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"Sense of Completion"
Part 13
by Linda
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Max and Liz came out front holding hands, and the others turned with worried looks towards them.

Liz gave a bright smile, and looked a little sheepish. “Sorry guys. I don’t know what came over me.” Liz admitted.

Isabel and Maria gave her understanding looks and smiles, and Michael and Alex just looked relieved that she wasn’t upset anymore.

“Well, I gotta get to work. Unlike the rest of you bums.” Max teased and kissing Liz lightly on the lips and releasing her hand slowly, he turned to go.

“Well, if it isn’t the stud of Roswell High?” A deep voice called out as Max passed a table of Football players and cheerleaders. Whistles and cheers also followed. Max stiffened, turned red but kept walking. Great Max. He swore to himself. Good job, you and Liz will never live this down. He thought to himself as he walked to the door.

“Hey Max, way to go buddy!” another football player called out.

Max continued to ignore them as he ducked out the door, his face bright red.

Michael and Alex chuckled as they watched their friend practically run out of the café. “They aren’t going to let you guys live that down for a long time.” Michael grinned.

Liz blushed, but smiled. She didn’t care what anyone thought. And she did think Max looked so cute when he was embarrassed.

“Yeah well, I don’t like hearing all the girls at school gush over what a stud my brother is, and for me to tell them the minute he breaks up with you Liz.” Isabel smirked and rolled her eyes.

“You’re going to have to change your telephone number Is, or your parents are going to be taking calls from girls for the next 2 years.” Alex laughed and Isabel hit him playfully on the arm.

“Well, you girls ready to head upstairs?” Maria asked.

“I guess it’s just you and me tonight Alex.” Michael sighed as he watched the girls head for the back, his eyes on Maria.

“Be still my heart.” Alex quipped and Michael laughed.


“You sure you’re okay babe?” Maria asked Liz as they got the CD’s out and flopped down in Liz’s room waiting for Cassie.

“Yeah. I just felt a little overwhelmed is all. You know, with all the responsibilities to come and stuff.”

“Understandable.” Isabel nodded. “But you know Max will be there with you Liz. You’ll never be alone.” She smiled in reassurance.

Liz nodded and then smiling, she slid the necklace out from under her sweater and held it out to them.

“Oh my GOD!” Maria cried when she saw the beautiful, unique diamond ring.

Isabel smiled brightly glad Max had given it to her.

“Lizzie, it’s beautiful.” Maria’s eyes filled with emotion.

Liz only nodded through her own tear filled eyes, and then Maria and Liz hugged.

When the doorbell pealed, Isabel laughed and wiped her own eyes. “Okay, enough girls, or we are going to scare Cassie away when she gets here.” Isabel reminded them.

They all laughed and Liz put the necklace back under her sweater as Nancy Parker knocked once and came in with Cassie.

“You girls have fun tonight. Let me know if you need anything.” Nancy Parker smiled as she left.

“Hey Cassie. Glad you could come over.” Liz smiled.

“Thanks. I…I’m glad you invited me.” Cassie said shyly.

Isabel knew how the girl felt and sent her a grin. “Welcome Cassie, to our ladies night. Where we talk boys, hair, make up, boys, food, boys, music oh, and did I mention boys?”

They all laughed.

“Well, since everyone in Roswell now knows about Liz and Max’s relationship, we’ll skip that one.” Isabel teased flipping through a Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Liz laughed and threw a pillow at Isabel. “Brat!”

“So, Cassie how was your date last night with Kyle? Did it get better after you left the Crashdown?” Maria asked as she sat on the floor painting her toenails.

Cassie blushed to the roots of her red hair.

Isabel laughed and raised an eyebrow. “Apparently.”

“Come on you guys, you’re embarrassing her. She’s obviously not used to your teasing. You don’t have to tell us Cassie.” Liz defended her.

Cassie was overwhelmed. She had never just talked about things with other people before. It had always been just her and her dad, and they certainly didn’t talk. But for some reason, the thought of having someone to actually talk to, other girls her own age, who might be able to give her some advice, was too exciting to pass up. Her instincts told her that these three could be trusted. After all, she had watched Liz and Maria’s friendship over the years and had always envied how real it was.

“Well…” Cassie began, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. “He was really sweet during the movie. And about half way through it, he finally managed to take my hand.” Cassie smiled remembering.

Isabel and Maria exchanged surprised glances when they saw the way the smile and the light in Cassie’s eyes changed her appearance.

Liz just smiled having already witnessed it before. “Cassie that’s great for Kyle. With me, he didn’t even reach for my hand until the third date. He’s shyer with girls that he lets on.” Liz confided.

But when Cassie blushed again, Liz laughed. “Oh my God Cassie! Did he kiss you?”

When Cassie nodded and buried her hands in her face, the three girls laughed and squeeled.

“Cassie! That is great! I’d say Kyle has finally taken the plunge!” Liz exclaimed happily for Cassie and Kyle.

“Ah, Liz…I mean, I’m sure he felt the same for you.” Cassie tried to be diplomatic.

Liz waved a hand in the air to stop Cassie. “No way. Let me just tell you now, Kyle and are were good friends and we both knew it. The few kisses we shared were nothing earth shattering, and we didn’t kiss until like the 3rd week we started going out. It was nothing Cassie. Kyle and I are much better as friends.” She assured the girl. She wanted to get that out in the open immediately, so Cassie wouldn’t feel awkward opening up about her feelings for Kyle.

“Really? Not earth shattering?” Cassie smiled. She felt much more relieved after hearing how Liz and Kyle’s relationship had been casual. She had been worried about how she would compare to Liz, when she was with Kyle, but now felt much better.

The utter surprise in Cassie’s voice wasn’t missed. “Obviously we are talking earth shattering for you though?” Maria inquired.

Cassie’s emotions, which had always been suppressed, were dying to unload, especially since she had never felt anything like this before. When she had gone home last night, she had spent half the night trying to figure things out on her own.

“Well…have you guys ever felt like first you were falling, then you were flying, and then something just exploded in your head.” She asked intently curiously.

Isabel raised an eyebrow. “We are only talking a kiss here right?” she asked.

Cassie blushed and nodded. Maybe she was too naive and people didn’t feel that strongly over only a kiss? Cassie wondered. But Liz nodded and came to her defense again. “I know what you mean Cassie. That’s how it is for me and Max all the time.” She smiled brightly.

Cassie was relieved to know that there wasn’t something wrong with her, and she laughed. “Well then you must have touched the heavens in the Eraser Room yesterday.” Cassie teased with a twinkle in her eyes.

This set Isabel and Maria off again into fits of laughed, and made Liz throw a magazine at the two girls but then she laughed along with them.

Suddenly the beginning of a song started playing and the girls all squealed. “Turn it up Maria!” Liz exclaimed.

The song “Affirmation” by Savage Garden started and all four of the girls got up and started dancing around the room.

I believe the sun should never set upon and argument I believe we place our happiness in other people’s hands I believe that junk food tastes so good because it’s bad for you I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do I believe that beauty magazines promote low esteem I believe I’m loved when I’m completely by myself alone

When the chorus part came all four girls threw their heads back and sang along.

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned I believe you can’t appreciate real love ‘til you’ve been burned I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side I believe you don’t know what you’ve got until you say goodbye…

When the song ended the four flopped back on the bed and laughed.

“You know what guys…I think its time for the ice cream ritual!” Isabel reminded them and they all trotted into the kitchen.

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