FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pool Party"
Part 10
by Christina D
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Summary: the gang is reunited after a summer away at a pool party! (Summer after sophomore year, only)
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Max's jaw dropped when he understood her full meaning. "Liz?" he whispered.

"Yes, Max. I want to make love to you," she answered, refusing to look away no matter how irresistible the temptation. "I love you so much, and I want to be as close to you as I possibly can."

Max looked away and even though it took every last bit of control to say it, he spoke. "As much as I'd like to, I really don't think we should yet. It's a big step, and look, we just got back together. Let's make sure the timing is right. Everything should be perfect like it is in my every fantasy. Like in my every dream of our love making."

Liz eyes filled with tears. They were happy and angry. His goodness both amazed and frustrated her. *I could never be that good,* she thought. But at that moment she knew that she didn't want to be good anymore. She wanted to be bad, she wanted to be naughty. She wanted to feel Max's hot, sweaty, naked body on top of her.

She wanted to exchange soft caresses, and searing kisses, and feel passion.


"It took you guys long enough! Do you realize you've been gone for over an hour?" Isabel called when Max and Liz returned. She laughed at the sight of Liz's swollen mouth and tangled hair and at the purplish love-bite on Max's chest. "God, you guys need to get a room," she added, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Yeah, there better not be any dents in the hood of my mother's car," Maria pulled away from Michael's mouth just long enough to get her comment out. Then she returned to exchanging soft, lazy kisses with his warm, soft mouth.

Max and Liz both flushed a bit, but the girls didn't notice. They had turned their attention back towards their men.

Liz placed the girls' bags by their chairs and then bent down and opened up her own bag. She rifled through it and pulled out a pair of royal blue sweat pants and a black, stretch tank top. She looked towards the house and saw that it was swarmed with people. No chance of getting to the bathroom that way. She then looked around and found a tall bush that she could change behind. She desperately needed to get rid of her cold, wet suit.

She looked over at Max and smiled teasingly. "I need to get out of this wet suit, Max. Will you keep watch while I go change behind that bush?" He nodded and she told him that he was a sweetheart.

She walked over with her clothes in hand and then removed the clingy suit. Her body was really wet where the suit had been and she cursed herself for not bringing her towel with her. She really wanted to wipe her wet body dry before putting on her clothes.

"Hey Max?" she called-out.

She heard him slowly approach. "Yeah Liz?"

"Could you bring me my towel? I forgot it and my bathing suit is wetter than I thought it was."

He hesitated before he answered. "Sure, Liz."

He returned less than a minute later with her towel. She saw him hold it out towards her but he refused to look at her. He wanted to offer her some privacy.

On impulse, she grabbed his hand instead of her towel and pulled him roughly to her naked body. In the dark, he couldn't see her naked form, but he could feel her. Especially her breasts which were pushed up against his bare chest, her nipples both cold and hard. He thought of how he had caressed her just a few hours back and how responsive she had been to his touch, and he grew hard.

Liz felt him harden in his thin trunks. "Are you sure you don't want me, Max? " Liz smiled at him naughtily and stepped in closer.

"What are you trying to do to me, Liz?" he groaned deep in his throat.

She plastered her body entirely to his front and rubbed the triangle between her legs against his rigid bulge. "What do you think I'm trying to do, Max? I am attempting to seduce you," she said, not a trace of shame in her voice. "If you haven't got the message so far and you need further elaboration, here you go; I WANT YOU, MAX EVANS!"


"So, where are you sleeping tonight?" Maria asked Michael, pulling back from him slightly. He opened his eyes and smiled at her.

"Well, I had some lucky savings put away so I paid some rent in advance. So I still have my apartment," he said

Maria nodded and looked down. She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know. Sometimes when I would get really lonely for you, I know, - okay, don't you dare laugh, I know how cheesy this is - but I would go there and snuggle with your pillow, or clothes or anything that had your scent on it. I forgot to give you back the key you lent to me a long time ago, so I was still able to get in." She refused to look at him, trying to hide her embarrassment. She then smiled and giggled a little.

"What's so funny?" he asked, bewildered.

She was remembering a drawing she had found in his apartment, one night. It had been of her. It was only half-finished but it had brought tears to her eyes. He had made her look so soft, so beautiful and it had given her a little hope that maybe he did truly love her. Not much hope, but a little.

Not wanting to tell him that she had snooped around his apartment, she just smiled and looked at him under her lashes and avoided the question. "Well, the reason I was asking where you were staying is because I was just wondering if you would want any, you know, company?"

His eyes looked up into her beautiful face and pulled her in closer. "I wouldn't want it any other way." He kissed her hungrily, his lips making up for the few minutes of miss her warmth. He opened his mouth, ready to search out her tongue, when he heard exasperated yelling.


Both their eyes shot open. "Was that Liz?" Michael asked.

Maria nodded, her eyes growing wide with barely contained laughter. She couldn't hold it in and she began chuckling. "Oh yeah, that's definitely Liz and she doesn't sound one bit happy."

Michael roared with laughter. "Sounds like Max is in trouble," he said.


" essentially, I was wondering if you wanted to stay with me tonight? My parents are gone till Tuesday. I mean, we wouldn't actually do anything, but I just don't want to be away from you just yet. I want to be close to you tonight. You know, fall asleep in your arms."

Alex looked into Isabel's shy eyes and nodded. "Sure, Isabel. But, wait, there's one small problem. I have to go home and check in with my parents. I'll tell them that I'm staying with Max for the night and then come over okay?"

She smiled, still a little shy and nodded. "Thank you."

Alex moved in to kiss her but stopped when he heard Liz yell. He laughed and said, "Oh my God! It sounds like little Lizzie Parker is frustrated and not getting what she wants," he snickered. His and Isabel's bodies were racked with uncontrollable mirth. They looked over and noticed that Michael and Maria were laughing as well.

"YEAH MAX, GIVE IT TO HER!" Michael called out and they all squealed in side splitting laughter.


Max's eyes were wide with shock. He couldn't believe that Liz had just yelled that out loud. He heard Michael yell out to him and he put his shaking head into his hands. "I can't believe you did that, Liz," he said, his voice muffled.

Liz pulled Max's hands away from his face and brought his face down to hers. "Sorry, I couldn't resist. But, back to my question," she lashed his neck with her tongue and giggled throatily, "What do you say? Do you still not want me?"

"Liz," he groaned in frustration. "I never said that I didn't want you. To tell you the truth, I think that if I don't have you right now, I may explode, but I am trying to restrain myself. Now, what I said is that want it to be a perfect moment for the both of us. And I'm sorry, but this party isn't exactly what I had in mind. Do you understand?"

"Yeah I guess," she rolled her eyes and smirked. She did know what he meant but she was being driven by her lust and not her head. She too had always wanted it to be a perfect moment and she was kind of glad that he wanted the same thing. An idea occurred to her and she smiled to herself wickedly.

*I'll just have to create the perfect moment, then* she thought.


After their guffaws had subsided, Maria stood up and stretched. She looked over to Alex and Isabel who were doing the same. "Do you guys know what time it is?" she asked.

Alex looked at his wrist watch. He began to tell her the time when he saw Liz and Max coming back. They both looked a little embarrassed. His body began to shake again, trying to supress his laughter. "Hey guys, did you have fun?" Everyone laughed as both Max and Liz turned narrow eyes on them.

"Ha-Ha! You're all soooo hilarious," Liz rolled her eyes and shot daggers at them.

"Sorry guys," Maria said trying to control herself. "Uh, oh yeah, Alex, what time did you say it was?"

He looked once again at his wrist. "Midnight."

Liz froze and her eyes narrowed eyes widened. "Oh My God! I'm late!!"

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