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"Sense of Completion"
Part 12
by Linda
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They all just froze not knowing what to say after Max’s comment. He put the bottle back on the table slowly, watching how pale Liz was as she just stared at the bottle, her eyes following it as he placed it back on the table.

Then her eyes filled with tears and she jumped off of Max’s lap and ran into the back.

Max bolted up and ran after her.

“What the hell?” Michael shook his head.

“Poor Liz.” Isabel felt for her.

Maria wanted to go to her friend, but knew Max and her needed to talk first.

Alex looked pale himself. “Why did she cry?” he asked confused. “I mean, she knew she had some powers and she didn’t cry when she healed you Maria.”

“No, she fainted.” Maria stated dryly.


Max pushed open the door to the back of the café but Liz was nowhere to be found. Something told him she had not gone upstairs, since her parents were there. He crossed the room and slipped out the back door. His instincts leading him to her.

Max’s own heart skipped a beat as he saw Liz sitting against the wall of the alley with her feet pulled close to her chest and her face bent in her arms sobbing. He had never seen Liz cry like this before and he hated it. It tore at his heart.

He bent down in front of her and then he gently lifted her off the dirty alley floor and cradled her in his arms. He didn’t know where to go, so he sat back down with Liz now curled up in his arms, sobbing.

Max was at a loss. He brushed the hair out of her face where it had stuck on her wet cheeks, and he kissed her head gently.

“Please don’t cry Liz. Please. It’s okay. We’ll work this out. We’ll talk to Jordan and it’ll be okay.” Max tried to soothe her.

Liz heard the worry and hurt that Max shared with her and she stopped crying and took in a few deep shaky breaths. She concentrated on listening to Max’s steady heartbeat under her to help calm her down.

Max quietly thanked God she had stopped crying. He had never seen her cry so hard before. It had not only tore at his gut, but it had scared him.

Liz rubbed her eyes to get rid of the remaining streams of tears and looked up at Max, bending her head back against his shoulder to meet his eyes.

Max looked down at her with worry in his.

Liz lifted a hand and gently caressed Max’s tight jaw. “I’m sorry. I don’t really know why I cried like that.” She said softly. “Max, you don’t need extra to worry about. I’m just adding to your normal worries.” She sighed.

“Liz shhh…” Max started to tell her.

Liz put her hand gently over his warm mouth to stop him. He let her talk. “Max. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell my parents, and they don’t understand about us and they never will. I’m gonna have a baby and I’m afraid I’m too young to be able to take care of one! What if I mess the baby up? Look how I messed our lives up.” Liz shared her fears.

Max knew she needed to get it all out so he kept silent for now. Just holding her and soothing her hair as she spoke.

“How can I be a good mother when I don’t even know how to be one? How can I expect to raise a baby when I lie to people, to my parents? What kind of example does that set? And Max, will I be able to take care of the baby if it’s got alien tendencies? How will I know when or if it gets sick, and how to take care of him or her? What if they get hurt and start bleeding? How do I take him or her to a doctor? I’m so scared I’ll do something wrong! And you, we’re still just kids ourselves in a lot of ways! You have been taking care of Isabel and Michael all of your life, never having had a normal carefree one, and now look what I’ve done. I’ve given you even more to worry about and stress about.” Liz sobbed again but bit her lip to contain it. Then she just buried her head back into Max’s neck.

“Liz.” The one word was filled with raw emotion and pain. “Liz I love you and I wouldn’t give up anything that’s happened. Maybe it’s sooner that we planned, to have a family at 18, but it would have happened any ways. I’d never let you go. It’s true what I said, that I could go through anything as long as we’re together. And Liz, we are. We are together. Forever. You won’t ever have to deal with all of this alone. I’ll be here. We’ll go to Jordan’s when it’s time for the baby. I know they must have doctors up there who know how to handle human/alien births and such. Jordan didn’t seem overly concerned for your health. He must have answers. And please, Liz, don’t cry for me. Not now. Before yeah, maybe, when all I had was the responsibility of Isabel and Michael and was so alone. No one knew, and I couldn’t talk to anyone. I felt so lonely. And then I would see you laughing and joking with friends and I would wish I could be one of them. I would wonder if you would be my friend if you knew who I really was. That Max was lonely and scared. But now…Liz, because of you, Michael and Isabel have changed for the better too, since we let you humans into our lives. And me, Liz, I’m not alone anymore. And not only am I now able to be around the girl of my dreams, but she knows who I am and amazingly enough, loves me!” Max’s voice was hoarse with emotion as he let his own feelings pour out.

Liz sat quietly listening, and when Max stopped she lifted her head and cupping his jaw, she gently pulled him down to her parted lips for a soft kiss. Their lips just brushed, healing each other’s words of pain.

“I do love you. And I do want to have your baby. I want that more than anything in the world. I wish we could tell the world about the baby, and live together now, and not have to pretend we are just casually dating.”

“I know… I know. I want that too. God knows how much I want to take care of you. And be able to let the world know that you’re mine. And that I have the right to be with you whenever, and that I have the right to take care of you.” Max kissed her forehead, sharing her frustration.

Liz took another deep shaky breath and let it out. He was right. They would work it out, as long as they were together.

Max shifted Liz on his lap and reached into his pants pocket. He pulled out a little square box and Liz held her breath.

“I was going to wait until we had a romantic night out. I’ve had this since we were at Jordan’s. He gave it to me. It was my mother’s. He was going to give it to Is, but she had agreed that I should have it, that you should have it.” He said hoarsely, so much emotion in his voice.

Liz’s hand shook at she reached for the box that Max held out and opened it. She sucked in at the rare gem.

“Jordan said there was a lot of that on our home planet.” Max explained and took the ring out of the box with one hand and reached for Liz’s hand with the other.

“I never thought I would be able to ask anyone this question before. Although I knew if I ever did, it would be to you.” He admitted and met her soft, loving eyes. “Liz Parker, will you marry me?” he whispered deeply.

Liz’s eyes filled with tears again, but this time with overwhelming happiness. “Yes. Oh Yes Max.” she whispered back and kept her eyes on Max’s as he slid the ring on her finger.

Then they both looked down at the ring on her finger and the symbol it represented. Max took a deep breath, amazed to see his ring on her finger. He slowly lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed her fingers. His eyes gleaming with love for her.

Liz gave a trembling smile and then bit her lip when he tucked her hand in his, against his heart.

“But Max. I can’t wear this yet?” He could hear the pain in her voice again at the thought of so much that had to be kept hidden still.

Max smiled and reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a chain and let it dangle from his fingers.

Liz’s eyes widened and met his with joy.

“You can wear it next to your heart until I can put it on your finger for good.” He told her.

Then he realized how long they had been outside and he sighed and stood up putting Liz down gently and holding her at her waist.

“Now you have work and a girls night tonight. And I need to get to work. Promise me one thing okay?” He smiled and kissed her nose.

Liz nodded and grinned now.

“No more flying mustard okay?” he teased.

Liz laughed and wrapped her arms around him.


The solitary figure in the car beyond the alley dialed the car phone. “They’re still together. We won’t fail this time.” The person promised into the phone and watched the two teens head back inside the Café.

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