FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pool Party"
Part 8
by Christina D
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Summary: the gang is reunited after a summer away at a pool party! (Summer after sophomore year, only)
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
After their huge public argument, and the mind-blowing kiss that followed, Maria and Michael decided to go somewhere more private. They found one of the empty bedrooms in the house and decided to hang there where they could have some privacy.

"So, where did you go this summer?" Maria asked as she laid down on the bed.

Michael closed the door behind him. He then turned and his eyes roamed over Maria, mentally devouring every inch of her.

Maria felt a flush creep through her entire body. "What Michael? Why do you keep staring at me?"

Michael didn't answer her aloud. He did however stalk up to the bed, stretch out right next to her and pull her on top of him, capturing her lips with his. When he pulled back he said, "Maria, I really have to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous. Red is definitely your color."

Maria narrowed her eyes up at him teasingly. "I thought that this made me look like a slut."

"Hey that's not what I said. I said that you were acting like a slut. And don't even try to deny that. I saw you with those guys and I saw the way you kept looking at me. You didn't care about their attention, you were trying to make me jealous."

"And it worked perfectly, didn't it?" Maria said

Michael groaned and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I guess," he grumbled.

"You guess? Um, excuse me but if I remember correctly, you just about took my arm off and I know what you would have done to those jocks if I hadn't stopped you. So, I'd say my plan worked exactly as I wanted. Now, are you going to kiss me or what?"

Michael smiled up into her green eyes, rolled over so that he was now on top and then bit down lightly on her protruding lower lip. Maria closed her eyes and just enjoyed the weight and feel of Michael. He traced her lips with his tongue and then pushed past her teeth, massaging every crevice in her mouth. When he spoke, his voice was heavily laced with his longing. "Maria, every night I have dreamt about being with you again. About tasting your creamy skin, your soft lips, running my hands through your hair. I've fantasized about you touching me. It's what has kept me going, what brought me back. I want you so badly."

Maria opened her eyes and gasped. Michael looked so hungry, so lustful. His gaze caused a warmth to spread between her legs. She inched her head forward until her lips reached the hollow of his throat. The heady scent of him made her dizzy. She placed gentle kisses on his throat, over his adam's apple, his neck and around to his ear. She bit down gently on his earlobe and then softly dipped her tongue inside. Michael shuddered and sucked in a breath.

She pulled up close to his ear and whispered something. Michael wasn't quite sure what she said so he asked her to repeat herself. She breathed in deeply and said a little more loudly, "Michael, you said you wanted me. I'm telling you to take me. I want you to make love to me."


Isabel and Alex were resting on their backs in the grass before the sunset.

Isabel was laughing at a story Alex is telling her. She lays on her side and scoots in extremely close to him. "Do you mind if I...?" she nods to his shoulder and he shakes his head.

"No...go...go...right ahead."

Isabel smiled and then laid her head down. Slowly, unsure, he wrapped his arm around her to support her neck and she snuggled in tighter. She brought one of her hands up to his bare chest and began to scratch him with her nails. She felt him jerk and then outright cringe when she touched his side. He began to laugh. "Don't do that Isabel, I'm ticklish," Alex said between his laughter.

That gave Isabel an idea. "Oh, Alex, your ticklish. So does this tickle?" she began to tickle his sides, then she moved her hands up to his neck. "Does this tickle?"

Alex cried out and he felt tears of laughter rise to his eyes. "Stop Isabel, I can't handle it."

She sat up and continued. Pretty soon, they were wrestling with each other. Isabel was fighting to tickle him and Alex was fighting to restrain her. They were all over the ground. Alex sat up and began to tickle Isabel. Sure enough, she too was ticklish. She fell back to the ground, her cries of torture getting increasingly louder. They continued to wrestle for several minutes until they realize that he is supporting her in his arms. One minute they're laughing and then next they're staring into each other's eyes, their smiles dying on their lips.


Alex knew he had to be mistaken. It couldn't be possible that Isabel was staring at him with hope and longing in her eyes. Girls like her didn't fall for guys like him. She was just so beautiful and perfect in every way, while he was a skinny, wiry geek.

He started to pull back from her when Isabel stopped him with her arms and held him in place.

He heard her speak low in her throat. "Alex, why won't you kiss me?"

Alex felt his heart stop. "What did you say Isabel?"

"I want you to kiss me and you never do," she said biting down on her lower lip.

"Isabel, I thought that you didn't want to get involved, that you couldn't get involved," Alex added, refusing to look her straight into he eyes.

"I changed my mind Alex. I want you to kiss me. Please." Alex was sure he was dreaming because the only time that Isabel ever begged of anything from him, it was in his dreams. The space between their mouths was crackling with barely contained anticipation.

When Alex still wouldn't move, Isabel finally reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers. She lightly touched her lips to his. Alex's lips didn't move, he was in shock. Finally though, he realized that ISABEL EVANS was kissing him. Without further trepidation he began to massage her lips back. He ran his hands through her hair, and ran his knuckles down her back. Her mouth was so hot, so delicious. Alex was sure he was dying.

When they pulled back Alex heard himself ask her why? "What's changed?"

Isabel blushed. "I feel as though I'm a better person with you around. I can be who I really am around you and you won't run away. You've always treated me like a princess even after you found out who I really was. I decided that I don't want to push you away anymore. That I want to be closer."


Isabel smiled and nodded. "Yes, now, will YOU finally kiss me?"

Alex didn't hesitate. He descended on her lips and squeezed her tighter in his arms.


It was dark out when Michael and Maria finally decided to get dressed. They had spent the last few hours making love until they were ready to drop.

Maria put her bathing suit back on, all of her other clothes were down in her car. Michael looked at her and then handed her his shirt. "Here, put this on. I don't want you prancing around in that thing anymore. I don't like others looking at you. Every inch of your body is mine." He took her into his arms and said, "Only I should be able to see that much skin, okay?"

Maria giggled and nodded. "Oh, okay, if you say so."

Michael nodded and then kissed her again. "So, do you wanna go find Max and Liz? See what they're up to?"

Maria shrugged, "Sure, besides I have to talk to Liz anyways. Lets go."


Max and Liz both jumped when they heard Michael's amused voice behind them. They craned their necks to see not only Michael but also Maria, Alex, and Isabel. They all looked shocked and even a little embarrassed. They had after all just interrupted Max and Liz practically having sex.

Liz and Max were shocked as well. How did they manage to let that happen in public? They had been so wrapped up in each other that they forgot about the houseful of people only fifty feet away.

They began to spring apart but then remembered Max's arousal between their bodies and thought better of it. Liz buried her head in Max's shoulder. "Oh my god, I want to die," Liz whispered.

Michael whistled and said "Wow, sure is hot out here."

Alex laughed and said "Sure is. I think that maybe they need some help cooling down, what do you think guys."

Michael and the girls laughed and then they started to walk closer. By the time that Max and Liz realized their intentions, it was too late. Alex and Michael had pushed the lounge chair towards the pool and dumped Max and Liz in the cold water.

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