FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 7
by Mama Dee
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine..............but thrilled they exist. Thanks WB!
Summary: Sequel to Fantasies
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Note all the food references in both parts...............I've just started a diet.......can"t you tell? Even writing about sex makes me hungry! LOL. On a slightly more serious vein, I have noted, with interest, the amazing amount of information provided by posters on the boards concerning the resemblance of the Alien symbols to ancient languages, in particular the Etruscan culture. Please note* I acknowledge this fine sleuthing on behalf of all those who have made contributions. However, for the purposes of this piece of *fiction*, I have chosen the Maya culture as a focus, mainly due to its proximity to New Mexico, and I have taken much *literary license* with this story. Remember,people, like the T.V. series itself, THIS IS JUST FICTION. Enjoy and Have A Happy Holiday!
Liz and Max looked at each other in amusement, as they watched their friends enjoying themselves. Isabel turned as they walked in and ran over to Max, smiling as she gave him a big hug.

"Oh, Max, you won't believe what we've found out!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, Iz, I know. Liz just filled me in," he grinned.

"No, no, no............there's more!" she spoke excitedly, her eyes lit up. "While Tess and I were going through some of the information this afternoon, we found something really interesting. We came across a picture showing part of the temple wall that had those hieroglyphics on it. We zoomed in on it to get a clearer picture.....................and we found what looks like the same symbol that's on Nesado's necklace!" she managed to finish breathlessly.

"You're kidding!" he forced out. "Let me see!" and she led him to a pile of papers on the coffee table, where they had set up a temporary command station.

"Look, here it is! Admittedly, it's a little blurry, but you can pick out the shapes."

Liz leaned over Max's shoulder as he sat down to study the photo. It did resemble the design on the necklace but it would need closer examination to actually prove the similarities. However, she had to admit that it was a distinct possibility.

"Max, this is great, don't you think?!" Liz said hopefully as she looked down into his face.

He eyed her with obvious elation as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her onto his lap.

"Yep, this looks like a good sign. We have got to dig deeper, now. We're definitely on to something," he replied as he pecked her cheek.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nestled in to kiss him fully on the lips. He deepened the kiss and was about to snake his tongue into her mouth, when he heard several throats being cleared. He looked up into the bemused faces of their friends and blushed slightly.

"Do you wanna take that outside, Evans?" Kyle shot at him. "Some of us are still innocents here, you know," he laughed as he raised his eyebrows.

Liz looked up at Kyle and smirked. "Kyle, if you're an innocent, then I'm a virgin! Gimmee a break! Okay, let's party!" she shouted in delight.

She grabbed Max by the arm and pulled him up to dance. Their friends joined them and soon they were all moving around like maniacs as they got caught up in the mood. They partied on and soon got a craving for pizza. They placed an order and sat down to take a breather while they waited for the delivery. Liz decided to flip through some more of the information they had gathered, thus far, and realized what a monumental task they had taken on. If this is what one day of searching had garnered, they were all in for a lot of work and long hours! They were definitely going to have to focus their efforts.

The pizza arrived and they all dug in hungrily. Liz took a bite and immediately spit it out into a napkin.

"Ugh!" she exclaimed, " That cheese tastes off! Gross!"

Everyone looked at her in surprise as they tasted their pieces. No one seemed to agree with her.

"Liz, what's up with you, today?" Maria asked her. "First, it was your milk, lunchtime, and then the ice cream cone we had at the mall, and now the cheese on the pizza! A cold wouldn't cause that, would it?"

Liz shook her head in wonder as she glanced over at Max. He eyed her carefully and reached out to take her hand. He put his slice down, too, while he held her hand in both of his comfortingly.

"Oh, who knows," she shrugged. "Maybe I've become lactose intolerant or something," she joked. "That's, okay, I'll just eat it without the cheese. No biggee!"

She proceeded to peel the cheese off her slice, and ate it plain. Max continued to watch her for any more reactions, but she seemed fine, so he returned to his own slice, still keeping an eye on her concernedly. He had a funny feeling that things were about to get more interesting............ and soon!

They all finished eating and sat back to discuss their findings some more. They still couldn't believe their luck and all secretly hoped it would continue. They decided that they would widen the search tommorrow, slightly, to include more scanning of the temple walls, if they could find any more useful photos. Since there was a lot of wall to cover, they figured that this would take up a huge chunk of time, but agreed that the more information they had prior to actually making a committment to visiting the site, the better.


Max was feeling a little light headed. He had been under a lot of extra stress the past few days, and he guessed all the excitement was catching up with him.He turned to Liz to see if she were ready to leave, and she nodded her head in agreement. They excused themselves, amidst much hooting and kidding.

"Can't you guys stay away from each other for a few hours," Alex teased.

Liz rolled her eyes at her friend and just smirked as she and Max left their company. Max leaned on her heavily as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She glanced up into his pale face, noticing beads of sweat collecting on his upper lip.

"Max, what's wrong?" she asked with concern.

I don't know. I started to feel a little dizzy while we were in there, but I thought it was from being tired, you know. I mean, we've had a pretty hectic few days!" he answered.

"Well, let me drive. Why don't we go over to the museum, and you can lie down for a bit. Maybe you just need to put your feet up and relax. I'll give you a back rub, okay?" she waggled her eyebrows.

"Yeah, sure," he smiled at her weakly, as he climbed into the jeep.

Liz drove over to the U.F.O. centre and parked the jeep out front.

They got out and Max unlocked the front door, as they walked inside. He held onto the rail tightly as he cautiously made his way down the stairs. When he reached the bottom step, he stumbled forward and Liz reached out to catch him before he fell.

"Max, Max. Are you alright?" she asked worriedly."Maybe I should take you home."

"I don't think I'll make it back up the steps!" he said shakily. "You better help me to the couch."

By this time, he was sweating profusely, as he stumbled into the backroom, with Liz's arms wrapped tightly around him. She helped him sit down and ran to get a wet cloth to wipe his forehead.

"Max, I'm going to call the guys. I can't get you out of here on my own, and I think we should get you home. I'm really worried!" she cried.

He grabbed her by the arm, as he pulled her down to him.

"No, it's okay. I feel a little better, now that I'm sitting down," as he leaned over to kiss her.

He pulled her onto his lap as he kissed her needily, deepening it with urgency as he ran his hands over her back. She returned the kiss hungrily and slipped her hands under his shirt, massaging his stong chest muscles. Their breathing became more ragged as their passion grew. She ran her hand over his arousal. and he jumped in response, moving his hips toward her in a sign to continue. She undid the zipper on his pants and gently took him in her hand as she caressed his maleness with mounting pleasure.

He became wild with need as he moved in and out of her hand.

"I need to be inside you, now!" he pleaded as he took her hand away and started to peel her pants off. She looked at him in shock but realized he wasn't kidding, so she helped him extricate herself from her jeans and panties, as he shook with unreleased tension. It was obvious that he was using all his willpower to control his passion, as he gritted his teeth and clamped his jaw.

He lay Liz down gently on the couch, as he brought his hand to her heat, to check her readiness. She was hot and moist and he sighed in relief as he quickly covered his throbbing shaft with a condom. He slid into her welcoming passage with one swift movement and immediately began plunging in and out vigorously.

He kissed Liz passionately, as his ardour built. He wanted he needed her to feel what he was feeling. It was like some primitive quest, urging him on to complete their union, tonight. He had no control over his actions but held back enough so Liz would also reach her climax. He grunted with the effort to monitor his bodies thrusting as he rammed into her. He encouraged her as she felt the nearing explosion and saw spots before his eyes as he felt himself going over the edge, determined to bring Liz with him.

His eyes bulged as he reached his peak and he prayed that she was there, too, for he could no longer sustain his pace, as he poured his love into her, shouting in release as the explosion hit. Liz joined him as her body convulsed under his ministrations and they bucked out of control until the wave passed.

Max collapsed on Liz with his full weight, unable to support himself anymore. He didn't even have the strength to roll off to the side, but lay there panting as the perspiration ran off his head and onto her shoulder. She bore his weight with ease and kissed him tenderly on the neck as he struggled for breath.

Eventually, he calmed enough to move off her to the side, and she turned inward to face him, caressing his jaw with her outstretched hand.

"Feeling better?" she kidded him gently.

"Yeah." he sighed heavily as he looked into her eyes bemusedly. "I couldn't stop myself. Are you alright?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm great. This is certainly a new turn of events! It seems to me that you can't do without me for longer than twenty four hours! Hmmm! This could turn out to be very interesting!" she teased.

He watched her expression and couldn't help but laugh. "I see a new form of torture loomimg on the horizon. I knew I wouldn't live to see thirty," he groaned.

"Don't say that, Max. I love you with all my heart, and I'd never do anything to hurt you!" she cried. "I need you just as much as you need me. Remember that," she murmured into his ear as she hungrily nibbled on his lobe.

He cuddled into her warm, inviting body as she continued to love him with her kisses, and he sighed in pleasure. Liz grabbed a blanket that had been lying on the back of the couch, and laid it over their exposed flesh.


Remembering something, Max sat up a little so he could see her face and asked, "Liz, what's up with you and dairy products? Do you think you've developed some kind of allergy or something?"

"I honestly don't know, Max. This has never happened to me before. It's really weird, you know. I was fine yesterday and now today, all of a sudden, dairy makes me sick! I wonder if this has something to do with our lovemaking?"

He gave her a puzzled look, but shrugged his shoulders in confusion. "I hope not. I don't want you getting sick because of me."

"Well, it;s not like I'm sick, really. It's just an aversion to that particular type of food. If that's all, I can live with that, no problem," she affirmed, as she kissed him to emphasize her sincerity. "Don't worry about it, Max. I'm not."

"Are you sure? It seems like every time we try to get close, something else pops up!"

"Max, stop it! You've got to stop torturing yourself so much. Everything will be fine. "You'll see," she stated firmly. She gently cupped his cheek and brought his head back down to her level, revelling in his soulful eyes with those magnificent lashes. She gazed at him lovingly and he returned the look.

"My sweet sexy, man," she sighed as he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her palm tenderly. "I'm so happy," she said as her eyes twinkled.

"Mmmm, me too'" he replied as his eyes slowly started to close.

Liz moved in closer to peck him on the nose, and he smiled in response as his eyes shut completely. She watched him as he dozed, his face so perfect and relaxed in repose............ she was head over heels in love with this magnificent creature. Sometimes, she just wanted to eat him up, he was so delectable. She bit down on her bent index finger to contain her excitement.....................she was so tempted to gnaw and chew on his exposed neck, licking it and nuzzling it with delight, that it made her shiver with longing.

His deep set eyes, aquiline nose and full, luscious lips were the most beautiful sight she had ever laid eyes on...................and he was all hers! The way he held his head so high on that beautiful, long neck and the way he moved so fluidly, like a jungle cat stalking its prey, just sent tingles through her body. His hands were so big and strong, while his fingers were long and slender, perfect for stroking and caressing her needy flesh.

His low, soft voice sent chills up and down her spine whenever he spoke and she often found herself hypnotized, as she gazed into his golden brown eyes. But, it was what was on the inside that moved her the most. He was so gentle and caring, full of love for all those he cared deeply for.......especially for her. His honesty and integrity shone like a beacon, guiding all those who wandered off course. She was honoured to share his love.

Liz's eyes started to drift closed as she basked in Max's warmth, radiating off his body like the sun. Soon, she joined her lover in blissful sleep, her chest rising and falling to match his own steady breathing.


They woke an hour later, to the sound of footsteps running heavily down the stairs. Brody was back! They quickly pulled on their pants and straightened themselves up as best they could, but they needn't have worried, for Brody had predictably headed for his computer haven, oblivious to any intruders.

They quietly made their way up the stairs, and out through the main door, laughing and breathing a sigh of relief at not getting caught. It was getting late and Liz had to be home soon, so Max walked her across the street and down the alley to her apartment entrance. They kissed goodnight and Liz waved as Max headed off to retrieve his jeep.

He thought he'd pop back into the Centre to see Brody and to catch him up on the past two days. He ran down the stairs and into the computer room, tucked away in the back of the building.

Brody turned in his chair as he heard Max coming down the hall, and smiled up at him.

"That didn't take long," he grinned.

Max looked at him questioningly, and Brody replied, "Well. I saw your jeep parked outside and I figured you and Liz were taking advantage of my premises while I was away. Enjoy your little snog, did you?" he kidded him.

Max had the good grace to blush and returned the smile. "Sorry, man, we didn't think you saw us."

"It's okay, Max. I was a teenager not so long ago, and I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes. I'm glad you remembered to lock up,, anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

Max proceeded to tell him about the routine happenings of the past couple of days and Brody nodded his head as he listened attentively.

"Well, it looks like I was right in leaving the place in your capable hands. I may have to do this from time to time.........would you mind helping out again? It will mean a raise, of course."

"Yeah, sounds good. No problem," Max enthused. "Thanks, Brody!"

"No. Thank you," he winked.

"Well, I'd better be going. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, thanks again, Max. Have a good night," and he turned back to his computer screen, obviously absorbed in something very intriguing.

Max hurried home and had a quick shower before turning in.

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