FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 6
by Jennifer007
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Authors Note: This next part may seem confusing, because I'm jumping from room to room because the couples are practically saying the same thing but you'll get it I know your smart. PLEASE GIVE ME MAJOR FEEDBACK ON THIS PART PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once in the room Michael tossed Maria on the bed moving in fast, he uncuffed one of her hands and looped it through the bedpost, recuffing it and making sure there was no way for her to leave.

In the other room Max was doing the same thing. Max looked at Liz as she laid there with her hands above her hands. Liz glared up at Max, but a small part inside of her couldn't help but feel excited by the whole thing.

"So are you ready to hear me out Liz?"

"Hear you out, why should I listen to anything you have to say Michael?" Maria tells him.

Max looks at Liz "You should listen to me, because I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough? What do you want from me?" Michael asks.

"Nothing I don't want anything from you, you made it clear that you didn't want me." Liz tells Max.

"I don't want you? If I didn't want you why would I have gone to all these lengths?" Michael tells Maria.

"I don't know why Max, why don't you tell me!"

"Fine, I'll tell you Maria, I did all this because I was so wrong with what I did, and the decision I made, and..."

"And I want to be with you Liz, I haven't been the same since this whole thing happened."

"And whose fault is that Michael? I waited for you for two years, I stuck by you and pretended to barely even be friends and what did I get for it?"

"I'll tell you what I got Max, I got the short end of the stick, you promised that we would be together and then you and Michael decided that we couldn't."

"I know Maria and I'm sorry, I don't know what to say..."

"But I know I'm willing to do what ever it takes to make it up to you!" Max says.

"How do you know that I want you to make it up to me, for all you now I have a boyfriend in LA waiting for me."

Max looks shocked and hurt, "Do you? Alex told me that you weren't seeing anyone."

"Alex doesn't know everything about me, sometimes I'm out all night and I don't even show up till the next day." Maria tells Michael.

"No, you're just trying to make me jealous." Michael says.

"Why would I try to make you jealous Max, were not together remember?

"What, it makes you jealous to know that other guys treat me the way I deserve to be treated? Does it upset you that other guys have touched me, and held me, and kissed me all over, that they do little things that are nice for me!?!" Maria says.

"Does it bother you that the guys I'm with have touched me in ways you never did, in ways that you were too scared to, does it bother you to know that I liked it and when I was with them, I cried out their names and you weren't on my mind at all, does it Max?"

Max looks at Liz.

And in the other room Maria looks at Michael, and both of them realize that they have gone too far, they've said the wrong things. But it can't be helped they've been hurt for too long, and they need to say these things.

"Not only was it so good, but what you did to me was nothing compared to what they did." Maria tells him.

"So don't think you were the only one getting lucky Max, because I slept with anyone that would have me since you didn't want me!"

Liz looks at Max as she says this and sees a change come over Max, she sees the anger in his eyes it's flashing and she can almost feel the fury pour off of him.

And in the other room Maria can feel the same thing from Michael he is looking at her with a burning intensity.

As if both of their minds have merged and they don't know it, Max and Michael speak the same words at almost the same time.

"I don't care how many guys you've been with, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you go, you are mine."

And with a growl of frustration the guys descend on the girls, Max with his hand tangled in her hair holding her head to make her look at him, and Michael with his hands on the side of Maria's face, they kiss them fiercely.

Both Maria and Liz groan, they can't help it, there has never been anyone else for them, and there never will be. With their hands above their heads they kiss them back with all the passion they've felt, all of the love and anger that they've had in the last 10 months since things ended it all comes bursting out.

Max kisses his way down Liz's neck, growling deep in his throat, "You're mine, no one else's."

Liz doesn't say anything afraid if she does that it's going to all be a dream.

Michael unbuttons Maria's tank top revealing her creamy breasts to him. "God Maria, your as beautiful as I remembered you to be." He takes her right nipple in his mouth sucking on it deeply.

Maria lets out an animal like groan, and Michael smiles against her breast, "You like that huh?"

Maria just pushes her chest forward straining for Michael to take more of her into his mouth.

Max pulls down Liz's top and hisses in his breath, "Liz, your so beautiful, I should have loved you along time ago." He licks a slow circle around her nipple and then softly bites down on it, almost chewing on it he grunts at the feelings of this.

"Maria if I let your hands free, are you going to leave?"

"Michael, do you need to ask? I'm not going anywhere right now."

He chuckles and gets the keys letting her arms free, she immediately wraps them around him pushing him back on the bed kissing him as she goes.

"Max will you un-handcuff me?"

Max is standing up and smiles at her, "I don't know I kind of like the site of you like this."

He looks at Liz, with her hair all tangled, her lips swollen from kissing, her breasts revealed to him, and her chest all flushed from his attention.

"No I think I'm going to keep you like this for a while, I have plans for you Miss Parker." He takes her boots off.

Liz gulps but feels her body respond wildly to the veiled threat from Max.

Max comes closer to her, "I'll replace this."

"Replace wh..."

Before she can respond anymore Max has gripped her shirt in his hands and torn it down the middle and thrown it to the floor. He then puts his hands on both sides of her hips, then he slowly pulls her pants and panties down her legs revealing the rest of her to him. Once he tosses those to the side he strips himself of all his clothes, then lays in between her legs.

He pushes her legs up till they are bent at the knee, he smiles wickedly up at her then back at her core, "Do you know how many times I've dreamt of doing this to you?"

Liz feels herself moisten at his words, and Max sees it as well, he groans seeing how Liz wants him, then he places his lips on her kissing her in the most intimate way.

Liz bucks up against him but with her arms being shackled she doesn't have far to go.

Michael rolls Maria over on her back, kissing her neck. "Maria before we go any further, I have to know, did you really have, well did you do..."

Maria rolls Michael onto his back, and straddles him, positioning herself but not letting him enter yet, "There has been no other guy since you Michael, but before we do this I want you to know, if you hurt me this time, that's it no more chances."

She pushes down onto Michael and she feels herself stretching completely at this. And before she can stop it an orgasm triggers, she clenches her eyes tight and calls out Michaels name. Maria sits atop him his hands are on her ass, and when she looks at him he smiles.

"Hey I didn't even move."

"You didn't have to."

"Well as much as guys like to hear what a stud they are in the you want to try for round two?"

Maria starts moving atop him, "Only round two?" She says while wiggling her eyebrows "I'm going to do it all night long."

"OH GOD MAX...MAX OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Liz screams out as Max brings her to orgasm with his tongue. He continues to give her small licks until she is begging him to stop.

He does and comes up to meet her face, "I love you Liz, and I'm never going to let you go, I meant that." He lets her hands down, and she moves them trying to get the circulation going again, Max touches them and gets the blood going.

Liz looks at him, "I know you meant it Max, and believe me, I'm not letting you go this time, if you leave me I'm following you, wherever it is."

Max kisses her again, and they fall back on the bed, Max positions himself against Liz ready to enter her but Liz stops him, "Max did you and Lila, you know did you a lot?"

Max leans down and takes her lips, and whispers against her, "You're the only girl I've ever been with Liz."


"That was all put on."


"What about you, how many guys have been with?" Max asks not wanting to hear the answer.

"There were no other guys, I just wanted to make you hurt like I did."

Max smiles, "I'm glad."

Liz smiles and kisses him. He once again positions himself against her and slowly pushes his way in, inch by inch. Finally he is all the way in her and they both groan at the feeling, there is next to no pain for Liz she's waited too long for this.

Max starts moving and Liz does too, she matches him thrust for thrust. The smell of their lovemaking fills the air, and finally Max and Liz are pushed over the edge together, another hurdle in their life crossed.

Later both couples lie in each others arms.

"How do you think the others are doing?" They all say simultaneously, and then they start laughing.



It's four weeks later, Liz and Maria went with the guys to New York to settle things.

They've helped the guys get all their stuff packed and sent it ahead by UPS they all head off to California, where the guys have transferred.

On the flight there the girl have spent a lot of time in the bathroom, the flight made them sick.

They arrive at LAX and Alex and Isabel meet them. They get their luggage and head to their apartment, a 3 bedroom place would fit them just fine. There was no pretenses they all new what the sleeping arrangement was.

The first two weeks go by great, there are no problems they all get along fine and there is next to no squabbling.

Then Maria comes home from work one day really tired, Michael offers her something to eat but she isn't interested, Liz comes home and it's the same way.

Max looks at her, "You haven't been eating lately, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think" she blushes but goes on, "I think my period is going to start soon that's why I don't feel good."

Maria looks at her, "Yeah mine too, I was so stressed last month I didn't get one." She looks at Michael as if to say see what you did, with all that game playing.

Michael looks guilty.

"I didn't get one either." Liz says.

Isabel has walked in the room and heard this, "When was the last time you had one?"

"I don't know, I think a couple weeks before we left for Roswell." Maria says.

Isabel looks at her, "I know, remember we were all on it at the same time then."

Alex shakes his head, "Oh God, I know I'll never forget you were being such bitc..." he trails off because all of the girls have shot him deadly looks.

"We were such what Alex?" Isabel asks.

"Umm.. nothing baby."

"Yeah that's what I thought." Isabel says.

"So what are you trying to say Isabel?" Michael asks.

"Well I'm just saying that I got mine a couple weeks ago, and Liz and Maria should have too." She lets the rest of what she is implying just hang in the air.

Max looks at Liz, and Michael stares at Maria.

"Do you think they're pregnant Isabel?" Max asks.

"Hello I'm right here, why don't you ask me?" Liz says.

"Okay do you think you're pregnant?"

"No I couldn't be!" Liz says.

Michael looks at Maria, "And you?"

Maria shakes her head, "How could I be?"

Michael looks at her and smiles, he then leans forward and whispers in her ear. She blushes.

"Well you guys need to find out." Isabel says.

"Yeah, so...." Liz says.

"Michael and I will go to the store and get a test for you guys okay?" Max says.

Liz and Maria start to argue. "No you guys will be embarrassed, we can do it." Liz says.

Maria nods her head in agreement.

"We can do it, it's not a big deal, we can handle it." Michael says.

"I told you we couldn't handle it." Michael says.

Max and him are standing in the feminine aisle, they are looking at everything that there is in the aisle.

Michael grabs a package of pads and reads it, "Ultra thin long Kotex, why do they need long?" He then picks up another pack, "And wings, what the hell do the wings do?"

Max shakes his head, "Why are you asking me, do I look like I grew breasts in the last 5 minutes?"

Max goes over to where the pregnancy tests are, they're right next to the creams and douches. Michael picks up a Massengil package and reads it, "How about this one?"

Max looks at it and laughs, "Michael remember that commercial that used to come on where the woman was talking to her daughter about being fresh?"

"Yeah." Michael says.

"That's it."

Michael throws it back on the shelf like it burned him.

Max is looking at the tests, and he picks up one, "Fact plus, what about this?"

"I don't know," he lowers his voice, "I mean how do we know that they will even work, we're you know different." He looks at Max like you know were aliens.

"You're right, we don't know."

Max and Michael come home and they are each carrying a bag, they hand them to the girls, and the girls look in them. Maria starts cracking up, "What did you guys buy pregnancy tests for the whole complex?"

Liz looks in her bag and laughs too, "They must have had a big sale on them."

"Hey we weren't sure what kind to get, and we weren't sure if they would work because of the fact that we're so different." Michael says.

Both girls stop laughing, and smile. "Well it's the thought that counts." Maria says.

Liz nods and starts to read some of the boxes, after a couple minutes she looks up and Max is staring at her. "They all say that morning urine is best."

"So what does that mean?" Michael asks.

"We wait till morning space boy." Maria says.

In the morning Max and Michael have each waked Liz and Maria up. The girls don't want to really get out of bed yet but they do at the looks on the guys faces. There is only one bathroom and both girls go in at the same time, Maria says she'll wait and Liz says the same thing, but figure what the hell and they both of them close the door. They take all the tests out of the packs, and then help each other. Maria hands Liz three different sticks to pee on, and then Liz holds it while Maria hands her the cup which Liz pees in.

Then they repeat the process for Maria. After Maria pees in her cup the go to the counter and use the eyedroppers to put drops in their tests. Then they set the watches and timers that they got from around the place. They sit on the edge waiting.

They sit there in silence for a few minutes until Maria can't take it anymore.

"What are you going to do if you are?" Maria asks.

"I don't know, do you think that the guys are going to be upset?"

Maria shakes her head, "I really don't think so, I think they have finally changed."

They sit there and finally the timer goes off. They go and look at the tests.

Maria comes out of the bathroom followed by Liz and they go into the living room where they can hear the others talking,

Isabel sees them and becomes quiet.

"Well?" asks Max.

Liz holds up the E. P. T. "Well this one says yes, the fact plus says yes, I got two pink lines from this one, a blue line from this one, and this one is pink too."

Maria looks at Michael, "Ditto."

Max and Michael look at them.

"So you're..." Michael says.


Max looks at Liz, "I don't think they are all wrong so yeah I am."

Max comes to stand by Liz and he wraps her in his arms. "You're not pregnant."

Liz looks at him confused. He looks down at her, "We're pregnant Liz, we're in this together."

Maria looks at Michael who nods his head.

"Ditto." He hugs her.

Liz and Maria start crying, and Max and Michael look at them thinking they did something wrong.

Isabel laughs, "Get used to it, you thought periods were bad, wait till the hormones really get going."

Alex looks at her and kisses her neck whispering in her ear, "Do you think we can get your hormones going like that?"

Isabel smiles at him, "What are you saying?"

"Well I'm kind of jealous."

"Are you saying you want to have a baby?"

Alex stands up and takes her hand pulling her up, "Excuse us, but Isabel and I are going to go see if we can get her pregnant."

Isabel slaps him on the arm and blushes, "Alex!!!!"

He wraps his arms around her and kisses her walking her backwards toward their room.

Liz looks at Max, "Are you upset?"

Max shakes his head, "No, I want as many as we can have if they all look like you."

Liz smiles and rubs her nose against his, "As long as they have your eyes."

He hugs her and kisses her deeply.

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