warned.

Both boys looked angry but kept quiet. Not only was Kyle the star football player, but also he was the captain and could have them thrown off the team.

The guys gave all three of them angry looks, but the walked off.

“Sorry about that.” Kyle said to Alex and Isabel who were standing together, Alex with his arm around Isabel. And Isabel with her fist clenched.

“Nice friends you have Kyle.” Isabel remarked.

“Hey, just cause they are on the team doesn’t make them friends of mine. They’re just bullies. They bother you again, let me know and they’ll be off the team.” Kyle told them.

“Thanks Kyle.” Alex nodded and smiled. The guy wasn’t so bad after all.

“Yeah, thanks.” Isabel said, surprise in both her voice and her expression.


Cassie Owens opened the door to her house with her key. The key she had had around her neck since she was 8. The year her mother had left her and her father.

She was greeted by a furry white cat that purred loud enough to sound like a lawnmower, and rubbed up against her legs in welcome.

A rare smile came across the girls face as she put her books down in a chair, and bent to pick up the cat and bury her face in the soft fur and welcoming purrs.

“Hi to you to, Frosting.” Cassie mumbled into the cats fur, rubbing her face back and forth against the cats.

The cat licked the tip of Cassie’s nose, and a bright musical laugh, if slightly rusty, came from the girl.

“You’re glad to see me aren’t you baby? Huh? I’ll feed you, come on.” Cassie said and carried her pet into the kitchen and placed her on the floor next to her bowl.

While the cat was eating, Cassie went back into the living room to get her books, then brought them in to the kitchen, got a glass of milk, and started her studies. She looked at the clock. She would wait until she was done with her Calculus before she started dinner. She knew her dad always worked until late at night, so she just had to worry about herself. But she found that she needed to set a timer to remind her to eat, since often she would get so busy with her schoolwork that she would often forget to eat.

Tucking a long red strand of hair behind her ear, the girl got started on her schoolwork. She didn’t want to lose her ‘A’ average. For she planned on getting a scholarship to one of the major schools for science. She was not going to stay in Roswell forever.


Kyle got home, threw his books down, and headed for the refrigerator. He was starving and since he hadn’t gone into the Crashdown as us usual after school, he was going to have to find something to eat at home.

He was supposed to have gone to the stores for groceries today, but had gotten out of practice late, and then had forgotten. His father had left him a note telling him he wouldn’t be home till late, so Kyle just had to worry about himself. As usual.

He made a quick sandwich, and went to eat his dinner in the living room with the TV for company.


Liz got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around herself and brushed her teeth. Then she combed out her hair and taking a bottle of lotion down, she lifted a leg onto the closed toilet seat, and began her ritual of lotioning herself before bed. It calmed her.

“Need help?” a deep voice said from the doorway of the bathroom.

Liz smiled and looked up. Max was leaning in the doorway, hands folded, and his eyes smiling, but dark with passion.

“Hi.” Liz said softly and putting her leg down, she walked into his arms.

“Hmmmm… you smell nice.” Max said in a husky voice.

“So do you. Did you take a shower before you came over?” she teased smelling the fresh shampoo and soap on him as well.

“Yeah. But I wish I would have known then I would have taken one with you instead.” He whispered and kissed her lips softly at first, then trailing his lips down her neck and taking in the moisture still running down her chest as he went.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck, and ran her fingers through his hair in the back of it. It was a soft, sensitive spot that she knew that Max loved.

“Any more dizziness?” Max asked when he raised his head. He looked into her eyes for the truth.

Liz smiled and shook her head. “No. Not since yesterday. I had chocolate milk this morning for breakfast, and one for lunch and that seemed to help.

“Hmmmm…. With Tabasco sauce of course.” Max teased, with a twinkle in his eye.

Liz laughed and nodded.

“So, you feel okay? No other symptoms?” Max asked again. Looking her face over for any signs of pain or fatigue.

“Not a one.” Liz smiled up at him, getting that tingling feeling in her stomach at the way Max was starting to look at her.

“Good. Then you won’t need this…” Max murmured as his mouth captured hers, and his hands loosened the towel from around her, and he let it drop to the floor.

Liz sighed and Max moaned as he brought her up against him and ran his hands gently down her bare back. When he reached her bottom, he lifted her up and Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s waist.

She liked the feel of the rough denim against her softer parts, and sighed into his hot, devouring mouth.

Max then walked her to her bed, without breaking the kiss. When he felt the bed with his knees, he released Liz’s mouth, lifted his head and gently placed her down on it.

He stood up and just looked down at her. His eyes burning a path down her bare body, giving her goose bumps and making her squirm with wanting.

Max knew what she was feeling, and he grinned at her reactions to just his look. Then he turned off the light, and left the bathroom light on for affect, and then he slowly leaned down and took her mouth again.

Liz moaned and threw her hands around him, trying to pull Max down on the bed with her.

But Max resisted and stood up again.

Liz looked up at him with a pout, and Max laughed low in his throat. “You didn’t finish your lotion ritual,” he said.

Liz looked at him like he was crazy. “Who cares! Come here!” she whispered, reaching for him again.

She brushed the zipper of his pants, causing him to suck in, but he stepped back before she could get her hands on him completely.

“Max? Where are you going?” Liz asked in frustration.

Max went into the bathroom and came back out with the lotion.

Liz’s eyes widened and Max just grinned more. He opened the bottle and loved the aroma of peach and something else that hit him. It was Liz.

“Turn over, Love.” Max whispered and he sat down on the bed next to her hips.

Liz complied without question, and cradled her head in her arms, and looked up at Max’s beautiful, intense face as he started to put lotion on her back.

His hands were so soft and gentle, and his eyes were fierce with passion and love. The contrast made Liz’s stomach do flips.

What had she done to deserve him, she asked herself for the thousandth time?

Max met her look, kissed her neck once, and whispered in her ear. “I ask myself the same question about you all the time.”

Liz lifted her head in surprise. She had NOT said that out loud.

Max laughed and continued to lotion her back and then only skimmed her bottom, before he moved on down to her thighs, calves and feet. Then he came back up slowly, causing Liz to gasp and tighten as his gentle but callused hands slid up the inner side of each leg.

Slowly, achingly slowing running his fingertips up her knees, then her thighs, until they met at the juncture.

Liz arched her back up, and her head came off the pillow.

Max laughed again, low and throaty with passion, and then waited until she put her head back down and got comfortable, before he climbed on the bed, and kneeled above her. One knee on each side of her own legs.

Then he preceded to lotion her bottom. Making round motions and then light feathery ones with his fingers.

Liz was squirming and sighing, and finally she couldn’t take it any more.

Max seemed to know this, and he flipped her over, and brought his mouth back down on hers.

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