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"Sense of Completion"
Part 6
by Linda
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Liz was just melting. Her whole body throbbing and aching for Max’s touch. She opened her mouth wider under the onslaught of his hot probing kiss. He could always send her flying with just a kiss.

Liz sucked his tongue into her mouth and caressed it with hers. She knew Max loved that. Then she nibbled on his bottom lip and then sucked that gently into her mouth as well.

As Max started to lower himself onto her, Liz lifted her head and started to sit up.

Max sat back quickly. “You okay? You dizzy?” He asked with a frown.

Liz smiled with overwhelming love for this man who cared so much for her and their baby. “I’m dizzy, but that’s your fault. But I want you without clothes, now!” she answered as she slid her hands up under his loose navy blue button down cotton shirt, and letting her fingers trail up his rigged stomach, slightly grazed his already hard nipples with her nails, and then finally pulled the shirt up over his head with his help.

They both reached for his jeans button at the same time, and they shared a laugh as their fingers tangled and then Max moaned as her hand let him have the button, and she cupped him through his jeans instead.

“Hurry.” Liz whispered.

Max only groaned and practically ripped the zipper open, then was out of his jeans and boxers before she could blink.

Immediately, Liz’s hand reached for and closed around her Max. She loved him. All of him. And this part was her favorite fascination, and always would be.

Max followed her down, and let her stroke him the way they both liked.

Max was on his side, his leg over Liz’s, giving her access to his hard throbbing flesh that she adored so much. They were so much one, that she knew his exact rhythm and knew exactly how and when to caress harder or softer. He glided in between her hands smoothly and sleekly.

While Liz was exploring, Max was too. He took one nipple between his fingers and rolled it around, gently squeezing the way Liz liked, while his mouth covered the other one, and he rolled his tongue around her nipple, then gently took it between his teeth, and when she moaned he opened his mouth completely over her and sucked hard on her nipple.

Liz was squirming again, wanting all of Max.

Max could tell Liz was almost ready. He slid a hand between her legs, and found her ready and welcoming. The hot liquid that greeted his hand made him groan.

Liz felt Max’s own liquid silk response to hers, and she led him to her.

Max got back on his knees, and repositioned himself.

Liz watched as Max took himself in hand, and stroked down the throbbing hardness once, to position himself just right.

Liz was fascinated with watching Max take himself in hand, and she was almost sorry when he stopped.

Max saw her look, and met her eyes. “Liz?” he asked hoarsely.

Liz blushed and shook her head. Max met her eyes and his own widened. No words were necessary.

Liz bit her lip at Max’s totally surprised look. “I’m sorry. I …”

“Liz!” Max stopped her stumbling embarrassment. He put a finger over her lips and then started caressing them gently, his eyes sparkling down into hers with love and a deep excited gleam. “Nothing between us will ever be something to be embarrassed about. God I love you, Liz. Anything, anything you want, is okay with me.” He whispered huskily.

Liz’s face was flushed with excitement and still slightly embarrassed at her own thoughts. Only Max made her feel so completely wanton.

Max leaned up again, and watched Liz’s eyes. He waited until she was once again focused on his hand, and he stroked himself a few more times, watching Liz’s eyes widened with arousal. She surprised him with her total wantonness with him, but then he felt the same way with Liz.

Then neither could take it anymore, and Liz reached for Max and he slid home in one smooth motion.

Liz bit her lip to hold back her cry of contentment at their joining. She always felt complete and whole when Max was inside her. Her other half joined with her to make one soul.

Max groaned at the feel of Liz closing around him and he too felt the completeness, the rightness of being where he was, buried deep in his Liz. Then he took her mouth again, so that he was taking her in every way.

Max moved slowly at first, to tease them both, but soon they both needed and wanted more. Max took his mouth off of hers and leaning up on his hands, he readjusted Liz so that her legs were more on either side of his hips, and bent up against her calves, and then he plunged in and out fast and smoothly. He knew Liz was with him. He could feel her building tension and knew her need for release was as great as his.

He knew he was close, and wanted her with him. He slid a hand between their hot bodies, and finding her little swollen nub, rubbing against his own heat, he slid a finger up and down it, and pressed on it just right. When Liz began to cry out with release, Max put his mouth back over hers, and joined her. He gave himself to Liz. His only love.

Max wrapped Liz tight around him and soothed her hair down though his fingers in total contentment. He didn’t even need to sleep. Liz seemed to replenish his energy instead of drain it. He kissed her sweet moist lips that were swollen from their earlier passion, and licked them gently as if to make up for the rougher passion of before.

Liz hugged Max closer and inhaled his scent as her face was buried in his neck. Her hand gently ran up and down his ribcage in a gentle caress. They couldn’t stop touching each other. Even when the passion was gone, they needed to touch.

“You feel okay?” Max finally asked, raising his own moist swollen mouth from hers.

“Hmmmm you tell me?” she teased.

Max laughed and pulled her down more on top of him. “My Liz… always.” He whispered as she dozed.

I love you Max. My Max…always.” Liz murmured back to him as she fell asleep.


Maria and Liz were standing at Liz’s locker the next morning when Maria suddenly sighed and looked at Liz intently.

“Liz? I think I need a girl’s night tonight.” She said.

Liz looked at her friend, saw the confusion and tension in her, and nodded. “I’ll supply the ice cream. You bring the hot fudge.” Liz smiled. She could tell Maria needed to talk.

“Thanks.” Maria smiled.

“Ahhh… girl’s night again? I’ll bring the whip cream for the Tabasco Sauce, of course.” Isabel said coming up to join them with a smile on her face.

Liz and Maria laughed. “Most definitely the whip cream!” Maria exclaimed.

Isabel laughed. “Well, we’ll have to make sure Michael knows how much you like that.” She teased.

Michael came up behind Maria and slid his hands around her waist and hugged her to him.

“Tell me how much she likes what?” he asked, nibbling on Maria’s neck.

“Nothing!” Maria said before Isabel or Liz could answer.

Both laughed but kept quiet.

“Ah, all my ladies smiling and laughing together. What a way to start the day.” Alex smiled as he joined them, and gently taking Isabel’s chin in his hand, he leaned down and gave her a sweet quick kiss.

Isabel was surprised at Alex’s open affection in public, but she loved it. He was one of the few men she actually had to look up at.

She pulled him back to her and looked at him. He got the hint, and smiling, he brought his mouth down on hers again, this time for a deeper kiss.

Maria and Liz cleared their throats, Michael laughed.

Alex and Isabel came up for air and blushed. “Don’t you have to be in class or something Michael?” Isabel said with fake irritation.

“Not until I get mine.” He said softly and turning Maria around, he pulled her closer and slid his own tongue into her mouth, and caressed the deepest recesses of hers, devouring her to get his fill for the next few hours until he would see her again.

“Can’t you two take that to the eraser room.” Another voice said from behind Alex and Isabel.

Max grinned when Michael and Maria came up for air and gave him a look.

“You’re one to talk, Max.” Maria quipped with a laughed.

Max just smiled and shrugged, then handed Liz a thermos.

“What’s this?” she asked taking it from him.

“It’s hot chocolate and Tabasco sauce. It seems to keep you from getting dizzy. You should always have what you’re craving. I read that.” Max explained.

Liz’s eyes warmed and she kissed his lips quickly. “Thanks.” She whispered against his lips and then pulled away before Max could deepen the kiss.

“Oh no you don’t. I have to go to my first class.” Liz explained with a raised eyebrow.

“Guess that means you won’t be taking it to the eraser room buddy.” Michael teased.

Max laughed.

“Yeah, well neither will you space boy! I am late!” Maria exclaimed and started down the hall. “Liz, Is, my place 6pm!” she called as they all headed their own ways to class.

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