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"Sense of Completion"
Part 40
by Linda
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"Like what you see, gorgeous?" Max's voice was hoarse and raspy with need. Liz's eyes roaming up his body made him even harder if possible. Those big doe eyes that he adored were huge with want and desire and appreciation as she slid them ever so slowly up his body, resting on certain parts longer than others on her travel upward.

At Max's question, Liz met Max's eyes and saw the burning light of passion in those dark eyes she loved so much. She grinned and could only nod, feeling her stomach do a flip when she saw the sexy curl of his lips, his hooded eyes and even more aroused flesh.

"Max," Liz whispered and came forward to the edge of the tub. She was in her pajamas and had her slippers on.

Max ignored all that and looking down at her so close to him now, he lifted her straight up, level with his mouth, and then turned with her in his arms, leaned her against the shower wall and captured the sexy mouth that so distracted him.

Liz giggled as the water soaked her, clothes and all, but her laugh was swallowed up when Max covered her mouth and slid his tongue deeply into hers.

Liz sighed and let her hands roam down his muscular shoulders and chest. There was nothing better than touching and loving Max.


Later, Max carried Liz out of the shower, and placed her gently on their bed. He removed her wet pajama top and her soggy slippers, smiling at how completely they had lost control, and then he crawled up onto the bed with her.

He leaned on an elbow caressing her face and pushing her wet hair gently out of her eyes. He loved just looking at Liz. Especially after he had made love with her. When her eyes were still glazed and dreamy, and her mouth was all sexy and swollen from his kisses.

"Have I told you lately how much I adore you?" he whispered, kissing her lips very gently now.

"Hmmm. But I love to hear it any ways." She sighed and let her own hands glide over his smooth skin and muscular chest absently. They just couldn't stop touching each other.


Michael and Maria snuggled up in their bed and sighed, slowly letting their breaths become even again. He could feel Maria smiling against his chest and he grinned. He loved making her wild, and he just loved her. From her tiny painted toenails to the top of her short blond hair. He hugged her close and sighed.

"I love you Maria." He whispered and kissed the top of her head, leaving his lips against her head, starting to doze.

"I love you Michael." Maria murmured before she too fell asleep in Michael's big strong arms. Never having felt this content or happy before in her life.


"Alex, you were so wild." Isabel smiled against his chest as they lay in their bed.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry. You just drove me crazy. Damn I can't believe I did that." He shook his head, concern in his eyes as he looked down at her. He had literally attacked her and thrown her down on the bed.

But Isabel's laugh and bright shining happy eyes made him relax. "I like that side of you Alex. Will you show me that side more often?" she asked softly, and a little timidly.

"Now you get shy?" He teased with his dry humor. "After you paraded yourself shamelessly around the room for me, until I lost all control."

Isabel just laughed and hugged him tighter. "I love you Alex," she whispered and sighed. How had she ever gotten along without him in her life? She understood more and more what Max and Liz felt, as she fell more and more in love with Alex.

"I love you more than life, Isabel. My beautiful, Isabel," he whispered back, and let his hand slowly run through her long blond hair as he too dozed.

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