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Part 5
by Jennifer007
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The next day Max calls Liz early in the morning, "Liz?"

"Hi Max."

"Did I wake you?"

"No I was up, I was just relaxing."

"Oh good, umm...well I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a video or just hang out later?"

"Sure Max, what time should I come over?"

"Whenever, Isabel and Alex are going to the movies, and my parent's are at this seminar."

Liz smiles, "Okay how about I get dressed and come over now?"

Max chuckles on the other end of the phone, "I was hoping you would say that."

"Okay see you in a little bit Max."

"Okay Liz."

A half hour later Liz rings Max's doorbell, he answers it and lets her in. Isabel is sitting in a recliner, "Hey Liz."


Liz sits down on the couch and Max sits down next to her. They talk some more about what happened the day before. Then Isabel looks at the clock and gets up. "Well I'm gonna go get ready." She leaves the room and Max looks at Liz.

"So do you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure what movie?"

"Umm I rented Stir Of Echoes last night but didn't get to watch it."

"Oh I wanted to see that, I heard it was good."

"Yeah me too."

Max puts the movie in and then sits back next to Liz, he puts his arms around her and she moves closer.

A couple hours go bye and Isabel comes out of her room. She sees Liz and Max on the couch both of them have their shoes off and their feet are up on the couch. Max has his arm around Liz, and her head is resting against his shoulder. They are thoroughly engrossed in the movie.

Isabel chuckles, "Well I'm going now, I'll see you in a few hours Max."

Max waves his hand that he heard but doesn't take his eyes from the t.v. Isabel leaves and Max and Liz continue to watch the movie.

Finally the movie ends.

"I liked it, I think it was better then the 6th sense." Max says.

"Yeah I liked it to."

Max moves his arm from around Liz and stretches, "So is there anything you want to do?"

"I don't know, do you want to just kick back and listen to some music?" Liz asks him.

"Yeah sure come on." He goes to his bedroom and Liz follows.

He puts Jewel on and the music comes on. He sits down in the chair next to his bed, "Is this okay?"

"Oh yeah I like Jewel." Liz lays on her stomach on Max's bed.

Max looks around the room and he sees a magazine on the floor, he picks it up and starts flipping through it.

Liz looks at him and then the magazine, "Max do you want me to go home?"

"What? No why did you ask that?"

"Well you're reading so I thought maybe I was boring you."

"No, Liz you don't bore me." He puts the magazine down. "I just don't know what to say or anything, the truth, it's weird having a girl besides Isabel in my room."

"Oh...well we could go back in the living room."

Max shakes his head, "No I don't want to do that either."

"So then what do you want?"

Max gets down on his knees in front of her and cups her face with his hands, "Liz I want you." Then he kisses her.

Liz wraps her arms around Max's neck and kisses him back. Max nudges her lips open with his tongue and when she responds he touches his tongue to hers and they tangle together.

After a while Max realizes that he has moved up on the bed with Liz and he doesn't remember how it happened he also realizes that he has never been as hard in his life. He continues kissing her, Liz is trailing little nips down the side of his jaw and neck. Then she moves up to his ear nipping at his lobe and she whispers, "Max I want you to make love to me."

Max stops kissing her, "What?"

"You heard me, I want you to make love to me."

Max looks at her, "You know normally I would worry and say something to you about how we have to be careful, but honestly I don't want to be that careful."

Liz looks at him in surprise, "So what are you saying?"

"Liz there is nothing in the world that I want more."

Max kisses her again moving his hand up to cup her breast. Liz gasps in surprise and then sighs. Max runs his thumb across her nipple through her blouse. It pebbles up and he traces slow circles around it. Liz is on her back while he is doing this, running her fingers through his hair one leg wrapped up on his hip.

Max pulls back and gets Liz's hands in his pulling her up till she's sitting, then he pulls her blouse over her head. He kisses her again and reaches a hand behind her back and deftly unhooks her bra. He trails kisses down her neck and to one of her shoulders, he kisses one of her shoulders and slowly pulls the strap down on both arms. Liz lifts her hands and he takes it off the rest of the way and throws it on the floor. His eyes have never left Liz the whole time. He finally looks at Liz and his breath intakes "God Liz." He moves his hands up and cups her breasts in his hands. Liz arches forward and moans. Max massages them and kisses Liz pushing her back on the bed, then he moves his head down he takes the tip of his tongue and licks the tip of one hard nipple, then takes it in his mouth sucking on it gently. Then he does the same to the other but this time sucking on it with more urgency.

"Oh Max." Liz threads her fingers through his hair and holds his head. Max moves back over her and captures her lips with his gently sucking on her bottom lip.

Liz sits up pushing him up as well, she gets the edge of his shirt and starts to pull it off, kissing every inch of skin that is exposed to her as she does it. Finally she gets the shirt off and tosses it in the air letting it land wherever, she doesn't care. She pushes Max back till he's on his back his head over the edge of the bed. Liz straddles him and kisses him, she works her way down his neck, licking and nipping at him, occasionally sucking at his neck so often, just enough to leave a tiny mark. She licks her way down to his chest, she kisses his nipple swirling her tongue around it, she kisses her way down his six pack kissing each little muscle. While she kissing him, her hand reaches for Max's zipper, she unbuttons it and then she slowly pulls the zipper down. She moves the pants a bit and reaches inside and puts her hand in his boxers reaching for him.

Max has stilled at this and when she reaches her target Max hisses, "Oh God Liz."

Liz smiles and gets up she stands before Max who has a puzzled look on his face. Liz then pulls his socks off tossing them on the ground, then she reaches up grabbing both his boxers and his pants together pulling them off so their inside out.

She returns to the bed and eyes Max's member, blinking.

"What's wrong?" Max asks. Worried that maybe he's different.

"Nothing's wrong, it's just I'm not sure it's going to fit."

Max laughs and Liz laughs as well. She reaches for him again and runs her hand up and down the length of him, then she lowers her head, and kisses the tip of him. Max's cock jumps when she does this, Liz urged on circles the tip of it with her tongue, slowly. Max groans deep in his throat and Liz does it again, moving her hand up and down the whole time.

Max sensing that he is close stops her, "God Liz..." he groans again, "if you keep this up...oh God..." And before he can stop it he groans again and gives himself to Liz.

After a minute Liz peers up at Max who is lying there with his eyes closed

"You're not asleep are you?" She says while laughing.

Max's eyes fly open, "No, I'm not" he pauses "Where did you learn to do that?"

Liz laughs, "Well it wasn't from experience if that's what you were thinking." Max blushes and Liz shakes her head laughing. Max looks at her and gets an evil look in his eyes. He pushes Liz on her back he kisses her deeply and kneads her breasts, he works his way down till he's at her jeans, he kneels and unbuttons them, "I think these should come off don't you?" Liz just nods. He pulls them off, and then he slowly pulls her panties off kissing her thighs and knees as he goes. Once her jeans are off he kisses his way back up from the tips of her toes to her knees, to her thighs trailing soft kisses up them. He sucks on her inner thigh leaving his own mark there. Liz is moving and clenching the bed spread in her fists. He smiles as he sees how he is driving Liz crazy and decides to see if he can drive her more.

Max spreads Liz's legs and pushes them up so her knees are bent, as he lays on his stomach in between her legs. He looks at Liz, how pink and wet she is, her brown curls all moist because of him. He spreads her folds exposing more of her to him. He moves forward and kisses her, he sticks out his tongue and tastes her. "Max." Liz cries out as he does this. He does this again, licking at her. He takes her clit in his mouth sucking it in gently, he eases a finger into Liz as he does this.

Liz can feel her emotions boiling over, and then they do. "Oh God Max, Max..." She is twitching against Max's mouth and after a minute he stops and moves above her.

Liz looks up at him, "Where did YOU learn that?"

Max smiles, "Not from experience." Liz kisses him and the taste of her on his lips is enough to turn her on more. She reaches her hand down and Max is hard as steel.

Max reaches his hand down and stills her hand, he brings her hand up and pushes both of her hands over her head pinning them above her head. He kisses her deeply and moves over her until he's in between her legs. He lets her hands go and uses one hand to tease her entrance with the head of his cock, with his other hand he touches her clit rubbing it in slow circles.

As Liz writhes beneath him he slowly enters her, an inch at a time. Pulling out and then pushing in again till he's all the way in her. He stills himself and looks at Liz, "Are you okay?"

Liz smiles up at him, "I'm fine but I would be better if you kept going."

Max kisses her and start to move within Liz, slowly thrusting into her. In out, in out, he moves. After a minute his thrusts get harder and deeper, Liz wraps her legs around Max so he can get deeper in her.

Liz feels that she is at the edge, "Max, oh Max, don't stop, don't ever stop." With one final thrust and grunt Max pushes him and Liz over the edge.

Later as they lay there in each others arms Max kisses Liz on the forehead, "I love you Liz."

"I love you to Max."

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