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"Sense of Completion"
Part 14
by Linda
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When the girls were back in their room with their choices of ice cream and toppings, they sat around and took the new Cosmo quiz and then flipped through the new make up and hairstyle ideas.

“Mmmmm…Maria that would be so totally cute on you.” Liz said around a spoonful of ice cream as Maria turned the page.

The all checked out the short styled hair making comments. “Okay, what do you guys think of me crimping my hair?” Isabel asked pointing her ice cream spoon at a picture of a woman with long crimped hair.

“That’d be way cool for a night out, but it would take you like forever in the mornings.” Maria exclaimed shaking her head letting them all know that was not what she would want to do.

“What do you like Cassie?” Isabel asked her, looking from the page to Cassie’s long straight red hair, and back to the page again.

Cassie looked surprise and shrugged. She dipped her spoon into her hot fudge, stuck it into her mouth and rolled it around thinking as she looked over the different longhaired styles.

“I think Cassie’s hair straight the way it is is great.” Maria said looking Cassie’s pretty strawberry hair over jealously. “I always wanted red hair and green eyes.” Maria sighed as she lifted her spoon up above her mouth and let the hot fudge drip into her mouth.

Liz laughed. “Maria you are so totally cute as a blond. I always wanted to be a blond like you and Is.” Liz sighed.

“I always wanted your deep brown hair Liz. So soft and silky and bouncy. Mine just hangs.” Cassie sighed too.

Isabel narrowed her eyes as she looked Cassie’s hair over and then put her ice cream dish down and stood up.

“Come on.” She said and took Cassie’s hand and led her to Liz’s bathroom.

The other two followed them in.

“Liz, you have a pair of hair scissors?” Isabel asked looking around.

“Yeah, to the right.” Liz said and came in and sat on the closed lid of the toilet. “What are you going to do?” she asked curiously.

Cassie too wanted to know what when she saw the scissors come near her long hair.

Isabel laughed. “Relax Cassie I think the only reason why your hair isn’t as bouncy as Liz’s is because you haven’t had the ends cut in a long time. If I even out the bottom, it will grow thicker and getting rid of all the dead ends will make it healthier and more bouncy.” Isabel explained.

Cassie relaxed and smiled at that thought.

“Okay, while you’re doing that, Liz and I are going to look though the make up for the right colors to match your skin and eyes.” Maria said looking through Liz’s makeup.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Cassie, tomorrow night the six of us are going to go bowling and just hang out since it’s a Friday night. Do you and Kyle want to go with us?” Liz asked picking up a lipstick color for Maria’s inspection and put it back when Maria wrinkled her nose.

“Well, I know Kyle mentioned he wanted to do something Friday night, but he didn’t say what. I think he said we would decide on Friday.” Cassie said as she watched Isabel cut her hair in the mirror.

“Figures! Just like a guy.” Maria snorted.

“Well, now you have plans.” Liz told her. “Tell Kyle we’ll all meet here at the Crashdown at 6pm tomorrow.” **************************

As the girls were leaving Nancy Parker came over to say good night. “Please be careful girls. Are you getting rides or walking home together?” she asked.

“My mom’s picking me up.” Isabel said as she reached for her sweater on the hook near the door.

“I’m right around the corner.” Maria said even though they knew that.

Cassie just shrugged. “I walked here.” She answered.

“I’ll take both you and Maria home.” Nancy Parker insisted.

Liz frowned. “Mom, what’s the big deal?”

“You haven’t heard? There’s a manhunt out for a convicted murderer who escaped the federal penitentiary in Florence Arizona. Apparently he was recently spotted and chased by the state police not to far from here, but he alluded them again.” Nancy Parker explained with worry.

“My mom will drop them off Mrs. Parker. Maria’s on our way home, and Cassie lives in our neighborhood don’t you Cassie?”

Cassie nodded, surprised Isabel knew that.

“Okay, then it’s all set, thanks for letting us raid your house Mrs. Parker.” Isabel smiled.

Mrs. Parker laughed and said good-bye to the three girls and walked away.

“See you guys tomorrow in school.” Liz grinned and closed the door behind the three.

Liz felt really good about tonight. Cassie had fit in faster than she had thought. And with the bouncier hair and right eye make up and color, Liz couldn’t wait to see what Kyle’s reaction would be.


Liz sat in her first period class smiling dreamily as she played with the chain around her neck, that hid the diamond ring beneath her clothes.

When Max had picked her up this morning and made sure she drank the thermos he’d brought her, as they drove to school, Liz had been cranky. She had snapped at him telling him to stop treating her like a kid, and had even threatened to pour it over his head.

But Max had looked surprised only for a minute than had laughed and mumbled something about reading up hormones and pregnancy, and she had wanted to hit him even more.

But when they had pulled up in front of the school, Max had turned to her, slid a hand through her hair and then cupped the back of her neck and slid his warm open mouth over hers.

By the time he had let her out of the jeep, she’s been smiling and relaxed. Max had chuckled and thrown an arm around her as they had headed toward the building.

When Max had left her in front of her first class, he had gently caressed the gold chain and reminded her with his eyes what was on the end of it. “See you third period in Biology.” He had said softly, and then had kissed her gently and shifting his backpack, he had sauntered away leaving Liz still dreamy as the class wore on.


Max too was having trouble concentrating. He hadn’t seen Liz last night. He had worked late, then when he’d gotten out he’d seen that Liz’s light was already out, and he knew he would have to go home, and wait awhile before he could slip out again and go to her. He knew by that time it would be too late and Liz needed her sleep. So he had sighed longingly up at her building across the street from where he worked, and headed home instead.

So today he had been so happy to see her, even her unusually cranky mood hadn’t bothered him. He smiled as he remembered her behavior. She had acted like a kid. A pouting one at that. Good thing he had read up on what to expect from pregnant women and that their hormones made them a little crazy.

Tina watched Max out of the side of her eyes with a smile of her own. She would wipe that smile off of his face and replace it with a bigger one after she was done with her little plan for him today.


When the bell rang for 1st period class to end Tina made sure she was right behind Max and that he didn’t get too far ahead of her.

She watched when he was just getting ready to pass the eraser room, and she tapped him on the shoulder.

Max stopped and turned around.

“Hi Max. I forgot to give you your pen back the other day.” Tina smiled flirtatiously.

“Oh, yeah, thanks.” Max said distractedly and reached out a hand for it.

Tina saw Joey Palmero nod, from down the hall, that the eraser room was free, and Tina pushed Max into the room with one shove.

Max, caught off guard, could only stumble back into the room. He heard the door close, light switch on and then Tina push him up against the same box he had sat Liz on the other day. Then Tina was all over him. She threw herself tight up against him and started rubbing herself on him. Her hands were all over his chest and gripping and gliding around all his muscles, moaning and whispering her surprised pleasure at his excellent build.

Max, at first shocked, had just stood frozen. Then he tried to gently put his hands on Tina’s arms and push her away.

When she held tighter and nipped at his neck and chest, Max realized she had undone his shirt. He frowned now and not wanting to, but left no other choice, he firmly pulled Tina off of him and pushed her away.

Tina stumbled, not expecting his resistance, and just stared. Max’s shirt was open and his sexy chest was revealed to her eyes in all its glory. Tina wanted to faint. Then she saw her teeth marks on his neck and chest and smiled evilly.

It was then that the door opened and Max and Tina turned to see Tina’s friend and Liz standing in the doorway.

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