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"Sense of Completion"
Part 41
by Linda
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Cassie lay in her bed that night, feeling torn. She was so relieved to be here with Jordan and her friends and Kyle, safe, and yet her heart couldn't help but feel for Nasedo. For just a second, when he had looked at her across the car, his eyes had warmed, and she had had a glimpse of the man he had once been. Before his soul had been destroyed.

She swallowed a lump in her throat, and turned over. She couldn't think of him as her father, only as the cold evil man who had taken Max and Liz, easily killed Topolsky, and had viciously and with pleasure tried to kill Kyle and his father.

But for that one second, he had showed her a glimpse of what he had once been, and she couldn't help but mourn for that. Jordan had known how she was feeling without her having to tell him, and he had taken her aside earlier and held her and talked to her and just let her tell him what she was thinking. He told her stories of what her father used to be like, but that this wasn't her father. Not to think of Nasedo as her father. They were two totally different beings now.

But to mourn the loss of what had been her father was okay. She had felt better, and after that she had enjoyed the girls ice cream fest and then gone to bed. Only now, in the dark all-alone, she couldn't help but think about it again. She felt lonely, even with all of her new family and friends around her.

She heard a soft tap on her door and turned toward it, wiping the tears off of her face, and then called out softly for the person to come in. She knew it was Kyle before he opened the door and peeked his head in. "Hey, I wasn't sure if you were awake." He said barely seeing her in the dark.

"Yes. Come in. Please." She said and sat up as he padded over to her bed and gently sat on the edge of it facing her. He looked awkward.

Cassie smiled, now able to see his features through the window where the moon shown in. She saw his uncomfortable look and her heart melted. "Kyle. What are you still doing up?" she asked, not sure what to say.

"Oh--I figured you would be upset after all that had happened. And I--I just couldn't sleep. Images of you leaving with Nasedo haunted me. God Cassie! You would have gone with that killer for all of us." He swallowed, still unable to believe her sacrifice. He knew she was deathly afraid of Nasedo, but she still would have gone. He reached out a hand and slid it over her long, soft red hair. He loved the feel of the cool strands sliding through his fingers.

"Kyle," Cassie whispered and shivered at his gentle caress.

Kyle met her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He kept it sweet and light, and then he sat back. He grinned when he saw the disappointment in her beautiful green eyes. "Ah Cassie, I can't. If I kiss you the way I want to kiss you right now, I'll never leave." He swallowed trying to explain it to her.

"Then don't." she whispered, shifting to get closer to him.

Kyle knew Cassie had many emotions going through her right now, and that she needed his understanding and love right now more than she needed anything else.

"Cassie. It's too soon. I know you've gone through a lot, and I heard you talking with Jordan. I'm glad he's there for you. But I want to be as well. I didn't come in here to seduce you." He smiled. "Although, I don't know about the next time I knock on your door." He winked at her. "But tonight, I just want to hold you and know that you are really safe and that you are not going anywhere." He admitted softly.

Cassie's eyes filled with tears at his sweet wonderful words. He would hold her and not ask for anything more. "Kyle, but I wouldn't mind doing more than--"

Kyle put a finger to her lips and she stopped. "I know. But I want to get to know you and do this right Cassie. You are special to me. You mean something to me, and I want to do this right. You know, with all that romantic stuff that I usually suck at." He grinned.

Cassie laughed softly and hugged him to her. "Will you stay with me all night at least?" she asked against his shoulder.

"I was hoping I could." He said and took her into his arms and lay down with her. Taking a deep calming breath now that she was safe and in his arms, and he just enjoyed the feel of her against him. How she fit him so well. Now he knew what it meant when someone was "right" for you.


As their breathing calmed, and they clung to each other, Max reached for the diamond ring on the chain between Liz's breasts. "I can't wait until this is on your finger." He swallowed, imagining it there for the world to see.

Liz smiled contently; her eyes still filled with emotion, and just caressed his jaw that she loved so much. "Max, I was so terrified for you when I realized that Topolsky had you and saw you lying on that table." Liz said in a trembling voice.

Max knew she needed to talk about it and he just held her tighter. "I know, God Liz, my heart stopped when they brought you in. I could have killed them with my bare hands for laying a finger on your or threatening you or our babies." Max said into her hair, and slid his hand over her lower abdomen that was amazingly still flat considering it was holding not one, but two of his children.

"I know, I know. I was so scared for you and the babies." Liz nodded, and put her hand over Max's as it lay over their children. "Max?" Liz swallowed and looked up into his warm, love filled eyes. "What are we going to tell our parents? I mean, are we going to tell them just about the pregnancy when I'm about 8 months from delivery? Or are you wanting to tell them all of it?"

Max sighed and met her worried eyes. "I don't know. I know that telling them about you being pregnant will be enough for them to handle at one time. But should we tell them after that? I know Isabel wants to tell our parents. And I'm just not sure if I agree. But I will think about it since I know how important it is and always has been to Isabel, and it would be nice to have Jordan meet them, but--" he swallowed.

Liz felt his fear and she hugged him closer. "Max! They would never reject you or Isabel! They love you. Unconditionally! I know it. You should have seen your mom when you were gone. She came to see me all the time to see how I was, and just to talk to someone who missed you and loved you as much as she did."

"It's going to be pretty shocking for them if we tell them. I mean, that their children that they raised aren't even human. That they're a different species. Aliens." He swallowed.

"Max. I love you and will stick by you in any decision you make. I know they won't reject you, but I want you to want to tell them. And as for my parents, I don't know either. I think I will just see how they take the pregnancy." She winced, only imagining how that would go over.

"We'll do it together Liz. I won't let you face them alone. And I'll let them know that I'll take excellent care of their little girl. Always and forever," he promised huskily.

Liz nodded and snuggled her cold nose into Max's warm neck. He smiled at the feel of her cold little nose, and sighed in contentment. They had a bumpy road ahead of them, but at this minute he knew that both of them had never felt the total sense of completion that they did right now.

Liz echoed his thoughts. She knew that as long as they were together there would always be that sense of completion.

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